Hard anal punishment amateur xxx switching things up

Hard anal punishment amateur xxx switching things up
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Fbailey story number 526 Collecting Clothes Can Be Interesting When I came home three days early from a month long trip to Europe for my company I didn't expect much because I hadn't told anyone that I was coming early. I wanted it to be a surprise. It certainly was a surprise. I had taken a taxi from the airport. When I entered the house the first thing I found was a blouse on the floor just inside the front door. I picked it up.

Then I found another blouse and another one, going down the hallway. As I went up the stairs to the second floor I found skirts, three of them to be exact. On the landing I found three bras and down at the end of the hallway I saw three pair of panties lying on the floor outside my bedroom. I had quite a collection of clothes in my arms by then. The bedroom door was open and I could hear giggling coming from my bedroom.

As I peeked around the corner I saw the back of my daughter's head. At least I was pretty sure that she was my daughter. It was hard to tell since her head was in another girl's crotch obviously eating her pussy.

My daughter's legs were up on another girl's shoulder getting her pussy licked. That girl was sitting on the bottom girl's face getting her pussy licked. It was a standing triangle of girlie love at its finest.

The only girl that stood a chance of seeing me had her eyes closed. I placed their clothes behind my door and then I walked over closer to the bed and stood there just watching them enjoy themselves. Eventually the one girl did open her eyes and blew the whistle on me. I had really been enjoying the show and hated to see it end.

Surprisingly none of them tried to hide their nudity from me. They fanned out on the bed on their backs with their breasts and pussies fully exposed to me. Kim said, "Daddy, aren't you home early?" I replied, "Yes Kim, three days too early to be exact." Kim said, "Things have changed around here since you left." I smiled and said, "I can see that, you like girls now." Kim giggled and said, "Daddy, I've always liked girls.

No, it's just that we are open about sex now. Mommy lets me watch her boyfriends fuck her, Teddy lets me watch him fuck his girlfriends, and I get to have sex with my girlfriends." I asked, "Where is your mother?" Kim answered, "Mommy is with Bobby Brown, I think.

At least I think that is where she said she was going. Teddy is with Louise I think." One of the girls asked, "Would you like to join us? I'm not a virgin like Kim is. You can fuck me if you want too. Teddy does sometimes." I looked at that thirteen-year-old and thought about my eighteen-year-old son fucking her. That moron could go to jail for fucking a minor like her. His prison roommate Bubba will probable ask him if the fucking he was getting was worth the fucking that he had gotten.

One look at her said, probably. I told them to go back to what they were doing and then I closed the door behind me. I called Teddy on his cell phone and pretending that I was still in Paris. He pretended that he was in his bedroom. I asked him to get me an account number out of my desk.

That young man treaded water like his mother does. She trained him well. Anyway after listening to him continue to lie to me, I sat and waited for him to come home. When Teddy opened the door to my office and found me sitting there he just about shit his pants. He said, "You're home early, Dad." I smiled and said, "And you've been fucking that thirteen-year-old upstairs." Teddy said, "No I haven't, I swear.

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I've just been fucking her two girlfriends, that's all." I looked him right in his eyes and said, "You admit that you have been fucking two thirteen-year-old girls. You do know that that can get you life in prison, don't you?" All of a sudden it hit him. He turned white as a ghost and he wet himself.

I sent him up to his room to get cleaned up. Next I called my wife's cell phone. Dora too told me that she was home so I asked her to get that same account number from my desk and waited. When Dora opened that door and saw me she rushed into my arms and kissed me. She told me how much she had missed me. Then I shoved my hand up under her skirt, she cringed, and there were no panties to keep my fingers from sliding right up into her pussy, her wet pussy, and her freshly used pussy.

I said, "Bobby Brown had a lot of cum to give you." Dora said, "I'm so sorry. You have been gone for so long. I didn't mean for it to happen. Honest. I'm so sorry." I said, "Well Kim told me that we are open about sex now. That you let her watch your boyfriends fuck you, that Teddy lets her watch him fuck his girlfriends, and that she gets to have sex with her girlfriends." The look on her face was precious. She managed to say, "That only happened once…maybe twice…but I put a stop to it all.

Honest." I said, "So you put a stop to it all, did you. I'll have you know that I found Kim and her two girlfriends in a Daisy Chain on our bed, Teddy said that he has fucked two minor thirteen-year-old girls, and your pussy if full of another man's cum. Just exactly what did you put an end too?" My wife looked at the floor and said, "The sex orgies.

I didn't want Kim to loose her virginity that way." I said, "Tell me about the sex orgies." My wife never looked up, she just said, "Bobby and two of his friends came over, Teddy had two of his friends over, and of course Kim had two of her friends over.

There was drinking and soon I was the center of attention. Bobbie and his two friends all took me at the same time. It was my first triple penetration and I liked it. I was drunk and it was exciting. When they were finished Teddy and his two friends took their places. Teddy fucked my pussy. When they finished the younger boys took over, and then the older men took me again.

It was fine until the girls came down and watched. The older men went right after the girls. I told Bobby that I would kill him if anything happened to Kim so he protected her all evening. It was too late for her two girlfriends though. I think all six men fucked them both but I'm not a hundred percent sure of that." I said, "Tell me about the other orgies." My wife said, "It was just me that one time with Teddy, Bobby, and four of their friends.

Boy, can those boys fuck. I couldn't even walk the next day.

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I swear to God they fucked me all night long. My pussy got so sore that I offered them my ass.

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A few took it but then Kim and her friends came down again. Their timing really stinks. Kim was spared again but only if I let the boys fuck me every Friday. Her two girlfriends let the boys take them a few times before the boys finally had enough." I said, "Tonight is Friday." My wife looked up and was she ever startled. I asked, "So how many boys do you expect?" She said, "I'm afraid to think about it. Maybe twenty or more. I have no say in the matter any more." I took her up to Teddy's bedroom and asked, "So how many of your friends are coming over tonight to fuck your mother?" Teddy looked as if I had struck him, "Tonight's Friday?

Oh shit. I need to make some phone calls." I said, "If you do, tell them that it's still on and that they can bring a friend if they want too." Dora looked at me, Teddy looked at me, and then they looked at each other. Teddy asked, "You mean it?" I said, "Yes. I have always wanted to see another man fuck your mother. I expected it to be a threesome with me involved, but a gangbang will do.


Especially, if I get to record it. A dirty movie staring my wife. Since she turned thirty-eight two months ago and she wears a 38-C bra, suppose you get thirty-seven of your friends to help you fuck her. They don't have to be as old as you are either. If you can fuck a thirteen-year-old then so can your mother." Teddy said, "I'll make the calls. When should we start?" I said, "In an hour. She needs to get cleaned up and I need to fuck her too." My wife followed me to our bedroom where we sent the girls out.

I told them what was going to happen to Dora and suggested that they spend the night at someone else's house. They agreed. I left our bedroom door wide open on purpose and my wife never said a word.

My wife just undressed and laid back on the bed for me. Not that easy! I wanted her on top so that she had to do all of the work for a change, I wanted anal sex, and I wanted her big dildo in her pussy too.

She wanted to feel full and I was just the one to see to it. I lubed up her ass and then I shoved that big fat rubber cock up into her pussy. I held it in place while she got up on top of me and slipped her asshole down over my cock.

When the balls on that rubber cock were pressed into my pubic bone I thrust up into her as hard as I could. She had not been expecting that and acted like I was a bucking bronco. She held on but she got the message too and then she started to fuck me.

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I liked watching her 38-C's bounce around. She worked her ass off to satisfy me, after all I was her husband, and if anyone was to have sex with her it should be me. After I cum up inside her she jumped off and started for the bathroom. I grabbed her and told her to go down to the family room just the way she was…dirty with my cum in her ass. Why should any of those teenage bastards get my wife clean…that was for me! Dora was naked and ready when she entered the family room.

Teddy had put an old mattress in the middle of the room and moved the furniture around the walls. I could tell that he had done that before. Six kids were there waiting for her. Teddy even had my video camera sitting on a tripod and recording. Without a word Dora took one boy's hand, put him down on the mattress and then slipped her pussy down over his hard cock. Another boy got behind her and slipped his cock into her asshole.

He had been in there before. I watched as the boy behind her pummeled her causing her hanging breasts to swing violently. I could see the smile on my wife's face knowing that she was thoroughly enjoying what was happening to her. Over the years we had had talks about our fantasies like any other married couple and this one had always been hers.

Thinking about being caught by her husband and then forced to submit to multiple sex partners was surly to give her an orgasm. Young teenage boys were her favorite fantasy. Then when I told my son to have his friends bring their younger brothers that sent her over the edge. If just one thirteen-year-old virgin boy were to fuck her pussy she could die happy. The boys only added up to thirty so I found the youngest boy and asked his age.


He was fourteen. I asked him if he had any younger friends that might like to fuck my wife and he smiled. A half-hour later eight boys arrived. The youngest was eight years old and the oldest was eleven years old. My wife would be thrilled to know that they were all virgins. There was no pushing or shoving to see who would fuck her next, they knew that she wasn't going anywhere until they had all had a couple of turns at her, if not more.

The older boys allowed the younger boys to go first since they had to get home at an earlier hour.

Most of the older boys were prepared to spend the night. Dora treated those little guys like kings. She sucked their tiny cocks and pulled them into her throbbing pussy so that they could fuck her. Each one was treated special and got her full attention. They got to feel her breasts, play with her pussy, and most got to shove their fists up into her too. Her ordeal lasted for thirty-eight hours making everything perfect.

Some boys left and came back, some slept on the floor somewhere, and a few tried to stay awake for the entire time. My son and I were those that tried to stay awake, eventually we spelled one another for a few hours so that one of us could be there with Dora. Other than the video coverage a few still pictures were taken with the boys for memories.

Dora was sore all over and stayed in bed for twenty-four hours afterwards. She did thank me for her punishment and promised to need punishment in the near future. Kim did not think it fair that her mother could fuck eight-year-old boys but at thirteen she had to remain a virgin. She was correct so I asked her whom she would like to have sex with.

I was not entirely surprised when she said me. However, I was surprised when she said that she wanted her brother and his friends to fuck her too, after I took her virginity. She was going to follow in her mother's footsteps.


The End Collecting Clothes Can Be Interesting 526