Mature amazing granny hungry young man sex on a sofa

Mature amazing granny hungry young man sex on a sofa
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This is my first story ever written. :) Hope you like it The first time I saw him he was in jeans and a baggy t-shirt. He's crazy curly black hair seemed literally uncontrollable. He was a lot shorter than me, although he looked a lot older. I couldn't take my eyes off him. He was so handsome, yet so confined. I yelled out hello, and many people answered, but he was not one of them. My heart dropped a little but I continued staring, daydreaming about us.

Who was he? After it came to my attention that a lot of people noticed me staring at him I hesitantly looked away, but he was never far from my mind. After believing I was a lesbian for a year then for him to come into my life, I seriously considered my sanity at the time.

Could I be bi? No. Not in this world. I don't have anything against bi-sexual people; it just didn't seem to fit in with who I am. He saw me looking at him on multiple occasions. I didn't mind. He smiled back when he saw me go bright red after being caught. I wished I wasn't in jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. I made a mental note to wear a skimpier outfit next time I saw him. I never thought I could make so much trouble over one guy. Little did I know he was just the starting point.

As our activities started I got to here his voice for the first time. I melted into the ground. I couldn't focus on any of his instructions or anything else except him for that matter. The friend I was with doing these activities said I got a goofy look on my face and started slumping… I'm not quite sure I believe her though. Anyway once the activities got on the way I called him over to ask for help on the puzzle I was trying to solve.

He came over and I stared at him open-mouthed. "Yes, how can I help you?" He said after a while. I thought 'Strip down and fuck me would be a good place to start' but I instead I said, "Well, this puzzle, I don't understand how to solve it." "Firstly you have to get a good picture and walk around, inspect it from every angle." I was so horny I thought I was going to explode right there.

"Uh uh." I choked out. We walked around inspecting every angle, not that I was paying attention. He suddenly stopped and I ran into the back of him. Total accident I swear. But he's arse was still firm and nice. "Sorry." I mumbled. "It's ok." "Well, we've inspected it from every angle. Now what?" I asked trying to keep him here as long as possible. "Well, hmm… Now you try and fill in all the blanks." I finally worked out what the actual puzzle was.

It was a rotating sudoku. Easy to solve. "Can you stay and help me?" I hoped I didn't sound desperate but he didn't seem to mind. "Sure. Well I noticed that a 6 goes there." He bent down to pick up the 6 made from rope. He's arse was semi-shoved into my face as I had started to bend down to pick it up for him.

"Oh sorry!" "It's fine really.


You must have an attraction to my arse." He laughed. 'If only you knew.' I laughed to make it not seem awkward. Time for some small talk. I hope.

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"Well, while we are working do you want to get to know each other?" "Sure. What's your name?" He asked. "Athena." I replied casually. "Athena. Strange but cool." I half fainted. He thought my mind was cool.

"Yours?" I struggled for words.

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"Tyler." "Awesome." I smiled. We had stopped working and sat down. "Birthday?" Keep up the small talk I thought. "March 26th 1984. What about you?" "February 10th 1995." "So you 14?" "Yep. And your, 25, 11 years older than me?" "Indeed." "Cool." "Yep." There went my chances at small talk. "Well I should get back to work." "No!" I said slightly too loud. Tyler sat back down. I crawled across the tiny gap between us and put my hand on his cheek.

"We will be close friends someday." I kept my hand rested on his cheek and didn't move. He did. He bent in slowly giving me a quick and delightful kiss on the lips.

I was so horny I could have masturbated on the activities hall floor which everyone watching. I wanted to grab his dick and rub it all over me. I wanted to have it rammed into my tight virgin pussy.


And I wanted to lick his fucking arsehole clean. None of which I could do.

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I frowned, took my hand away and I think he got the wrong message. "Did I do something wrong?" He asked. "Nope. Just me." Tyler raised one of his heavy eyebrows. "Wow that's sick!" He laughed.

"What's wrong?" I answered truthfully. "Can't do what I want." "Which would be?" "To have sex right now." Close enough to the truth. "With who?" He looked around.

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He was generally curious. "You." He then looked down. So did I. A tent had formed in the front of his pants. "I'm sorry." He blushed red and adjusted it so it wouldn't be so obvious.

"I don't mind." I smirked and leaned over giving him a hug. While I was doing that I grabbed his dick and moved my hand slowly up and down then let go and backed away. "Wish to see you naked sometime. See me later with pen and paper." I got up, picked up all the rope numbers and solve the rotating suduko in less than 3 minutes. Tyler was impressed at my cunningness.

I think. Well at least he came back with the paper and pen, I gave him my number and email. He didn't add me or call me though. A week later and my friend and I were back. Tyler didn't hesitate. He said he wanted to talk to me about joining the activities troop, to go run fundraisers and stuff. I said I would. He took me to the Leader's place and immediately shut the door and locked it behind him.

He smirked. "Wish granted." He tore my clothes off so fast he tore my shirt right down the middle. "Oh well." And Tyler chucked it on the floor. His shirt and pants were off in a matter of seconds once I used my hands. His bulging 9-inch cock was so huge I could barely take my eyes off it. I kissed him on the lips once and he started kissing me more passionately and more forcefully.

He then started to caress down my neck and when he reached my C cup tits, took one in each hand and squished them together while rubbing the nipples with his thumbs. I moaned in joy. What he did next absolutely shocked me. He sucked on my tits as though he wanted to be breastfed. This was such a turn on!

I held his head as he alternated between each boob. Sucking each one as well as the next. Unfortunately for him I was too young to produce milk so he's mouth was empty. But fuck it had felt good.

I decided to return the favour only for a more pleasurable way for him. I lowered my body to his dick and rotated my tongue in circles around the tip. I moved slowly up and down his shaft and rotating my tongue around. In a quick flash I sucked his balls causing him to moan in pain and then I shoved all of his 9-inch that I could manage down my throat.

He was ecstatic. I moved slowly at first then he started moaning. "Suck me fucking harder!" So I obeyed his commands. I thought on multiple occasions he was going to cum. It was when I least expect it that he did. I had been pumping on his cock for about 8 minutes when suddenly I grab his balls and start sucking on them again and alternate between deep throating and sucking his balls.

I thought this would cause him to cum. No luck. I tried licking softly at first then harder, his shaft and arsehole. Still no luck! I slowly licked his ass crack tasting his unwashed dumps.

It tasted surprisingly good. I licked away like a puppy dog after a long run in dying thirst. He really got going on that. But Tyler still didn't cum. I lifted myself off the ground and while stroking his dick made out with him. He's tongue licked my tongue so many times I thought he was trying to taste his own shit.


I don't know whether it was the hand-job, the shit tasting make out, or just a build up but he exploded his cum everywhere! He's first shots hit the cupboard behind us while the next hit my legs and then into my mouth. When he thought he'd finished I swallowed half and made out with him transferring his cum from my mouth to his. He shot of another 5 strands, which landed on a window and on a table.

I caught the last 2. He was really pumping it. "Make out with me." He whispered after I'd half swallowed it. I brought up as much as I could and spat it into his mouth then made out with him. Tyler then transferred the cum back into my mouth. We did this for 6 or 7 goes. It was time for a fucking. I lay down on the table after clearing the seed off with my tongue and Tyler walked over and shoved his huge 9 into my tight virgin pussy.

I lurched with the feeling of it being broken. But it felt so fucking good afterwards. I had several orgasms, which ended up with him licking my pussy juices and causing me to shake uncontrollably for a few minutes. A couple more minutes later he'd cum into me and eat out his juices.

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It felt so fucking good! We fucked for what seemed like hours. We didn't even hear the banging on the door to let the other 2 female co-ordinators in. After we felt like we were going to explode with joy or our fuck organs would be way to sore tomorrow we stopped and slowly got dressed.

I gave Tyler head once. We walked outside and saw everyone was gone. All the lights were off and everything had been put away. There was note left on the table to Tyler though I read over his shoulder. "If you are going to continue fucking her while at these activities at least join the rest of the group in, OR find a more exclusive spot OR stop being so loud!" We laughed and Tyler drove me home.

When I got home my parents asked where I had been. "Learning random crap." I replied. They gave me a stern looking at and left me to it.

Tyler had a spare jacket, which he lent me so I wore that so my parents wouldn't see my ripped shirt. Too bad I had to wear the skimpiest outfit I owned. As I lay down in bed that night, feeling my pussy vibrate in pain. I realised I had just lost my virginity to a guy 11 years older than me. And I didn't feel guilty at all.