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CHAPTER FOURTEEN "Emily's Comeuppance" Thursday, December 21st. Night time Jennifer Santiago was weak in the knees as Olivia helped her sit up and then get dressed. "Olivia, why do you call David, Master?" "It's a long story and that part kind of comes at the end.

There are a lot of things you need to know in order to get to that point," Olivia told her as she helped Jenn pull on her sweater. Olivia didn't worry about putting Jenn's bra on. She figured that they'd just have to take it off again anyway once they were in the bedroom. "So tell me the story. I don't think I'm capable of standing or walking by myself but I can definitely listen." "Very well," Olivia said as she retrieved Jenn's pants from the floor. Olivia went on as she helped Jennifer up off the couch and led her out of the living room and slowly, up the stairs.

"Sit down," David said and pointed to one of the four chairs around the kitchen table. He poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down at the table beside his daughter. Dave noticed the difference in Emily almost immediately.

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In the living room, with Jenn and Olivia, she had been quiet and remorseful. Now, in the kitchen and alone with her father, her posture was changed.

She was smiling, confident and seemed excited. "What?" Dave said. "Oh, come on, Daddy. You know you wanted this to happen. Even Aunt Jenn knew you lusted after her." "I do?

She did?" Dave asked, not willing to admit to anything at the moment. "You did and, yes, she did. Everyone did." "So you decided to take the matter into your own hands and what? Make my fantasy come true?" "Daddy, he sent the formula to you. You let me read the note, remember?" Dave nodded. "I know why he sent you the formula. He said it was the stories you post online. That was the first I'd heard of that, so the other day, when I had nothing else to do, I went online and found your stories and, damn, why didn't you ever tell me you could write like that?" "Em, get to the point!" "He sent you the formula because, like every writer, you put yourself in every story.

Parts of you anyway. All of your lead characters, everyone of them is noble and brave and chivalrous. Not common traits in today's world. But it's you. It's so obvious. He sent it to you because he knew you would use it morally but still have fun with it.

Daddy, this is such a shot in the arm to your life." "Fine, maybe you're right. Maybe that is why he sent it to me. Because I could be immoral without being evil. Maybe you're right. The point is, Em, I'm not the one using it. I used it on Elizabeth, just to find out if it worked.


I used it on your mother to get her to treat me fair and let me see you and Hayley, and I used it on Olivia because I was worried she might be a threat. You, on the other hand have now used the stuff on yourself, without my consent, and now on your aunt, again, without my consent, and both times I ended up paying for your deeds. When you poisoned yourself, I paid for it by having to have sex with my daughter." Emily wanted to speak but Dave went on before she could.

"And now, you've done the same to your Aunt Jennifer and I was forced to have sex with my sister. Did you ever stop and think about how that would effect me, Emily? Did you?" "Daddy, why are you so upset? I gave myself the formula. I knew what could happen. I expected it to happen." "Fine. And Jennifer? Did you ask her what she wanted?" "No, but." "No. There is no but, Emily. You're right. You made the choice when you did it to yourself and even though you're not eighteen, I trust your judgment.

If you say you wanted it, if you say you knew what you were getting into, I'm going to trust you and say that it was consensual.

But dosing your aunt wasn't consensual. She didn't have a choice. And neither time, with you and now with Jenn, was I given that choice. "You say he sent it to me because I could use the stuff, have fun with it, but not let it go to my head, but it seems to me, Emily Jean, that you're the one who's using it. You're the one having fun with it and I'm the one who ends up feeling guilty. First about what happened between you and I, and now about what happened tonight.

Do you see what I mean, Emily? You're having fun and I'm paying the price. If it was sent to me because I could use it, have fun with it, but not go all mad scientist," Dave said, standing up and leaning over the table to get right into Emily's face, "then let me choose who it's given to.

Understood?" Emily just stared up at her father for a moment, then nodded. "Good." Dave turned, dumped his half empty, now cold cup of coffee in the sink, went the refrigerator, grabbed three bottles of water and handed them to Emily. "Take these upstairs to your aunt and Olivia." Dave reached into the refrigerator and grabbed a fourth bottle of water. He got a small cup from the cabinet and followed Emily up the stairs. "What are you gonna do, Daddy?" Emily asked as they went up the steps.

"I'm gonna teach my little girl a lesson." "What?" "Don't worry about it, Emily. Just go." He pointed her up the stairs.

Without another word Emily turned and went up the stairs to her Aunt Jennifer's bedroom. Dave stopped in his room, sending Emily on ahead. "Give one of those bottles to Olivia and the other to your aunt. The third one is mine." "What about me?" Emily asked, realizing she was very thirsty and still had the taste of her aunt's pussy in her mouth.

"This one is yours," Dave told her, showing her the bottle of water he held. "Go on. I'll be there in a minute." Emily went on to Jennifer's bedroom while Dave went into his own. Jennifer was lying in her bed and pulled the covers up to her chin when Emily entered. Olivia had been telling the story of SLuT9 and had just gotten to the part where Emily had injected herself with it when Emily came in.

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Both women stopped talking and watched as Emily handed them each a bottle of water and set the third on the nightstand. "Where's your father?" Jenn asked. "He stopped in his bedroom.

He said he'd be here in a minute." As if on cue, Dave entered the bedroom and closed the door. Without speaking to any of them, he went to the nightstand and set down the cup and the bottle of SLuT10.

He opened the bottle of water, filled the cup, and then handed the rest of the bottle to Emily. Dave carefully filled the dropper with some of the formula and put three drops of the formula into the cup of water. He picked up the cup, swirled the water around to mix it with the formula, and held it out to Emily. "Drink it." Emily took the cup and smiled at her father. "Daddy, I don't have a problem being at your command." She put the cup to her lips and swallowed the whole cup of water.

She then handed the cup back to him. "I trust you completely. I know you'd never hurt me." "Do you remember me giving you spankings, Emily?" Emily nodded. "Did I hurt you then?" Emily shrugged. "I guess but." "There's a difference, right?

You were in trouble.

I was doing it for your own good. Well, Emily, you're in trouble now. This isn't fun and games anymore. You are being punished! And trust me, young lady. This is most definitely for your own good." Dave set the cup down next to the bottle of SLuT10.

Emily paled a little and swallowed hard as she considered how harsh her father could be when she had done wrong. "David, what's going on?" "How much has Olivia told you, Jenn?" Olivia stood up and Dave sat down in her place.

"She's told me some wild story about a drug that controls minds and." "It's not a story." Dave picked up the SLuT10 from the nightstand. "This is a formula invented by a man named Dr. Jan Casey. It gives complete and total mind control over another person.

The formula that Emily used on you is an earlier version of the same drug but it has some rather nasty side effects. One of those side-effects is that it makes the woman it is given to very, very horny.

Probably hornier than you have ever been in your life or ever will be again." Jennifer nodded. She had felt the effects of SLuT9 for herself and Dave was correct.

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She had been hornier than she could ever recall being before. She wasn't aware that it was possible to want a man as badly as she had wanted her brother a half hour earlier. "SLuT10, what I just gave Emily, allows much more control without the nasty side effects. I put three drops into the glass of water I gave Em.

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She is my complete and total slave for the next four hours." Dave could see his sister was about to protest.

"Jenn, don't jump on me. Emily did this to you. She gave you SLuT9, fully knowing what effect it would have on you. She deserves punishment and she's going to get it." Jennifer looked over Dave's shoulder at Emily. "How long will it last on me?" "About six hours," Dave told her. "Will I. Umm. Will I get that horny again?" "Probably," Dave said with a nod. "I'm not sure though." "I'm not sure I believe any of this." Dave turned to Emily.

He could see the drug had taken hold. Her eyes had the glazed over look that he recognized from when she had injected herself with SLuT9 a few days earlier. "Emily, undress, now." Emily grabbed the bottom of her nightshirt and stripped it off over her head without a thought. Dave wasn't surprised at all to find she was without panties.

"Put it on the chair over there. Olivia, you undress, too." Dave then turned back to Jennifer.


He could see she was about to ask another question. He stopped her. "Jennifer, I promise you tomorrow morning, you, me and Olivia will sit down and we will explain everything to you but for now, I want you to stop the questions." Dave grabbed the blankets that had been covering Jennifer and pulled them away, showing that Jennifer had one hand already fondling her breast and the other was between her legs.

"You're starting to get aroused again, aren't you?" "I can't help it, David. God, this is so wrong," Jennifer whined. David leaned forward and held her face so she was looking into his eyes. "I want you to remember one thing, Jennifer. This is not your fault. Understood?" "Yes, David." "Good girl." He kissed her forehead.

David turned to find Olivia and Emily standing side by side, both naked. He took a deep, calming breath, then stood up. He looked from one woman to the next. "I didn't plan for this to happen. You all know that, but I won't stand here and say I'm sorry it did. All three of you are beautiful women who I care about.

Jenn, Emily says you know how I feel about you. She says you know I'm sexually attracted to you." Jennifer was still laying in the bed. One hand still fondling her tits, the other between her legs, she was no longer trying to hide herself. "I knew you were a pervert from way back, David.

I actually considered giving in to you once or twice." Dave smiled down at her then turned to Emily. "Emily, you're my daughter, the apple of my eye. Always have been, probably always will be but you are simply out of control when it comes to this SLuT thing.

You have to be taught a lesson." Dave turned to Olivia. "Olivia," he stepped forward and took her in his arms. "I know it got blown off earlier when you told me you loved me but I want you to know that I did hear you and I want you to know that I think I'm falling for you, too." Olivia smiled. The two shared a quick kiss, then Dave stepped back. "Now, considering I have all three of you in my power for the next four hours, minimum, I see no reason not to live out some of my milder sexual fantasies." Dave smiled.

Emily and Olivia, to Dave's surprise, both smiled as well. "Olivia, Emily, why don't you join Jennifer in the bed." The two naked young women ran around the bed. Emily got in first and slid over to lay beside her aunt, Olivia then got in and laid beside Jennifer. Dave stood at the foot of the bed, looking down at the three women who would follow any command he gave.


Dave smiled. He could see how this kind of power could go to someone's head. "Before we begin, I need a question answered. Each of you is to answer the question honestly and completely, understood?" "Yes, David," Jenn said "Yes, Daddy," Emily said "Yes, Master," Olivia said, all answering almost at the same time. "Good. I want to know, before today have any of you been with another woman, sexually? Jennifer?" "Yes, David," his sister said, her neck and face turning a pretty shade of red.

"I've had a number of female lovers since Dimitri died. The girls don't know. Please don't tell them." David smiled and nodded. "Emily?" "No, Daddy." "Olivia?" "Jan paired me with a couple of different women while I was in college and I had one relationship with another woman about six years ago. It ended but we're still good friends." "So, Ms. Emily," David said, smiling at his daughter. "How did you like your first time with another woman?" "It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be." Jenn reached over and took Em's hand and gave her a smile.

"I'm glad to hear that because before the night is out, you're going to do it again. Now, how do I pick who goes first?" David asked as he stripped off his shirt.

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He then unbuttoned his pants and allowed them to fall and puddle around his ankles leaving him in just his briefs. The bulge of his erection was clear to all three women.

Dave stood there looking from one woman to the next. Finally stopping on Emily. "Emily, since you're being punished, you certainly won't be going first so I'll let you decide. Who do think I should be with first, your Aunt Jennifer or Olivia?" Emily looked from Jenn to Olivia and back again.

Jenn was still holding her hand. Dave saw Jennifer squeeze Em's hand slightly. Then saw Emily smile. "That answers that question. Sorry, Olivia, you've fallen victim to a bit of nepotism." "It's okay, Master. I expected as much," Olivia said with a smile. "Emily, since your aunt and I are going to be busy, why don't you get between Olivia's legs and entertain her." Emily's eyes went wide as she realized what her father was ordering her to do.

"You shouldn't be surprised Em. I told you you'd be doing it again. Now, go on!" Olivia spread her legs after a quick look from Dave. Emily got onto her hands and knees and crawled down the bed, got between Olivia's legs and laid herself down. Dave circled the bed, pulled the covers completely off of his sister, and sat down beside her. Jenn and Dave both watched as Emily began her punishment.

She used her fingers to spread Olivia open and then slid her tongue up the pink slit, making sure to pass over the clit, and then back down the slit, again making sure to hit the clit, causing Olivia to moan.

Dave looked down at Jenn, a huge smile on his face. When Jenn noticed his smile, she just shook her head. Dave leaned down, put his mouth next to her ear, and whispered, "Are you ready for round two, my beautiful sister?" Jenn's shiver was all the answer Dave needed. Dave lifted his head.

Their eyes locked for a moment. Then his mouth was on hers. A moment later, Jenn's tongue pushed it's way into his mouth. Dave stood up carefully, never breaking his lip-to-lip contact with Jenn, swung himself around, and crawled back onto the bed, this time laying himself on top of his sister. His cock was already hard and sticking out in front of him. When it brushed across Jenn's hand, which was still between her legs, she grabbed it and pulled it towards her entrance. Jenn broke the kiss and looked up at him, breathing hard.

"I haven't thought about sex with you in more than twenty years, and now I can't stop myself. Do it, Davy. Fuck me!" Jennifer pointed his cock to where she wanted it, slid it up and down her slit until it was well lubricated with her natural juices, then slid it between her pussy lips and released him.

When Dave felt her release his cock, he pushed forward, sliding all but the last two inches of his hard cock into his older sister.

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"Oh, yes!" Jennifer moaned and threw her arms around Dave's neck. Dave pulled his cock back out until only the tip was still inside and paused long enough to glance over at the other two women on the bed. Olivia lay beside Jennifer, her eyes and mouth open. She was gasping for air as Emily tongue-fucked her but was watching Dave and Jennifer closely.

She gave Dave a quick smile.

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Dave turned back to Jenn and slowly pushed his cock into her. Dave closed his eyes and did his best to satisfy his sister. At first, Dave held as much of his weight up off of Jennifer as he could but when Jenn wrapped her arms around his neck again and pulled him down, he went down onto his elbows.

Jenn opened her eyes. "Kiss me as you fuck me." Dave smiled and covered her mouth with his. For the next ten minutes, the two did their best to stay lip-locked as Dave did short quick little strokes in and out of Jenn's tight pussy.

Jenn had an orgasm and groaned and shivered through it. When Dave came inside her, she groaned and shivered again. Once Dave was able to move, he rolled off of Jenn, his cock coming out of her with a wet plop and rolled onto the bed between Jenn and Olivia.

Jenn lay still, her legs splayed wide. Olivia reached out and took Dave's hand and gave it a squeeze as Emily took her over the edge one more time. Dave smiled at the look of pure ecstasy on Olivia's face, then looked down to where his seventeen year old daughter was. "Hey, Em," he said and waited for her to look at him over Olivia. "Your aunt Jenn is full again.

'Fraid she needs another clean out." Emily glared at her father even as she got to her hands and knees, crawled from between Olivia's spread legs, over Dave's legs and then laid herself down between her aunts, still widely spread legs.

Emily gave Dave one last look, the evil eye, then turned her attention to her aunt's sloppy pussy. Dave looked over to Olivia. The young woman was fighting hard not to burst out laughing at poor Emily's dreadful situation. "Don't you laugh or you'll be the next to go," Dave teased. "Umm, sounds like fun, Master." Without waiting for Dave to say anything else, Olivia sat up in the bed, leaned over Dave's stomach, took his still wet, semi-flaccid cock in her hand, and licked the head with her tongue.

She let it sit on her tongue for a moment and then declared it "tasty." She took Dave's entire cock into her mouth and began to suck. Dave glanced over at Jennifer. Her eyes were closed and one hand was wrapped in Emily's hair, holding Emily's face to her pussy. She must have felt Dave's eyes on her because she opened her eyes and smiled at him. "I know it's gross. Having sex with my niece, making her eat her own father's spunk out of me, something I can tell she doesn't have any experience at and doesn't really want to do, but, goddamn, the girl can eat a pussy!" Dave busted out laughing.

Olivia had to pull her head away from Dave's cock when she too started laughing. Then Jennifer started laughing. Emily just kept her face buried in Jenn's pussy and tried not to make eye contact with any of the three. Dave was still chuckling when Olivia's mouth once more engulfed his cock and all silliness was forgotten as the two siblings enjoyed the oral ministrations of their respective partners.

Dave only let Olivia continue for another ten minutes before he ordered her to stop sucking and climb on. Olivia was more than happy to oblige. For the next fifteen to twenty minutes, all of Dave's concentration was on Olivia. When she fell over, freshly filled with his cum, Dave took notice of what his other bed partners were doing, as he cuddled with Olivia.

Dave was surprised to find it was his daughter's eyes he was looking into and his sister was the one giving oral pleasure. "How'd you arrange that?" Dave asked Emily. "She offered," Emily said with a shrug. "Should I have refused?" Dave smiled, reached over, and pulled Emily's head closer. He covered her mouth with his and kissed her long and passionately. "I love you, Emily." "I love you, too, Daddy."