Se corre delicioso mi flaquita

Se corre delicioso mi flaquita
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How did you know I needed you? That I really needed someone new, How did you know I was alone? When suddenly you came along. Did you know you'd brighten my day?

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That I really needed a friend today, Did you really know it's been a while? That I have seen so bright a smile, It's been so long since I could share, Time with someone for which I care, I think we can both shed our past, And make this thing really last It's been way too long since I felt like this, A natural high, a state of bliss, To be with someone who can understand, The simple pleasure of holding your hand, And after years of perpetual night, Suddenly the future looks bright, You brought me up from an all time low, You came just in time, but how did you know?


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