Nice Dick For Petite Teen Momoko

Nice Dick For Petite Teen Momoko
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At first I was hesitant at sharing my lover with another man. However, after listening to you tell me how much you wanted two men at once and your reaction I soon weakened, especially after researching some FMM websites.

Part of the deal was that the other man had to be much younger than us and very well hung. If I was going to watch my lover fuck another man, a huge cock would be a visual turn on for me as well as her. I tell him to sit down opposite us and watch. I start tongue kissing you and you respond. I stand you up and tell him to undress you and then undress me. He has to remain fully clothed and sit and watch as I lick you all over.

I stand you right in front of him and kneel down and lick your pussy while you fondle my erection. "Do you like what you are seeing?" I ask him, getting a real and surprising buzz by turning on another man watching what I am doing to Sarah. He obviously does as he teases his obvious bulging erection under his clothes.

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"Get undressed and show Sarah why we picked you to join us," I mutter as I continue to lick Sarah. By now Sarah had two hands behind my head urging my tongue deeper into her clit. In the mirror I can see Sarah ogling his huge cock hanging out of his black crotchless g-string. I tell Sarah and her man to sit opposite each other.

I kneel in front of Sarah with her legs over my shoulders with my hands cupping her bum and manipulating her. I love licking Sarah to orgasm and the way she reacts as she orgasms and I am determined to make this occasion very special. I can sense Sarah watching her new man slowly tease his huge cock - and her prize - as he watches me lick her to orgasm.

"Come and sit along side Sarah so she can play with your big cock," I tell him. She has small hands, so I doubt she will be able to get her hand around it.

I can sense one of Sarah's hands stroking his huge shaft while she has the other hand behind my head urging my tongue into her pussy.

It is a huge turn on.


"After I bring Sarah to orgasm six times, she is your plaything. Tell both of us what you would like to do with her. I want to watch everything though. And I am going to masturbate while I watch." "Or Sarah can tell us what she wants you do to her.

She is an exciting and magnificent lover. You are a very lucky boy." He is obviously very turned on and I can hear him counting, "One, wow that really was something She really enjoyed that." "Two." "Three." "Four.

They are getting better." "Five," and I can sense the urgency in his trembling voice as I lift Sarah's bum higher and slow the pace of my licking to tease both of them and make them wait. I can sense and feel the sexual tension and expectation from both of them now. Ever so slowly I tease Sarah to number six. I am very much enjoying being in control of two horny people and setting the pace and making them wait to enjoy each other.

"You have waited a long time for this baby," I whisper.

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"Another man is going to give you your long-time fantasy. You can suck his huge cock as soon as you have orgasm number six. But I am going to keep licking you while you show both of us how very, very good you are." "Six, magic number. I want you right now. Suck me, suck me, suck me. I am absolutely rock hard for you," he moaned. And I watched mesmerised as Sarah sucked in her brilliant, unique trademark style as I kept licking her by now very wet cunt lips.

"You are very good at sucking my huge cock. The very best. Your technique is incredible. I can feel that right down to my toes." If there is a bigger, more exciting turn on than licking your exotic, uninhibited very excited French lover to orgasm while she sucks a huge cock and keeps on orgasming and lives out her fantasy (and mine) I didn't know what it was right then.

Though I soon found out, as I watched him roll Sarah over onto her back and watched fascinated as he effortlessly eased his roaring erection into Sarah. I had promised (or threatened both of them) that I was going masturbate while they fucked, though at this stage neither of them had any interest in me. Sarah had her legs wrapped around him as he started a rhythm and tried to ease his throbbing 8.5 inch cock all the way into her. "I am to yours to please and be pleased," Sarah muttered.

"Rodney wants to see all of your huge cock in me.

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All of it. Up to your balls. Watching your lover have her brains fucked out by a much younger man with a huge cock and enjoying her pleasure while masturbating with rock hard nipples is really something. After that encounter our inhibitions were lowered and the excitement of threesomes left us wanting more.

Sarah is lying on our couch, with her head on my lap, freshly showered in her black silk dressing gown. "I have invited Adam around at 7.30 for a drink," I tell Sarah. You have yet to meet him. His wife is away. I met him and his wife at a social event in our gated compound. His wife told me Adam had an accident a while ago and can't get it up any more.

The same accident affected his tongue though. His tongue is now the size of some mens small penis. Because of the accident we are now both very much into outer-sex.

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Adam is very good at it. And that tongue of his really is something!" "Adam picked up the conversation and came over and joined in. I am very proud of what I can do to her with my tongue. And she really does like it." Right on 7.30 Adam knocked on the door.

"Come in and lock the door behind you." After the introductions and small talk, I told Adam that I had mentioned his tongue skills to Sarah, as I simultaneously opened Sarah's dressing gown. "I love your trimmed pussy. Does Rodney shave you?" "Was I invited here to use my tongue on you?" "Of course. The rules are I watch and call the shots. Lots of commentary from you though. It will turn us both on," I responded as I started teasing Sarah's already erect nipples.

In a flash Adam was on his knees parting Sarah's legs. "I am going to lick your belly button. First from the outside. Then from the inside." He slowly licked Sarah's belly button with his extended wet tongue and even more slowly licked his way down to Sarah's cunt lips. "When I do this to my wife she sets a time frame. She usually expects at least 30 minutes. And no orgasm for at least ten minutes, then as many as she wants." By then I could really appreciate the size of his tongue and his technique as he flicked Sarah's clit with his extended tongue and then alternated by licking and covering her clit and vagina with what looked like at least 3 inches of very moist tongue.

I took note of the time on the wall clock as I watched and felt Sarah's excitement. "How often does Rodney fuck you? More licking. "Is he a good fuck?

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More licking. "How big is he? More licking. "Is his tongue as good as mine? More licking. "Is he better at licking you than me?" "So far he is about the same," Sarah lied, wanting him to take up the challenge. "I love a challenge. How long before 10 minutes are up Rodney?" "Two minutes to go." Adam then put his hands under Sarah's gorgeous bum and propped her up on his elbows. "I can tell you are enjoying this. "I want to give you the absolute very best tongue fuck you have ever had.

"Is Rodney enjoying watching?" "Absolutely. Watching you please Sarah is making me rock hard. "Hold back baby. Not yet. One minute to go," I whispered as I teased her rock-hard nipples. "My wife would enjoy watching this. If there is a next time can she watch?" Adam asked. "Ten minutes baby. Let yourself go. Enjoy the moment. I am so turned on.


Dig your fingernails into her bum Adam, she likes that." As Sarah orgasmed Adam did not let up. Fucking Sarah with his tongue in these erotic circumstances, had really turned him on. "I am not going to stop fucking you with my tongue until you give me the ultimate compliment. By now Sarah has her legs over his shoulders "Tell me this is the best tongue fuck you have ever had?" "I will when you convince me.

You have a way to go yet," Sarah teased. And teased and teased as Adam redoubled his efforts. "Thirty minutes are up. You have been tongue fucking Sarah for thirty minutes continuously.

She has loved every minute, so have I. My erection is painful. I lost count of her orgasms. "Tell us and show us both she is the best tongue fuck you have ever had?

Give her one last incredible orgasm to finish off." "Would you like that baby? I would. Very much." "Sarah is the best tongue fuck I have ever had. She is very receptive, I love the way she orgasms with her whole body." "Really turn him on, tell him he is the best tongue fuck you have ever had. "Was he?" "I am to please and be pleased. And I am very pleased. "Now put you cock ring on and I will please you and get rid of your painful erection.

And Adam can watch. "I will show you both how good I am at pleasing my man while I suck his cock. Especially with another man watching. That will turn me on even more.

"Love your cock ring. "Makes your cock look even better. And harder and more sensitive," she said as I climaxed.