Sex mit seiner oma

Sex mit seiner oma
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Several weeks later, circumstances prompted another change that led us down a different path. At that particular time, Cindy had decided to take the baby to Oklahoma to spend several weeks with her folks.

I normally would have traveled with her, but the boss said that I needed to be available at the firm for some serious negotiations with a major vendor. Anyway, I assumed that our swinging would take a break. As it turned out that was not the case. Bobby and Ellen had planned on going to Atlanta at the same time so they suggested that they drive Cindy and Megan to the Atlanta airport.


She would then have a direct flight from there to Tulsa, thus saving her the difficulties in changing planes with a baby and all the necessary baby-gear. The plan was that they would drive to Atlanta, get a motel near Hartsfield, and then help Cindy get her flight out the following morning.

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That first night of the trip Cindy called me to say that they had gotten to the motel and they were preparing to go out for dinner. The next time I heard from her was a rather cryptic call from her folks' place in Tulsa. "Well, we had a very 'unusual' trip to Atlanta," she said. "Oh really? What happened?" I queried. "I can't tell you now, but we had some unplanned games.

At least unplanned by me. I'll tell you the whole story when I get home." When the Thompsons returned from their trip, I initially got a got a call at work from Ellen suggesting that I come over that following Friday night to end the week and have dinner with her and Bobby.

"Who knows … we might even have a little extra fun … but, then, you boys wouldn't try to take advantage of me when I'm the only girl, would you?" she giggled. That following Friday I first stopped by my house for a quick shower and change of clothes. When I got to the Thompson's home the sun was setting and the dinner was almost done.

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Ellen, not surprisingly, was an excellent cook and had prepared a wonderful pasta meal. Of course, we had drinks and an exceptional wine to accompany the meal.

As we sat around the table savoring another glass of wine, Ellen said, "Well, we had an interesting trip to Atlanta." "So I heard," I responded. "I understand that you had the opportunity to play some games, right?" She just giggled and Bobby had a huge grin across his face.

"I think I'll slip into something more comfortable," Ellen said as she left the table. As soon as she left the room Bobby turned to me and said "Yeah, we had a little extracurricular fun with Cindy.

I'll let her tell you about that, but we didn't want to leave you out. Are you ready for some fun?" "Oh yeah," I responded. "You and Ellen have obviously planned this all this out." "Sure," chuckled Bobby.

"It was all Ellen's idea. She wanted to be the center of attention for two men. Does that sort of thing sound appealing to you?" I just smiled and took another sip from my glass; I had never participated in a threesome before.

This was certainly going to be an interesting night.


A short time later we heard Ellen calling us to come into their bedroom. When we entered the room I saw that she had indeed slipped into "something more comfortable:" their king-sized bed. "Why don't you boys get rid of all those unnecessary clothes and join me. This is comfortable," Ellen purred, "but I'm awfully lonely." It didn't take us very long to shed our clothes and join her. I crawled into the bed on her right while Bobby took the opposite side.

We quickly curled up next to her as she wrapped her arms around each of us. Bobby and I started the action as we reached out to touch Ellen's breasts, first gently massaging them and then softly pinching and squeezing her nipples. I brought my lips and tongue to one nipple, licking and sucking it while Bobby did the same with the other.

"Oooohhhh," she murmured, enjoying the attention. We both continued to lick and suck her delicious tits, running our tongues all over the soft skin.

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Aroused, she crushed our mouths to her nipples and we responded by vigorously sucking them. After a few moments Ellen brought her husband's face up to kiss him passionately as I continued to avidly lick and suckle her breast. Bobby took the opportunity and slipped his hand down to caress her pussy, playing with her clitoris while he continued to kiss her. I heard her moan and felt her move as she opened her legs to give him better access.

"Oh, Bobby! That feels so good!" Her hands slipped from being around us and came to rest, gripping both of our dicks. She slowly started stroking them as she took pleasure in my mouth caressing her breast and Bobby's fingers probing her pussy. Ellen's efforts increased in intensity and she began purposefully jerking us off as she felt Bobby's finger sliding in and out of her wet slit.

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In a matter of moments she started bucking and humping her pelvis against his hand, obviously very aroused by our caresses. Pulling harshly on my dick Ellen turned her head and whispered, "Hank, let me suck you. I need to suck your cock!" I crawled up into a crouch and knelt beside her face as she eagerly sucked my dick into her mouth.


Bobby moved down the bed, lowered his head and began enthusiastically licking her pussy, his eyes focused on his cocksucking wife. His ministrations had further increased her excitement and her body was constantly writhing as she moaned around the stiff dick that filled her mouth. "Mmmmmmfffffff!" Her moans excited me, as well, as I looked down and watched her lips work on my cock. By now I had reached such a state of excitement that I didn't want her to just suck my dick; I wanted to fuck her mouth.

I grabbed the sides of her head and held her firmly while I fucked, knowing that I was approaching my own climax. "Aaaahhhh! Oh shit! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" I groaned and started cumming in her mouth. I squirted shot after shot of my sticky cum as she eagerly swallowed my entire load. By now Ellen was in a frenzied state. Once she had drained me, she shrieked, "Hank, I want you to fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" She wriggled around and got on all fours and asked me to get behind her while Bobby scrambled to position himself in front of her.

Even though I'd just climaxed, my dick was still hard enough and easily slipped in her sodden pussy. I could see Bobby's cock throbbing as he grabbed his wife's face and guided her mouth over his swollen shaft. "Suck it, Ellen. Suck it!" he shouted. She greedily started sucking her husband's cock while I began to thrust mine in and out of her hot pussy. I started with a slow rhythm at first, then gradually built momentum and intensity while she eagerly sucked Bobby's dick.

She rapidly bobbed her head up and down on his shaft as I increased the tempo of pumping my dick in and out of her. At that point Ellen must have felt Bobby's dick tighten, preparing to cum. She stopped sucking him and used her hand to jerk him off. "Ooohhhhh! Shoot, Bobby!" she squealed, I want you to cum in my mouth!" That sent him over the edge and as he started cumming, he took hold of her head and thrust himself roughly forward, ramming his dick down her throat.

Ellen briefly gagged on his dick and squirting cum, but she rapidly recovered and swallowed his whole load. Bobby flopped to the side, exhausted by his efforts and needing a brief rest. I kept pounding away pumping his wife's pussy and soon she was moaning again, her eyes closed in sheer ecstasy.

Bobby watched in delight as my frenzied fucking caused Ellen to experience yet another climax. All too soon I was cumming along with her and experienced my second orgasm of the night. I squirted my milky load inside her, flooding her already soggy pussy. Exhausted, I pulled out and collapsed back on the bed, watching as Ellen crumpled forward on her elbows, breathing heavily.

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Her pussy drained as her juices and my cum flowed down her thighs. She didn't get much of a chance to rest before Bobby was rejuvenated and ready for action again. He quickly flipped her over on her back and rested her legs on his shoulders, opening her sopping wet pussy.

He forcefully thrust forward and easily entered her. Once Bobby had buried his cock in her, he started vigorously pumping and fucking her as her pelvis thrust back against his assault. Soon the two of them were fucking in a frantic rhythm as Ellen screamed in sensual delight. I was masturbating, enjoying watching my friend fuck his wife.

It look quite a while, but when I was able to get my dick half hard again I shoved it inside Ellen's mouth. "Suck my cock, Ellen! I want you to suck me dry, you cocksucking bitch! Do you like having two dicks in you at the same time?

Do you like Bobby fucking you while you suck my dick?" I shouted. she didn't respond, only continuing to suck my cock, murmuring in ecstasy. "Oh yeah," I thought to myself, "Bobby's prim and proper schoolteacher wife was getting the fucking of her life from two men and enjoying every minute of the experience." We continued our activity throughout the night, intermixing periods of recuperative sleep with frantic fucking and sucking.

Yet another barrier had been broken.