Small tits lesbian ass spanking

Small tits lesbian ass spanking
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Gigi Unleashed- After the Poolside BBQ Last weekend, my husband and I went to my first orgy. I had thought that it would just be a "clothing optional" party, but things sort of went a little further.

To make a long story short, the weekend before the party I asked my husband, Jerry to let a long-time dream of mine be fulfilled and he agreed on the conditions that I become a total slut and exhibitionist. Since what I wanted was to have a baby out of wedlock and by so many guys that we would have no chance of tracking down the bio-dad, I agreed. Jerry had shared me with several of his friends in our first year of marriage so I knew he didn't mind me fucking around.

I had been quietly fucking a guy or three per week since we moved in to these apartments in the early spring, and especially since he insisted on me going topless every weekend, so this was just going all out on sex.

But man was it all out. Starting this weekend, to satisfy Jerry, I had to go nude to the pool. After last weekend's fuck-fest, I was more than happy to do this. In fact, I actually wanted to do this. Last weekend I asked him to tie my top to the antennae while I was fucking everything with three legs to show him how badly I wanted my "Mystery Baby". We had made a bet that if my top blew off on the way home, I wouldn't wear a top to the pool on the weekend ever again and that after I got to the pool, I would lose my bottom at least as much as I had been losing my top the past couple of weekends.

Two weekends ago, I had finally given up on modesty, nothing bad was happening as Jerry forced me to go topless and I sort of enjoyed it. So I began letting my top get lost in the pool for most of the day till the kids showed up in the afternoon. Then I would more and more belatedly "notice" it lost and walk around the pool looking for it, as if I actually wasn't fully aware of where it had fallen off.

Finally, I would dive in and somehow always manage to come up in front of a few guys to put it back on… after I stood up, flung my hair out of the way, etc. It blew off. I happily agreed go topless to the pool every weekend and to lose my bottoms quickly. Actually, I planned on not even getting my bottoms out of their drawer, till after we went home for lunch and our lunchtime fuck.

I also agreed to wear skimpy, sexy, easily removed clothing anytime I went out. I wouldn't stop anyone from feeling me up, especially if Jerry could see. I could see how much fun I had been having as he forced me out of my comfort zone, so I agreed to encourage them and if they went further than I wanted, I wouldn't stop them immediately.

I would simply say, "That's far enough" or "Do that for awhile, but no further", and allow them to continue for a little while. Maybe what I objected to was pulling my top up at all in the mall. Actually, squeezing my tits in the mall was out of my comfort zone, but I had already told several guys to do just that. So then, before I could stop them from going further than squeezing me and pulling my top up to squeeze them better, they were kissing my tits.

I agreed that I would let them continue kissing my tits, since they had gotten that far, but I wouldn't let them go any farther. If I had been quicker, I could have stopped them at just pulling up my top, but if I let them get past that, then they were past.

Of course, as Jerry pointed out, if what they were doing got me ready for more, I could always encourage them to go further or redirect them by pulling their hand to my crotch or something.

Also, if one of my holes wasn't covered, I would let anyone enter any of them. I guess that means I'll be giving a lot of blowjobs. I'll have to be nude a lot to avoid them, hmmm, not a bad choice.

I mean bj's are ok, but a good hard cock in my pussy or butt is far better. For his part, he would try to get as many guys to fuck me as he could. It was a deal made in heaven. Anyway, I was waiting for him outside and nude, but Jerry asked me to put my new string bottoms on. Last night we bought a tie-on, thong bikini so that I would have a top and could go to the pool during the week. The management did nothing on the weekends, but they had kicked a couple of girls out for going nude during the week, during office hours.

Jerry pointed out that the management's note had not said anything about thongs or even topless, it only mentioned that no one would swim nude or they would be evicted. I hoped they would be understanding about a thong, but I wasn't sure.

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I mean it was an extremely sheer-when-wet, closer to invisible-when-wet, white suit that went well with my dark hair and light tan. Even when it was dry, I could see my nipples and pubic hair as dark spots. When I tried it in the tub, it just went invisible, except for the strings. I'll wear it Monday. While I have never seen restriction about sheer suits, this place may restrict thongs. Well, it would be fun while it lasted if I had to get a full bottom bikini.

I wonder if they have the same thing, just as sheer, but in a full-cut bottom. So now Jerry wanted me to wear my thong. He wanted to have something to untie. He loved it when I lost my top without being able to control when it would fall off. We lived about a half mile from the pool; this was a BIG apartment complex. Two weeks ago, we had started taking nightly walks in my old black, Brazilian-cut bikini.

He would untie me as we stepped out of the door, both top and bottom. We discovered that my top would drop off when we were a third to halfway there and the bottom would stay on much longer. At night, Jerry would carry it after my suit fell off. After a few nights, I stopped wearing a thing. We just walked around and talked to whoever we met, or would go swim and fuck in the pool, or somewhere else.

For the last two weekends, when we went to the pool for our day of sunbathing and showing the world my tits, I had insisted on him untying me as we stepped out the door and I would leave my top wherever it fell so that I would arrive topless at the pool.

In the afternoon, when I did wear a top, he even began tying my top without the first part of the knot. This meant that the strings would fall apart as soon as it was untied.

It didn't stay tied very well that way, unless it was wet, but it was a great knot for the afternoon, since it would come loose on its own with absolutely no warning. One second I was dressed, the next, I was topless. A month and half ago, I was mad at him for making me drop my top, it made me feel violated, now I loved it.

I still felt a little violated, but it is a delicious violation. This morning, we were going to the pool at 8 AM to meet some of my new fuck-buddies who were meeting us there earlier than their normal 10-11 AM appearance to rub me down on front and fuck me before everyone showed up.

Also, they were to get a stranger to fuck me and rub my back down when I turned over. I was so looking forward to this that I had no intention of showing up in more than my birthday suit.

If Jerry wanted me to be an exhibitionist to get my wish, I would be a super exhibitionist. He would have no excuses except to be happy with me. I stopped at the door, waiting for him to untie the bottom that didn't cover anything anyway. As he untied the left side, I not only untied the other side, I pulled the strings loose. I wasn't about to let it not fall off till I got to the pool and it wasn't heavy enough to fall off on its own.

After last weekend, I was finally ready to give up the delicious violation and go nude on my own. "A little anxious to lose it this morning, I see." "Why do you think I kept waking you up to fuck me last night, Sweetheart?" "I don't know, why?" I threw my thong at him. He laughed as he dodged and it landed in the grass. He left it there and took my hand as we walked to the pool. I waved at a couple of guys who honked as they drove and ogled past us.

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I still blushed from my head to my toes as they ogled me nude. This was going to be fun, more of that delicious violation, since I had given control over what happened to me to Jerry and others. I had told my fuck buddies to spread the word that I wanted to be felt up by anyone who wanted to, so I was wondering what might happen.

The thought of total strangers taking liberties with me, and my decision to allow them to do anything that they wanted to do, had my pussy on fire. I deterred Jerry to go to the entrance of the apartments and look at the flowers.

It put us near the main road, which wouldn't be busy this early in the morning, but at least some early risers would see me walking around in only my birthday suit. After all, this was to be a day given over wholly to sex. I leaned over to smell the flowers a couple of times to give Jerry a good view of my sopping wet pussy.

He did just as he should and ran his fingers along the length of her, and then stuck them in. I smiled and stood up after a minute. A rush of about only about ten to fifteen cars drove past. Only a few of them really saw me. I moved to the side of the apartment sign facing Sherwood Forest Boulevard and stood half-facing the road while asking Jerry something. I waited for one more red light of cars to go by.

That got me a hard braking truck with a madly grinning guy, just the reaction I wanted. I waved at him and all the other cars behind him. After that, we walked slowly to the pool with Jerry's arm around me, squeezing my butt.

Jim, Tim, and Alan were at the pool as we got there. I walked over to give them a hug and to be felt up as I had, at Jerry's insistence, invited them to do last Sunday. Tim's hand felt good as it curled around my butt while I leaned over to kiss him gently. He deepened the kiss and I felt a cock enter my pussy. "Ahhh," I realized whose cock it was by how thick it was. It felt divine entering me unexpectedly like that.

I pulled away from Tim's mouth and said, "Alan, my you're a horny one this morning." Tim quickly moved from my mouth to a tit. The sensations from my pussy to tit drove me to groan. "AHHHHHH, don't stop, either of you. Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" Alan's thick sausage pounded away in me. "Uhhhh, uhhhhhnnn!" It didn't take long before he filled me with his hot, creamy man-juice.

"Sorry, Gigi. I was awake half the night dreaming of fucking you this morning." "Oh, that's all right. Had a bad case of the blue balls, huh." He laughed, "Don't you just know it girl." "Well, Alan, I can't have that. All of you, whenever you're here at the apartments and you're horny, come fill me. Cum should definitely go inside a girl, not in your shorts or on your sheets.

Is it a deal? Try to reach me to fuck me whenever you need relief?" I squeezed Alan's cock to pump it back to erection while I heard, "Sure thing. Sound's great!" "Good, I just hate the thought of all that wasted cum. Nothing feels better than cum exploding inside me after a good hard fuck." I turned around to suck Alan's cock which was rising from half-mast, sticking my ass in Tim's face.

He didn't lick it, like I had hoped, but he did stick in a couple of fingers. "Tim, I'd love to feel that long, thin dong of yours up my butt.

Would you start fucking me and after you're good and lubricated, move into her. I'm going to suck poor, 'blue balls' Alan off. Have to make sure his cock gets good and satisfied, now don't I? Jim, would you lay down so I can mount you?

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I know you love tits, so you work mine over while Tim gives my butt a real workout, OK?" He answered me with a kiss before I sat on him to get in position for Tim to fuck me some and then move into my butt that only lost her virginity last weekend. I leaned over to clean off Alan's sticky, shrunken cock. Jim's hands and mouth worked my tits over good. I bobbed up and down on Alan's cock and back and forth a little as Tim first stuck that long eight inches of his slowly into my pussy and slowly, slowly pulled it out again.

He teased me like that for several more long, slow strokes while my pussy clutched his cock. Alan was back up almost immediately "Damn, you're tight, girl." Tim said. "You like how I'm squeezing you?" "Damn straight, keep it up and I'll join Alan in cumming fast." I slackened up and he fucked me for a few more minutes while he stuck first one, then another finger into my butthole and finger-fucked her.

Alan was hard and I licked his pole clean of every bit of his cum before I moved down to lick his balls. Jim alternated between squeezing my sensitive nipples and squeezing each tit in his big hands. Finally, Tim pulled out and Jim moved in smoothly, but I squished. Jim is almost as wide as Alan and a good seven inches. He lightly pumped a few times, but stopped after Tim laid his cock to my butthole and began pushing. I opened up as much as I could and suddenly, the tip was in! It hurt, but only a little.

Jerry was fucking me there at least once, most days now. And he always finger-fucked both my pussy and asshole together since last weekend when my virgin asshole was well and thoroughly fucked, first by Jerry and then by a couple of other guys.

"OHHHHHH! Slow and easy, please Tim." "I know. You haven't been fucked here as much as your pussy, at least not yet. Give me a couple of weeks and we'll have you opened up right, now won't we." "I hope so." I turned around and smiled at him. It turned me on no end to see him mounted above me, slowly pushing his way to my belly button. Back and forth, back and forth. It was great! "Guys, start your engines. A good triple play and I'll have a grand slam." "Our pleasure." Jim said as he pumped hard, but kept right on sucking my tits.

Tim began his slow, ever so slow fucking of my butt. I could feel their two cocks rubbing almost against each other with only a little bit of me between them. I came hard, "UHHHH, UHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHNNN!!!!" As the waves of orgasmic pleasure rolled over me, I was lost to everything butt these two wonderful guys filling me. As I came down, I noticed Alan's cock in my face. He'd pulled it out while I was in Nirvana. I quickly swallowed the tip and sucked hard.

I tried to work a rhythm where I sucked hard on Alan and then on the Jim and Tim down below with my pussy and butt as they stroked in unison with Tim's hands on my butt controlling the rhythm. A nice waist and big butt (34C-24-34 and 4'11") are a big plus for letting a guy control the rhythm. We kept this up for a good half hour.

I halfway noticed a couple of regulars coming in. That just made me hotter. I may have squeezed a little harder or something when I heard a lounge chair scraping on the concrete, because right away, Tim said, "I'm cumming." While he was filling me with his wonderful cream, Jim began spurting away inside my suddenly spasming pussy as I came hard and kept on cumming while their wonderful jism kept filling me spurt after glorious spurt.

Then Alan filled my mouth to overflowing with his wonderful, wonderful cum. I couldn't swallow in the midst of my orgasm, so it overflowed before he pulled out and came all over my face and hair.

After I came back from heaven, I lay down with Jim and Tim still shrinking inside me. I swallowed the cum in my mouth before I wiped most of it from my face and licked my fingers clean. Then I swept the rest into my hair and half sat up into Tim.

He dismounted and I pumped Jim who was still at half-mast for another minute before I stood up and stretched. I've always guys reactions when I arch in a nice stretch. This time was no different. Of course, it forced some cum to fall out onto my inner thigh. I wiped it up with my hand and swallowed it, then stuck my hand in my nice, full pussy for several more tastes before I said, "That was great, guys.

Thanks. Alan, I've never had someone cum on my face like that. I kind of liked it. Tell you what, when I go lie down to sunbathe and one of you comes over to fuck me and rub suntan lotion in me, let's play a game. I'll keep my eyes closed till whoever it is enters me. Don't say a word, but rub me down or fuck me as you see fit. After you enter me, I'll guess who you are by your cock. If I guess right, you cum in my pussy or butt. If I guess wrong, you cum somewhere else. I hope you'll wait till a least a spurt or two is inside me first, but after that, if I guess wrong, cum all over me, in my face, on my tits, wherever you want to.

Deal?" "Sound's good to me," Jim said. "Now, since you all are so different, I'll guess you right unless we get some more guys to play. Since its going to become a habit to fuck all morning every weekend here, tell the guys you have come fuck me when I roll over the same thing.

That means that I'll get covered at least once today and tomorrow. And after everyone has fucked me and is in the game, it'll be a real challenge, guessing who is in me by the feel of his cock alone." "OK, deal." Alan said. "Well, I'll feel one of you fill me in a little while; I'm going for a few laps." I swam a lap underwater and when I came up, I saw one of the guy regulars come out of the bathroom and look at me strangely and then hungrily.

He dived in and swam over to me. He immediately began fondling my tits and kissing both my lips and them. This was more like it! I pulled one of his hands to my pussy and his fingers did the rest. One tit getting squeezed, the other getting sucked, and several fingers in my hot, hot pussy; I came almost immediately. He just kept working me over. I loved it! I didn't even know his name and he was finger-fucking me to another building orgasm. "Sweetie, would you mind if I lay on the edge and let you finger-fuck me harder with all you can fit in?" "If it'll make you realize how much I want you to keep coming here topless or now, nude, I'll do anything you want." "What a sweet thing to say.

Tell you what, mmmmmm, don't stop that, I'm near to cumming again, but after you finger-fuck me up on the edge, I wouldn't mind if you satisfied yourself however, and I do mean however you want with me.

Anything goes." "Deal." I got up on the edge and pulled my knees to my ears while he got all four fingers inside me. He couldn't get his fist, I'm too tiny. I'm only 4'11", but he sure tried. He worked my pussy hard and it wasn't long before my pussy rewarded his efforts. I came hard as I held his hand inside me. He wasn't finished with me yet.

As soon as I stopped groaning, he set his tongue to her and licked. He stuck it between the labia on one side and then the other before he took a long, slow, deep lick inside my gushing pussy.

My legs wrapped themselves around his head as I started on the short trip to another mind-blowing orgasm. After I came back to my senses, I demanded, "Get up here now and stick your dick inside me.

I've got to have cock in me, now!" He was good and obedient. He jumped out, twisted me to the side and on my side and entered my throbbing, pulsating pussy in almost one stroke. Then he fucked me good and proper. After a short while, he leaned over and started kissing my tits. He was thick enough to start rubbing me a little raw, but I was so horny, I barely noticed. He changed my position several times, until he ended up with me on my back, classic missionary. As I felt him about to explode, I tightened my legs where they had wrapped around his waist in his fast, hard fucking of me.

I wasn't about to let him cum anywhere but where cum belongs. As his jism filled me, each hot spurt, soothed my aching pussy. He pumped his load deep inside me and lay on top, not pulling out. "That was wonderful. What's your name, Sweetie?" "Danny." "Well, Danny, anytime you want to do something like that again, please do. Just like you did it too, no talking, you just felt me up and had your way with me.

If I'm already nude that is. Otherwise, just feel me up and we'll go from there. I love the feelings that go through me when I feel hands on me, unexpectedly." "Aren't you married?" "Yup, that's my husband over there, enjoying the show." "Oh, he doesn't mind, then?" "Mind? That's funny! No, he doesn't mind, he insists I fuck anyone who wants me." "Oh, well, in that case, I'll be happy to oblige." I kissed him and swam one more lap.

I was anxious to get rubbed down and to see which of my friends would fuck me this morning. Man, this day was going great!


I was so mellow, but I was ready for so much more cock. When I got out this time, I noticed that the pool was about half-full. Well, everyone here has seen me nude a few times now and I was only getting a few looks. The girls were all at least topless now. Three of them were wearing as little as I was. Two of the nude ones were with their beaux. For the first time in my life, I was a leader. Hey, maybe they would start fucking as well.

That would be nice. I laid my towel out beside Jerry. I wanted him to get the front row seat. I kissed him. His hand slipped up to cup a breast. "You look like you're really having a good time. Are you less sore than you were last weekend after a few fucks?" "I was fine till the finger-fucking, but Danny's cum soothed that some.

I'll be fine. I have only a couple of more fucks planned, but I don't know, something Danny said makes me think something's going on." "Hmm, wonder what?" I poked his ribs. "I don't know yet, but I bet you do." He pulled me down to kiss me and said, "Have a good time, Darling.

You have company. No don't look. I heard what you told the guys about your game. Just lay down and enjoy." I moved over to the towel and rubbed my face down and handed the lotion to whoever took it from me. I lay down and spread my legs. He began kissing my inner thighs and moving all around my pussy with his tongue. He kissed my pubic hair and moved on up to my belly button and tongued her.

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I was going crazy with wanting him to lick HER! I felt a finger do swirls around my nipples, but not touch them. I pulled his hand down, but he resisted me. He grabbed my hands in one of his and held them over my head. My pussy was running so hard, I could feel juices dripping to my asshole.

He kissed my neck, chin, and jaw. I could feel his cock touching my pussy. "Oh, please just enter me!" I begged. He moved away and kissed my tits properly, nibbling and kissing first one then the other.

Then he moved back up so his cock was just touching my again. I bucked trying to get at least the head in. I whined. I begged. I whimpered. Finally, as he was kissing around my neck and jaw, he just slipped in. Alan! It was Alan! No wonder he was so horny. At least he was finally in me. He fucked me slowly for seven to ten strokes, then he fucked fast and furious, then he slowed down again.

I was back in heaven. I came hard and he fucked me so hard while I was cumming that I thought it would never end. My nerves were on fire. I think I screamed, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh! Just fuck me!" "Thank you Alan," I said after we were back to just fucking. I could feel the tears running down my cheeks, it had been that intense.

"So you guessed right. Ok, now we're rolling over so you can be on top. We'll let everyone see you beautiful body sway as you ride me. Put your hands in your hair and stretch. You look so great when you do that." We fucked like that for awhile, my hands up in my hair and his hands on my waist, guiding me or pulling me down to nibble on me all over my upper body, not just my tits, though he definitely didn't ignore them.

For a little while I pulled off and rubbed just the tips of my tits across his chest and down to his cock and inner thighs and sucked him clean and then back up to his eager teeth and tongue before I remounted him. Then I insisted that he finish me up doggy-style and hard. I must have had at least four mind-blowing orgasms before he finally filled my pussy. Then he rubbed me down, paying attention to every part of my body. The way he rubbed me down from my shoulders to my toes left me wanting more, but so relaxed it was hard to stay awake.

I pulled him back down for another kiss before he left me to sunbathe. I fell asleep almost immediately. What woke me up was another guy, squeezing my tits. At last the guys were getting the idea. I was not only nude last Sunday morning before the orgy, I fucked Tim, Jim, and Jerry, but I sure didn't have all the other guys doing this.

This was great! I lay back and kept my eyes shut while whoever it was kissed my tits and worked his way down to my cum-filled pussy. He surprised me by eating me out good and proper. After that, he spread my legs and entered me. His cock average and a little thin. After he had fucked me for ten or fifteen minutes, I said, "I love what you're doing and don't stop, but would you mind, fucking my butt? She's only been fucked twice since early this morning." "Sure, Sweetheart.

Anything you want. Are you feeling more appreciated than you were?" "Oh, yes, definitely. I just wish I could figure out why it's only this weekend that you guys figured out that this is what I've been wanting." He didn't answer, he just lay over and kissed me long and deeply while his hands rubbed my tits and his cock kept my pussy happy.

Then he turned me over and entered my backdoor with more ease than Jerry or Tim had had and made my ass very, very happy. My ass and I decided we liked this guy and the way his warm cum filled my bowels before it cooled off. I got his name before he moved off. I asked Jerry what time it was. It was only 10, wow. I had planned on stopping the fucking in early afternoon, but that was still a long time off.

I realized that Sean may not have been the guy sent over by Alan to do me after I rolled over, since he woke me up while I was tanning my front, so I lay on my belly with my legs spread.

Sure enough, pretty soon someone sat down between them and entered my pussy. He was a monster, but I had so much cum, both mine and the guys' who had been filling me all morning that he entered with only a little trouble.

My God, he's bigger than my big dildo! "Who are you? You're enormous!" "Yep, just call me Big John. And I guess that qualifies for guessing wrong, so I'm going to cum in your mouth and then all over your tits and face when I cum." "Good. I can't wait. Well, actually I can. I want to wait while you give me a good long fuck with that monster, Big John.

And remember to squirt at least once, inside me before you cover me on the outside, ok?" "Gotcha." He had stroked me slowly while we talked, so I had loosened up and he gave me as good as I wanted and then some. Everyone must have been getting tired of hearing me as I came and came, but I couldn't help it. I felt him building to his climax, so I wrapped my legs around him.

I wanted at least one good shot in me before he pulled out. I felt him shoot his seed onto the back of my womb, deeper than anything had ever been before. It felt good, like a new high (or deep?). Then I released my legs as he pulled out, as if I could have stopped him. He pulled my face up and shot a little inside my open mouth. He wasn't a good aimer, more like a shotgun or maybe a machinegun, the way he kept on cunning and cumming and cumming.

John wasn't the best tasting guy, but he sure covered me in rope after rope of jism. He just kept cumming till my face, tits, and most of my hair were covered. I wondered if semen did hair any good, so I rubbed it into my hair and lay down to tan my back after thanking Big John profusely. "Big John, would you do me a favor?" "For you, anything." "Well, I'm planning to do this every weekend, coming to the pool nude and fucking everything in sight." "Really?

That's good. I've enjoyed seeing you topless, especially since the other girls are going topless now too." "Well, you're so big, would you mind waiting till someone else, someone smaller than you has already cum inside me?" "Oh course, Darlin'. You're a tasty morsel, but you are a tiny one." "Oh, good. Don't wait too long though. I'll be wanting to feel that big thing inside me at least once every Saturday and Sunday.

Twice would be better. And next time, you won't waste all that wonderful cum on the outside, you'll fill my pussy with it, but good, won't you?" "My pleasure." I squeezed his hardening cock. "You remember now, you're always welcome to come inside, the door's always open if I'm nude, but waiting for sloppy seconds will help me from being split in two. Maybe next month, you can try me first, but let's wait.

I hope I can stretch that far. I'd like to invite you over for midweek fucks too. So at least twice a day every weekend. Doctor's orders." He liked the idea so much, he fucked me again right then.

This time he slipped right in. I was still stretched from the previous fucking he gave me.


When I caught Jerry's attention, since this time John had rolled me over on my back so he could play with my titties more easily, he gave me a big shit-eating grin and two thumbs up. This guy's hands were so big they just swallowed my tits or wherever else he grabbed. Hmmm, I thought. "Jerry, can you believe how big this guy is?" "I can believe that, I just can't believe, you fit him inside you." "Me either." "Well, enjoy the ride, Sweet Pea." "I will, oh, I will." I closed my eyes for a while Big John ran that thing all the way to my belly button and out again.

I figured I would reward Jerry and, incidentally, Big John with one of Jerry's favorite things. "Big John." "Yes?" "Would you do me another favor?" "Of course." "I couldn't help noticing how big your hands are." "You like the way they feel on your tits?" "Oh yeah!

I like the way they feel on my butt and waist too. I like them so much that what I want you to do is to squeeze me, firmly, and not shyly at all, anytime you see me. If your hands aren't cold, like they might be this fall, I want them under my clothes anywhere you see me, at the movies, at the mall, wherever.

Especially if I'm with my husband. Let him see you work me over whenever you see me." "You ok with that, man?" "Very, seeing her felt up is actually better for me than seeing her fucked. The fucking is for her happiness and I don't mind. The getting felt up is for me." "OK, consider it done." Shortly after that, he filled to overflowing with, it seemed like, gallons of cum. I didn't scoop it out and eat it, because, frankly, it didn't taste as good as some guy's cum.

But I did let it just stay in me while I turned over so that he could rub down my back. I felt very naughty as I felt it leaking out onto the towel. I was quickly back asleep. After that, I was a bit sore, so I swam for a while. Two or three while I was swimming, guys felt me up and then fucked me in the pool.

They kept complimenting my tits and how good I looked in the nude. I had noticed each of them coming out of the bathroom just before they came over to me. I decided I would have to see what was in that guy's bathroom soon. Oh, well it would wait. Another guy just came out and saw me. He's making a beeline for me. What's this? Five or six, maybe seven guys who have fucked me right after coming out of that bathroom?

At this rate, every single guy here will have fucked me soon. Hey, I see a couple of guy's talking to Sally and her beaux. What's his name, Eddie or something? She's one of the girls who were topless the first day I came here in April and she's been nude most of the time since April when Jerry first threw my top over the fence and my bottom in the pool while he was teaching me that I had to go topless here.

He absolutely insisted on it. That's been over two months and she won't let her Eddie out of her sight. She's glaring at me and waving him over. Oh, wait, now they're talking to Sally's friend, Alicia, and her beaux. I forget his name. Now he's coming over as well, while both girls are getting up. Alicia has been topless and then nude as long as Sally. I've got to see what's going on and I guess both these guys fuck me.

Well, at least I'll have three guys in me at once. Even if Sally and maybe, Alicia are mad at me. It's a fair price if the other guys see how much I enjoy two or three inside at once. It'll give them naughty ideas, the naughtier, the better. I better get out now, so it's easier and so everyone can see how hard I cum.

Oh, goodie! I saw the tent in Eddie's suit, so I walked towards him. Just as I thought, he grabbed my tits and kneaded them like bread doe. The other guy moved behind me and I felt a cock pushing on my butt almost immediately. Good.

I spread my legs and sure enough, he popped right in. For my part, I dropped his suit after I finally got it off of his boner. I kissed it all the way to half way down and swallowed it while the other guy was butt-fucking me.

"Now play with my tits, ok, Eddie. It is Eddie, isn't it?" "Uh huh." "Can we move this over to the diving board? I want to try something new. And there's a third guy coming this way too. He's also invited." I pointed my finger at the guy from the bathroom and waved in a 'come hither" move and took the two I was with by the hands and led them over.

I stood on diving board and let Paul and Eddie enter my butt and pussy and asked the other guy stand on the board. I swallowed his cock and we had a merry old time in this upright foursome. It must have been a sight for the third guy, because he filled me after a quarter hour or so with a nice load. I got a good mouthful and pulled him out to spray my face and hair. I didn't want him to accidentally hit the other two guys, I wasn't sure how they'd react.

I was also afraid, they might come quickly, but they just kept pumping away. A minute or so later I said, "This is fun, maybe I'm not an Oreo, since I'm not the one with the cream, so I must be a pussy sandwich." We all laughed together as they brought me to another climax, while they filled me with their cream.

"Hey, now I've got cream. I'm an Oreo!" The name stuck, I've been Oreo to a lot of the people at the pool ever since. I walked to the guy's bathroom, noticing that Sally and Alicia hadn't just let their men go fuck me.

They were having a junior orgy with Jim, Tim, and Alan. Well, that's good. They'll definitely not have anything to complain about and maybe Eddie and Paul can fuck me regularly too. I walked into the bathroom.

There was one kid about fourteen to fifteen pissing. I quickly saw why everyone was fucking me. My lipstick was below the mirror where Jerry had filled almost the entire mirror by writing: "My wife, Gigi, is the short girl who has been topless for most of the past two months.

She's mad. This morning, she said, "No one has felt me up or done more than pat my butt, since I started going topless. After today, it's over unless every single guy at the pool before one o'clock at least squeezes my tits. If they don't make me feel appreciated, I won't let them see me at all. Today, I'll go nude to see if that shakes something loose, but don't expect me to be topless tomorrow if I'm not shown they appreciate seeing all of me!

I don't want talk, talk is cheap. I want hands and tongues and cocks inside me!" Guys, help! Feel her up, and most of all, FILL her up. Every single guy here. She wants me to tell her when it's 1 PM.

She'll look around at 1 PM and if ANYONE has not felt her up, she'll punish everyone by not going topless again. If you really want her to feel better, then fuck her too.

Jerry, her husband" That sweet guy, I thought. No wonder everyone has been squeezing me and telling me how nice my tits and bare body look. I think everyone one of them fucked me too. I saw the boy finish pissing and walk up behind me. He was taller than me and was obviously turned on by how I was dressed, or rather wasn't. He reached hesitantly for first my butt, which he barely squeezed and then for my tits.

I smiled at him in the mirror and guided both his hands to my tits and held them there. "Is this what you wanted to do?" "Uh huh," he said. At least his voice had deepened. He was also much taller than me. I had seen him around the pool, but I couldn't quite remember who his mother was. He was definitely getting into the swing of squeezing me though. He had moved from general squeezing to pinching my nipples. They responded nicely for him, expanding to almost ¾ of an inch in their excitement.

I left him to his explorations for a moment and asked, "Does your mother know you're here?" His hands stopped for a moment and almost pulled away, but I smiled and gently squeezed them tighter to my tits. "Don't stop, just answer me." "Uh well, she knows I'm at the pool.

She said she'd bring my little sister in a while, but if I wanted to go look at the girls now, then to come on." "So she doesn't mind that I've been topless the past few weeks." "Mind? No, she's been going topless too." "Oh, that one!" I said. "Yeah, that's Mom. Had me when she was 14." "And you are?" "13." I was shocked and almost stopped him myself.

Well, his mother doesn't mind him seeing us and she began having sex herself when she 13 or maybe earlier. "What a coincidence. That's how old when I lost my virginity." I turned around and squeezed his rock hard sausage. "You don't think she'd say anything if I showed you the way around and inside a woman's body, do you?" "N, no.

I don't think so. I've never fucked any one before." "Ready to begin?" "Uh, sure." I looked down at his suit, the tip was wet. I hoped it was only pre-cum, not his first load. I pulled it down and saw that it was just pre-cum, not the full load. I took it in my mouth and had barely began sucking when he shot his load. I held it in my mouth and let it overflow a little. Then I opened my mouth just enough for him to see his first load shot inside a girl before I swallowed it.

"That was tasty, thank you. I hate to see cum wasted in a guy's suit. Remember that if you see me nude. I absolutely to see cum go anywhere but inside, or maybe on a girl." I licked my lips for the little that had escaped and wiped some off my tit and licked my finger clean to finish off that load.

The insides of my thighs and pussy were covered by the cum that kept leaking out from when I had just become an Oreo, but that had been happening all day. He was just staring at me, slack-jawed. "You just ate my cum," he almost stammered.

"Yes, I did. Like I said, it tasted good, thank you." "You're awesome. Can I fuck you?" He was already hard again he had moved closer to me.

His cock was sticking my belly button. "Of course, silly. But my cunt is down here." I jumped up onto the counter and he moved in again. This time, I grabbed his cock and slid him inside me and then reached around to grab his waist. "Now get a good rhythm, like this and vary it from time to time. Let's do slow right now. That's right, slide him all the way out till you can see the tip and then slowly… slower! Back in again. Do this for six to seven times, then go fast as you want." After several cycles of this, I was getting ready to cum, so I knew he had to be ready.

"Now pull out and we'll do something else." "But I want to cum." "You will, believe me, you will. But the longer you wait, the better it'll feel for both of us.

Also, you'll have more jism to fill the girl with. I love having jism fill me, the more the merrier. You do want me happy, don't you." It was funny the way his eyes bulged out when he thought he had offended me.

"No, I mean yes, Mrs. Gigi. I sure want to make you happy." "First of all, I'm only a few years older than you, stop it with the Mrs. Gigi business. I'm Gigi. Oh, what's your name?" "Donny." "Good, now, Donny, to give your cock a rest, I need you to lick my cunt.

You know how I gave you a blow job when you were about to cum?" "Uh huh, I liked that." "Well, girls need more lubrication to really get going. If I hadn't already been fucked and had my pussy filled with cum, you might not have gotten inside me without tearing me. That doesn't feel good. You wouldn't want to tear a girl, would you? I mean, you seem like such a nice boy." "That could hurt you? I sure wouldn't want to hurt you, or other girls either," he added quickly.

"Good, then this is how you muff-dive…" Sometime later, he had a far amount of experience and couldn't get it up anymore. I had drained him dry. He came quickly, but he kept getting it up almost right away. I left him with a shit-eating grin. I walked outside and saw more late teens and adults in the pool. I walked determinedly towards Jerry on the far side. When I got close to Jim, Tim, and Alan, who were sitting close to the entrance and bathrooms, they hauled me aside by a thigh and set me down on Jim's lap.

He immediately felt me up. I stretched to kiss him and slid off his knee. He slid his hand inside my cunt while we kissed a little more deeply. I spread my legs without thinking, and his fingers were pumping away.

I relaxed into his finger-fucking. He was just being friendly, after all. "Thanks, guys, but I haven't fucked Jerry since before we left this morning. Don't you think I ought to go correct that?" Jim's fingers pulled out right away, "Oh Jeez! Absolutely, poor guy has been seeing you get banged all morning, he must be horny as hell.

When you're ready and want another triple-fuck, we'll be waiting." I held Jim's fingers to my pussy again, where they entered again for a fast "flirt". "I'll do that," I said as I kissed all three quickly, making sure their hands were on or in me somewhere for a few seconds, teasing me, while I teased their hard cocks. I locked my gaze on Jerry and put my best effort into swaying my hips as I walked determinedly over to him.

He put his book down and watched me saunter over with this big grin on his face. "Enjoying yourself," he asked. I ignored him and pulled the book out of his hands and dropped it to the side.

I pulled his suit down and off. I started at his toes and moved just the tips of my nipples over his body, staying for a while around his cock and balls. That always drives him crazy. I worked my way up to his chest. He pulled my butt down to enter me. I rubbed my clit over his cock and said, "Not right now., but hold it there, just hold it still." I was going to drive him crazy with teasing before I let him fuck me. I wanted to reward him.

I alternated between rubbed just the tip of my clit over his cock and my nipples over his face. When his tongue touched them I let it, but I kept him from really clamping down. I backed onto his cock in one swoop and off again, teasing him, teasing him. He held it steady. I teased his mouth with each nipple and impaled my butt on his pole. He grabbed my butt and stroked.

I tried to pull off, but couldn't, he's way too strong. "Uh uh," I said. He released me and I pulled off. He was playing my game with me, cool. I moved my cunt from one to the other hole, teasing him. I didn't let him enter me after sliding him all the way inside me once in each hole.

O pulo ainda pulsa na minha pica

I just teased him with my nipples only and my cunt and asshole touching his raging hard-on before moving on. Finally, I began sliding over just the head of his cock. I did this three times, going a little further each time, before I slammed his cock to the hilt into my butt. "Fuck me, you wonderful, naughty boy. I saw what you wrote in the bathroom.

So fuck me, fuck me hard." He proceeded to do just that. As his cum was cooling in my butt, I said, "I love you." Then I kissed him for a while with him still inside me. When I felt him begin to harden again, I moved my cunt onto his pole and fucked him again.

After he filled her, I sucked him off for a final explosion in my mouth. "Ready for lunch?" he asked. "No, I just want to lay back. I'm exhausted and sore, but I'll just lay here and take a nap." "Ok, I'm too hungry, sorry, but I'll hurry back." When I felt another guy enter me while I was asleep, I kissed him while he pumped away and said, "Not now, sweetie.

I'm too sore. Maybe, tomorrow. Otherwise, anytime I'm nude, you'd be fine." "I didn't get you upset, did I?" I laughed. "Upset, not at all. You're perfect. You just entered me, which is exactly what I want here at the pool. If I'm nude, just have your way with me, squeeze me, fuck me, even butt-fuck me; it's all fine, except when the little kids get here later in the afternoon.

It's just that I really am too sore." He had never really stopped fucking me, though he slowed down while we were talking. He must have been close, because he came now, soothing my aching pussy. "Ahhh, that feels good," I said, while wrapping my legs around him as spurt after soothing spurt filled me.

I wanted to show him how much I really wanted his cum inside me, that it really was just how used I had been all day. "Thank you, sweetie. If you want to let me know how much you want me nude because of what my husband wrote in bathroom, just use your tongue on me, anywhere you want, just use your tongue and hands. I may fall asleep again, but if I can go to sleep with hands and tongues on me, it doesn't mean you're boring, I'm just that tired and fucked out.

OK?" "Ok. No more fucking, just hands and tongues." "Right, and spread the word for me that, for today only, no more fucking, but anything else is fine, even a finger or two. In fact, a gentle finger or two in me might be just the trick. Would you do that? Please.

Ahhh, that's it. Oh, tell them that if I'm asleep to leave me a hickie. I want to know how many people I pleased today and I can't keep up if I'm asleep." When I woke up, Jerry was beside me and I was being gently fingered while someone was giving one of my tits a hickie. I stretched… and quickly pulled the hand back to my pussy before I finished stretching.

I opened my eyes and smiled at the guy, who looked like he might be one of Donny's friends. He was playing with me and in me and while I continued to hold his hand inside me, I turned to Jerry and said, "Thank you, Love.

Today has been wonderful. This is the way I want to spend every weekend." I looked around to see how many people were at the pool. It was crowded with the whole late afternoon gang of morning people still there and the more relaxed mothers and their little ones. The more uptight mothers left the pool alone on the weekends. Very few had ever been there, since some girls had been topless we first started coming here in April. Still, it was too late to have more sex, I would just leave it at feeling me up.

No one had stopped that, in fact, no one was even looking. I saw Donny's mother, she was nude today. Most of the girls were nude now. Eddie was eating out Sally. It had already become blasé. Good. Later, I counted and there were five hickies on my tits and inner thighs.