Luscious babe anissa kate gets fucked and creamed

Luscious babe anissa kate gets fucked and creamed
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Technicolor =============================================================== The sky is black here. The rest is in technicolor --------------------------------------------------------- "Lost in thought?" "Hmm?" "What are you thinking about?" "Nothing." I rolled over on my side to face Amber.

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We lay close together in the grass on the hill behind my house. She plucks one of the thin green beams of light out of the ground and we watch it flicker out. The whole world is made up of light, you know. All the color is condensed into neon beams, accompanied only by black nothingness in the negative space. The millions of little green lights that made up the grass shone warmly against Amber's skin and I kissed her, rolling right on top of her and keeping her there under my body. She's beautiful.

Her warm skin is perfectly smooth and soft and flawless, and I can't help but touch it. I let my hands slide over her long arms and legs, and lift up her shirt so I can wrap my arms around her waist and our skin can touch.

She giggles, squirming beneath me. "We're outside! We can't…" But I kiss her so she can only murmur into my lips until I pull away, helping her stand up and watch the little green lights that had stuck to our bodies disappear. "Wanna go in?" She snickered. "You're really in the mood, huh?" "Yeah." "Me too." My house was made of yellow light, and it almost hurts my eyes to look at it.

But it's darker on the inside. It's a cool blue in my room, but the colors quickly heat up to yellow as I lead Amber by the hand towards my bed. We lay there for a while.


She's content with lounging on top of the covers in my arms, me spooning her. But I'm in the mood for more. I climb on top of her again, and I kiss her lightly.

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Questioningly. She smiles up at me, and puts a hand on my face, bringing me closer. We kiss properly now, opening our mouths slightly and letting our tongues meet each other for a dance.

I let my body drape over hers, and we come into full contact. My chest is pressed against her firm breasts, my stiffening cock against her leg. She lifts her knee until it rests on my groin to let me know she feels it too.

The colors in the room shift again, blending into a gold and purple groove. My hands are unafraid now and I let them caress her warm, perfect skin, feeling her back again. Up and down, up and down, each time going farther, until they circle her body and cup her large breasts in their fingers. "Hmmm." She moaned, "That feels pretty good." She craned her neck up until our mouths met again. I was getting hungry for her.

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We were passionate now, losing any hesitation. Piece by piece, our clothes slipped off. She worked her fingers along the buttons on my lime green jeans, undoing each brass fixture as she passed it, until at last she'd gained access inside. I stiffened as she reached into my boxers and curls her hand around my shaft. Her hands are a little cold. Whenever she strokes my cock, my stomach leaps a little, making my mind go blank as if the pleasure is making me short-circuit.

I let the room around us twist into a burning orange and frozen blue. The neon frames flicker and throb in time to Amber's unconscious grinding against my legs, letting me know that she was hungry too. "Suck my cock, baby. Let me know how you love me." I murmur to her as another cold hand invades my clothes to grasp my hard dick.

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She smiled wide and pulled my thick manhood out of my pants. I placed a hand around the back of her head and brought her cheek to rest on my crotch. Her little pink tongue snaked out of her mouth and slid slowly along my shaft. I inhaled expectantly, eager for her to get down to business.

Amber held my balls in her hands and my long cock in her warm mouth. She squeezed agonizingly, biting the skin around my dick, her hot breath somehow hotter than the spectrum of colors around us. They affected the mood.

They heightened our pleasures and our passions and childish recklessness. Without warning, Amber lined my cock up with her mouth and impaled herself with it, almost gagging, forcing my rock hard dick down her throat, licking my entire thick, seven-inch shaft with her small, rough tongue. My eyes closed and my head lolled back with a big smile on my face.

This feeling… I knew she loved me. Her throat expanded to accommodate my size, allowing her to bob up and down, effortlessly deep-throating me. Backing off a little bit, Amber began to suck me properly now, concentrating on her work. I held the back of her head tenderly, running my hands through her silky gold hair as my body overloaded with sensation, unafraid to moan loudly, showing her how much I loved what she was doing for me.

"Aah… ah, fuck, Amber…" "Hmm?" The vibrations ran down my cock, giving me more butterflies. "You're a fucking wonder." My body bent over as I came closer to an orgasm.


She backed off even more. "You coming close?" "Yeah." I managed to grunt out. I grabbed the back of her head again and she let me guide her back onto my cock. I was fucking her face now. I was thrusting her head hard and deep onto my dick as I braced my self against the bed, the colors suddenly too wild to see… my muscles spasming and cramping and contracting, my eyes shutting.

The room is swallowed by a sky blue ocean of color. My balls exploded into Amber's mouth, cum streaming out of my dick in thick, creamy ropes. All of my strength was being sapped away down her throat as she swallowed my cum hungrily; sucking and licking my dick for every pearly drop. "Warmed up?" she asked me, laying on my chest, nestling into my shoulder. "Pretty much." I let an arm snake down our bodies, and rested a hand between her legs, sliding it up the perfect skin to her shaved wet mound.

I loved how hot she got from blowing me. I loved how wet her little pussy got as she did these things with me. I loved how the colors in the room mimicked our actions like mischievous children. I curled my fingers into her cunt, enjoying the feeling of her naked body arching and pressing against my own nakedness. It was warm inside of her, and I pressed against her pussy walls, eager to make it hotter and wetter and loose enough for me to enter her for real.

"Ah. Ahhh… yeah." She moaned as I finger-fucked her. "How much do you want me in your pussy?" I asked, whispering into her ear. "Fuck. A lot." I took my fingers from her cunt, and let them slide up her stomach in a wet trail before climbing on top of her once again.

We kissed briefly, but our minds were focused on the imminent. Amber looked up into my eyes as she gripped my dick that dangled down between us.

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I was incredibly hard now. I needed her. I needed to fuck her. She tugged my dick down to her wet slit, only putting the head in, then letting me do the rest. Taking my time, I slid my thick dick into her pussy, easing down inside her until my balls pressed against her perfect skin. Her inner warmth massaged my cock nice and slow.

I only had to stay still, and Amber contracted her vaginal walls around me, gripping me, releasing me, bent on the impossible task of taking me deeper inside. I pulled back out, then thrust slow but forcefully back in, making both of us moan, and the room turn a hot, steady red. I began to sweat under the colors around us.

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Our bodies emitted heat like a sauna as we grinded against each other, thrusting and bucking in slow-motion. Amber reached up, curling her arms around my back and pulling herself up until she was hugging my muscular frame, suspended above the bed.

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I fucked her in the air, easing off the bed, and standing upright, wrapping my arms around her to slide her up and down on my dick, quickly becoming impatient, quickly increasing our tempo until Amber was swaying back and forth excitedly, perfect breasts swaying with her. "You like getting fucked, Amber?" "You like fucking me?" "Yeah." "Yeah." I let her slap down on my thick dick, smiling at the sound of her shout, nails digging into my shoulders as she gripped my cock with her pussy.

I loved the colors we made together. I loved the different hues that splashed across the walls as I illustrated my love for her. I loved fucking Amber. I loved fucking. "I'm there." She moaned, her face twisting in concentration, bouncing up and down on my cock by herself now. "I'm there." Her pussy released a wave of pleasure over my cock as she came.

Her juices flowed out of her, running from her stuffed pussy, and down my legs and balls.


"Holy shit!" My eyes squeezed shut. As Amber's cunt squeezed and sucked and contracted in her orgasm, I was suddenly cumming too. I let my creamy sperm erupt out of my body and enter hers, pumping into her pussy like a fire hydrant. I smiled this goofy smile, and couldn't stop.

I was standing in the middle of my bedroom holding this beautiful, naked girl on my cock. We were both drenched in sweat and cum and the light from the room which finally clouded up into a steady but weary blue.

I loved the way her body fit against mine as she rested in that comatose state after our orgasms. I kissed her forehead, and lay us both down on the bed, draping my body over her to shield her from the room.

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I think we fell asleep like that. But the colors are all a blur. ----------------------------------------------------- The sky in this world is always dark and empty.

The neon lights are accompanied only by black nothingness. But I think that it's the people that decide on what they see.

And the rest is in technicolor ==================================================== Vote positive and leave lots of good comments!!!!!

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