Lęk Ci laski nie zrobi Uwodzenie i techniki

Lęk Ci laski nie zrobi Uwodzenie i techniki
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Sorry i said i did not know he would cum just then he must like you he got very excited a smile came to her face thats ok he dose not taste to bad a bit salty but also creamy it was a bit funny, it was my own fault i swallowed most of it. It is not a bad taste i thought it would have been bitter but it is not he cums a lot it filled my mouth within seconds i had to swallow or chock it is amazing how much spunk he has i must have swallowed a cup full i should not have opened my mouth just at that time to scream yes we looked at each other and laughed.

You better go and wash up in the bathroom i will give you one of my tops yours will be a bit sticky we both walked upstairs me into my bed room and jane into the bath room as i walked to the bath room. what color to ask what color she wanted i could see her scooping Bruno spunk onto her finger then the finger into her mouth i was so fucking horny a needed a fuck now. What color do you want blue i think as she walked to meet me with a wet flannel in her hand you better get going i said too or you miss all the good stuff.

Yes the time is getting on are you sure you wont come with me no thanks i have a lot of stuff to do here may be next time. As she walk out the front door i said my good byes and have a nice time, Now to get changed just a T shirt and a flimsy pair of nickers i did 13 not want any tight clothes to spoil it. I could not believe how excited i was the thought of having Bruno´s big cock inside me really excited me my pussy was dripping with my juice.

Bruno followed me into the barn i would have to make sure that i was nice and comfortable i did not want to rush a minute of it i had to stop and think what would be the best way. Then it came to me so i pilled up two small bales of hay on top of each other then 2 blankets so i would not feel the hay on my skin then a blanket on the floor and i was just about ready.

I put the bucket of water in front of Toby then i was ready so i sat on the blanket on the floor and pulled the bales of hay up to my back so i could lean on them while bruno gave my pussy a good licking first i opened my legs raised my knees and leaned back.


I wanted to play with tobys cock as well so i put the bucket of water just out of Tobys reach so he would have to walk forward just a couple of feet and that would bring his cock just in front of me And just above my face i smiled to my self for all the planning. I called to Bruno and he came bounding over i think he new what was expected of him because he started sniffing my very wet pussy. Then with one lick of hes tongue on my panties the feeling was unbelievable God it felt so good i just laid back i dont know for how long I was just enjoying his licking on my dripping pussy then with out thinking i removed my panties to give his tongue access to my pussy at this point i reached up to find Tobys limp cock.

It was soft and squidgy to start with but the longer i played with it the longer it got. It now hung just in front of my face just within reach of my tongue so i started to lick it very softly at first but as it got closer to my mouth the whole of my tongue was licking his cock like a lolly 14 just as his love juice started to flow. Just a little so i let it drip onto my tongue then as it came faster i started to suck his juice into my mouth i did not want to lose a drop.

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I new if i used my hand to much he would cum to soon and spoil my afternoon this was going to be my afternoon of pleasure. Being satisfied by my 2 best friends as Toby,s juice started to flow a little faster i let his cock rest onto my tongue and tilted my head back just a little so his juice would just run into my mouth and all i had to do was swallow.

As i could not move my head now his juice was now coming faster and faster god i love the taste i was getting so wet and bruno was licking it up as fast as it came out of me. I had to swallow more and more often now as my mouth was filling faster.

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I reached down to feel is Bruno had a hard on and boy did he it felt red hot in my hand and his love juice was flowing fast it was all to soon i was enjoying myself to much but i new it would not be long before cum his lot. I pulled him away and grabbed Steves old sports soaks and quickly put them onto Brunos front paws.

I got up and moved round to the front of the bale i pulled Bruno with me to pull him onto my back he new what was wanted of him and with one hand i guided his now steaming hot cock into my my sticky wet pussy. It felt like a hot poker being pushed inside me and it felt good.

I was now stretched out belly down on the top bale i could feel Bruno pumping his hot cock deep inside me. I could feel his cock going in and out in and out it felt like it was growing inside me getting longer and longer i felt my pussy stretch to accommodate his now very large cock.

I could not believe how much i was enjoying being fucked by my dog and the more i thought about it the hornier i got his red hot 15 poker went deep inside me as he pumped me faster and faster.

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I reached for Tobys cock as his love juice was now coming in strong spurts as i opened my mouth it was hitting the back of my throat with out touching the sides it was all i could do to swallow before the next spurt was in my mouth.

I could not believe how horny i was i was having the fuck of my life and the best drink of my life and i was loving it. I could feel Brunos large cock knot pounding my my pussy as his cock went deep in side me it felt great i was thinking he will be cuming any minute Any minute now. I opened my legs wider so i would get all of hi cock inside me his thrusts were getting harder when bang his not was pushed inside as it hit my clit.

Fuck me that felt good then i realized would we lock together fuck it i dont care it felt just to good to worry about it now. Do i let cum inside or pull him off just at the right time, that decision had been made for me when his cock know locked inside me i did like his cock inside me. It felt good it was then i realized i was on the verge of cuming my self that settled it, he would stay were he is i was about to cum my load. Bruno was ramming my pussy with all his might it was then that a shot of his hot sticky spunk shot deep inside me i felt the hot spurts going deep inside me it gave me a warm glow inside as it went deep inside my pussy god it felt good.

Just then there was a scream some were in the distance which i ignored because he was cuming deep inside me, and that was all i needed for me to cum as well as i opened my mouth half way through my scream Toby cum his load as well filling my mouth with his warm salty cream. I held onto his cock in my mouth i did not want to loose a drop he was cuming like a steam train if i let go of his cock he might just 16 push it through the back of my head each time he pushed his Cock deeper into my mouth his cream hit the back of my throat and some was pushed out the sides of my cheeks there was not enough room for his cock and all his cream into my mouth under pressure i tried to drink as much as i could but there was just to much with his cock in my mouth as well.

His spurts hit the back of my throat and seemed to just run down the back of my throat and made it a little easier to swallow. I was swallowing as fast as i could i did not want to waste any of his cream it is salty but sweet at the same time nice and warm like a cup of warm milk and it went down just as easy. So i started to suck as well to help with the swallowing and to help it on its way down my throat.


Bruno was still ramming his cock deep inside me god it felt good i did not want him to stop it was the best fuck i had ever had in my life and i did not want it to stop. It was then i heard that noise again as i turned to see were the noise was coming from i saw Jean standing there with her mouth wide open with what looked like two black eyes and tears running down her face.

I let Tobys cock drop from my mouth as i as i tried to stand up to face her she could not speak because she was sobbing her heart out i tried to pull a bale of hay over so she could sit before she fell down.

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It was then i realized Bruno was still deep inside me cuming his load and could not dismount until he finished. As i bent over to comfort her i could still feel Brunos large cock still inside me so i bent down to make it easy for him to pull it out when he was ready i new that some times dogs get locked together when they fuck it did feel good having it still inside me i could not feel him pumping his hot cream into me now so he must have cum his load.

17 Trust her to spoil it i said to my self as i put my arm around her shoulder to comfort her Tobys spunky cream was running down my face. what is wrong i said fearing the worst it is strange we always think the worst when we see some one crying.

I could feel brunos knot moving just inside my wach time i moved it pulled inside me and i liked the feeling but i am not sure bruno did. Just then i felt his cock pop out with some of his cum as i felt it run down my leg Come on lets go inside and i will make us a nice cup of tea and you can tell me what the problem is so off we went to the living room. I sat her down on the sofa and went to put the kettle on While i was in the kitchen Bruno had jumped up onto the sofa and rested his head on her lap even he could cense some thing was wrong.

Come on Bruno off now no leave him he is ok and she continued to sob While she sobbed she played with Bruno´s ears he did like that it did seem to settle her as well i said do you want to talk that was all it took and she started again by this time Bruno was on his back with his legs in the air having his tummy rubbed.

I sat in silence just watching her and Bruno enjoying each other so i got up to make myself another tea then settled in the chair again thinking she will talk when she is ready so i just watched.

By this time she had Bruno´s cock in her hand bloody hell i thought is she having a break down. I could see his cock getting bigger and bigger what should i do i ask myself she cant know what she is doing when all of a sudden her finger picked up a droplet of his love juice and straight into her mouth as she licked her lips then another and another.

I got up i am just going to have a shower be about 15 minutes will you be all right no answer came so i walked up the stairs and into the shower and turned the water on. 18 It was no good i had to creep down stairs to see what was going on as i got to the bottom of the stairs i stopped and peered round the corner only to see Jean on her knee´s with Bruno´s cock in her mouth and her head going up and down.

She had a leg in each hand to keep them apart and to give her easy access to his now large cock i could not take my eyes of her, as her head went up and down with a faint sucking sound i could not believe what i was seeing i have to sit down and watch.

As her head went up and down i could see his bright red cock getting bigger each time her head went up and bruno was loving it as well i could tell by the way he was trying to push his cock into her mouth at the same time. I moved just a little to get a better view as her head moved faster up and down and the sucking got louder every now and again i could see his love juice seep out of her mouth as he was filling her mouth she would stop lift her head and swallow his juice.

Then return to the task I could not believe how horny i was getting my pussy was starting to drip again but i could not take my eyes of her she seemed to like what she was doing and i like to watch.

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She stopped sucking and started licking from the bottom all the way to the top very slowly i could just see his juice coming faster now in larger spurts coming from his cock hole as she collected it with her tongue on every upward stroke then swallow. I started to stroke my now very wet pussy i was as horny as hell thanks to my mate Jane then all of a Sudan she puts her head on one side taking all of his cock knot into her mouth fucking hell i said to my self what is she doing.

After a few minutes sucking his knot she rolls him onto his side rests her head on to the sofa and takes all of is cock into her mouth she starts to gag as he starts to pump his now massive cock into her mouth. 19 She trys to take it all but there is no way she can get all his 8 inches into her mouth after a few minutes of loud sucking i cant believe he has not cum yet.

She stands up and looks around i pull back so she dose not see me she walks over to the chair and picks up the large cushion and carries it back to the sofa were she puts it at one end of the sofa and lays back with her head and shoulders resting on the cushion. With that she pulls and calls Bruno to get on top she puts his front paws on the are arm rest behind her head this places his cock in her mouth.

She closes her lips around as Bruno starts to fuck her mouth She is holding a back leg in each hand to hold him steady while he fucks her mouth he keeps trying to push it all the way in because i can hear her chock. She pushes him back just a little to stop him from pushing it all into her mouth and chocking her, now she has it just right when he comes forward she lifts her head just a little to meet him. He must be very near to cuming now because he is getting faster and faster she grabs his cock in her right hand to steady it just as he cums his lot with her mouth open wide his creamy spunk spurts into her mouth with a loud moan of pleasure coming from her.

She holds his cock just inches from her wide open mouth as his spunk bursts into mouth she gets 3 or for shots before she swallows what is in her mouth after a minute or so the spurts get weaker. She has to closes her mouth to swallow his spunk when she dose the next spurt of his spunk covers her lips because she cant open her mouth fast enough to take it and swallow the next lot coming at her but she quickly opens her mouth again to drink the rest.

The flow slows she helps him by putting her mouth closer to his cock and starts wanking the last few drops out of him she closes her lips over his cock and sucks i can hear her panting as he fucks her mouth the last few times.

20 I quickly run upstairs so she dose not see me and have my shower after about 15 minutes she has had time to clean her self so i walk down stairs making a noise just to let her know i am on my way. I enter the living room and to my surprise her face is clean and bright and she has a smile on her face.


Bruno´s cock has gone down in size but it is still red as he licks it Would you like some coffee i ask or something a little stronger wine would be lovely she says red or white i ask i dont mind you choose ok. Bruno walks to his bed he must be shagged out pore thing and a smile comes to my face, i stroke his ears as i walk past but he dose not move.

Now are you going to tell me what the hell is going on you had two black eyes from crying earlier, yes sorry for bursting in on you like this but i did not know what to do.

Why whats happened, the boot sale was crap so i only stayed 40 minutes then went home as i opened the door i could hear noises up stairs so crept up there to see what was going on and i had the shock of my life he was fucking one of his office girls but to make it worse he was fucking her in her ass I asked him to fuck me like that more than once a friend of mine told me it was great so i wanted to try it but he kept say that he did not like to do it that way.

So i marched into the bedroom called him a bastard punched him in the face and walked out, you poor thing as i put my arm around her shoulder a few soft sobs started to come. She looked at me and said i need to ask you a big favor, what is that i said can i stay here for a couple of night until i get myself sorted out of course you can stay as long as you want. We emptied 2 bottles of wine while we carried on chatting it was nice it was the first time we chatted for a long time, i looked at the clock it said 11.

Oclock bed time i think the spare bed room is 21 already made up and i can give you one of my nighties no its ok i never were anything in bed. She looked at me and said i am not that tired yet can we chat a little longer ok i said we can chat upstairs in my room i will get some drinks so i grabbed a bottle of gin and some tonic water i know she likes gin it will help her sleep. She starts by going over the same thing´s asking why he has done this and looked at me why would he fuck her ass and not mine i have a nice ass as she dropped her panties dont i she said.

As she slugged back a large mouth full of gin and tonic she looked at me and stripped off is there some thing wrong with this body it was the first time i had ever seen her naked and she did have a lovely body. I was pouring us another when all of a sudden came fucking hell what was you doing in the barn, i new it had to come at some time i was just hopping it would be in the morning and not to night as she gulped down the new gin and tonic i had just given her.

I think you have had enough as i took the glass from her hand you better sleep here to night so i can keep an eye on you thanks sam cam her reply. I got a silk sheet out of the draw it was still to hot to get into bed and a silk sheet is cool on our naked skin. I got undressed got on the bed and pulled the sheet over us i could see the tears start to flow again as she turned to face me what´s going to happen she said as she moved a little closer.

I put my arm around to comfort her and said i do not no, don´t worry now we can sort it out in the morning you are here now with me as i kissed her eyes as my mum did to me when ever i was upset. I could taste the salt in her tears it was more salty than Bruno´s cum as she huddled up to me and put her arm around me i could feel her firm breasts against mine our nipples caressed each others 22 as she kissed me on the mouth.

And i responded our tongues met and kissed as she sucked my tongue into her mouth and gently sucked it was a nice feeling. I could feel her hand searching for my pussy so i opened my legs to help her find it, it did feel good having a another hand playing with my pussy its not the same when you use your own hand.

As my own hand worked it´s way across to her bum-cheeks i could feel that they are firm and smooth i could feel her turn her body towards me and raise her right leg it give me easy access. As i massaged her cheeks my hand was opening the crack in her bum cheeks and my little finger caressed her bum hole a loud sigh came from her she really liked this. Her leg came up a little higher to open her cheeks a little more which made it easier for my finger to stroke her hole as soon as i touched her hole her mouth clamped it´s self on mine and her tongue was in my mouth again it felt as if she was trying to suck my tongue from my mouth.

I am now rubbing her hole with my finger her body starts to bounce up and down as her fingers go deep into my very wet pussy and do there magic god she is good.