Mi amiga quiere que la coja

Mi amiga quiere que la coja
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I was 18 and I had just graduated from high school. My parents wanted me to work hard over the summer and go to university in the fall. I was all in favor of going to university; in fact I had been accepted into 3 of my top 5 picks, Stanford, UCLA and Oregon State.

I hadn't decided which one would be my final destination. It was the working hard for the summer that I had a problem with. I'd had a job at Joes's Sporting Goods for the last 2 years and I had been saving my money for 2 things; university and a trip to Europe after I graduated. I had over $12,000 saved up so I felt I was doing pretty well. The morning after my grad party I got up and went downstairs for breakfast.

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"Morning, Dear. How was the party last night?" My mother asked. "Pretty good. It was at Miller Johnson's house and his parents chaperoned. Nobody got REALLY hammered, but lots of them were drunk. I had 2 beers but was fine." "I'm glad you had fun. You deserved it. We're so proud of how well you did at school while still working at your job. But now we need to talk about your plans for the summer and fall, son," my Dad said.

"I haven't made up my mind about which university I'll go to but I think I'm leaning towards Stanford." "I'm glad to hear that. Stanford is an excellent school. All three are," he answered "As far as the summer goes, I've got some plans in mind." "Like what?" Mom asked. "I want to travel for a month or so." Nothing. "I want to go to Europe and see the history there.

I think there's a lot I can learn." We sat there looking at each other for what seemed like ETERNITY. Finally Dad spoke. "I see." The dreaded 'I see'. Who knows WHAT was coming next. "We thought you were going to work and get ready for university," they said, almost in unison.

"I've been saving up for this for years. I've been working at Joe's to save up for university and this trip. I really want this." "Where would you go?" "Europe. I thought I'd fly there and then get a Eurorail pass and just go from place to place. I plan to stay in hostels to save money and if I really like a place I may stay there for a bit. I've priced it out and I can get a stand-by ticket for under $500. I really want to do this." "I see," from Dad.

Again there was a long pause. "Your mother and I will talk about this and let you know." I was starting to get a little frustrated now. They still treated me like I was 10.

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"You guys can talk about it, but I'm GOING. I'm 18 and I can do what I want." My Dad was a little taken aback by my statement and he thought for a few seconds before responding.

"You ARE 18 and you CAN do what you want. But WE'RE paying for your education so I think we have SOME say in it." I thought maybe I had gone a little too far so I backtracked a bit. "Okay. Can we talk about it tonight?" "That's fine." The day went by with no big happenings.

I went to see Mike and Darren and we talked about stuff for a bit. "What are you guys doing in the fall?" I asked.

"Dunno." "Ditto. What about you?" asked Darren. "I haven't decided for sure, but I think I'm going to Stanford." "Cool.

Have you told your parents about the summer yet?" "Did that this morning." "How'd it go?" "I got 'I see' TWICE" "FUCK!" they both said. We talked a bit more and then went home. When I got there it was about 4:30 and Mom and Dad were sitting at the table. "We've talked about things and we want to talk with YOU now," said Dad.

I got a Coke and sat at the table. "We discussed things for a long time and decided that we're okay with you going to Europe." I was in shock. I never thought they'd be okay with it. "BUT." Shit! The BUT! "We want you to call home at least once per day and we have to be sure that you'll be safe." "Do you think I WOULDN'T be safe?

I've NEVER done anything close to crazy before and you guys know that I'm a very responsible kid." "You're right. You have always been a very responsible man and we appreciate that." Man!? Mom called me a man! "So you guys are both totally okay with this?" "Yes, Will. You've worked very hard at school to get good marks and at your job to save up money.

You deserve this." I ran and called Mike and Darren and gave them the news. They were really happy for me. First thing the next morning I called around to various airlines to see about tickets. The cheapest I found was on United for $479but I didn't buy it. I checked on the net about what shots I'd need and made an appointment for Thursday to get that done (today was Tuesday, June 21st).

I went to the bank to get my passport out of my safety deposit box. After I came home I did some checking on-line for tickets and found the best deal ever. I could get a stand-by ticket on KLM for $299. I bought it. Thursday came and I got the shots. Now I was ready to go! I had an open-ended ticket so I could g go when I wanted and come back. That evening I sat Mom and Dad down and told them everything I had done in the last 2 days.

They were impressed. Mom, especially, was impressed with the deal I had finagled on the airfare. "When do you think you'll go?" asked Dad. "I checked on flights tomorrow and there's one that goes to London at 11:45 AM. Thought I'd see if I could get on it." "Tomorrow!? Wow, son. You move fast," Dad said. "Well it sounds like you've planned stuff out very well. I can take the morning off work to drive you if you like." "Thanks, Dad, but Darren said he'd give me a ride." "Okay." I had trouble sleeping that night.

I got up, finished packing and Darren picked me up at 8:00. "Dude," he said when I opened the door. "Word," I answered. "Mom! Darren's here! I'm going!" "Wait!' Mom yelled and came down the stairs. She gave me a huge hug and kiss. "I'm going to miss you, Will. You have a safe trip. I love you." "Love you, too, Mom". Darren dropped me off at the departures area. "Have a good trip, dude." "I plan to, man. I'll e-mail you.

Lots." "See you when you get back." "Cool." I walked in, found the KLM counter and presented the check-in person with my ticket. She typed away for a minute or so. "I'm sorry, sir, but all our flights to London are overbooked for the next 4 days. You'll never get on with a stand-by ticket." My heart sank. "What do I do?" "Well you have two options. First you can keep coming back for each flight and see if you get lucky, but like I said I really don't think it will happen.

Your second option would be to get on a flight to a larger airport and see if you can get anything from there." "I'll take option 2, but what if I CAN'T get a flight from the larger airport?" "Then you'd have to wait there until you did." I thought about and decided to go for it.

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She booked me on the next flight to O'Hare that left in an hour. It felt weird to be flying to a place I'd never been to, not knowing if I would be stuck there or what. My flight to Chicago was uneventful and when I landed I was in awe. This place was FUCKING HUGE!

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They had moving sidewalks underground that took you from terminal to terminal and each terminal was 5 times as big as the one at home. I wandered around until I pretty much bumped into the KLM counters. I explained my situation to the lady behind the counter and she typed for a few minutes. "Okay. All our flights to London are full but I did some checking and we have a flight to Amsterdam from Toronto, Canada that I can get you on.

Do you want it?" This was fun. I was bouncing from place to place without really knowing where I'd end up. "Sure," I answered.

She printed out my boarding passes and off I went. The flight to Toronto was a pretty short one and when I got there I had to wait for 3 hours for my next flight. I called my parents to tell them about my day (it was about 4:00 PM now). "You're WHERE?" Mom shrieked when I told her. "I'm in Canada Toronto actually. They couldn't get me a flight from Portland so I flew to Chicago to see if I could get one.

Nothing there, but the person got me on a flight to Amsterdam through Toronto so here I am." Mom laughed about my ordeal and we chatted a bit more before we hung up. I went to the gate and waited for my flight. After boarding I settled into my seat I was lucky to get a window seat.

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I looked up and saw a girl sliding into the row beside me. She looked to be about my age and she was cute, not hot, but cute. She sat down and looked over at me.

"Hi. My name's Marie." "Hey. I'm Will." "Where are you going?" "Well I started out in Portland, Oregon trying to get to London. Now I'm here in Toronto on my way to Amsterdam so I guess I don't really know." She laughed. "I got this trip as a grad present from my parents. I'm going to Amsterdam.

I've heard so really cool things about that city." "Cool. I've been saving up for this trip for over 2 years and I plan to buy a Eurorail pass and see the sights." "Cool." We continued chatting and I was feeling really drawn to Marie.

I had only had one girlfriend before Shelley. Her Dad was in the marines and got transferred when we had been dating for almost a year. That was a year ago. Dinner came and we talked while we ate. It was about 8:30 now and the movie started.

The lights went down and we watched 'What About Bob?'. When the movie was about half over I felt Marie's hand come to rest on my leg. I was NOT expecting this. Her hand moved up my leg a bit and I could feel her breath on my neck. "The movie's kinda boring," she whispered.


I glanced over at the guy in the aisle seat. He was asleep. "Ever heard of the 'Mile High Club'?" she asked as she moved her and onto my HARD cock.

"No, but I can guess what it is," I whispered with a chuckle. She unzipped my fly and pulled out my eager dick.

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She didn't waste any time getting it in her mouth. She slowly moved her head so as not to draw attention. I looked around. Across the aisle all the people were concentrating on the movie. I looked back down at Marie and shut my eyes with the intense pleasure she was giving me. Another few minutes went by and she sat up. "I'm going to the bathroom. Come with me," she purred. Marie got up and walked to the back of the plane. I was about 50 feet behind her.


Both the bathrooms were occupied so we stood waiting. Every few seconds she'd glance around and squeeze my dick. Finally the door opened and a middle-aged woman came out. "I'll go in and lock the door. In a minute or so I'll unlock it and you come in." "Okay," I whispered back. The minute DRAGGED but soon the locked changed from 'Occupied' to 'Vacant'.

I opened the door and there was Marie naked. There was a guy behind me and he saw Marie. He smiled and nodded. I went in and before I had shut the door Marie was attached to my lips.

She was about 6 inches shorter than me and had to reach up to kiss me. She frantically removed my clothes while kissing me. Within a minute or two both our clothes were in the sink and Marie was sitting on the toilet sucking my cock.

"Fuck this is hot," I whispered. "Mmmmm Hmmmm," she answered and continued to bob back and forth. After a few minutes I pulled my dick from her hungry mouth. "Your turn," I said as I sank to my knees. I pulled her knees apart and nestled up to her pussy. She scooted forward a bit on the seat to give me easier access to her dripping pussy.

I started to lick her pussy lips and clitoral hood. "Fuck yes. That's good, Will." I was sucking her pussy lips now. I took my right index finger and slid it into her wet opening. "Oooooooooooh," she moaned. I went back to licking her lips and clit while I finger fucked her. "Oh god, Will. Fuck me now." I slid my hard dick into her, enjoying the feeling immensely.

"Yes. Get your dick in me. Yes. All the way. Yeeeeeeeeees." I shoved my piston in and out of her, faster and faster, harder and harder.

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Her hips bucked up to reach every in-stroke. I think she was doing that so that her clit rubbed on me. He fucked like animals until she started writhing and moaning.

My dick erupted and filled her with my seed. We kissed and kissed. After a short recovery time we got dressed and opened the door. The same guy was standing outside smiling. "I made sure no-one went near the door. Fuck you two are hot. I wish I was 30 years younger." Marie giggled and we went back to our seats.

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The movie was over and most people were sleeping. We had to wake up the guy in the aisle seat again to get back in our seats. We didn't sleep at all. The whole night we were kissing and fondling each other.

Marie gave me 2 blow jobs and I finger-fucked her to at least 2 more orgasms, maybe more. The flight landed, we passed through customs and went our separate ways. To Be Continued in Part 2.