Lek mostrando seu corpinho e o pau

Lek mostrando seu corpinho e o pau
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We stumbled on to jules housewhen we arrived she heaved a great sigh as her boyfriends black mercedes was in her drivesomething that she seemed to have overlooked. She had been with him on and off for 10 years and sex had dropped of vitually compleatly but she still felt that she needed him in other ways. 'for fucks sake he's home just when I dont want him to becan we go back to yours sylv I really need a good fucking seeing too watching him giving you all that lovely cum up your cunt has made me want it too.please can we go back to your place?


Sylv agreed and we were soon in back in her lounge. Jules had my cock out licking some of her sisters dried up come from my swollen knobshe took it right down her throat something I had never had before it felt incredibly tight on my cock. But I needed to fuck her I pushed her back onto the floor pushing her tight skirt up her thick set but shapely thighs past her deep black stocking tops to expose her brown haired fanny.

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'I never wear underpants when I'am out on the pull, know how you boys like an easy accessif I pull my cunt lips apart can you shove that weapon of yours deep inside ?' Her cunt smelt like it had not been washed for a day or two I sniffed it in deeplyshe held her pussy with one of her dainty hands and grabbed at my cock with the other her tiny hand only serving to make my cock seem biggershe gripped my cock hard and pulled it strongly till it met her inner pink cunt , she really was desparate to have some meat up her jerking her hips upwards to meet me I however wanted to make her even more desparate and held my cock still just at her very slick and inviting entrance.

she pulled my mouth down to her and kissed deeply tongue seaching for mine her hand reached my butt and tried to pull it in to herHer hips bucked up in her need for big hard cock.

'Come on thats not fair you fucked sylvia so quick just fucking shove it into me give it to me i need your meat so much NOW!!!' With that she gave me a really strong pull and I gave in and rammed my full 10 inch length into her very tight cunt very very hard OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhh.my goooooooooooooooooooods that feels good sooooooooooooo deep !!

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she cried out as my balls hit her arse. Jules felt even tighter than SylviaI grabbed both of her big womanly arse cheecks and I pounded her deep and and firmly.


Ooooooooooooooooh god Dave your cock feels enormouse, is my cunt nice and tight for you? are you gonna fill it with your nice thick seed ? 'oh my god I feel faint your streaching my pussy to the limit I am cummingfuck me harder HARDER OOOOOOOOOOOH.

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She really was a cummer her arse was bucking up lewdly, her large tits jiggledstill in her bra, her cunt muscles were in involuntary spasm on my meatshe was not in anyway in control , quite delirious sweating profusely head lolling from side to side eyes wide and gasping for air. Ooooooooooooooooo my gooooooooooood that was fantastic that is some cock you have there dave I never had anything that big and strong before' she was calming down as her orgasm subsided.

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' but your cock is still rock hard I need to have some seed like sylvia got earlier ' sylvia arrived with some drinks to refresh us all. It was a bit odd being still inside her sistershe leaned into me and her soft lips touched mine her tongue lasciviously twirled round mine. 'Aint he wonderfull jules?

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we need to have that massive cock again don't you think Jules my cunts still throbbing from earlier and the spunks still oozing down my legDaves a real man, always fancied you, wish this had happened much o so much sooner, maybe if I had known he had such big hidden talents tucked away in those shorts I would have jumped on him sooner.

Johns gonna be no good to me from now on after having that monster in me I will need to have good long long hard regular sessions with ityou will come back and give us some more wont you dave?' 'I wont be changing post offices anytime soon thats for sure our tongues rejoined and Jules started to buck her hips up at me showing she had recovered fully and now needed some more hard fucking.

My cock had not left her cunt it was still rock hard. .I had only ever had 1 girl at a time and now I had 2 very attractive voluptous shapely ladies loving me and my cock. 'we have a spare room in the attic you could become our lodger how do you fancy thatyour always saying how you dont like your landlady that would be a nice way forward for us all !

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I withdrew form Jules though she complained loudlypushed sylvia down on her back and pushed her skirt up to expose her gash again it had dried in cum all around it smelt heavily of my cum.

' 'you mean I would have this lovely slick gash on tap all the time ,and those full overflowing tits?

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and your lovely voluptuous sister would come too ? 'God yes Dave ooooooooooooooooh I love that rod so much you can live rent free just don't tell John ' I fucked sylvia long and hard.

'Oh gooooooooooooood I am cumming againkeep fucking me Oh my god I am there !!!!!!!!!!!! ' Her cunt felt so slickmy ball were begining to boil but I managed to control it to save my cum for her sister who was busy frigging herself.

' Now give me that cummI want it deep inside megive me your baby fuck me hardOh joy I love it harder ,nearly there HARDER oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhyessssssssssss 'my balls slammed hard up against her arse as my seed boiled over into her juicy cunt, I gripped her arse hard to stop her from moving as the force of my thick hot spunk forcefully hit her womb. I moved in to lodge with sylvia the following week ,story of that to follow.