Grandpa blackmail his innocent granddaughter for sex

Grandpa blackmail his innocent granddaughter for sex
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Now I've never been one to toot my own horn. There was never a need for it, but when a woman looks good, she should know it. And I look damn good. It seemed Christian had forgotten though. That would be my husband. The man I loved, sacrificed, and to whom I committed the last fifteen years of my life. After three kids, my ass went from a sweet size four to a robust, healthy size ten. Normally, I'd have had a fit and hit the gym hard, but I was lucky.

My beautiful bronze ass spread more that it already was; making it home to Chris' dick on a regular basis. Poor thing loved him a nice, full ass. My tits didn't sit up anymore but they were full and a sweet ass D cup. At 5'8"and 155lbs, I was my husband's precious little gift. Too bad he put me on a pedestal.

He would soon come to learn that that was a huge mistake.

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But not before I got just what the doctor ordered. Paul was always a good boy. He was barely fucking when we met and I was sure to be the first piece of Black ass he tasted. I was 40 and quite tired of my husband neglecting me. I was ready to give up on my marriage when I met Paul. He was a sexy lil' 18 year old, trying to prove he was a man.

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We met at a bookstore. I should've known better when he approached me, but I was long overdue. "I'm sorry to disturb you and I mean no disrespect, but you have the most beautiful brown eyes and softest full lips I've seen in a long time.

This may be bold of me, but again, I mean no disrespect. I'd love to get to the end of the story behind your eyes and lick the sweetness off your lips." Was this boy serious? I almost choked on my latte as I fought to keep a straight face. I peered up at him through my glasses.

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"Excuse me?" Good God, he had the deepest set of blue eyes I'd ever seen and a smile to melt the coldest heart. Damn babies. I could still smell his mother's breastmilk on his breath. I wanted so badly to tell him to add some to my latte. "You are a beautiful young woman and." I was not in the mood for cat and mouse.

Quite frankly, his syrupy ass was starting to annoy me. "Listen baby" I interrupted, ".do you still live at home with your parents?" His chest seemed to cave in slightly as if I took his manhood. He sighed heavily before continuing. "I'm sorry to have disturbed you but clearly I was wrong about my perceptions.

I know it's rude to assume anything, so I will take that as a lesson learned and you can call me a fool. I will not take up anymore of your time. Please forgive me". Okay now game recognizes game so his was tired but good. I entertained him. I did as he wanted. "And what was it that you assumed?" I asked as I began to scribble on a post it. There, I asked the question he wanted me to. "I assumed you were a woman that could appreciate a man's honesty and effort in an obviously uncomfortable situation" he replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

He was really trying me. I had to smile slightly. As I removed my glasses, staring dead into his eyes, I paused long before my next choice of words. I stood, gathering my belongings, and looked him over good. I could tell he was waiting for me to say something but I refused to entertain him anymore.

Again, I wasn't in the mood for cat and mouse. I walked around the table, making sure to press my soft titties against his back as I whispered in his ear. "Yes, you were wrong for assuming. All you had to do was ask for my pussy and I might have glazed your face real quick, but you managed to waste valueable time with idle chit chat". I slid the post it in his right front pocket, making sure to see what junior was working with.

I was disappointed to find I wasn't going to get my back tore out. I remembered thinking how her name fit. "Essence, Room 805,,(215) 555-3825. Call when you are ready to cum" was all the paper read. She meant for me to get the hotel when I called and no sooner. I could still smell her perfume. After having her soft breasts pressed against my back, I wanted some of her essence. I was just glad it didn't show. When she caressed my cock, it took everything I had not to grow in her hand.

She was a woman, not a girl.

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And this one I had to have. I knew then that I was going to keep her. I wasn't in my room good before my phone was ringing. "Good, I was hoping that you wouldn't waste anymore of my time". "Well after fifteen years, I'd hope it wasn't all a waste, Baby" Christian laughed. I almost tripped over my own jaw. "Of course not Baby" I had to play this carefully. Cleaning up shit and disguising my feelings came with the job, but my husband knew me all too well.

"Now you know I'm working and can't take your calls. Why didn't you call my cell?" That was close. I doubt he noticed anything. He stopped noticing me a long time ago.

"I'm sorry Baby, I really needed to hear your voice tonight before I went to bed". He used to call me every night when I was away when we first got together. He stopped doing a lot of things he used to do. There was a knock at the door. "Okay Baby, I love you too. I gotta.". "I know Baby, you gotta go. You have work to do. I love you" he finished.

I hung up the phone but couldn't imagine who would be knocking at my door. I hadn't ordered room service and no one knew I was here. "Who is it?" I asked. "Doc. Doctor Feelgood.if you'll allow me". No way! Was it him? It couldn't be. I didn't give him my hotel. I looked through the peephole. I wasn't sure if I should be impressed or nervous that he found me. "Don't be a detective, Essence" I had to remind myself that not everything is criminal and cause for suspicion.

I opened the door. "I see you don't follow directions well" I sneered at him. "Well, I didn't want to waste any more of our time, so I figured I'd just cut to the chase". This boy was a lil too cocky. I liked it. It was time to introduce him to the power of good pussy.

I wasn't expecting much from him but he sure better make up for what he's lacking. "Look, I'm just getting in. Make yourself comfy, I'll be a lil while." I wanted to suffocate that boyish face with my pussy.

It was showertime. Damn him for not calling. I hate not being totally prepared. I don't even know why I'm stressing this. He's just a lil sumthin' sumthin' to get me through this dry spell.


"So, is Essence really your name?" I disappeared into the bathroom, but not before I replied "Why? What's it matter, Doc?" She's cute. I'm going to enjoy her. "Actually." I chuckled ".it's Paul." I began to get undressed. She had checked out my goods before sampling so it was time that I returned the gesture.

The room smelled of her perfume. I found my cock doing all the thinking at that point. It led me right to that sweet ass pussy. She was calling me. She needed what I had to give her.wanted to give her. To my surprise, the water pressure was amazing.

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I was moaning and didn't realize it until."What are you.?" He was getting in the shower with me, kissing me with a fierce passion I had not felt in.forever.

"Shh, don't ask silly questions" he said between kisses. I didn't want to but I didn't like the way the power had reversed. I pulled away. "Slow down, Lil' Man." I began and there it was. He was not as I expected. I remembered thinking he had nice thickness, but he was still a stumpy. "What's wrong, Essence?

Don't like what you see?" I asked not really giving a damn. She was far too beautiful for me to stop now. I had been given orders. "Don't waste her time, she's a very busy woman. Let her call the shots; she likes control. She is weak for sweet and innocent, so make like a virgin." I was going to do as I was told. "Give her what she needs.

I want to see her smile again." Oh she will. I will make sure to it. We will make sure to it. I wasn't totally impressed, but he was quite.stimulating. This I couldn't deny.

Now I don't know when I became the bottom, but I was loving it. Was she smiling? No way was this woman blushing? We had done enough talking, it was time to make her forget about her husband.

She was to be mine. Even if just for one night. He began kissing me again. Everywhere.and so passionately. He was aggressive and I didn't like first. He grabbed my hair, pulling it to expose my neck as he nibbled and bit me. The other hand pulled me closer to his body. He was firmly grabbing at my ass as if trying to hurt me. His fingertips pressed into my cheeks. "Ughhh" I moaned.

Using his leg, he parted mine and pressed my back against the cold tiles. My nipples hardened against his chest. He devoured them like a breastfed newborn. Guess he was tittyfed afterall. Nibbling ferociously, taking in both nipples at a time, he cupped my ass with both hands now. I grinded my throbbing pussy against his thick, hard dick. It wasn't Chris', but I still wanted it badly. Kissing his way down my stomach, navel, he teased me. If it hadn't been so long, I could've handled myself better, but.damn my husband.

I was falling apart and he hadn't even started. Biting my lower lip, grabbing his head, I wanted him more than I wanted to show. Poor Essence. Christian really was depriving her. I owed her this. I dropped to my knees and became obsessed. Her pussy was intoxicating but she wasn't ready yet. I had to make her mine. I couldn't even think straight anymore. His face was swallowed in my pussy.

I'd catch glimpses of those beautiful blues gazing at me as if to say "you're welcome". She was thanking me while fucking my face. She wrapped her thighs around my head. Good thing I was a competitive swimmer in school. Her thighs were trembling as I explored what her husband clearly forgot existed.

She was close.but not what I saw as ready. "Ohhhh Babbbbyyyy." Damn he was turning me out. He definitely could eat some pussy. "Don't stop.please, don't.stop." I couldn't oblige her.

Not yet. She wasn't ready. I broke her grip on my head and stood up shoving my cock inside her. "ughhh.mmmmm" He couldn't have been more than six inches but he was so thick. When he rammed his dick in my pussy, it fit like wall to wall carpet. He grabbed my hips so I couldn't move and took short deep thrusts. "UGH" Bang. "AHH" Bang. "OOH" Bang, bang, bang. Each time he pounded into my pussy, I shivered. My eyes were rolling around in my head. All I wanted was to lock and bottle that feeling.

She's ready now. I pulled all the way out of her. Turning her back to me, I lift her hips to me, spanking her ass until its red and raw. She's whimpering "Mmmmm Paul.TAKE IT" So I did. Fingering her clit with one hand, her legs trapped between my so that her lips are close together, I ram my cock inside her dripping, hot pussy. I don't remember a woman being so warm. Her knees are buckling but I won't let her get away. She has to say it. I bend over her, getting deeper inside, biting her neck and back.

"OOOH PAUL.OHHH SHIT" "Ask for it" was all he kept whispering. I refused. Maybe too stubborn. Maybe my pride. Maybe I was afraid to because he might stop fucking my sore pussy. "Ask for it baby" I refused. He surprised me. He pulled out and left the shower. He left me there. I lost all my senses and followed right behind him.


I was chasing his dick. It was time to give her what she needed most. It was doctor's orders. I left her ready to cum and turned out the lights as I waited for her by the bed. She followed shortly. She began pounding on my chest. "What kinda fucking game are you playing with me?" Tears began to flow like the juices from my pussy. "What are you trying to do to me?" I couldn't stop pounding on his chest. He didn't try to stop me either. Had I not been so fucking hot, I would've noticed the lights weren't on.

I slapped him. "FUCK ME.plz?" I grabbed her hips and shoved her in the chair behind her. "UGGGHHHH.OOOHHH Baby" What the hell just happened? What the fuck was going on??? I knew that dick too well.and it wasn't Paul's. These hands grabbed my breasts and I knew them better than anything. That was my band. He fucked me like never before. Milking multiple orgasms outta me. Gutting me. Breaking my back. Tearing me a new ass. Fucking my brains out. Good thing he was a doctor.

He could fix all he broke. I was in more positions in that night than all of our 15 years. "CHRIS.IT'S YOURS BABY" I squealed. And it was. it was just what the doctor ordered.