Xxx amerecan and black 18 xxx

Xxx amerecan and black 18 xxx
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It all started at my 14th was of course a mild wednesday after noon not to cold considering winter was at full force this past month.

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My Mother and Grandma decided hey what else would a 14 year old boy like more then a skating party. "Mom, I dont enjoy skating and I never will its stupid. Ill be there everyone will be having a good time but me.

she looks quizzically at me and utters "Goddammit you will go skating and you will have fun." (fast forward past the cool party) "Bye Paul, See you tommorrow Tiffany." I saunter into the kitchen to notice Jennifer the neighbor girl from down the street is still sitting here. "what time do you have to be home?" I ask as i slowly grab my powerade from the fridge "no later then 9:30" She turns her face and mutters.".my aunt crissy said i cant be out late." "well damn that 40 minutes away what the hell you wanna do?.My Mom and Gramma are gonna be gone till about 11, its bingo night." Those were the olny words I had to mutter to seal the deal.

See ive known jenny for awhile shes taller then me with a cute face and a decent body. But most of all one thing thats always got my rocks about her was she unlike I had experience. "Well we could play cards," I made it sound of more as an challenge then a suggestion "I mean if you want to,we can play anything." she steadily turned a shade of red that was just this side of a rose she then looked at me and said "Have you ever had sex?" I was shocked, did she just offer or what what the hell is goin on.

What should I do Help me. "ill take that as a no.hey I got a game we could play." "Really" I replied "and what game is this." all the while trying to sound as non chalent as possiable.

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"Well its a stripping game" My ears perked "its called strip war its just like war but if you lose you have to take off a piece of clothing and the first one naked has to give the winner what ever they want." Needless to say I was more then ready.

First card flipped I had 10 she gets a 4. Yes i think as she slowly took off her top.

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After a couple of more hands I was down to a little less then half my clothes and she was down to the final artical. last cards flipped king beats her jack.

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"Well what do you want?" she asked with a look of anticipation on her face I barley could muster the balls to say what i really wanted so it came out kinda like this "I want you to touch my cock." she giggled "thats it?" "yeah I guess" with that she slid her hand up my shorts and began stroking my already swollen member.

She grabbed it and slide her hand up and down the length of my shaft.


"Do you want me to do more?" "You Can do anything you want." With that she undid my pants and got real close to my cock andstarted to exhale her hot breath over the tip of my cock, which was now tingaling with excitement and anticipation for what would happen next.

She then licked up and down the shaft pausing every once in a while to tounge the tip of my dick with her expert skills. After about 5 min of cock tourture she finally began to devoure my cock hungrily and just as I got close to cumming she stopped and whispred "Go grab a condom" now me being 14 and having no other experience but myself wonder were the fuck im gonna get a condom from I sheepishly replied that I in fact have no condoms because the need for them had not yet presented itself at this point and time.

She got close to my ear and said "Tell me when you get close." and at that she went into the living room and laid on the couch. I slowly approached her and she laid in wait. I penatrated her velvet soft pussy just the penatration itself was semi orgasmic and olny after a few strokes did I know this was not going to be a long journy. I started fucking her quickly as the sensations started to build up and just as soon as it started, well not that soon probably abput 15-20 minutes.


I muttred im gonna come soon, and at those words she pushed me off and hurridly gobbled my cock and began to bob at a quickened pace.I came over and over into her mouth, the very thing I had olny seen in movie she was doing.

She swallowed all the cum I shot to her smiled and said "So are you gonna come over tommorrow, I got alot to teach you. "yea ill be over." damn we had some good times want somemore?

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