Gay XXX He was a little uncertain to do it at first but after that

Gay XXX He was a little uncertain to do it at first  but after that
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Angelika - Like an angel Truda - Fighting woman Varick - Protecting Ruler Harman - Man of the army Alan had just gotten to his feet when he felt the intrusion and impending fight outside his door. Growling he appeared next to Harman who had a wicked smile on his face that became even bigger when saw that Alan had joined the party. They were all tense awaiting the advancing enemy, suddenly Alan's eyes went large, and then they narrowed when he saw the weapons that the advancing men were sporting.

Harman saw this and motioned for Varick. "What are you seeing Alan?" Varick asked. "Hell of a lot of weapons specially designed for us well you, as you were. Now they might be an annoyance enough to piss most of you off to the point that you'd completely destroy all of them. Let me take care of them." Alan made a small motion and they were all inside the apartment, then he sent out a wave that effectively knocked most of those approaching out.

The remaining few came around the corner firing their weapons, "oh shit!" Alan yelled as he disappeared appearing behind the few still moving. Alan looked close seeing that they had a make shift type of mental shield around them.

Pointing at each, their packs fell off then Alan had all of the remaining boosted ones as Varick had called them unconscious. Varick appeared beside him a moment later, "The idiot must be getting desperate to attack like this," Varick told him. "No this was a ruse to draw us, well you, out. He knows he can't get to me not any more. I think he thinks that all four of you are as weak as you were a few days ago. I can feel his power around the building I could enter easily as I feel you could, Harman could though it wouldn't be as easy.

As for his and your sister they aren't quite high enough. As for the doctor I really don't appreciate what he did, we WILL have words later." Alan growled thinking how the doctor had distracted him long enough to get him with the wave.

Varick smiled, this was music to his ears, the simple fact that Alan had survived a full out attack by the doctor gave him a hope that he hadn't had in quite a long time. "I know what you are thinking Varick, no I am not about to try a full out attack against the doctor or the old assistant." Alan saw the surprised look on Varick's face.

"You didn't know? He was in the chamber with the doctor when it happened though it nearly killed him. That was the main reason for so long the doctor thought that no one else had survived.

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This shit is as bad if not worse than the doctor. HE is the one sending the boosted ones after you not the doctor. The doctor has just manipulated you to get you stronger a lot slower than you just advanced." "You say we are advanced, but we can't really tell as we have been kept down for so long.

Can you tell just how far we have come?" Varick asked of his nephew.

Alan turned toward Varick and reached out feeling all the advances that Varick's body and powers had made. Then he reached out to the others shaking his head he dropped his scan and turned back toward Varick. "I'd say that you have probably advanced forward 30 years from where you were and at the old growth rate. Harman at least 25 though with him it is hard to get an accurate reading. I'd say your sister is about 22 years and Truda at least 20." Varick was nodding throughout Alan's explanation, and then he looked up from his thoughts.

"How long before you think you can advance both of them?" "Hmmm Truda might be a few days, her psyche is far more fragile than the rest of yours, something really bad happened to that woman long before the doctor got ahold of her." Alan told his uncle, a faraway look in his eyes. "The thing I am worried about now is the team I know that they will send out after these," indicating all the unconscious men that were lying around.

Varick nodded his agreement they needed to go before it was discovered that they were with Alan now. "We have a place though it isn't that much," Varick said. Alan nodded they were obviously good at hiding from whomever had been after him, might as well as give it a shot. "Open your mind and let me see where it is, I haven't been to all that many places outside of this city." Varick closed his eyes as Alan looked into his mind soon Alan was seeing the concrete and steel reinforced bunker type of building that they stayed in.

"Alright." <I am going to take us all to the bunker please be ready.> Alan told all of them. After they all said they are ready Alan concentrated and pulled, a few seconds later they were in the small box like building buried at least 10 feet down. Looking around he saw four cots, a small micro fridge, a small storage cabinet, and a single person bathroom.

Ugh talk about cramped! "I can expand this to make it more comfortable at least more room, maybe two bedrooms and put us a little further down." Alan told them as he shook his head. Varick nodded then turned and discussed it with the others; the women of course liked the bedroom idea, an actual bathroom with an actual kitchen. Alan nodded when three of the four said a resounding yes.

Alan looked at a displeased Harman and whispered in his ear, at first he shook his head no, then his eyes opened wide and he emphatically nodded yes with a huge smile on his face. Varick and Truda both had shocked looks on their faces they had NEVER seen anyone change Harman's mind before let alone make him smile about the change. Alan asked them all to back up as he concentrated and stared at the wall visualizing what he wanted and exactly where.

Ten minutes later another room began to take shape deeper into the ground. Finally finished Alan turned toward the four, Ladies that is your room I hope that what I put in there is what you wanted.

Oh!" He said as they started to enter, "you'll also find that you have your own bathroom." Both of the females nodded then entered, the gasps and shouts of joy let Alan know he'd gotten it right.

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Next Alan looked at the other side of the bathroom in the main room. Concentrating, he saw what he wanted and then the next room started to take shape.

Alan thought it would be easy but as he found he had to expend quite a bit of energy. Pushing harder Alan was almost done when he felt his power falter a bit. As the sweat started to fall from his face Alan finally finished the room and had formed the extra room off it.

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"Ok guys you also have a bathroom, uh," taking a step Alan almost fell on his face. "Shit I was afraid of this!" Falling on one of the cots all four of them rushed to Alan's side. "What's wrong with him?" Harman asked a moment later. "I believe he expanded an excess of energy today, he had me all over the place, after he came here. He moved all of us out of harm, fought off the boosted ones, moved us all here. Then he remodeled part of the bunker I think he needs a lot of rest." Angelika said, she had felt Alan's power slowly growing weaker but it was still greater than any of theirs.

Varick nodded she was right, Alan had done far more than he'd ever really seen anyone do, though this would most certainly increase his power when he awoke. "I think we all need to get some sleep. I've got my feelers out today we'll see if they get anything tomorrow." Varick advised all of them. They all nodded and went to their rooms leaving Alan on the cot, though he'd made a bed for himself in the room for the men, they thought better than to try and move him.

They'd seen it to many times a defeated enemy was out but not down the same held true for Alan they didn't know what might happen if he felt threatened while unconscious. Walking in Varick saw a small desk, three small beds a lamp between the beds, two rooms off the room it's self. Looking further he saw three dressers each when he checked had comfortable but efficient clothes for battle. Strange Varick thought the clothes almost felt as if they would block. Varick's mouth dropped open THIS was a damn good thing they were always at the mercy of the others through their bodies.

Shaking his head Varick could see that Alan had put more than a little thought into the creation of their place. Looking in the extra rooms Varick saw a full bathroom, and then he looked into the other. Except for one weight set the room was large and bare.

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Though not as happy as he'd like to have been, Harman started in on the weights smiling like a child on Christmas morning. So this is what had Harman so excited, "I'm sure he will finish it later Harman." Varick told the grinning Harman. "I know but just to have this room and the beginning of what he promised is a first for me. Other than you and your sister and my sister no one has fulfilled even half of what they promised to me." Harman told Varick, the smile growing by the minute as he worked with the weights.

Varick nodded and moved out into the main room checking on Alan. Knocking on the female's door, they both opened it and summarily dragged him in by both of his arms. What he saw had him shaking his head he knew that both of the females liked feminine things but he hadn't thought they liked them THIS much! Both beds were pink with the softest pillows he thought he'd ever seen. In the closet he saw very feminine clothes that appeared to have the same protection that theirs did.

In their bathroom were a great many things he could only guess the function of and wasn't about to ask about. "We don't know how he knew but this is the first time I actually feel at home in this place," Truda told Varick, his sister beside him smiling widely as she also nodded at him. "I am sorry all these years you both have been so uncomfortable, here all I thought was to keep you, hell all of us alive. I apologize to you both, I have forgotten that we aren't machines especially now." Varick said to them both.

Though what really shocked him was when both of the women walked up to him and kissed him, one on each side at the same time. When both of them drew back Truda started to giggle which in its self shocked her but not nearly as much as Varick's reaction to the kisses.

Varick could feel the heat on his face and worried for a second 'til he caught sight of his sister smiling wide and Truda giggling. "What is this?" Varick was asking as he felt the heat spread to his chest. "I believe it is called blushing," his sister told him, "I find it adorable on you!" Varick though did not find it adorable, which of course caused him to blush even more bringing more giggles from Truda.

Varick decided it was time to beat a hasty retreat bringing even more giggles from Truda 'til she couldn't stand anymore. Angelika was just smiling, good, her brother was finally starting to feel and be more human.

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It might take a while but one day they would be more normal. It was about ten hours later when Alan jerked awake and promptly fell off the cot onto the floor with a loud thump.

"What the hell where am I?" He said as he looked around the sparse room. Varick hearing him awaken walked out of the room, "You are in our hidden bunker. You brought us here last night so we could regroup. Your mother seems to think that you pushed yourself too far and drained all your energy." Varick explained.

Alan shook his head to clear it ok, he remembered most of it, and he also remembered he hadn't finished his promise. Walking over from the now full kitchen, Varick handed Alan a cup of coffee.

"Thanks," Alan said then took a sip of the acrid concoction making a face Alan nodded; yup it was almost as bad as his. Finishing it up, he thanked Varick then reached out to their bedroom. He could see Harman working with the free weights, smiling Alan concentrated and watched as each piece of equipment appeared in the room. Alan figured Harman was happy when he heard him shouting with joy. Truda came running from their room heading to where she'd heard her brother shout. Alan was about to ask Varick a question when his mother walked out in a solid black, low cut strapless dress.

Neither Alan nor Varick could say a word. Angelika was stunning in the dress though all Alan could think of was how gorgeous and hot as hell his mother was!

Though only 5' 8'' she was a most definite beauty. The thing that Alan couldn't seem to take his eyes off of, were her 38 - c breasts. Varick couldn't believe this was his sister, the gentle tilt of her face, the slender hips that he could see as she swished across the room toward them.

Just like Alan, Varick also couldn't take his eyes off her near perfect breasts that were more than half exposed. She asked them both a question then stamped her foot when neither of them answered her, making her breasts bounce more.

"Did you say something Angelika?" her brother asked her also watching the slight bounce her breasts made as she took each breath. "I asked you both how you liked it!" She nearly shouted. Both of the males looked at each other, how in the hell could they answer her and not appear to be completely turned on by her! Alan tried first but snapped his mouth shut when he felt himself start to get a very hard erection.

Basically all he got out was uh, uh. Her brother had even worse luck one direct look at him and he could feel his own organ starting to swell. Shaking his head he looked at his pants what in the hell was going on? He'd never had an erection for as long as he could remember had all that Alan done to them released a block on their sex organs also.

Angelika noticed the look of intense concentration on her brother's face, "Varick what's wrong?" "Sister I don't want to alarm you but I believe you look so lovely that I am having an erection!" Varick told her, the sound of extreme surprise in his voice.

"I believe Alan releasing our emotions has also released any blocks that were on our sex organs." Angelika nodded she was beginning to believe it also that would certainly ex., wait!

Her brother was having an erection because of her!? A very large smile crossed her face as she looked at her brother and patted his erection. "Thank you, both of you, the fact that you are erect means that you REALLY think this is sexy. Good that was what I was going for!" They heard a shout from the male bedroom of, "oh my god!" They all rushed in to see what was wrong.

Truda was standing in the door way her eyes huge as she was staring at her brother's crotch. "What's wrong?" Varick asked as soon as he entered. Truda still wasn't speaking as she continued to stare at her brother's crotch. Harman was sitting on the weight bench obviously in pain. Then he tried to speak, "I. I. I was working out and she walked in.

I thought I had died and an angel had come to take me. Then I realized it was Truda and that. that. that dress!" Truda looked away for the first time then back at her brother with a mad look on her face, "What's wrong with it?" She snapped at him. "Wrong!!? Nothing on you it's perfect!" Harman couldn't take his eyes off his sister her 36 - b breasts heaving with each breath she took.

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As they had seen when they came in it was completely backless, strapless and most definitely low cut almost to the point that if she moved too fast she just might fall out of the dress. A huge smile crept to her lips then to her whole body, "Finally I feel like a woman, well mostly I do." Leaning over she kissed her brother giving him a full view down the dress, then had to watch her chest as one of her breasts almost slid lose in her brother's face.

Smiling she flounced away happier than she could remember in an extremely long time. Angelika kissed her brother then her son both of whom were given a free look down her dress also. Both of them were groaning as was Harman. "What in the hell just happened," Varick asked Alan with Harman looking on with almost the same question in his eyes.


"Gentlemen I believe we were just exposed to the super sex appeal of your sisters. I am beginning to wonder if this is also a byproduct of the experiments that the doctor did on you guys. Varick was nodding when suddenly he grabbed his head as another of the early memories started to flood his mind. Still holding his head he sunk to the floor. Then he started repeating over and over, "Bitte Arzt nein, es tut weh, bitte." "Please doctor no, it hurts please?" Alan looked at Harman as he'd almost gone pale staring at his friend.

"Oh shit!" Alan said when he realized that Varick was reliving the past obviously an early painful one. Staring at Varick, Alan was suddenly in the man's mind Alan could see that Varick was strapped down while the doctor pumped a mixture of chemicals into him. A moment later he heard Angelika screaming at the top of her voice. Alan tried to block the pain but it kept coming from everywhere, finally he found a teenage Varick cringing in a corner. "Come with me," Alan said.

The teenager only stared at Alan with a look of questioning. "Oh hell, I forgot. Kommen Sie mit mir, dass ich Ihnen in Sicherheit bringen wird.

(Come with me I will take you to safety)" The young man only shook so Alan repeated what he'd said and then the young man reached for his hand. The pain Alan felt shooting through him was incredible but he kept leading the man away from the pain.

After what felt like an hour the pain stopped Alan stopped and turned to the young man, "Sie sollten jetzt in Ordnung sein. (You should be fine now). The young man nodded then hugged Alan, "Vielen Dank." (Thank you) Alan was suddenly sitting beside Varick almost every muscle in his body hurt but Varick was breathing easier and staring at him.

"Thank you, I thought I was going to go mad." "I have to ask you, who was that man that was administering those shots?" Alan asked he could swear he'd seen the man before. Varick's eyes got wide then he quietly said, "That was the doctor, a truly evil man." "I could swear I have seen that man before but I can't seem to remember, I think it was on television." Thinking a moment, Alan snapped his fingers.

"It was on the history channel about the scientists that Hitler employed at the start of the war." Snapping his fingers again Alan said, "Dr. Johann Bauer! Yes I believe that was his name, they said he was a real sadistic, psychopath he believed that everything he was doing was improving the human race. They said that he was conducting immoral experiments when his underground lab exploded." "Yes we know all of that, we were there when it exploded, and we were all at the front of the bunker when the blast went off.

The doctor was taking samples from us, handing them to an assistant as crazy as he was." Varick told a shocked Alan."I can't tell you how long we were there, I can't tell you where in Germany we were.

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All I know is that when the blast occurred we were thrown toward the doors. The doctor was bleeding badly as was the assistant, I wanted to bash his brains in but Angelika pulled me out of there.

I believe that Truda pulled Harman out." Varick stopped for a moment as tears started to fall from his eyes, the memories painful daggers in his mind. "We started to walk not caring where we were, not really looking just walking to get as far from the den of evil as we could. Sometime later we were taken in as orphans of the war.

We must have been near France, the last memory I have of then was everyone seemed to be speaking French.


After that nothing I just got part of that now whatever you did opened up a lot of memories from after the explosion." Varick was shaking badly his sister came and held him, her eyes wide also.

"Oh my god I remember walking forever, then the people speaking French. I thought we were going to die but we all followed Varick he'd always seemed to protect us all in some way." Truda said from the doorway, she too was shaking when Harman wrapped his arms around her to help calm her.

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"Thank you Alan, I had forgotten our flight to freedom for a short time." Alan nodded and walked out helped? It seemed he'd caused more pain than helped.

Walking to the kitchen he made something to eat and sat on the cot that he'd slept on the night before. A sigh escaped his lips he only wanted to help them in all actuality they were the only real family he had and here he was hurting them.

Getting up he was heading for the door when his mother appeared in front of him. "Where are you going?" She asked him sternly.

"There is still a lot to do." "No mother I have hurt you all far more than I have helped it would be best if i just disappeared." Alan told Angelika who had a shocked look on her face. "NO, you haven't, the pain I get from the memories is far, less than it was, I don't know what you did when you went in last time, but it helped more than you think.

Besides if you try to leave I am afraid I am going to have to have Harman beat your ass!" Varick said a sly smile on his face.

Harman also had an almost evil look on his face as he pounded his fist into his hand. Sighing Alan gave up as he raised his hands. "Alright, alright, god I'll stay," pointing his finger at Varick, he stated, "That doesn't mean I'm going to like it!"