Junge Sexpartys Dusche Sex und Schlafzimmer 3 Weg

Junge Sexpartys Dusche Sex und Schlafzimmer 3 Weg
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I knew it was wrong. I knew it was wrong. I knew it was wrong. On my wedding day, instead of having the usual wedding day jitters and all that bull, I had sex with another man. I knew it was wrong. My fiancé and I dated for over two years; I believe it was love at first sight. Jeremy had it all. He had the looks, the brains, the money, and the power. Jeremy was easy on the eyes, could put it down in bed, and throw money by the thousands in my direction on a regular basis.

He was the most incredible man I knew.that is -- until I met Damon. Damon was the polar opposite of Jeremy. While Jeremy worked at an established fortune 500 company, Damon was a powerful "hustla." In other words: he sold drugs. Weed, crack, meth, jiggs -- you name it, he sold it. On any given day, Damon would probably be wearing baggy designer jeans, a large t-shirt, expensive sneakers, and plenty of gold jewelry and diamonds.

Jeremy was thirty-five with a squeaky clean history, no kids, and always wore expensive Armani suits wherever he went. On the other hand, Jeremy was nineteen, had two children (he had the first one at fifteen and the second one at seventeen), was a convicted felon, and a highschool dropout.

Damon was exactly six feet tall. He had golden brown skin and long hair, which he usually kept braided in unique designs. Muscles bulged everywhere on his well-defined body. His stomach and chest was hard as a fuckin rock. His chest, back, and both of his arms were covered in tattoos; both of his ears were pierced, also. Damon could definitely be described as a 'pretty' boy if he didn't try to look so hard or rough. He had hazel eyes, adorable dimples, and flawless skin.

If anyone knew that I was with Damon, they'd think I was insane. There was something about him that I just couldn't resist. Every since I laid eyes on him, I was hooked like a crack addict after taking their first hit. Since I've given a quick summary of the two men in my life, I might as well tell you a little something about myself. My name is Sasha. I'm twenty-seven.

I work as a flight attendant for Jamaica Air® ; I absolutely love my job as a flight attendant. I'm a native of Jamaica but I moved to Miami a few years back.

My skin is the color of fine dark chocolate; I have long thick legs, a small sexy waist, curvaceous womanly hips, large bouncy tits, and a round ass that makes men look twice. Thanks to my father's genes, I have a beautiful pair of almond-shaped green eyes.

My cheekbones are high and model-like. I have thick luscious lips and a perfect smile. My voice is low, sexy, and heavily laced with an authentic Jamaican accent. Back to Damon! Before you can fully understand what happened on my wedding day, you must know more about our relationship. I met Damon about a year after Jeremy and I started dating seriously.

I remember the day I met him like it was yesterday. Damon was riding first class from Jamaica to Miami. The plane had just taken off and I was walking down the aisle checking on passengers. The first time I walked past Damon, I didn't even notice him. The second time I walked past him, I had to do a double-take. There was something about his thuggish look that caught my eye.

There was always a part of me that desired 'bad boys.' It turns out that he had noticed me, too. Honestly, I don't see how he couldn't have noticed me. My double hemmed uniform skirt showed off my long chocolate legs and the crisp white oxford shirt was unbuttoned to show off my ample chocolate cleavage. As I made my way down the past toward him, I switched my hips a little more than usual.

I love to tease men. "Ay, Miss!" he called out. "Ayo, Miss flight attendant!" he called out again. I flipped my long natural hair over my shoulder and turned my head. Without thinking, I quickly did an about-face and walked beside his aisle seat. There was no one else in the seat by the window. Our eyes locked for a few seconds, he licked his lips, and I smiled flirtatiously. The connection was crazy.


"The name is Sasha." rolled off my tongue. "Damn. I'm feelin the name.hell I'm feeling your body and your accent." "My name is Damon. Nice to meet you, Sasha." he crooned.

Damon's voice was rough, sexy, and very deep. I couldn't help but to smile wide. "Damon, I'm working.is there anything you need?" "Your number." he said without hesitation. I giggled flirtatiously like a little school girl, "I'm sorry to inform you, but I have a man." Telling him that I was in a committed relationship didn't stop him one bit. Damon and I flirted for about five minutes before I realized I had to attend to other passengers' needs as well as help prepare the in-flight dinner: microwaved plastic-tasting lasagne.

Damon asked me out to dinner the following night in Miami (such a coincidence he lived in Miami also) I accepted. It wouldn't be any harm for us to go to dinner and have a few drinks. Jeremy was going to be out of town and I needed something to do, so why not? I was very relieved once the plane landed in Miami. Damon and I exchanged numbers at the gate and went our separate ways. Bright and early the next morning, Damon called me up and we made plans for the evening.

We decided we would eat at a Japanese restaurant and visit one of Miami's hottest club, Pure Electricity. Since I hadn't been out on the town in a while, I decided I would go for an over-the-top kind of look. After taking an hour long bubble bath, I slathered my body with luxurious Shea butter lotion that I had picked up from Fredricks' of Hollywood.

Then I lightly spritzed my naked body with vanilla body spray. While standing in front of a wall mirror hanging on the back of my closet door, I admired my beautiful body.

My hands took on a mind of their own and moved slowly across my upper body. Goose bumps rose to the surface of my flawless chocolate skin. I cooed and snapped back into reality. After digging through my closet for thirty minutes or more, I found the perfect outfit: a black, form fitting, sheath-like, halter Baby Phat dress. The slanted hemline stopped at mid-thigh and went down past my knees. It hugged all of my curves and showed off my unique womanly physique.

I admired the halter as I tied it around my neck; the dress dipped low to show off my plentiful cleavage, but not too much. To compliment the dress, I wore a dozen small gold bangles on my left wrist, tasteful large golden hoop earrings, skinny black stiletto heels, and a gold ankle bracelet.

My reflection in the mirror pleased me beyond belief. I took the large rollers out of my hair and tousled it with my hands. The nice, large, gentle curls, covered my shoulders. Damon and I agreed to meet at the restaurant at eight, so I left my house a little before seven thirty to make it there right on time. Damon pulled up just as I was getting out of my car. I laughed slightly when I saw his ride. He promptly got out of his old school nineteen ninety something black Chevy Caprice that happened to be sitting on large chrome rims.

I'd guess them to be twenty-two's. He definitely was riding in a stereotypical "hustla's" or "dope boy's" ride. I quickly reverted my focus back to him. Damon wore a brown polo shirt, brown and tan plaid shorts that hung below his natural waist (which looked sexy as hell by the way), stark white Nikes, and a long gold herringbone chain. Diamond studs that sparkled like silver glitter brought attention to his ears and his fresh braids were very nice.

If I'm not mistaken, my pussy quivered slightly in the tiny red thong I was wearing underneath my dress. Damon looked scrumptious.

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FUCK! From that moment on, I was in total heated lust. How it happened, I don't know but it HAPPENED! Dinner was very nice. I instantly knew Damon was into illegal shit when he pulled out a big ass wad of cash, mostly twenty's and hundreds.

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But to be honest, that didn't throw water on the lust fire being built between my thighs. That night, Jeremy was not even a part of my life. Jeremy who? Instead of driving separate cars to the club, I hopped in the car with him before I knew it.

I stared at him out of the corner of my eye for the majority of the thirty minute ride. That motherfucka knew he was the shit!

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Just looking at him was making my juices flow like a faucet and the night had just begun. And to top it off, Damon had game out of this world. "I don't usually say shit like this to chicks but." he paused. "Damn, Sasha! When I say beautiful, I mean fuckin' beautiful." "Sexy, the whole fuckin' nine. You got me wantin' to make you my number one." "Number one? You've only known me for a little over a day." I laughed.

"And?" he looked at me out of the corner of his eye and smiled. "Keep your eyes on the road. We'll talk later." I suggested. Can you believe I didn't make it home until five am? What a fuckin experience. Damon paid my way into the club and treated me to numerous drinks, with his fake ID I must add. He was glued to me at the hip, but I definitely didn't mind. I downed at least three Walk Me Down's and a daiquiri or two. Don't even half way think I was the only one getting my drink on!

Damon had three shots of Patrone, a dacquiri, and a Corona. He wasn't nearly as fucked up as I was, but I still partied my ass off, ignoring my slight stomachache and dizziness. We danced and danced, and danced some more. I enjoyed myself beyond words. I hadn't experienced so much fun in a long time. Jeremy would never loosen up and even dance in public, or even private for that matter. Jeremy didn't even drink alcohol beyond wine or an occasional champagne.

It felt good to let loose and truly enjoy myself. The more alcohol Damon and I consumed, the freakier our dancing became. Even on the fast songs, we mostly did slow, sensual, x-rated grinding. I worked my legs, hips, and ass hard against his firm crotch. His obvious dick pressed hard against my ass and made me horny as hell.

Sweat glistened on both of our bodies and my muscles ached, but that didn't stop a damn thing. When the club was shut down a little after three, Damon drove us back to the restaurant so I could retrieve my car. We sat in the parking lot for an hour or so talking about a wide range of things. It was sitting in that parking lot talking that made me realize that I was in no way capable of driving myself home.

There was no way in hell I was going to take a chance at fucking up my brand new Infiniti G35 that Jeremy had bought. I decided I would come back the next day and retrieve my car. Damon and I rolled out of the parking lot sometime after four. He drove slightly erratically but it was okay at the time.

I knew I was close to falling into a drunken sleep. Before I got out of the car in front of my house, Damon promised to call me later that day before giving me a quick peck on the lips.

That short peck alone sent shockwaves through my drunken and tired body. I stumbled into the front door and dragged myself to the master bedroom. Without hesitation, I threw my purse into the corner and fell across the bed.

The next thing I knew, my cell phone was ringing at three in the afternoon. Boy did I sleep well! I was slightly disappointed to see that it was Jeremy not Damon but that feeling quickly went away once I heard his oh-so-familiar voice.


"Hey baby!" Jeremy beamed into the phone. "How are you honey bun?" he asked. "Wonderful." I said, trying not to sound sleepy. "You sound like you were sleep." "Yeah. I was just taking a quick nap."I lied. "Oh." "How's the trip to New York going?" "Great.

I've finished all of my meetings and everything." "For the next couple of days I plan on doing a little sight-seeing and shopping." he smiled into the phone. "I miss you so much baby!" I said excitedly. "I miss you, too." he perked. "Matter of fact, I miss you so much that I visited the diamond district today and picked you up a little something special." "And what's that?" I perked up a whole lot.

"It's a surprise." "You'll see in two days when I get home!" "Let me have a hint." I laughed. "No. No. No." "But I tell you what, I need to call you back because one of the partners is beeping the other line." "Okay, sweetie." "I love you." I sung into the phone.

"I love you, too, my little Jamaican queen." he cooed. I smiled while pressing the end button on my phone. I felt a slight amount of guilt about Damon. A hard knot formed in the pit of my stomach. Damon called me later that day and talked about getting together again that night but I declined and told him maybe later in the week. I needed to slow my roll with him before I ended up doing something I would regret.

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I had never cheated on Jeremy before, but Damon was a serious threat. I had already fallen in lust with him in just one date. -- Little did I know, that 'little something special' turned out to be an engagement ring. Two days after that phone conversation, Jeremy proposed to me.

I rolled over in the bed and opened my eyes to welcome the morning's sun; Jeremy was kneeling on my side of the bed on one knee with a black velvet ring box in hand and a huge smile on his face. My heart skipped a beat when he opened the lid to reveal a three-carat canary yellow diamond engagement ring.

Of course I accepted, and a little over nine months later was our wedding day. My bridesmaids and I were crammed into a hotel suite not far from the wedding hall. I sat on the plush white couch in the middle of the room with nothing on except for my special wedding day undergarments that consisted of: a Chinese silk and lace corset, a delicate matching thong, white hose, and a baby blue garter around my left thigh.

It was too early to put on the dress. My seven bridesmaids, all flown in from my home country, Jamaica, sat around me and talked about my big day. The high-end stylist that Jeremy had hired to do my hair and makeup was starting to style my hair.

I laughed and talked with the girls, but Damon refused to leave my mind. During the course of my engagement, Damon and I secretly met each other on an every-other-day basis. Our association quickly formed a full-fledged relationship. It seemed like I couldn't control myself. I was a totally different person around Damon. He was like a breath of fresh air something different from what I was used to. Even though I felt guilty as hell for cheating on Jeremy, I could never bring myself to break it off with Damon.

It puzzles me how Damon was so comfortable with me being practically a married woman. He always would say, "Obviously you're not satisfied if you keep running to me to fill those empty spaces that he [Jeremy] can't. It's not on you, it's his fault." There were quite a few times Damon tried to talk me out of being with Jeremy, but I just couldn't bring myself there. Exactly one week before my wedding day, I broke it off with Damon. With tears in my eyes, lumps in my throat, and a stabbing pain in my chest, I stared Damon in the eye and told him that we were done.

Over the course of six months, we had fallen hard for each other. Honestly, I believe I was falling in love with Damon. FUCK! It was three pm; the wedding was scheduled to start at six fifteen. The majority of my family from Jamaica had flown into Miami for my big day and everything. Instead of being an overjoyed bride awaiting matrimony, I was slightly sad.

Of course I didn't let it show, though. Our [the girls and I] conversation was abruptly interrupted by an extremely loud knock at the door. "Who is it?" my friend Santana yelled. "Don't worry about it. Tell Sasha to come to the door." I instantly recognized the rough voice behind the door. My heart fluttered before dropping into my stomach like a brick being thrown from the top of the Empire State Building. "Quit fuckin playing!" Santana yelled.

"Aint nobody playing. Tell her someone is here to see her!" Damon snapped, annoyed. I went into the suite's bedroom with tears welled up in my eyes and pulled on my red satin knee-length robe. Without a word, I went to the door and opened it just enough to slip out.

I looked back at the room filled with my bridesmaids and sternly told them not to ask questions. They stared back at me, puzzled as hell. I quickly slammed the door behind myself and faced Damon, my breath of fresh air.

He stood inches in front of me; he was so close, I could smell his fresh minty breath as he opened his mouth to speak. "I can't let you do this shit." he said with pain and severe anguish in his face.

"What are you doing here?" I ignored him. "How did you know where I was?" I protested. Damon raised his index finger to my lips and grabbed my trembling hand. He pulled me forward but I didn't budge. The second time he pulled my hand, my body seemed to disobey my mind. FUCK! Without another word, he lead me down the hall and to the elevator. I had no idea where he was taking me, but I didn't care at that point.

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Damon had me in a trance. I was like a little lost sheep and he was my Shepard leading me in the right direction. I couldn't bring myself to look back, but I know I heard the suite's door creek open as I walked away; I felt someone's eyes on my back. We stepped onto the elevator and he pressed the button for the tenth floor. When I tried to speak again, Damon lovingly but sternly said, "This isn't the time to speak.

We'll save that for later." I stared at our reflection in the mirrored elevator. Damon's lips were pursed tightly together and his eyebrows were furrowed. He was wearing a pair of black linen shorts and a white and black striped polo shirt. On his feet were black and white imported sneakers and around his neck was a long silver herringbone chain.

The thirty-second elevator ride seemed to last for an eternity plus some. Silence sliced through the air this really drove me crazy. When the double doors opened, Damon gripped my hand even tighter, like a father would do his straying little girl, and pulled me into the hallway. We briskly walked down one of the numerous corridors until abruptly stopping in front of room 1098.

Damon used his free hand to fish in his pocket for the door key. After unlocking the door he pulled me inside. "Damon, I can't be here!" I wailed with mixed feelings. I became annoyed when he didn't respond. I should have tried to leave, but I was under his spell. I stared him in the eye and weighed my options. Damon wrapped his strong muscular arms around my waist and pulled my body against his.

He breathed heavily in my ear and held me tightly. Unintentionally, I groaned low and relaxed into him.

I felt like I was at home in his arms. I stared up at him and locked my eyes with his. Silently, without hesitation, I put my arms around his neck and moved my lips closer to his. My mind failed me and caution was thrown to the wind. I could no longer help myself. There is no accurate way to explain it. I pressed my lips against his familiar lips. I exhaled deeply while Damon parted his lips and allowed me to explore his mouth with my hungry tongue. Within seconds of our tongues touching, the kiss became hot and heavy.

We explored each other's bodies with our hands while we moaned and groaned in unison. Damon pushed my back against the cold wood door and meshed his body with mine. Our heads twisted from side to side while our tongues lustfully wrestled together. Damon's hands gripped my firm ass cheeks through the robe while he ground his crotch into mine. His linen-covered dick pressed hard against my thick thigh, begging for my attention. I snaked my tongue across his lower lip and then I sucked lightly on it.

I moved one of my legs up an wrapped it around the back of his legs. Heat rose in the room; the air became thick. I put my right hand on the back of his head and pulled his lips closer to mine. We kissed for what seemed like an eternity. I tilted back my head and allowed Damon access to my succulent neck.

He darted out his tongue and ran it from one side to the other before stopping below my ear and gently licking. I cooed and gripped his muscular ass cheeks. Gently licking one of the numerous erogenous zones on my neck, Damon aroused me greatly. Soon, his gentle licking went to intense slow sucking. He moved from my neck to my ears starting at my earlobes and working his way up.

When he finished teasing both of my ears and tasting my chocolate, he grabbed my hips and picked me up. I wrapped my arms around his neck and took a deep breath.

He laid me down on the large king-sized bed and stood at the foot of it. I stared up at him while he removed his shirt to reveal his familiar damn-near perfectly chiseled body. My breathing became shallow as he got into bed and maneuvered himself on top of me. One last time, my mind tried to tell me to stop, but my body refused to listen. I admired his incredible muscles while he leaned down to give me a quick peck on the lips. The second-long kiss sent a tiny shockwave through my body.

After breaking the kiss, leaving me wanting more, Damon leaned up enough to open my robe and reveal what was underneath. He smiled wide when he saw the very expensive pure white lingerie. I stared him in the eye and bit my bottom lip. Honestly, I had nothing to say.

My mind was on pause. Damon used his fingertips to trace the outlines of the bra. From there, he moved down my stomach to the semi-transparent thongs. He stopped at the top hem of the thongs and moved down just enough to place a soft kiss where his finger had been. I moved my arms out of the robe and stared down at him while he kissed the tender skin around my pierced belly button. "Turn over." he whispered softly. I did just as he said and moved onto on my stomach.

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I turned my head to see his next move. Damon grabbed the robe and threw it onto the floor before getting out of bed and opening the night stand. I smiled slightly while he pulled out a small bottle of almond massage oil. Damon quickly got back into bed and hovered over my body. He stared down at my perfect ass cheeks and curved back. Without a word, he unclasped my bra and pulled the straps down my relaxed arms. I cooed when his hands made contact with my back; they were covered in the sweet smelling massage oil.

His hands kneaded my tense back muscles and worked out every single kink or knot. I moaned and twisted my head from side to side, making momentary eye contact with him from time to time.

My breathing changed from erratic to relaxed and more normal. For ten minutes or more, Damon worked my shoulders and back. Blood flowed like crazy to my pussy, making my clit harden and my pussy to become wet. I could feel my wetness seeping out of my pussy lips and into the crotch of my panties.

When Damon was satisfied with his massage, he instructed me to turn back over onto my back. My hard pencil eraser-like nipples stood erect and awaiting undivided attention. Damon instantly moved his hands up to my titties and cupped them gently. He massaged them lightly before moving his thumbs across my charcoal nipples and bumpy areola. I sucked in air and stared at him while he moved his lips closer to my sensitive hard nipples.

Damon had always done a wonderful job at sucking my titties, so I knew I was in for the ultimate treat. He parted his soft pink lips and enclosed them tightly around my thick sensitive nubs. His mouth was so warm and inviting. Simultaneously, he sucked my right tittie and teased the left one with his rough fingers. "Oooh." I managed to say, my back arched slightly off of the feathery mattress.

Damon snaked his tongue across the tiny bumps on my silver dollar-sized areola before going back to work sucking. He suckled as if he were a newborn fresh from the womb, awaiting its first meal. I cupped the back of his head and encouraged him to continue to please me with my mouth and lips.

Having my titties sucked was one of my sexual weaknesses. I squirmed slightly underneath Damon as he created immense pleasure with his tongue. Eventually, he moved from my right tittie to my left and went back to work. I softly kneaded the his back while he tightened his lips and sucked ever so gently.

After suckling my titties to my satisfaction, he tickled every inch of my large fatty breasts. From my titties, he moved down to the top hem of my thongs and hooked his hands in the sides of them. Before pulling them down, he locked his eyes with mine and caressed my hips with his rough palms.

My body shook slightly, but I quickly regained composure. I encouraged him to pull them down to expose my lovely aroused pussy. Slowly, precisely, and steadily, Damon pulled down my panties; he did it as if he were in no rush, which really turned me on.

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I lifted my hips off of the bed so he could slide them over my thighs. Past my knees, calves, and ankles, the delicate lace and silk tickled my baby-soft chocolate skin. Once he pulled them off my ankles, he nonchalantly threw them onto the floor. He moved his head up to my neck and began placing soft kisses on my neck, then my shoulders, chest, and stomach.

Stopping above my pussy, he parted my tightened thighs to expose my fleshy waxed pussy. My sweet smell filled the air. Damon smiled to himself briefly before positioning his head between my legs.

He inhaled deep over and over again the familiar smell of a fresh woman. My thighs opened like pages in a book. I invited him to have his way he could eat me into oblivion for all I cared at that moment.

Damon gently kissed and sucked my inner thighs before moving closer to my wet slit.

He used his finger to open my dark outer lips to reveal the bright pink flower inside. My pronounced clit was unignorable and my thick milky juices flowed out and oozed slowly down to the crack of my ass. Damon spread my wetness with his index finger before pushing it slowly into my pussy.

He maneuvered it in and out for a few moments before bringing his moist fingers to his lips. He sucked my sexual liquid off of his fingers while staring me in the eye.

I stared down at him while he thrust out his tongue. When it made contact with my engorged clitoris, my back arched and I moaned louder than I intended. Damon placed his left hand on my stomach and told me, "Relax." He said it so softly and sweet Damon had me hypnotized. He pressed his nose against my hot sexual skin and lapped at my clit. His tongue stroked my little bud swiftly and firmly.

I moaned and groaned. My left leg shook from time to time. I put my right hand on the back of his head and pushed him deeper into my sweet pussy. I used my fingertips to graze his fresh braids. Damon worked his fingers in and out of me at a moderate pace while he enclosed his lips around my hard clit. He sucked gently, causing me to grip the comforter underneath me, holding on for dear life. Damon looked up at me and enjoyed the expressions on my face as he created a virtual ecstacy between my thighs.

Suck. Lick. Suck. Lick. An idea came to mind. I told him to stop and lie down. He looked confused but I reassured him that I knew what I was doing. When he laid on his back. I hovered over the lower half of his body and wrestled with the buckle of his belt. While I undid his pants, I grazed his abs with my fingertips.

Once they were undone, I told him to lift his ass up while I forced them down. I pushed his boxers down with the pants until they were down at his ankles, which were hanging off the edge of the bed. I quickly untied his shoes, and threw them onto the floor before removing his pants. I wasted no time getting into the 69 position on top of him. I yearned to taste him. His hard dick stood tall in front of me, waiting for t.l.c.

and affection. Damon grabbed my hips and pulled my ass back so he could have access to my pussy. He went right back to work, licking, sucking, teasing, and pleasing my pussy. I eyed his large brown tool for a few moments before taking hold of it. Damon flinched a little when I began to stroke the entire shaft.

I started at the head and moved my fist down slowly until it met his matted kinky black pubic hair. I repeated myself for a few minutes, paying special attention to his circumcised head his dick was beautiful. I moved my lips closer to it and continued to masturbate him. Damon's tongue stopped moving on my clit for a few seconds while I opened my mouth and invited him in.

I closed my lips around three of his eight and a half inches and sucked lightly. My hands worked hard, the pace got faster. I used my tongue to tease and swirl around the head while bobbing my head up and down. Damon was close to pushing me over the climactic edge. I moaned onto his dick. My eyes clenched shut. Time seemed to stop. I bucked my hips slightly onto his face. My nerves felt like they were being sliced apart with a razor blade.

Fire erupted between my thighs. I cried out but it got caught in my throat. Damon sucked harder, refusing to let me come down from my sexual high. Once I was able to compose myself, I went right back to work sucking his dick. I never enjoyed giving oral sex until I met Damon. His dick, plus my mouth, equaled pleasure for both of us. I pushed over half into my mouth and sucked hard. I gagged a few times, but that didn't discourage me one bit. At one point, I had over two-thirds of him in my mouth.

Damon groaned underneath me and gripped my hips very tight. I was going to attempt to deep throat him but he pulled his dick out of my mouth before I had the opportunity. "Get on top." he commanded in a gruff voice. I moved out of the 69 position. My pussy was wet as hell and I ached to have him inside of me. I moved on top of him and stared him in the eye.

His dick pressed against my ass while I laid down on top of him. I felt his breath against my ear while I was moving my head down beside his. My face was buried in his neck, my titties were mashed against his chest, and our pelvis[s] were virtually glued together. Damon looked over my shoulders at my ass.

He held his dick with one fist while I lifted my ass up. I pushed my pussy lips down against the head of his dick and closed my eyes. Damon put his free hand on my ass to help guide me down. Time seemed to pause once more when his rock hard dick pushed aside the petals to my precious flower and entered me. He groaned as it opened up my tight wet walls and explored deep inside me.

I inhaled deeply and buried my face deeper in his neck. I gripped the comforter underneath us and pushed my ass down to allow him to fully penetrate me. Damon's dick touched my center. He was the only man to go that deep inside of me, to taste the full extent of my fruit, and to graze my center with his dick.

I shrieked and sucked in air. My breathing became more ragged and erratic. Damon rested both of his hands on my supple ass cheeks and palmed them gently. His hands seemed to sink into my ass like they would do on one of those Tempurpedic Memory Foam mattresses. I moved my hips slowly, raising them and then moving back down. We made sexual noises and cries in unison while our bodies moved together in a slow sensual rhythm.

Damon nibbled the top of my ear while his dick moved in and out of my wetness. My hard nipples penetrated his chest and my pussy tightened around his dick. The bed squeaked slightly underneath us, but we didn't hear it one bit. Damon and I were on our own planet, nothing outside could touch us. Our loud breathing and spontaneous moans filled the air.

We slowly worked up to a nice moderate pace. My mind was totally at ease. Damon massaged my ass and lower back while he worked his dick into me thrusting in and out. He pushed his dick deep into me before pulling it almost all the way out the slow teasing was driving me wild.

My moans became louder and came from deep within. I was in ecstacy. Beads of sweat traveled down the side of Damon's face. He was receiving just as much pleasure as I was. "I want you on top," I whispered in his ear a few minutes later.

Silently, I moved off of Damon and laid on my back. He reached back and picked up a few pillows. He propped them up under my ass, making a slight incline. I waited impatiently for him to get back inside of me. Moments later, he got on top of me and teased my sides with his hands.

He relaxed and lowered himself before pushing his dick back into my wetness. My pussy seemed to pull him in.

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Damon leaned down and placed soft sporadic bites on my neck. While stroking my pussy with his wonderful dick, he began to kiss my lips. The kiss was brief yet satisfying. Damon kissed my cheeks and my forehead. His dick plunged deeper inside of me, making me cry out his name and push my hips up to meet his strokes.

Eventually, his strokes became long and slow pulling all of himself out before pushing slowly back inside of me. My eyelids fluttered like African butterflies and I gritted my teeth from time to time. Slow and intense fucking. Long, deep strokes. One inch. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Pull all the way out. I loved it. Minutes later, I was on the verge of having a second orgasm. I scratched his back and locked my ankles together around his thighs.

I took one long breath. My heart beat rapidly. Damon stared me in the eye; he knew I was about to cumm. My pussy contracted numerous times while I experience a wild orgasm. One small tear slid from my eye. I cooed and shivered, moaned, and screamed. Seconds later, I experienced another orgasm. It was less intense and shorter, but just as satisfying. Damon's strokes became quicker and more fast-paced. I was on cloud nine.

Damon leaned down and kissed me I moaned into his mouth. Once I had got back a little strength, Damon pulled out of me and told me to lay on my side.

He positioned himself behind me in the spooning position. With one hand, he held his dick; With the other, he pushed my right leg high into the air. Quickly, he buried his dick inside of me every single bit of his eight and a half inches.

I rubbed my clit with one hand and rolled one of my nipples between my fingers. Damon worked his dick like a pro. This time, he stroked my pussy with quick, short strokes. I loved it no matter how he did it. In no time, he was fucking the hell out of me. My juices covered his entire dick, my inner thighs, and just about everything in between. Our sex was in the air. I was still under his spell. I was his prisoner, and I had no intentions of trying to escape the hold he had on me.

I turned my head back and gave him a quick kiss while he explored my most precious possession. Minutes felt like hours. Damon let out a manly moan. His dick continued to slice through me. Without a word, not even a little moan or groan, Damon pushed his dick all the way into me and enjoyed an earthshattering and heart stopping climax. His seed squirted deep inside me while muscles spasms and indescribable ecstacy took over his body. Millions of little sperm were on a manhunt for my precious eggs as soon as they were released from his body.

I wouldn't have known he was cumming if his hands weren't shaking so badly. Damon sighed in relief and closed his eyes. He held his dick inside of me until it was totally flaccid. And even then, he didn't pull it out; it came out on its own. I closed my eyes and lived in the moment. Thirty minutes later, I woke up from a light sleep. Damon sat in a chair beside the bed, staring at me. "You can't do it." he said calmly.

I couldn't think I felt like my mind was gone. How could I have done such a thing? I knew I was wrong. I knew I was wrong. I knew I was wrong. The clock read 5:15. While I lay in the bed that Damon had made sweet love to me in, my bridesmaids were running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

My mother sat inside the church crying her eyes out and my so-called husband to be was a nervous wreck. Damon and I stared at each other for almost an hour in silence. What had I done? "I love you." Damon whispered, barely audible. I looked at him in disbelief. Damon had never said he loved me.

He told me early in our relationship that he would never love any woman except his mother. I gasped unintentionally. "I love you, too." I weakly smiled. 6:15 came and went. 6:45 came and went. I knew it was wrong. I knew it was wrong. I knew it was wrong.