Boy jerks staring at sex girlfriend homemade

Boy jerks staring at sex girlfriend homemade
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It was singles night at the local night club and like every other 20something single or not I was there. I wasn't trying to find a girlfriend, merely a conquest, a girl to have my way with and leave. Boy did I find one. I wouldn't say I was a jack the lad, I wasn't on the football team or the rugby team, hell I wasn't even sporty, I just had good genetics.

I was tall and broad, with a full beard and short brown hair, and money, it always helped to buy a girl a drink no matter what you looked like.


So there I was, standing at the bar surveying the scene, beer in hand, bobbing my head as the bass boomed. That's when I was her, in the middle of the dance floor showing off for all the guys and girls. I could tell Everyone wanted her, her supple body, the way it flexed and moved to the beat. She had the body of a god, slim and athletic with the barest hint of breasts which her nipples made up for, standing proud for all to see in the tight top she wore. Her long slender legs that seem to go on for miles, and an ass that was perfect, capped in a deep red skirt.

She kept her hair in a ponytail so the guys would have an unobstructed view as she licked her lips and fluttered her eyes.

I watched as she ground every guy, daring them to take her, to do what they want but they didn'tshe giggle as they awkwardly tried to hide their erections.she started towards the bar and I positioned myself to intercept as her. "That was a bit mean of you" I said, putting my mouth to her ear so she can hear me, The smell of her sweat and perfume was intoxicating.

"Thanks" she laughed "men always think they know what they want, tills it's dancing provocatively in front of them" "Women too" I replied pointing with my bottle at a middle aged woman, her eyes locked on the stranger, desire in her eyes. "Yeah them too, so you gunna buy me a drink?" Her forwardness didn't throw me.

It was what I was expecting. She looked like a girl who knew what she wanted. "What's in it for me?" I moved my head back to look her in the eyes. Our eyes met and she grabbed my cock through my jeans, gently massaging it to life. "How's this for starters?" She shouted, her mouths coy grin. "That'll do" I replied putting my hand between her legs, gently rubbing her through her skirt. She bit her lip and took my beer, downing it in one swift motion.

"That'll do" she mimicked. Her hand never left my cock, now cradling its full length. I carried on rubbing between her legs, slowly, becoming more and more forceful, her eyes closed and she began to breath quicker and heavier.

I took the initiative and kissed her hard. Her mouth opened for my tongue, moving with hers our tongues danced and twisted. She moaned into my mouth as I moved my hand from her skirt to her bare thigh. She moved her mouth to my ear braking the kiss. "Take me" she whispered. I took her by the hand and led her to the toilets.

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Every guy I saw winked or congratulated me, everyone knew what we were going to do but I didn't care and I didn't care what she thought, the girl wanted to be taken and used and by god I would. We went into the gents, a couple guys turned as we entered.

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The girl giggling at the stunned guys, dick in hand, staring. "Hey boys" her tone was seductive and she was her smile. I ignored the men and she pulled her into the stall. I pushed her against one wall. Locked the door and turned to the girl. She was leaning against the wall, legs and arms spread eagle. I fell to her, our lips locked together, I held her against the stall wall with my chest, one arm between us on her thigh, I broke the kiss and looked at her in the eyes as I moved my hand up her inner thigh.

I was glad but not surprised to find she wore no panties, my hand made contact with her puffy, wet, hairless lips. She smiled as my finger parted her lips and entered the warm confines of her pussy.

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She gasped as I entered her and began slowly fingering her, she kissed me fiercely, locking her hands around my neck, pulling me tightly to her. I began working my finger faster and faster, in and out. Her hips bucked as my thumb brushed her clit, she moaned into my mouth and pushed herself against my hand. I moved my finger from her and sucked on it, savouring her taste, her eyes never left mine, her mouth pouted for me to put it back in.

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I gladly obliged. I pushed her back against the wall. I pulled her skirt up and with one hand and began to play with her clit, circling it with my finger, she gasped and moaned every time I passed close, teasing her. I slid my finger back in, her knees buckled as I inserted another finger, slowly pumping them in and out of her, her juices ran down my hand and her legs, her scent was intoxicating.


She began to moan and grind against my hand as I increased my speed. She moaned louder and louder, I used my free hand to cover her mouth, muffling the moan, her eyes were alive with passion as she came hard.


Her knees buckled and she almost fell if it wasn't for my hand. Her eyes never left mine as she came down, breathing hard. She pulled my hand from her and and licked the two fingers clean.

"Now you" she said, she spun me round, planting my back against the stall wall. Her hand quickly found my member, still hard from her earlier teasing.

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She deftly undid the buttons and zip. She lowered to her knees as she pulled my jeans and boxers down, freeing my raging hard-on. She eyed it greedy, licking her lips as she gasped at all 6 inches. One hand cupped my balls as she kissed the head. She kissed her way to the base and began to lick and suck on each ball individually, her hand moved between my legs and gently massaged my asshole.

I was in heaven as she moved back to the head and quickly engulfed the sensitive tip, her tongue swirling round. She began deftly bobbing her head, taking more and more in till she took it all, her nose pressed into my pubes.

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She held it there, I could feel her throat constricting, massaging the sensitive,bulbous head. "Oh god" I moaned "fuck you're good". Her finger had gone from gently massaging my anus to sliding inside, I had never felt anything like it. I could feel myself getting close. My breath coming in ragged pants. With one hand I grabbed a hand full of her hair and pulled her off my cock. She moaned and tried to pull back but stopped when she saw my other hand.

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I grabbed my member and began furiously wanking. I was going to leave her with a memento, that was for sure. She knelt in front of me, her eyes never leaving mine, her mouth open, waiting, after a few seconds, and some deft finger play in my arse I came.

Stream after stream of hot thick cum erupted from my cock, it covered her face, her neck and her chest. The cum bright white against her dark top. "Oh fuck" I groan as I emptied my balls. Her finger still in my arse. She opened one eye, one that wasn't welded shut with cum, she slowly took her finger from my arse and sucked on it while her other hand gathered up my cum from her face. She looked me in the eye as she sucked two fingers, one from my arse and one covered in cum.

"Thanks" she Uttered, her voice low and sultry. She licked the sensitive head of my cock clean. She stayed kneeling on the floor, one hand casually rubbing her swollen pussy, her other hand was at her mouth, sucking on the finger from my arse. She had a faraway look in her eyes, she stiffened and her hand moved faster and faster, I guess she had another orgasm as I watched her. She looked at me and winked as she licked her hand clean. I took a pen from my pocket and scribbled my number on her forearm.

"Call me" was all I said as I left her there, cum covered and smiling.