Polla negra eyacula bbc cum

Polla negra eyacula bbc cum
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By far, the wildest woman I ever fucked around with was a gorgeous brunette I knew in college. She had an obsession, a fetish, with objects. More specifically, with inserting various objects into her pussy!

Diamara, or Dia as she was called, was a sexy Latina. We were 18yr old freshmen when we met one drunken night at a party that had turned into an orgy -- we started fucking minutes after we first saw each other. The first night we had sex, at the orgy, she let me fuck her up the ass while she stuffed her pussy with a Bud Lite can! I knew she was classy. Since we thoroughly enjoyed each other at the party, we started fucking off and on for the next couple years without strings attached.

Dia was short and curvy, her tits a D cup, her ass soft and her hips thick. She had long raven hair that flowed halfway down her back, warm brown eyes, small nose with tiny diamond stud, and very soft, thick lips. Because of her Latina heritage, her skin was perpetually a bronzed color.

She was indeed like velvet to the touch. Her nipples were large and brown, and so responsive, so eager to get hard. She kept her pussy shaved. The sight of her bald, fat cunt was enough to make me nearly cum in my pants every time! Her cuntlips were thick, her cuntmeat always slick with her perpetual arousal. And her ass! Oh, her ass. Thick hips, small waist, her ass standing proud, firm, and juicy. Her tiny puckered asshole just begging to be split apart!

From the very beginning she was open with me about her penetration infatuation. Dia explained that she'd become hooked on object insertions since she first experimented, at age 15, with a cucumber. She moved on to other things shortly thereafter, like her hairbrush handle, shampoo bottles, and the handles of various kitchen utensils.

She let me watch her fuck all kinds of things. When we babysat her little sister, Dia took some Barbie-type dolls and started inserting them, legs first, into her bald pussy with her legs spread wide on the couch after her sister started napping.

I fucked her asshole while she had doll legs and other kids' toys stuffed in her cunt! Dia was quite an eager experimenter in college. It seemed she preferred it rough! She had already tried fisting and was letting her female roommate fist her regularly by the time we met.

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No sooner had we met and fucked when she encouraged me to fist her up her pussy and asshole. I was kind of nervous and afraid of hurting her at first, but with her encouragement -- and lots of lube -- I was soon able to bring her to orgasm with my fist inside either of her holes.

It got to the point where I'd fuck her cunt with my fist in her ass or fuck her ass with my fist in her cunt. I'd seen her take a cock in the pussy with one simultaneously in the ass, as well as taking two cocks simultaneously in the ass. She took big cocks and big objects like a champ! Dia carried an emergency bottle of lube in her purse just in case of those kinds of situations. She told me her ultimate fantasy was to take three cocks at the same time -- two in her ass and one in her cunt.

I fantasized many a night about her tight holes getting stretched and overstuffed with meat! For her 19th birthday, Dia asked me and a mutual friend, Joey, to throw her a party which would involve at least 19 different objects to be inserted into her pussy.

It was to be held at Joey's mom's house while she was out of town on business, and Dia let us pick the objects. We gladly accepted the challenge!

When the big night came, we made sure the house was stocked with booze, junk food, porno movies, random phallic (and some non-phallic) objects for Dia's holes, and lots of lubricant.

Joey and I had invited almost a dozen other guys to party with us -- all of us eager to get a crack at Dia's holes! She arrived after dusk, showing up wearing a black peacoat and tan colored high heels. We all shouted our "Happy birthdays" and someone threw confetti.

When we took her coat, two men stepping up to each grab an arm, a beautiful sight was revealed. Dia's outfit consisted of sparkling rhinestones and nothing else.

The top and bottom of her ensemble consisted of interconnected rhinestone-covered mesh, like a jewelery bikini. Her nipples and pussy were barely covered by the bejeweled ensemble. A thin trail of diamonds connected the top to the bottom, passing over her flat, tan belly. She scintillated in the living room light, the rhinestones offset by her bronzed skin. Instantly every dick in the room was completely hard.

From the back, a thin chain of diamonds ran from around her waist and down her asscrack, her exposed asscheeks standing firm and succulent. We all wanted to fuck her like animals. "Alright, who -- or what -- is first?" asked Dia with her sexy accent.

I stepped up, kissing her passionately, my hands falling to her asscheeks. Her voluptuous tits burst out of the gem-covered top. Someone else stepped up to her other side and started kissing her neck and tits. She was moaning, head thrown back in ecstasy in no time. We led her into the living room and laid her down on the pull-out sofa.

Her tits were pulled free from the top, the bottom pushed aside so we could all take turns licking and tonguing her pussy slit and asshole. Since it was her birthday, we wanted to make sure we treated her extra special!

After several minutes of various guys attacking her succulent cunt and tits, the champagne bottles were brought in. One bottle was popped, and its suds were dripped all over Dia's nearly naked body.


Champagne dribbled into the folds of her cunt and a few guys licked her clean. Glasses were passed around, but a few of us just splashed it on Dia's pussy and sucked it out of her or licked it off her instead of using a glass. An unopened bottle was held up to her ass, the top of it poking at her puckered anus.

Someone squirted some lube on her crack, and the bottle slid an inch inside of her. Dicks were out and being jacked in her face. Dia was groaning around a cock in her throat while a few more inches of the champagne bottle penetrated her rectum. As her ass swallowed the entire neck of the bottle, her pussy was fingered and licked.

Dia was moaning despite her full mouth, her hips gyrating. Her cunt was slick with saliva, her arousal, and champagne. All the guys were completely naked by now, all pricks being jerked around her. She jacked a dick in each hand and took another in her mouth.

Dia was a great cocksucker; I knew from experience. She was an eager deep-throater, and was choking cocks down in no time. Slurping sounds and moans and groans filled the room as she lashed multiple dicks with her tongue and sucked them down.

Another unopened bottle of bubbly was brought over and this one shoved in her cunthole so that her pussy and ass were both full of glass. The champagne bottle in her cunt was replaced with someone's fist. Dia screamed as her cunt was filled with fingers and then an entire hand. The bottle of champagne was in her ass up to the neck. Someone pushed it in further while the hand was in her cunt, forcing the body of the bottle into her rectum.

Dia was groaning and starting to sweat, but I knew she loved it. She took two cocks in her mouth while her pussy and ass were played with. Mouths sucked her nipples and belly and neck. I jacked my prick furiously at the scene -- she was so hot! Then the champagne bottle was removed from her ass, and the guy who was fisting her pussy took his hand out of her cunthole and started shoving it into her rectum. I'd told all the guys ahead of time that Dia enjoyed fisting -- everyone was really excited about it, to say the least!

Dia's shrieks filled the house as her ass was fisted. She let the cocks she'd been sucking fall out of her mouth as she groaned.

Her pussy bulged as she held her legs wide open, an arm buried to the wrist in her bowels. We were all over her, like hungry animals devouring a piece of meat -- cuntmeat! "Fuck, I love seeing your pussy gape as you get stuffed up the ass, Dia!" said one of our classmates, Tim. Everyone nodded and cheered.

We were all so excited to get inside of the 19yr old slut. Bronson, one of the players on our school football team, got to his feet and pulled Dia away from the guys. She cried out as the fist in her ass was abruptly pulled out hard. Bronson picked her up and she straddled him as he stood holding her. His hands were on her asscheeks hard as he held her up and fucked her hard, her asshole starting to gape. The little diamond chain sparkled in her asscrack. His balls bounced at her thighs as he fucked her, both of them grunting.

Someone walked up behind Dia and started poking her asshole with a long zucchini. The vegetable was probably about 10" long! It was cold, straight out the refrigerator. Dia shrieked as she felt the zucchini parting her anus. She shuddered at the feeling of the double-penetration. Bronson held her close, bouncing her up and down a few more minutes while her ass was filled with zucchini.

Then Marcus, tall, black and muscular, pulled Dia off Bronson's cock, making them both groan. He pulled the zucchini out of her ass and made her suck it clean. All the guys cheered. Marcus pushed Dia to her hands and knees and started fucking her ass hard, holding the sparkling chain in her asscrack aside so his cock could ram into her bowels.

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Dia's mouth was again stuffed with various cocks. Someone reached below and began fingering her cunt while her ass was reamed with hard black meat. Grunts and moans and groans filled the room.

Dia moaned louder as three fingers were forced into her cunthole while her shitter was full of cock. She tossed her long, dark hair back, her huge tits jiggling beneath her.

Men were pawing all over her. Joey was on his back under her, sucking her big nipples as they dangled in his face. Marcus fucked Dia hard in the ass for several minutes, pulling out to let someone else get a turn. Joey stepped up, stuffing his cock right into her already gaping anus.

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Another finger entered her pussyhole, and then another, and another. Soon Dia was getting fisted in the cunt while her asshole was being filled up! "Fuck, you sexy slut!" groaned Joey as he stabbed his prick in and out of Dia's juicy hole. She was emitting guttural groans while getting nailed and fisted, making noises unlike any I'd ever heard from a human.

Her cuntlips glistened while her holes were filled beyond capacity. "Yeah, that's right, fuck me, fuck me hard, Joey, ah yes, ohhh." groaned Dia as cocks hung around her face. Joey pulled out without cumming -- no one wanted to unload yet -- and instantly someone else took his place, a guy named Bruce. He fucked her asshole hard, the fist still in her cunt. Someone else reached below her belly and starting rubbing her clitty, and her cries intensified.

Dia groaned out that she was cumming, and the room exploded in cheers. My cock was about to burst. After Bruce fucked her for several more minutes, I stepped up and gently pushed him aside so I could get in her. The guy beneath her took his hand from her cunt and I pulled Dia on top of me. I had her straddle my cock, my dick in her juicy cunt. Someone teased her asshole with the zucchini while I screwed her cunt with all my might. Her tits bounced in my face and I eagerly grabbed them and sucked them.

The zucchini was replaced with someone's cockhead. I kept my dick still, my cockhead reaching deep inside Dia's womb, while another guy, Max, entered her. Her cunt tightened around my steel hard 8" shaft with the cock delving into her asshole. Dia groaned with her holes completely double stuffed. Max and I began rhythmically fucking in and out of Dia's ass and pussy while she squirmed and moaned between us.

The fuck sandwich was hot! Max pulled out of her ass a few minutes later, not wanting to cum, and a guy named Jose jammed his cock into her rectum in seconds. We both nailed Dia as hard as we could, making her wail with pleasure. I felt something cold around my balls and realized someone was trying to force the zucchini into her double-stuffed holes! We all grunted as the zucchini was jammed into Dia's asshole which was already full of cock. It was intense! I had to slow down, afraid I'd spill my load.

When Max pulled off of her someone else pulled her off of my cock, my shiny dick sliding out of her hot, wet hole. Dia was carried to the kitchen, where she was laid on her back on the long wooden table.


For awhile she sucked various cocks while a few of us took turns in and out of her ass and pussy while she laid prone on the table. Then my friend Bob brought in some garden tools. Dia gasped as she eyed the long rake and cutting sheers. The guy that had been fucking her pussy pulled out, his long prick coated with her pussy juice. Bob ripped open a condom and rolled it onto the rake handle so she wouldn't get splinters in her cunt.

He then backed up and teased Dia's pussy with it for a few minutes while she sucked a few pricks, mine included. Dia cried out as the hard wooden handle entered her wet cunthole. Bob held the handle tightly, guiding it deeper into her pussy. A few of us were grabbing and squeezing her ample tits while her hole was stuffed with wood.

Joey started video recording the debauched scene and hooking up the camera to broadcast the scene on the big screen living room TV, visible from the kitchen table. Dia could look up and see herself getting fucked with various objects!

After several more minutes the rake handle was pulled out of Dia's cunt and she was pulled to her feet. Alfonso got on his back on the table and pulled her on top of him, having her ride his cock as she faced away from him. He pulled her to his chest, her legs splayed wide open, and he stuck his prick balls deep into her asshole in a single stroke.

Her pussy gaped open while Alfonso nailed her asshole. Bob took the rake handle and started pushing it back into her pussyhole while her ass was getting fucked. Someone else rubbed her clitty hard, making Dia scream and moan. Bob penetrated her with the rake handle for a few minutes, shoving it 10" or so inside her pussy. Then the rake handle was pulled out and replaced with one of the handles of the garden sheers.

Dia cried out as the hard rubber filled her pussyhole. We all cheered and watched in awe as Bob screwed her pussy with the handles of the garden sheers while her asshole was filled with cock. Bob then replaced the sheers with his dick, climbing up on the table to get himself inside her.

Dia moaned as her pussyhole was filled with hard prick. She was sandwiched hard in between the strong men. I shuddered, enjoying the squelching sounds of cock inside her holes. When Bob pulled out, I jumped up on the table and shoved my meat into her pussy, ramming her hard and fast. My balls slapped against her legs. Alfonso stayed still in her asshole to allow me to nail her hard at my own hard, fast pace.

After nearly bringing myself to orgasm, I pulled out of Dia abruptly, making her gasp. Dia was pulled off of Alfonso's prick to her feet. She stood unsteadily, grinning. And none of the guys had even cum yet! She was led down to the recreation room and laid on her back on the pool table.

We then took turns shoving pool sticks into her pussy. Then a pool ball in one hole and stick in the other. Dia writhed and bucked her hips in pleasure.

A few of us fucked her on the pool table after the objects were taken from her holes. Dia orgasmed twice while fucked on the pool table, once on her back and again while on her hands and knees.

Then she was pulled to her feet again and Jackson, a big, strong, black guy, held her up and fucked her from behind while she faced away from him. A couple other guys grabbed her legs and two other guys grabbed her arms to hold her suspended in the air so Jackson could fuck her roughly.

Dia's eyes closed in ecstasy as the cock pounded her asshole hard. Slapping sounds of balls on ass filled the room. Dia's pussy gaped widely as her legs were held wide open. Her nipples were getting squeezed and sucked. She whimpered with the anal pounding. When Dia opened her eyes, she screamed when she saw Joey holding a rifle in his hand.

She continued shrieking as he walked closer, stepping up in between her spread legs with the gun in his hands. Jackson didn't let up his hard pace in her asshole. His balls slapped at her pussy with each thrust. Her wails filled the house. Joey took the butt of the gun and rubbed it all along Dia's glistening cuntlips.

Her shrieks turned to moans as he teased her delicate cuntmeat with the hard butt of the gun. Dia shuddered and writhed as Joey rubbed the wood all along her wet gash and clit while a few guys sucked and pulled her nipples. I nearly blew my load at the intense sight. And not enough a dozen objects had been used yet! Joey grinned broadly as Dia writhed and moaned that she was cumming. Jackson maintained his steady pace in her rectum.

Joey kept the gun hard against her moist gash as her body tensed with orgasm. Her nipples and breasts were being sucked and fondled by various mouths as she shuddered with her climax. He took the rifle away when her climax began subsiding. Instantly Marcus jumped in between her legs and shoved his cock in her cunt, fucking her pussy while she was suspended in the air and filled up the ass with Jackson's cock. A few of us took turns in her ass and pussy while she was held up in the air.

Then she was carried to the fluffy couch where Tim was sitting, hard prick in hand. She faced him and sat down, straddling his hard cock. They both groaned as his cock sank deep into her wet hole. He bounced her up and down in his lap awhile until Max stepped up with a baseball bat.

Dia shrieked when she felt cold metal on her hot asshole. Tim slowed down when he saw Max step up, knowing Dia was about to get pounded. She screamed as the thick top of the bat started stretching her asshole wide open. Dia writhed and squirmed, but Tim held her tight while Max stuffed the head of the bat into her rectum. Someone drizzled some lube down her asscrack and suddenly a few more inches of the hard metal bat sank into Dia's hot shit chute. She shrieked like a dying animal as her anus was split open.

We all cheered. Some dicks were shoved in her face and she gingerly sucked them while wincing with pain and gasping. The baseball bat was shoved about 6" into her rectum. Dia was writhing on Tim's cock. He kept her close to his chest, his cock buried completely in her womb.

Max kept the bat firmly in her butt while Tim pumped a little faster in her pussy.

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Dia groaned with the intense penetration. Tim grunted and Dia suddenly cried out. Then we saw some cum start oozing out of Dia's stuffed pussyhole with the bat jammed hard in her ass. Tim had just unloaded his sperm into Dia's womb. The bat was pulled out and Dia was helped off Tim's deflating cock. Bronson was sitting on the couch and he pulled Dia on top of his prick, facing away from him, his cock sinking right into her stretched asshole.

Dia gasped. Bronson fucked her ass hard and fast while she bounced on top of him, her huge tits swinging all over the place. While on top of Bronson's cock, Marcus stepped up with a golf club in hand. Dia started moaning in pleasure as he began shoving the handle of it into her hot cunthole with Bronson balls deep in her rectum.

Marcus shoved the entire handle inside Dia's pussy. She was groaning and writhing while impaled on Bronson's stiff pole, her cunthole now filled with titanium. Marcus jiggled the club around inside Dia's pussy and she groaned with pleasure, shouting that she was cumming. He held the golf club steady as Bronson continued bouncing her ass on his prick meat.

She threw her head back in intense pleasure as her holes were stuffed up, screaming that she was cumming hard. When Marcus pulled the club from her cunthole I pulled her off Bronson's cock onto mine as I sat on the couch. My hard pole instantly sank balls deep in her wet, stretched pussyhole.

I bounced her on top of me a few minutes while Joey stepped up with a football in hand. I held Dia tightly to my chest as she rode me, my cock still buried inside her. She moaned in my mouth as we kissed passionately. Cocks were being jerked all around us. Some more lube was drizzled into her asscrack as Joey rubbed one of the ends of the football against her asshole.

Dia moaned, not knowing what object was being pressed against her puckered orifice. I sucked on her tits and groaned with her nipple in my mouth as I felt her cunt start tightening around my steel hard shaft.

The football was entering her rectum! Dia groaned louder as her ass began filling up. I held her tightly as her pussy squeezed around my prick, encouraging my balls to spill seed into her womb.

It was a struggle to keep from ejaculating as Joey pushed the football deeper into Dia's asshole. I didn't want to cum yet -- at least not until he got the entire football in her shit chute! Dia gasped and howled with the intense penetration. I kept my cock still, buried deep in her womb, my hands hard on her hips. My prickhead reached to her cervix, ready to explode. Dia grinded against me as her asshole was split open lewdly with the football. The guys were all cheering and clapping and encouraging Joey to shove the football hard inside the sexy, petite 19yr old Latina.

She closed her eyes as her ass nearly swallowed the entire football with my cock simultaneously impaling her womb. Her mouth fell open, grunts and moans and the occasional scream escaping her lips. I had to try hard not to bust my load in her tightened hole! "Keep goin' Joey, it's almost all the way in!" yelled Max. "Fuck yeah!

Fuck her with it, Joe!" shouted Alfonso. The widest part of the football was inside her ass. Dia was drooling and sweating on my chest. I remained motionless and hard inside her gushy cunt. With the entire football in her rectum, Joey began wiggling it around and thrusting it in and out of her stretched shithole ever so slightly. Dia groaned, still grinding against me while getting her ass split open.

Suddenly she started shouting that she was cumming. Joey kept the football hard in her rectum, forcing her pussy to squeeze the sperm from my prick. I groaned as my cockhead exploded semen into Dia's womb while she writhed on top of me, her own climax surging through her body.

My cum oozed out into her pussy, starting to drip out of her cunthole and down my balls. Joey held Dia by the belly with the football firm in her ass so another guy could get under her and into her pussy. Alfonso slid under her, sticking his cock hard up into her cum filled cunt. They groaned together as Joey kept the football in her ass. Dia began screaming as Joey started pulling the football out of her asshole.

When it was free, he held her asscheeks apart so we could all get a good look at her gaping rectum. Meanwhile, Alfonso kept a steady pace in her cunt, my cum leaking out of her pussy. Joey stepped up behind Dia and raised his hard prick to her stretched shithole. Dia moaned as she felt Joey enter her ass while Alfonso stayed motionless in her cunt to allow Joey to get inside her rectum. Joey entered her ass with ease, delving straight into her bowels.

The men began a viciously hard pace as they screwed Dia's holes, making her scream and cum once again. The men were sweaty and grunting. Joey yelled out that her asshole was so stretched it could fit another dick in it! We all laughed and cheered. Marcus stepped up and took his cock in hand, eyeing Dia's double-stuffed holes from behind. Cum, pussyjuice, and lube were leaking out of her holes.

Dia shrieked as she felt the head of Marcus' prick poking at her already stuffed asshole. I knew a triple penetration was something she'd been wanting -- hopefully she could handle it! Marcus' long prick began sinking further into Dia's ass.

All of the men inside her were groaning and grunting like beasts. Dia herself was slick with sweat, her mouth hanging open, cocks being slapped at her face. It was the most incredibly lewd sight I have ever seen. Joey couldn't hold his load back any further and yelled out that he was cumming in Dia's asshole. The men slowed down so Joey could pull out of her ass. Marcus immediately shoved his prick deep into Dia's rectum once Joey pulled out, and for awhile Alfonso and Marcus rhythmically fucked Dia's holes while she groaned weakly between them.

Marcus pulled out to let a few other guys fuck her gaping asshole before Alfonso finally blew a load in her pussyhole. She moaned as the cum flooded her hole and immediately began leaking out of her and onto Alfonso's nuts.

We then grabbed her and pulled her to her feet. The diamond ensemble she was wearing was dangling off her body. We had been pulling it aside to get access to her tits and holes. Someone finally pulled it off her, her curvy body now completely nude, cum leaking down her thighs.

We all cheered and clapped. So far she'd taken lots of objects and lots of cocks! She got some water in the kitchen and we let her take a breather for a few minutes before we all started taking turns fucking her in the kitchen up against the fridge and while on the counters. Bronson had her bend over and a few guys took turns spanking her ass with a spatula before then inserting the handle of said spatula into her asshole.

With the spatula in her ass, someone took a cold metal whisk and started shoving it into her pussy, making Dia shriek and moan. The spatula was wiggled around in her asshole while the whisk was shoved around in her cunt. The whisk was replaced with the handle to a frying pan -- it was such a sexy, surreal sight! Bob then took the utensils from her holes and led her to the dining room table where she was laid on her back.

Dia moaned as the guys started taking turns shoving unopened beer bottles inside both her holes. Goosebumps broke out all over her body as the cold bottles were rubbed all over her hot, delicate flesh. She kept her legs spread wide and held high while her holes were stretched open with glass. With his hand on the neck of the bottle, Bob fucked her asshole hard with his Corona.

The beer splashed around inside the bottle as it was shoved in and out of her rectum. Her wet pussy was bulging while her ass was filled with glass. Bob pulled the Corona out and Tim shoved his own beer into Dia's cunthole. She groaned as her cunt was filled with the glass bottle, her ass gaping open.

Fingers played with her asshole while her pussy was fucked with the beer. Tim took the bottle form her pussy and shoved it into her ass, making Dia shriek. When the guys were done playing with the beer bottles in her holes, they took turns fucking her while she lay on the table. Her ass was fisted while her pussy was fucked and she was double penetrated some more.

More cum was dumped in her holes. Then, when her holes were finally free of cock for a moment, Joey stepped up with an apple and shoved it inside her gaping rectum. Dia moaned at the cold fruit entering her hot asshole. She was on her hands and knees, her asshole completely swallowing the apple.

She moaned and clenched and unclenched her asshole, rubbing her clit whilst doing so. Then she pushed and the apple popped from her ass. The guys cheered. Bronson picked up the apple and took a big bite of it, smiling and nodding. Joey walked up to the table with a huge sausage still in its wrapper. Dia giggled when she saw it. She got on her back on the table and spread her legs wide open. Joey smiled as he rubbed her pussy with the huge sausage.

She reached her arm behind her and started fisting her own ass while the huge piece of meat was rubbed against her wet gash. Once the sausage was sufficiently wet from her pussyjuice and cum, she pulled her hand from her ass and Joey started pressing the meat against her asshole.

Dia cried out as she felt the sausage splitting her asshole open. We all laughed and cheered. Joey kept pushing the sausage until it was halfway inside her while Max rubbed her cunt hard.

Dia groaned, shouting out that she was about to cum again. Joey kept shoving the meat into rectum until it was finally completely inside of her -- all 8" of it!

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Of course a few of us took turns fucking her while the sausage was in her ass. Max unloaded some jizz into her hot cunthole, and I took another turn in her pussy but didn't let myself cum. We'd been trying hard to keep count so far, and estimated 5 more objects to go to reach the goal of 19!

Dia was eventually pulled to her feet again, cum encrusted on her thighs. We led her to the big master bathroom where we started fucking her holes with random bathroom objects. With Dia bent over, hands on the toilet lid, Bronson picked up the plunger and started sticking the handle of it inside her asshole. Dia moaned and wiggled her ass against the hard wood pole in her ass. Jackson fingered her clit while Bronson kept the plunger handle steady in her shit chute, shoving it about 6" inside her rectum.

Then Bronson pulled the plunger out and stuck it to the tile floor. The plunger was suctioned tight, the wooden pole standing straight. He had Dia straddle the handle and insert it into her cunthole.

She moaned as she impaled herself on the wooden handle, squatting to take as much of it as she could. We fingered her asshole while she fucked herself with the plunger. Someone picked up the toilet brush and we started shoving the handle of that into her asshole while her cunt was full of the wooden plunger handle. She groaned with the hard objects filling her sensitive holes. Joey video-recorded the lewd double penetration.

Then she was pulled away from the objects and onto Jackson's cock as he sat on the closed toilet.

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Her nipples were squeezed and pinched as he penetrated her hard and fast. It looked like he was ready to blow his load! His balls slapped hard at her wet pussy gash while he fucked her cunt hard.

Dia groaned, her ample breasts bouncing with his intense thrusts. Jackson groaned like an animal and we heard Dia cry out, so we figured he was cumming up in her womb.

As Jackson was cumming, Bob decided he needed to unload, too. He jacked his cock in her face as she was impaled on Jackson's spewing prick, and soon jets of Bob's cum was spurting into Dia's face. The white ropes of semen were a stark contrast to her tan skin.

She got up so Jackson could get to his feet. Bruce then bent her over the bathtub and started fucking her hard from behind, his nuts slapping against her asscheeks. When he was ready to cum, he grabbed her by her long, dark hair and jacked his dick in her face, grunting as his spurts of cum erupted into her face, into her hair, and into the tub.

A few more of us fucked her and splooged on her face while she was up against the tub. Then we carried her outside for the final object.

Joey spread a towel on the grass and we laid Dia on her back on top of it.

She instinctively spread her legs wide. Her pink holes glistened in dim porch light. Several of us were instantly on top of her, Tim fucking her big tits with his dick, Max and Alfonso shoving their pricks in her mouth, and me stepping up in between her spread legs with my steel hard meat in hand.

I teased her slick cuntlips with the head of my cock, getting my cock wet with the juices oozing from her depths. Dia moaned around the cocks in her mouth as the head of my prick entered her hot hole. I shuddered as I slid deeper inside of her. Within seconds I was buried completely inside of velvety folds, my cockhead reaching her cervix.

I started jamming my prick hard in and out of her cunt while her huge tits jiggled. My fingers strummed her clit and squeezed her fat, bald mound, feeling my cock stuffed inside her. The other guys were pawing her tits and slapping their cocks against her face.

I'd been waiting to dump another load in the hot Latina slut, and after a few minutes of pounding into her like a beast, my nuts tightened and I grunted as my cum erupted from my cockhead and filled her womb.

Dia moaned beneath me. I fucked her a few moments more, my cum oozing out of her with my strokes. When I pulled out, instantly another guy was on top of her. Alfonso was unloading his sperm into her womb, too, within a few minutes. When he was done, Max pulled Dia on top of him as he lay on the towel and she rode his cock a few minutes, her tits bouncing in his face. Then Bob stepped up behind them and pressed his cock against her stuffed gash.

Dia cried out and we realized he was shoving his prick into her already cock-filled hole! Her pussy was about to get double stuffed with cock meat! Dia's shrieks filled the yard as her pussy was jammed full of pricks. Bob continued pushing his prick against her, his cock entering her cunt a few inches while she howled, sandwiched between the strong men. Bronson jacked his cock in her face. Bob and Max fucked her cunt simultaneously, hard and steady, and in no time Dia was crying out that she was cumming.

She wailed as her climax surged through her petite body as she was double-fucked hard in the cunthole. Soon after she orgasmed, Bob unloaded in her cunthole and pulled out, his dripping cock quickly replaced with Bronson's. She was again double-stuffed in the pussy.

Bronson fucked her hard until he came, about the same time as Max came inside her pussy. Two loads of cum were dumped nearly simultaneously in her pussy. I'm sure she was feeling both cocks throbbing inside her hole as they erupted and spewed seed into her womb. Finally it came time for the last surprise birthday object for penetration. Joey went inside while the rest of us got Dia blindfolded and situated on her back, legs spread wide, her pink pussy prone.

Hands and fingers teased her holes from while she wiggled around blindly on the towel, her succulent tits jiggling with her every move. Her pussy looked so sexy, so swollen from her arousal and multiple fuckings! While waiting, she began sucking multiple cocks while we pawed her pussy and ass -- we could fuck her all night long! "Yeah, suck my cock, suck it, oh yes, you are such a good little cocksucker," I groaned through gritted teeth as Dia sucked my cock and yanked on a few others.

"Your pussy is always hungry for more, isn't it, slut?" said someone else. "So far you've gotten fucked by a baseball bat, zucchini, garden tools, bottles of alcohol, the butt of my gun, various kitchen utensils, fruit, a toilet plunger and brush, plus lots of cocks.

It's time for the finale, Dia!" exclaimed Joey as he came back. She grinned, still blind to the world, not knowing what her surprise would be. Joey was grinning mischievously and holding a lit tapered candle in one hand and in the other a small plate with a piece of cake on it. He walked over to Dia and sat her up, her nipples pointing up at us from their perch upon her pert, succulent breasts. She smiled up at us, someone's bandana tied around her eyes to block her sight.

Joey began feeding the cake to her from out of his hand. The flame danced on the candle he held in his other fist. Tiny wax droplets fell down onto the towel inches from Dia's body. After feeding her the cake, he had her lay flat on her back with her legs spread wide. She happily got into position, throwing her thighs apart to display the delicious meat of her cuntlips. Two guys took her legs to hold them wide open, and two other guys took her by the arm to keep her still.

Joey took the base of the candle and began rubbing it against Dia's moist pussy slit. She moaned and squirmed a little. A small drop of wax fell upon her glistening gash and she gasped and moaned louder.

Her smile faded and her mouth fell open with her gasps and groans as Joey rubbed the base of the candle all over her spread cunt slit, leaving small trails of wax upon her shaved cunt and taut thighs.

I began rubbing her tits and nipples while she was restrained, her back arching every so often as a hot droplet of wax would fall upon her soft, delicate flesh. Joey dipped the base of the flaming candle inside Dia's slit, teasing her with it, rubbing it softly all over her fleshy folds. She moaned with pleasure, her body twitching and jerking occasionally from the hot wax. In the dim light, I could see goosebumps all over her body.

Her nipples were like hard diamonds in my fingers. Bending down, I began tonguing her nipples slowing while someone else fingered her hard clitty. Joey let the candle sink another inch deeper into Dia's pussyhole, it's flame flickering. She cried out with each burning droplet of wax on her shaved mound and cunt flesh, her cries instantly turning to moans as the wax hardened. A few guys couldn't hold their loads anymore and let out thick ropes of cum all over her naked body, adding white cum splatters to the red candle wax.

The friction of fingers rubbing Dia's clit made the candle drip even more wax onto her sensitive sex, whipping her into a frenzy of pain and pleasure on the towel. We held her down as she thrashed about, moaning and then screaming out that she was going to cum.

Her breast quivered in my mouth, and I didn't stop suckling on her tits and nipple as she orgasmed violently beneath us. Her body was shaking, her cries intensified with each droplet of wax onto her slit as she climaxed. As she began to calm down, the hand was taken away from her clitty and just as her orgasm was subsiding a drop of wax fell right onto her clit! She screamed loudly and jolted hard but we kept her still, the flaming candle still jutting out of her hole.

She was gasping and moaning, her lower body now covered in splatters of wax. The flame was now only inches away from her clit. Joey held it firmly, penetrating her with it slower and deeper now.

She moaned steadily. Joey nodded, giving the signal to take off Dia's blindfold. She gasped at the sight of a flaming candle deep inside her cunt, its flame inches from her clitty! Her gasp turned to a chuckle and then a long moan. "Go ahead, Dia! Make a birthday wish and blow it out!" I said. She grinned, obviously delighted at her flaming birthday candle filled cunt.

With her eyes closed, she took a deep breath and blew the flame out and we all applauded. Joey fucked her for a few more moments with the candlestick, the wax falling upon her slit and thighs.

A couple of guys stepped up to blow their loads on her face and tits, cum soon dripping off her. The rest of us ready to blow, we crowded around her and blew sperm all over her naked body, covering her with sticky ropes of cum from her plump lips down to her voluptuous tits down to her pussy mound and even onto her feet.

She was glistening with cum, rubbing it into her pussy and all over her nipples and sucking it off her fingers. And as we were covering her from head to toe with semen, we spontaneously broke out into a boisterous rendition of the "Happy Birthday" song!

Of course after we hosed her down and all had some more cake, beer, and champagne, we gangbanged her throughout the rest of the night and most of the next day, too. She later confessed that the wish she made when she blew out her candle was to not get pregnant from all the loads of birthday cum we gave her!