Cute deepthroater maya bijou gets hammered by dudes huge cock pornstar brunette

Cute deepthroater maya bijou gets hammered by dudes huge cock pornstar brunette
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"if I were eighteen, I'd bet you'd fuck me would't you?" Kelly asked me looking at me seriously. She had just woke up and was sitting up in her twin sized bed. She had one of her well tanned legs pulled out from the sheet that she had been partially covered up with."kelly thats not the point." I said backing away from the question, while I was ogling her perky, perfectly round braless breasts through the very thin material of the worn white whife beater, her nipples were rock hard points,they were straining hard at the form fitting material that was hugging the shape of her delicious ripe boobs tightly.

"the point is you're too young." "thats not answering the question is it?


I asked you if I was legal would you fuck me then,just answer that." She moved her other leg out and the sheet was barley covering her crotch. I could see the straps of her pink cotton thong knowing her sexy ripe ass was exposed. My cock did want her though and she knew it, she had been teasing me for months trying to get me to notice her.

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She would wear the skimpiest and tightest clothes to show off her tiny well developed body to me. She was a wet dream, and she had provided me with many cock stroking sexual fantasies about her young body, her curves were ripe for her young age and made my mouth water. My cock was growing in my shorts, as I was looking at her yummy body. So young so hot. "yes, okay, there are you happy." I confessed.

"why wait until then, when you can have this pussy now? And I know you want it." She asked pushing. "kelly, we can't." I said sadly. "what do you mean we cant its not like my mom is even ever here?" She asked. "and its not like I dont know what to do with a hard cock, and how to not get pregnant, you know how manytimes ive watched my mom and you fuck, wishing youd fuck me like you do her, many, many nights, I wished it was my pussy cumming all over your hard cock." She kept on.

"come on, i know what could happen." "but, your mom." I said weakly. "do you think my mom really cares what I do, shes hardly ever at home always out drinking, doing her thing. And besides she had me put on birth control as soon as I started my period.

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So its not like she cares who I fuck, especially because since I cant get pregnant. I see the way you look at my body I know what youre thinking, just be honest with me." She stood up and moved towards me.

I looked down at her blue eyes. And that body. She put her hands on my shoulders looking up at me. " do you like my body?" The hot little girl asked me, melting me with intimacy with her crystal blue eyes.

"i-i love your body, you know that."I said as my cock started oozing precumher scent drove me to lust.

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"i know. I see the way you look at my boobs It makes me so wet when I know your looking at me." She said kissing my neck."really?" I asked getting turned on."really, really wet, all the time." She said licking my neck."i didnt know girls your age got wet.

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Didnt think you knew what it was." "come on dude im thirteen I'm always wet. I get so wet I masterbate constantly." She said standing on her tippy toes to kiss me on the mouth.

I kissed her back pushing the tip of my tongue into her mouth and she opened her mouth frenching me.

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We were kissing as my hands explored her body. I was cupping her heart shaped ass when I looked at her. "really, what about now, are you wet?" I asked putting my arms around her and licking down her neck. She stood back away from me looking at me.

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She says. "im dripping, my panties are soaked. Would you like to see?" She asked grabbing the straps of her thong. She turned around rubbing her ass against the bulge in my shorts, I reached down and around cupping her breasts. Her nipples were hard against my fingers. She was tugging her thong out from the crack of her perfect little ass and peeled them off her body, grabbed them from her ankle and brought them up to my face.

"would you like to smell my panties?" She held them up to my nose while my cock was pitching a tent in my shorts.

"here take them. I know how much you like my panties. How bout some with my young pussy in them?" I had them up to my nose, and my hand rubbing her ass as I whiffed the crotch of the naughty little girls skimpy thong. "you like that dont you?""i love that young pussy." I said sniffing deeply in the cum stained gusset of her pussy scented thong. "that pussy smells so good." I said pulling her tee shirt up her well developed breast uncovering her rock hard nipples.

Her breathing increased as I teased the pink puckered nipples to points. "you want some of this young pussy don't you?" She asked putting my hand on her mound. "i want you to molest me." She moaned as I fingered her slit parting her pink with my fingers. Her slit was drooling. "you are one nasty little girl." I said running my hand up her stomach to grab her breast, teasing her nipple. "you make me want to be so nasty, can I be nasty with you?" She asked grabbing my cock through my shorts.


"You can be as nasty as you want to be." I said licking her neck. "your cock is so big. My mom is so lucky." She moved forward to the bed bending over in front of me, spreading her legs giving me a pornographic view of her young bubble gum pink pussy. Her white blonde pubes had been shaved into a well trimmed air strip. Her slit was creamed and it her pink was dripping. Her hand was underneath pulling her lips apart exposing her inner gooiness, as she fingered her clit. "see how wet I am.

My clit is so hard." She said rubbing in circles around her nub. "i need to cum." She said lewdly running her fingers along the inner lips of her creamy slit. I could hear her fingers squishing in her slit as she played with herself. I was stroking my cock through my shorts at the lewd display the under aged nymph exposing her young little body for my eyes to enjoy.

her eyes saw me. "take your cock out for me, I wanna see how hard I make it." I ripped my shorts down exposing my nine inch aching bonor. She eyed it as,she turned over on her back keeping her legs spread for me and her fingers busy in her slit. I moved a beeline up the bed on top of her, my mouth devouring her nipples as my hand cupped her mound. My fingers touching her gently she gyrated her hips as my fingers parted her lips and I molested the little girls drenched pink.

My tongue was moving down her flat stomach. She lifted her leg wrapping it around my back. I kissed her thigh licking up the inside of her leg. I could smell her sex and the little girls was hot, hormones going full speed. My tongue touched her clit and she gasped planting her mound against my face, my tongue moved deep inbetween the lips of her gooey wet hot young slit.

"thats it baby, eat my young pussy!" She gasped as she grabbed her breast, teasing her hard nipple as my tongue found her clit. "oh, baby, yes right there, baby! That feels so good, oh suck my clit." She was feeding her pussy to my tongue and her girl goo covered my face coating my chin. I moved up on top of her grabbing one of her girlish breasts in,my mouth.


Her tiny hand grabbed my cock and she pushed it against her slit, she spread her legs to take me. "your cock is so big. I hope it will fit." "its going to fit, cuz im gonna fuck the shit out of you." She was running the head of my cock up and down the inside of her slit.

I moved and grabbed my cock by the base, and I looked down at her. "are you ready,baby?" I asked, pushing inside her. She was tight and her body jerked, but she eagerly spread her legs wider. "oh, baby fuck your little slut, daddy.

Fuck me hard daddy." She said pushing against my cock deeper inside her tight underaged pink. "daddy loves his nasty little girl." I said sliding deeper inside her womb. "do you like my young pussy, daddy?" She asked impaling me deeper inside her our bodies were moving together.

"i love young pussy, yours is so tight." "tighter than mommies?" She asked. "yes, baby, way tighter.".to be continued.