Herrin ella kross vorhanden dein Schwanz gehört zu meinen Stiefeln

Herrin ella kross vorhanden  dein Schwanz gehört zu meinen Stiefeln
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Abusing Nadia Chapter 1 Nadia lay back on her bed. .hot, crazy thoughts in her mind. The drive home was torture.

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She had tried to alleviate the need she felt by squeezing her nipple but the yearning persisted. She pinched it harder inside her blouse, inside her bra.


She tugged at it viciously, alleviating the need for.for.for what? She couldn't explain. She scratched it and she gasped out loud.

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She broke hard just in time at the red light. She felt eyes on her and looked to the left. A woman glanced at her and gave that smile that passing motorists do. She smiled back weakly and slowly took her hand from inside her blouse. She made it home eventually and rushed upstairs. And here she was, fully clothed, laying back on the bed. She pulled her skirt up, knees bent and planted her feet on the bed. She pushed her hand inside her panties and was not surprised to find her pussy soaking wet.

She drilled her fingers inside her, first one, then two, then forced a third inside herself. She arched her back from the bed and made a keening wailing sound. It felt tight, felt good. Normally she was content to slide a finger in occasionally and stroke her clit until she came, satisfyingly.

But now, she needed this, needed more. She thought back to the earlier encounter as she plunged her fingers in and out of her steaming sex. She had run for the elevator as she saw the doors closing. At the last moment, he had seen her and put his hand out to prevent it closing. She smiled at him as the doors gave in and slid back, revealing him standing there alone.

His dark charcoal suit, his crisp bright white shirt and a few wisps of hairs visible at the neckline where the top two buttons were undone. Alex was the new guy and worked in the same office as her. He sat in Nadia's eyeline and sometimes, as she worked, she stared at him surreptitiously, wondering about him, finding him reasonably attractive.

She was older than him and dismissed her thoughts as a crush. He's the new guy. She thought. I'm old enough to be his favourite aunt, if not his mother.

They stood side by side in the elevator as it descended to the ground floor, eyes forward. Suddenly Alex turned to her and spoke.

"I've noticed you staring at me Nadia." Nadia turned to him instinctively as he began to speak and then shrunk back as he finished his sentence. She'd been caught. "I.errr.I don't." she stammered. "I hope my presence in the office hasn't offended you Nadia." He continued. "I know I took over from Bill and while I am keen to do well in my new role I don't wish to be seen as the bad guy who has replaced someone you all liked." Nadia could feel herself turning crimson.


She couldn't give two hoots about Bill. He was a mean-spirited asshole who enjoyed humiliating anyone and everyone beneath his pay grade, including her. She was almost glad when he had a heart attack and took early retirement and hoped her new boss would be better. She gathered herself quickly. "Noooo Alex. You misunderstand.

To be honest, and you didn't hear this from me, Bill wasn't very much liked round here. Not among the staff who worked under him anyway. It's a real pleasure to have you on the team and I really look forward to working closely with you." She flashed him her pretty smile and he beamed back.

"Well, that's very kind of you to say so. But that doesn't explain the staring." "Oh.well." Nadia blushed. Alex could sense her attraction to him and he in return, certainly liked what he saw. She was barely five foot tall and with a curvaceous figure. She had long, straight, brunette hair, just how he liked it. She had a cute pretty face and he guessed her to be ten years older than himself.

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Her smile was beautiful and made her look ten years younger than she actually was. He quickly noticed the lack of a wedding ring. "Look, Nadia. I'm starved, it's late. I could go home, put a microwave meal in, stare at my nails waiting for it to ping, eat the tasteless gunk straight from the tray or." he paused. Nadia stood looking up at him. He was over six feet tall she guessed and looked delicious in his suit. She held her breath as he listened to his words.

Waiting for what she knew he was suggesting; wanting him to say it. "Or we could go get something to eat. What do you say? Think of it as a team building exercise between two colleagues who haven't really had an opportunity to meet." He smiled expectantly.

He knew she would say yes. "I'd love to." she blurted out. She regretted seeming so keen, so obvious. Come on Nadia, at least try and be cool about it, she thought. "That's decided then! I know a lovely little Italian restaurant just a block away. Would Ms Richards like a stroll?" On cue, the elevator pinged, the doors opened and they stepped out into the lobby. "Oh my! It's Miss by the way," she chided him gently. "And yes. I would love a stroll." He crooked his arm invitingly and she put her arm through his and they walked to the revolving door.

He let her go through first with a wave of his arm and he followed behind. They resumed their position of leader and follower and they strolled languorously through the mild September evening. Nadia suddenly felt a rush of euphoria. This man, who she had barely said hello to; this handsome man, her boss, was taking her to dinner.

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To dinner! Her step was light and her smile vivid as they weaved their way through the evening crowds to La Bella Donna. Alex gesticulated to the elegant understated sign above their heads as they stood at the entrance. "La Bella Donna," he intoned gravely.

He looked at her and smiled. "The Beautiful Lady!" She smiled back as her heart skipped and her stomach lurched. He opened the door for her and she walked in. He followed closely behind taking in her figure, her hips clinging to her skirt, her firm round ass pushing out against the fabric, The jacket nipped in at the waist, showing off her curves.

He smiled to himself and requested a table for two. Dinner was a delight. They talked and ate, shared and devoured and complimented each other's choices of food and companion. "I shall order for you next time," he said. "Oh that would be wonderful," came the gushing reply. "Nadia, you have been wonderful company, and I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed a meal so much. But I am afraid it is getting late and we must be getting you home." "Oh, Alex.

I hadn't noticed the time." She looked at her watch and saw that he was right. "Oh goodness." She laughed at herself and he joined her, laughing freely. "Come on gorgeous. I'll walk you to your car." She smiled at the compliment. Oh my God.

He just called me gorgeous she thought. She almost skipped to the car, unhappy to be leaving but delighted at having found a new dinner date. She hoped there would be many more but in reality, she assumed that may not be the case. Still, he did say '.next time.' They reached the car and she got in. She sat in the driver's seat as he stood at the window. She pressed the button and the window whirred down.

Please kiss me she thought. He looked her in the eye and said deliberately. "Nadia." She looked at him quizzically and he yanked the car door open. His right hand flew to her hair and he grasped a handful tightly. He pulled her to him with a sudden force that made her cry out. As she opened her mouth, his lips mashed against hers.

Her backside was hanging half off the seat, one leg dangling down. He yanked her blouse out of her skirt and thrust his left hand up inside her blouse. His hand roughly found the front of her bra and he pulled it down, stretching the elastic of the straps, digging it into her flesh.

He grasped her breast with his big hand and mauled her. His hands gripped and squeezed her so very hard. She could feel each of his fingertips digging into her soft sensitive tits and she cried out as his tongue thrust into her mouth.

He found her nipple and he pinched it hard. She cried out into his mouth again and again as his assault on her body continued. He moved to suck on her lower lip as she fought not to fall out of the car and he bit down on it.

Then with one last searing tug at her nipple he was gone. He turned his back without another word and he walked out of the dimly lit car park and disappeared. Nadia sat there dumbfounded, catching her breath, feeling the sharp pain on her lip, on her shoulder from the bra strap, but mostly on her nipple. She quickly adjusted her clothing, inhaling through her teeth as the pain prickled sharply in her brain. What the hell was that?!?!

She thought.

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What the.? She sat shaking her head, unable to believe what had just happened. As she turned out onto the main street she was cursing Mr Alex Fucking Hardy.

Who the fuck does he think he is? I should fucking report him. That stupid fucking liberty taking asshole. As she drove on, her pain subsided but it was replaced by a tingling sensation.


Still angry, she pictured him kissing her, hard. His hand inside her blouse, manhandling her breasts. She saw his hand wandering down to her pussy. Forcing his fingers in her, pushing her back in the car seat. Holding her back, pulling her legs roughly apart. Shoving, forcing her pussy to submit to his rough long thick fingers.

Watching as he rammed his fingers in and out of her tight pussy. Her mouth was dry and she licked her lips. She took one hand off the wheel and moved it to her breast. On her bed, Nadia arched her back and screamed out his name as she came harder than she had ever cum before.

Her eyes rolled back in her head as she thought of seeing him at work tomorrow and her orgasm rolled over and through her. Her ecstasy slowly subsided and she stroked her pussy slowly, deliberately.

Thoughts of Alex, thoughts of pain filled her mind until Morpheus, that sweet God of Sleep took her into a deep and peaceful slumber.