Sweet Black Hair Latina Teen Deepthroats Her Boyfriend

Sweet Black Hair Latina Teen Deepthroats Her Boyfriend
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This is a story about Jimmy, an 28 year old male who was raped at 18 by his own dog when he was younger. His dog was a 1 year old boxer that he was given as a 6 month old puppy.

Jimmy named him Frosty because they gave him to him at Xmas.

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Jimmy was always playing with his dog. He was playing fetch with him in his room one day when the ball rolled under the bed. The dog was trying to get it but couldn't get under the bed to retrieve it. Jimmy went to the edge of the bed and bent down to look for it.

As he was bent over he felt his dog jump up on him. He started tugging at his shorts and Jimmy was laughing as he tried to get the ball. Frosty tore the shorts and Jimmy laughed even more.

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Than Frosty tugged at his underwear and ripped them even easier. Jimmy finally reached the ball and as he was going to get up Frosty jumped up on him and started humping. This startled Jimmy who tried to get up but the weight of Frosty kept him on his hands and knees and suddenly Jimmy felt Frosty penetrate his asshole with his penis.

He let out a cry and again tried to get up but Frosty started humping more once he penetrated his asshole and began to fuck away. Jimmy tried to get away but Frosty moved with him as he kept fucking. Before he realized it Jimmy had a hard-on. When this happened he stopped and let Frosty fuck him. Frosty was fucking away and Jimmy began to enjoy it as his boner began to throb.

Frosty suddenly pulled out and Jimmy felt something wet on his leg. Frosty had shot some precum which he began to lick from Jimmy's leg. Since this also felt good he stayed on his hands and knees. Frosty then jumped back up on Jimmy and penetrated him again. It hurt a little bit again when he shoved his dick in him but knowing it would start feeling good he stayed still.

Frosty was fucking harder and faster and suddenly gripped Jimmy tighter. Jimmy felt something at the edge of his asshole that didn't seem to go in but he didn't know what it was.

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Frosty gripped tighter and with a big shove got his knot inside Jimmy's ass. This made Jimmy yell out and again he tried to pull away from Frosty who kept pace with him and just kept fucking away. Again Jimmy got a raging hard-on and suddenly shot a load from his dick. He quit trying to get away and took the fucking. He then felt something wet inside his ass and realized Frosty must've cum inside him.

Frosty kept squirting an unbelievable amount of cum inside him. After a while Frosty pulled out and a glob of cum spilled out of Jimmy's ass and onto his legs. Frosty licked it all up and then went to a corner to lick himself.

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Jimmy realized his dog had just raped him but since it felt so good he didn't scold Frosty. Instead he began to let him fuck him every day for the next 2 weeks. When he came home from school one day after that his mom was waiting for him to tell him Frosty had been run over by a car and killed. Jimmy was distraught. The next day his dad asked if he wanted to get another dog. Jimmy said no because although he loved Frosty fucking him he felt it wasn't right so decided not to get another dog.

After a few months passed, Jimmy was walking home from school one day and saw a dog fucking another dog. He stopped and began watching and immediately got a raging hard-on. When the dog finished fucking he turned around and ended up butt-to-butt with the female. This made Jimmy cum in his pants. He got home and cleaned off. When his dad got home that night Jimmy said he thought about it and would like to get another dog but not a puppy.

His dad told him they could go to the pound tomorrow to see if there was a dog there he liked.


The next day they went to the pound and Jimmy was looking at the dogs. There were small ones, medium ones, and then some rather large dogs. Jimmy saw a male German Shepherd looking at him and went to his cage. The dog wagged his tail and kept looking at Jimmy. He then told his dad he wanted that one.

The guy at the pound told him they had just gotten him the day before and hadn't had a chance to neuter him. Jimmy didn't know what that meant but when the explained it to him he said it was ok and he would take him anyway. When they got home Jimmy took the dog to his room. Jimmy named him Shep. Since it was late they went to bed and the dog slept on a rug in Jimmy's room.

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After school the next day Jimmy went to his room and began to play with Shep. He was thinking of the times Frosty fucked him and was hoping he could somehow get Shep interested because he was beginning to feel an itch in his ass. He started wrestling with Shep and rolling around with him. As they did this Jimmy noticed the red tip of Shep's dick was showing.


Jimmy saw this as a good sign so he got on all fours and waited to see what Shep would do. Shep walked up behind him and sniffed his butt then gave it a lick which made Jimmy jump.

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At the same time it excited him and he got a hard-on as Shep kept licking his asshole. Jimmy then saw more of Shep's dick had come out and by now Jimmy's dick was bouncing up and down in anticipation.

Shep suddenly jumped up on Jimmy's back and he knew it was going to happen. Shep started to hump but couldn't find Jimmy's asshole. Jimmy moved around trying to help him when suddenly Shep was in him. Shep gripped Jimmy more and then began thrusting in earnest. Jimmy shot a load when Shep drove all his cock inside him and began fucking him. Shep was pumping away and Jimmy was enjoying it all.

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Shep gripped him tighter and Jimmy anticipated he was going to drive his knot inside him and his dick jerked up and down waiting for it. Sure enough Shep gave another hard thrust and Jimmy felt the knot slip in which hurt some because it had been a long time since he was fucked.

As the knot went in his ass Jimmy shot another load as Shep began to fuck hard and shoot his cum inside of Jimmy's ass. Jimmy was in heaven. He didn't want Shep to stop fucking him and began to push back against him as Shep continued to squirt in him even though he was no longer humping him.

Jimmy kept fucking back until Shep pulled out of him which made Jimmy shoot for a 3rd time as the knot slipped out and he felt all the cum run down his ass and onto his legs. Jimmy built a dog house out back for Shep so that when they were gone they could leave him in the back yard so as not to take a chance of him getting run over by a car like Frosty. Jimmy's itch had been relieved and he planned to keep his ass satisfied for a long time to come.