Carmen valentina fucked hard in hotel room tube porn

Carmen valentina fucked hard in hotel room tube porn
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It was just a normal day at school… History class, boring as ever. I was slouched in my seat, concentrating hard on a drawing I was working on: hundreds of little soldiers laying siege to a fortress. This was much better than listening to the teacher…I was always one of those kids that never listened and still got A's.

Sitting near me was Marissa, the hottest girl in my class. She was really tanned, having just gotten back from a vacation to Florida. She had brown hair, light eyes, and lip gloss on.

Her white shirt made her bra underneath stand out. Her short skirt plus the way she folded her legs gave me a clear view at her entire leg up to her thigh. I remembered last week, at my best friend Mark's birthday party, how I actually got to make out with her.

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Well, it was just a game of spin-the-bottle, but it was amazing anyway. "Hey Marissa. Check this out," I whispered, giving her my notebook. "Hah, that's pretty good," she said, looking over. "Damn Marissa, that outfit looks really good on you," I complimented her.

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"Thanks Chris," she answered, smiling. She gave me back my notebook and, giggling, she pointed at it. I saw, in her handwriting, 'I'm horny'.

My mouth dropped for a while. She was horny? Damn, now I was horny! But we were in a classroom with 15 minutes left in class. Maybe we could go to a bathroom during the 7 minutes we had in between classes.

"Yea right," I thought to myself. "Horny, huh?" I said, smiling. "Yup. Horny," she whispered, laughing now. "So, what can I do to fix that for you?" I asked, daringly. "Well, we can play a little game.

It's an endurance game," she said. "Hm? A game huh?" I asked, curious now. "Well, it goes like this: we both do what we can to make the other player cum.

Since we're in class here, well, its 'hands-only'. The endurance part is, whoever cums first loses," she said, knowingly. "Wha&hellip.? Are you serious?" I asked. "Well, you know, I just thought…" she quickly started stuttering, embarrassed.

"No, no, I'd love to play. This'll be fun," I said, grinning. "Oh, okay. Good then," she said. Her hand moved to my crotch, and her fingers gently reached for my zipper.

I quickly moved my left hand to her thigh, and crawled to her panties, moving my hand like a spider. "Oh, that was good," she said, still smiling. She got my zipper open, and her hand moved around in my pants in search of my cock. Once her soft fingers wrapped around my shaft, she pulled it out, allowing it to stand straight up, in all of its 8 inch glory.

"God Chris! It's…big!" she whispered loudly in admiration. "I'm happy you like it," I answered, smiling. She smiled back and began to stroke me. I tried not to look at her hand, so I quickly got my fingers behind her panties and began to feel up her pussy.

I had to work quickly if I wanted to win this game, since I'd be cumming in a minute, more or less. I rubbed her slit gently, as my fingers searched for her clit. I could see the pleasure on her face as she closed her eyes and let out soft moans.

I made the mistake of looking down at her hand on my cock, and I almost erupted. Her small, soft, tanned hand was moving up and down my shaft at a pretty rapid pace. She paused only to lick her palm, thus lubricating me, making it feel even better.

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As I watched her hand, I thought about who she was the hottest girl in school. Her hand began to twist with each stroke, making my balls twinge. I closed my eyes and leaned back. She looked at me and said, "You done? You about to blow? I guess I win, right?" she said, giggling at my intense pleasure. "N…No, not…not yet. I'm.Yea ima win&hellip.ohh…ima win…" I managed. I started pushing my fingers into her pussy now, and I started to feel her juices flow.

My hand was wet, but I kept inserting. I smiled at her when she looked at me. Then my thoughts returned to her handjob. She was really good at this, and I knew I was going to lose. I felt my balls begin to brew up a nice load, as my eyes drifted back to her hand pumping my dick. She was simply too good. "Shit…fuck! Cumming! Damnit&hellip.!" I whispered loudly, burying my head in my arms over the desk.

My orgasm was intense. My first shot of cum hit my chest, and the rest dribbled out onto Marissa's hand. She kept stroking until I was empty and limp.

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She then pulled her hand off and stretched it, for me to see my white juice making her smooth hand all sticky. "Chris, what a load! Jeez!" she whispered, again admiring me. She took a few tissues out of her bag and wiped up her hand and my cock.

I smiled at her and tried to control my breathing. "Well, that what a girl like you can do to me!" I whispered loudly, looking at her. "Hah, I'm happy to be of service.

Well, you wanna finish?" she asked, pointing down. I looked and remembered I hadn't made her cum yet. Her pussy was there, her skirt pulled up and her panties pushed to the side. "Well, I don't know&hellip.I did lose…" I said, smiling. "C'mon Chris, you have to finish, it's the rules," she said, pleading jokingly. "Oh don't worry, of course I'll finish," I said.

"Anything for you." My hand returned to her pussy, and I rubbed her slit again. Every few seconds I put my hand to my mouth, licking it, and then rubbing her again. When I could see her close her eyes in pleasure and focus, I began to finger her.

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In and out, first one finger than two. In no time at all she had her head in her arms on the desk, and my hand was drenched in her juices. I knew that she had cum. "So, how was that?" I asked.

"Oh&hellip.great," she whispered, breathing hard. "I—" BRRRRRIIIINNGGGG!!! End of class. Well, after the bell rang I had to quickly put my cock away, and Marissa had to fix up her skirt and panties.

We left school that day, and agreed that we'd play again tomorrow. 11:30, lunch time: I hadn't had any classes with her all day, and she was all I could think about. She was the first girl that had ever made me cum, and she was the first that I had made cum. I think I was in love.


As I walked into the cafeteria, I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Hey Chris!" I turned, and saw her: Marissa, wearing a pink tank top with a pair of tight jeans. My eyes looked over her body, and I could feel my cock begin to swell slightly already. "Marissa! What's up?" I asked, giving her a friendly hug. "Well, come with me," she said, taking me hand and walking out of the cafeteria.

Wondering where she was taking me, my eyes moved to her ass, right in front of me. As she walked, it bounced up and down nicely, really tempting me to reach out and grab it. At least a little touch… "Here," she said, sounding relieved.

We were in front of the girls bathroom on the second floor.

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"Well, this is the only one that locks," she said, walking me in seductively and locking the door behind us. "Well now, why would we need to be in a locked bathroom, Marissa?" I asked, feigning curiosity. "Because I wouldn't want anyone to hear you when I do this," she said, getting on her knees and pushing me against a sink.

"Whoa Marissa! Hold on! What are you—Oh&hellip." Was all I got out. She undid my zipper and pulled my pants down, along with my boxers. My cock hung there, about 4 inches limp, hardening rapidly. Her hand grabbed my shaft suddenly, and the coolness of her touch brought me to max erection, 8 inches. She stroked my shaft for about 30 seconds, and I leaned back against the sink, my hands holding on tight for support.

I started breathing hard, and then she looked up at me. "Want me to suck it?" she asked. Her face looked so innocent, but all I could think of was my prick in her mouth. "God do I!" I replied, really excited. All I could think was, 'My first blowjob! How's this going to feel?' She smiled and her head went down. Her lips opened, and she lowered her head onto my cock, maybe about an inch or two of me in her mouth.


She closed her lips, and my precum began to ooze out. She sucked hard on my head for a few seconds, then pulled back and swallowed. "Salty," she got out, resuming the blowjob. "B—Baby…you made---you made me precum that much! Oh…" I moaned. She giggled and continued to suck. Now she bobbed her head up and down, moving over about 4 inches of my meat. Her tongues swirled around my thick shaft as her head moved along it. All I could think about was the amazing feeling of her tongue and saliva swirling around my cock.

So warm and wet, it felt a hundred times better than getting jerked off. As she sucked, she began to make slurping sounds that really turned me on. She was slurping her saliva on and off my cock, slathering it and making it slippery. I could only watch in amazement as I gently moved my hands to the back of her head and applied a bit of pressure. I began thrusting my hips lightly, and I eventually got around 6 inches in before I felt the back of her throat. I couldn't believe she wasn't gagging.

In most of the porn movies I had seen so far, deepthroating amateurs often choked. "Oh Marissa! Here it comes! Ah!" I let out, my hands shaking and moving down to her shoulders. She backed her head off, and opened her mouth. Her hand started jacking me off as I busted all over her face.

The first 2 shots hit her face, and she smiled. Some got in her hair, but most of it was on her cheeks and close to her eyes. My third and fourth shots she aimed perfectly into her mouth, and her lips closed around the head of my cock and sucked hard, for 20 seconds.

She had me sucked dry. "Oh baby…Marissa you're amazing…" I whispered, still moaning. She opened her mouth and giggled. She had my cum right there, on her tongue and all over her face. "Want me to swallow it?" she asked, laughing softly now. "If you want to baby, I'd love that," I told her. She licked her lips and swallowed, in one gulp.

I felt so damn good! "That feel good Chris?" she asked, innocently. "The best feeling, ever. Period. I love you Marissa," I told her, pulling her head to mine and kissing her passionately.

As we parted, she responded, "Chris, I love you too! C'mon, please me now," she teased, leaning over the sink and waving her ass at me. It looked so good through those tight jeans, and my cock began to stiffen. "Marissa? Um, how do you want me?" I asked, unsure of what to do. "Chris, give it to me. Nail my ass. You like when I talk dirty like that?" she asked, giggling. "Oh, hells yea," I responded, grabbing her waist and pulling her jeans down.

Her black panties there, tempting me, I gingerly pulled them down, revealing her tanned ass. Lifting her shirt a little, I could make out all the contours of the back of her body. She was well shaped, and very fit. Her dark back led right into her wider hips, which my hands quickly went to. I rubbed the sides of her legs and I stood up straight and grabbed my dick. "Chris, go easy. It's my first time," she said, looking back at me and wiggling her ass again.

"Baby, don't worry," I reassured her. My cock fully hard again, I tried to slip it into her asshole as quickly as possible. I heard her gasp and as I pushed softly I felt my dick going in. My hands resumed their position on her hips, and I thrusted into her, softly.

With each thrust I gained force. Her moans filled the bathroom, and my cock responded. I could feel her ass shaping to surround the entirety of my cock. As I thrusted, her tight ass gripped my shaft, sucking me in.

I was amazed at how good this could feel. I felt her tightening and I felt wetness on my cock, her hips, and both of our legs. I knew she was cumming, and she moaned even louder than before, saying my name. "Chriiis&hellip.Oh Chriiiiss&hellip.I love you…Fuck my ass&hellip.Yea!" she yelled.


"Marissa&hellip.cumming again! In…In your ass!" I moaned, releasing her hips and hugging my arms around her tight stomach now. With one final thrust I filled her ass with my entire cock, and I came again. Two blasts of my cum shot into her ass, and for over a minute I stayed there bent over her, hugging around her stomach and feeling my now limp cock surrounded by my cum in her ass. She turned her head after a while and, still breathing hard, said playfully, "You can pull out now big boy." I smiled, and backed off her, my cock soft and wet.

As she attempted to stand straight, I saw her widen her legs apart and her hand moved to her ass. "Oh gosh Chris, you widened my ass! I can't even walk straight yet!" she said, smiling. Walking over to me, her hand rested on my dick, and she stroked me. "We're doing this again tomorrow."