In sex boys touching girls anus and boos

In sex boys touching girls anus and boos
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Chapter 7 When we reached her bedroom door, she reached behind her and opened it. Tina bounced out excitedly. The smell of her lust hit me. Paige yanked me through the door, and quickly closed it behind us, leaving poor Tina whining in the hall, and sniffing under the door. The room was permeated with the powerful smell and effect of Tina's scent, and Paige's just added to it.

Paige was undressed in seconds, and her erotic scent hit me even more powerfully. I was already losing control as she sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs, giving me that "come hither" look. She was just starting to say something when I dove between her legs and plunged my muzzle into her womanhood. Her intoxicating scent filled my brain. Without consciously thinking about it, I licked her from the bottom of her slit to her clitoris in one swipe of my tongue.

She jerked as if shocked with electricity, and sucked in her breath. I licked again, covering even more territory, from her puckered anus to the top of her labia. She threw back her head and spread her legs wider, inviting me in further. I started licking her harder and faster. The suppleness, strength, and length of my tongue amazed me, and certainly was pleasing Paige. Her juices were flowing freely now. My tongue parted her labia and I plunged it in deeper searching for the source of that sweet flow.

My tongue found her vaginal opening, and I was astonished to find that I could thrust it deeply inside her. There was the source of her love juice! My tongue automatically shifted into overdrive and I licked as fast as I could, going deeper and deeper into Paige's love canal. Her cunt started spasming and clenching at my tongue as she moaned loudly and fell into the rigors of her first orgasm. My cock had started to swell and snake out of its sheath, and I was struck with the overpowering urge to mount her.

I could feel pre-cum already beginning to squirt out of my cock. Quickly raising my head and chest, I grasped her hips on both sides and pulled my hips up between her legs, positioning my cock at the opening to her vagina. She was laying on her back on the edge of the bed, her butt hanging over the edge somewhat. Paige's eyes were tightly shut, but popped open and met mine, locking into them. "Scott, take me. f*** me hard. Make me your bitch," she said in a husky but pleading tone.

I replied by pushing about six inches of my already well-lubricated shaft into her. She gasped and threw her head back again. Then pulled her feet up off of the floor and wrapped her legs around me, with her ankles behind my butt, pulling me into her. I started stroking into her going deeper each time. Within a few more strokes, my knot was banging into her labia. It was still somewhat soft, but was already of a formidable size. Feeling it against her cunt lips, Paige pulled me tighter into her with her legs.

There was resistance for a second, Paige moaned loudly and thrust her hips up hard against mine, then my knot stretched her labia wide and popped inside of her.

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She clamped down on my cock and knot with her vaginal muscles, pulling my knot even deeper into her vagina. The intense pleasure was so overcoming that the canine instincts took me over completely and my hips went into an uncontrollable, jack-hammering, fury of wild hunching. I pounded my cock into her with every ounce of my energy. I was panting uncontrollably, with my tongue lolled out of the side of my mouth.

I looked down and could see the end of my cock moving inside her, behind and above her navel. Bowing my neck, I started lavishing rough licks onto her breasts and nipples. Paige's body went rigid as she was wracked by another orgasm.

She grabbed the fur on my flanks and pulled me even harder into her, as she ground her hips into mine. My cock and knot were still swelling inside her. "f*** ME!! OH GOD, f*** ME!!!!" she yelled.

I licked her throat and gently nibbled and nipped at it, and she started bucking against me in one orgasmic seizure after another. I could feel my balls contracting and my load building up pressure in the roots of my cock. Her cunt was stretched to the limit and was still squeezing my dick with incredible force.

My cock was so hard, it felt like it was going to burst, and the intense pleasure radiating through my body pushed me on towards climax. Then I felt an incredible volume of semen start to rush down the length of my penis. My cum boiled out of my cock in massive, hot jets, pouring into and inflating her uterus. As my orgasm subsided, I started licking her breasts and nipples again, causing Paige's orgasms to continue. I tried to suck one of her nipples and was glad to find that I still could, even with my long muzzle, however, I couldn't develop the vacuum I formerly could.

When Paige's orgasms began to subside, she reached up and enveloped me in a tight hug, burying her head in the fur of my neck and nuzzling against me. I could feel my balls still contracting, one after the other, and my cock still spurting little jets of my jism deep into her womb, distending it, and causing her tummy to pooch out like she was about five months pregnant.

Her vagina was clamped tightly closed against the back side of my knot, keeping a constant tension on my cock, pulling it deeply into her. I was panting with my tongue hanging out, and was silently thanking God for her, while deeply enjoying the feeling of our tie. Then it hit me: a stabbing, burning pain that emanated out of the center of my chest, radiated down my arms, and up into my neck. The first glimmer of thought that went through my mind was that I was having a heart attack, but that was quickly replaced by the realization that the curse, the transformation, had me in its grips again.

The pain ripped into my hands and fingers and I hugged my hands to my chest trying to get some relief. My eyes were tightly shut and I was whining and crying like a dog being whipped. Suddenly I felt someone rubbing my hands and chest, and, opening my eyes slightly, I saw Paige still below me with a look of horror, concern, and also deep love, on her face and in her eyes.

I could also smell her fear and concern. I tried to pull away from her, but my knot still tightly tied us. Her soothing voice penetrated my shroud of pain.

"Scott, Baby, I'm here for you. What can I do for you, Honey?" I tried to answer her, but all that came out was an agonized whimper. Trying again harder, I managed to choke out a slurred, gravelly "I donn't knnow". My voice was changing again and it was harder to talk. I looked at my hands and saw them forming into paws. My thumbs were shrinking and receding towards my wrist, as the last joint at the end of my fingers bent backwards, and my claws formed fully.

Thick black pads formed near the ends of my fingers and where the front of my palm used to be, and the hair on my arms and paws grew denser. This was it. This would finish the transformation, I knew in my heart. Fear overwhelmed me. "Please God, pleeease, let me keep my mind, my speech, and my lifespan," I prayed and pleaded repeatedly. The realization had hit me that at age 22, I would be ancient for a dog, or at the very least, a large part of my lifespan would be gone.

My breastbone began to creak and pop and grow outward, pulling my ribs with it, narrowing my chest. My shoulders and shoulder blades started to rotate forward, following my ribs and further narrowing and deepening my chest. My upper arms were flattening out. I could feel my bones groaning and popping as they changed shape and snapped into their new positions. My neck was thickening and lengthening. The burning pain had spread like a fire through every fiber and molecule of my body.

My muscles rippled and grew. Yelps and howls of agony and fear escaped me. I felt my lungs expanding and growing in capacity and new breath rushed in to fill them.

Then, the pain started to subside and I felt it being replace by enormous strength. Consciousness of my surroundings returned to me. My senses were even sharper and more sensitive than they had been just a few minutes previously. I looked down and saw Paige still beneath me on the edge of the bed with a look of shock and awe on her face, but the smell of fear was less now.

My cock was still buried in her and we were still tied, a fact that amazed me. The need for freedom hit me and I pulled against her. Tremendous feelings of power and life coursed through me.

"OWW!! Whoa!! Stop!! You're hurting me!!" Paige yelled into my face. She grabbed the fur and hide on both sides of my face, with both her hands, and pulled my head around to look at her, square in the eyes.

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"Scott, can you understand me?" she asked, still with love and concern. I shook me head in the affirmative, and tried to form a word.

With concentration, I was able to answer, "Yessssh". Her eyes lit up and she threw her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly. Then ran her fingers up and down my back, scratching me. Ohhhhh, it felt good!! And I groaned in appreciation. Chapter 8 I was elated. I could still understand her speech and apparently still had most, if not all, of my mental faculties.

And I could talk, although with some difficulty. About then I felt my knot shrinking rapidly and my cock sliding out of her. It popped free with a shlurping noise. Without thinking, I backed off a few steps, sat down on my haunches and twisted around and started licking my pecker clean.

Then the realization of what I was doing hit me and I started laughing at myself for my dog-like behavior, but what came out of me was series of happy yelps and yips. I looked around and Paige was looking at me and laughing, too. Then I could smell and see our juices running out of her and I ran back up between her legs and started licking her clean. The salty, sweet, musky smell and taste of our mixed juices was ambrosia to my senses.

She laughed and moaned, relishing the feeling of my tongue. After I had cleaned her up, a great feeling of bliss and liveliness filled me and I started bouncing and cavorting around her bedroom, yipping and barking for joy. Paige was laughing too. Then I bounced up onto her bed again, and noticed my reflection in her mirrored closet doors.

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I stopped and looked. WOW!! I was now an awesome looking German Shepherd Dog!… A BIG, awesome looking German Shepherd!!! With the same super-duty build and proportions as Schultz, but MUCH larger. Just for fun, I whirled around towards the mirror, thrusting my front paws forward and lowering my chest and head at that same instant, in a playful stance, and barked loudly at my reflection.

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I loved it! Then, almost automatically, my hackles stood up along the whole length of my neck, shoulders and back and I growled at my reflection deeply and menacingly, and barked again.

COOL!! That should scare the absolute shit out of anybody or anything. This is great! But I know in my heart that I really don't want to scare anybody, but it's nice to know I can, if needed. "Scott!! Quit barking! You're killing my ears, silly boy!" Paige scolded me, with her palms over her ears.

I flopped down on the bed next to Paige and rolled over onto my back. She started scratching my belly and ribs again on my right side, and my right back leg started kicking again involuntarily, bringing a smile to her face. Man! That felt good!! After a few minutes, we just relaxed beside each other on the bed.

"Scott, you look fantastic!" Paige said with sincerity in her voice. "You look so good, it makes me want to change, too. And I can't believe how HUGE you are! I've never seen another German Shepherd anywhere near your size. Let's get you on the scales and weigh you." She got up and brought the bathroom scales out and set it in the middle of the floor.

I got up and had to hunch up to get all four of my feet on it. I weighed 168 pounds! About 20 pounds less than my normal human weight had been. And it wasn't fat either: my muscles rippled beneath my fur.

I could hear Tina sniffing under the door, and whining some, and also Hank out in the garage poking around and whining, and I began to realize that I was hungry. And somehow I knew that Hank and Tina were hungry too.

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The alarm clock on the bedside table read a little after 8:00 pm. It had been a long day. I rolled back over and concentrated on communicating with Paige. "Haankssh hunnngrrrrry," I managed to force out in a deep voice. "Nnn Thiinna tooo." Paige looked at me with surprise, but she understood. "Hank's hungry and Tina too?" she questioned. I nodded my head 'yes'. "Ok, I'm hungry too, and I bet you're also hungry" I nodded my head 'yes' again.

Paige stood up and I hopped off the bed. I was going to go to the kitchen with her, but it dawned on me that I'd have to face Tina again. Even though I'd had sex twice in the past couple of hours, I didn't know if I'd be able to resist breeding Tina again if I confronted her, especially now that I was virtually 100% a canine, and my senses, and therefore her effect on me, were so much stronger now.

Just as Paige reached the door, I stopped and whined and she looked down at me (although my head reached up nearly to her breasts).

I could feel that my ears were flopped down and back, and apparently I had a fearful expression on my face. "Do you want to wait until I feed Tina and put her in her crate?" she asked, somehow reading my mind. I nodded my head 'yes' yet again. Paige opened the door and slipped out while restraining Tina from getting in. A strong whiff of her scent hit my nose and I immediately started feeling the beginnings of a new arousal, but resisted it.

In just a minute, I heard the dog food bowls rattling around that the breeders had sent along with Hank and Tina. I also heard Tina bouncing in anticipation of being fed. Then I heard the sounds of Tina being fed in the kitchen, Hank being fed in the garage, and shortly thereafter, heard Paige taking Tina out in the backyard to do her 'business'. After several minutes, I heard them come back inside, Tina being put in her crate, and the door latched.

Paige came and opened the bedroom door and I trotted down the hall to the kitchen. "Do you want to meet Hank out in the backyard?" she asked me. "Oh Lord", I thought. I was looking forward to meeting other dogs, but meeting Hank for the first time, under these circumstances, worried me.

Hank was in a new home, and was exceedingly horny due to Tina's scent, but had been kept locked up in a crate or confined to the garage all day. Plus, I was another male dog, a stranger to him, a potential adversary, and a competitor in his race to breed Tina. Not a good combination. Again Paige read the worry on my face. "You go on out in the backyard, and I'll put him on a leash and bring him out," she assured me, while opening the back door.

Her confidence perked me up and I trotted out. It was dark out now and Paige turned on the lights in the backyard. "What am I gonna do to make friends with Hank?" kept running through my head. I had to pee and I lifted my leg and let fly against one of the posts of the privacy fence around the backyard. In just a minute, she came out the back door with Hank straining at the leash pulling her.

"Heel!" she commanded him, and snapped back on the leash. Hank obeyed and moved back beside her left leg as they started walking across the backyard. "Well… It's now or never" I thought as I started walking across the yard towards them trying not to look too threatening, but not submissive to him either. When Hank saw me, his hackles stood up a little, but Paige snapped back on the leash again and commanded him to "Sit!", which he did immediately.

"No Bark!" she also commanded. I trotted up to them, head up, but tail wagging, and then sat down just in front of Hank. He leaned forward a little to try to touch noses with me, and I reciprocated. I could sense confidence, friendliness, and also lust from him. We touched noses and he wanted to check me out more thoroughly. I stood up and moved forward, beside him, and he bent down and sniffed my sheath and then the inside of my thigh, before moving up to sniff around under my tail.

Paige told Hank to stand, and then told me to go ahead and check him out; that it was proper dog etiquette and I may as well start learning it now. I bent down and sniffed up and down his sheath, taking in its musky, male smell.

Then I sniffed the inside of his thigh, and noted that Hank stood completely still while I did so. He had a distinct, but very pleasant smell that I could recognize anywhere.

I wasn't looking forward to smelling his butt, but I sniffed back there anyway, since it was the dog thing to do. Hmmm… Strange&hellip.

Smells that previously would have revolted me now seemed quite different; stronger, but more tolerable, more interesting, more full of information. These smells seemed to lock into my permanent memory, and I realized that if I ever came across a place where Hank had peed or pooped or laid around much, I'd know it was him and about how long ago he'd been there. I looked back at him and he touched my nose again and gave my muzzle a lick and I could clearly sense that he just wanted to be friendly and didn't intend any aggression.

I thought that it would be fun to run and romp in the yard with him and his face lit up and he started to get excited. "Llllett Hannnk llloosssh," I asked Paige. "Ok," she said, understanding me and unclipping the leash from Hank's collar. Hank bounded across the backyard and I loped along beside him. Running felt great as a dog.

I was amazed how much ground we could cover with so little effort. He sniffed around exploring his new home, and soon found where I had pissed on the fence post.

He hiked his leg and pissed on the same place. I used to think that the dogs were trying to cancel each other out when they did that, but I figured out that they were just adding their "signature" to the same place. Like one dog saying "I was here" by peeing on a bush or post or whatever, and another coming along behind him and saying "I was here, too." After Hank finished the rest of his business, he came cavorting across the yard towards me and I took off and ran from him, and that just spurred him on into high gear and we had a game of chase.

He caught me fairly easily in the confines of the backyard, and nipped at my flank, then took off running away from me. I whirled around and pursued him. I quickly found that I needed practice running and maneuvering at high speed. Running came naturally, but the quick jukes left and right took more skill. When trying to take a quick, high-speed right turn to head him off, my paws slipped on the dewy grass, and I slid down and busted my ass.

Hank slammed on the brakes and spun around, then woofed at me with a laughing expression on his face. I scrambled to my feet and charged towards him.

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I was faster than he, in a straight line, but he could turn quicker than I, since he was shorter than I, and lighter too. But I was able to anticipate his juke, and by stretching out, keeping my head low, and twirling my tail into the turn, I was able to cut him off and catch him, nipping him on the side.

We were having a ball, but then Paige whistled and called us to come in. I immediately whirled around and headed to her, and Hank followed too. He was a well-behaved dog, and I liked him. We could be good friends, if we kept him. We trotted into the house, panting, and the smell of Tina hit us.

I immediately saw that Hank was getting horny, and it was hard for me to resist, too. The next thing I knew, he was trying to mount me. I instantly spun around, growling, and facing him. He backed off, but was still in need. "It may not be too late to reverse the curse, if you've changed your mind," Paige said, chuckling at me. I shook my head emphatically, and growled out "Nnnooo!!" Paige took poor Hank and put him back out in the garage, then started cooking us some supper.

She cooked up a couple of hamburger steaks (mine was a big one), some pan-fried potatoes, and some California-cut mixed vegetables. The smell was fantastic, in fact, so good that I forgot about Tina's scent for a while. Paige served our plates and set them on the table, and got out two sets of silverware. Turning towards the table, she realized what she had done and started laughing. Then it hit me: what was I going to do with silverware?

For that matter, was I going to be able to eat at a table? Or off of a plate? Paige pulled out a chair for me and I hopped up into it. She sat down, and stared across the table at me. I couldn't read her face or discern her emotion from her scent.

"Whass wrrrronng?" I asked, beginning to worry. "Scott, it's still hard for me to believe this is you, even though I saw you change with my own eyes.

But I still love you dearly. And I'm so glad that I'm privileged to join you in this adventure. But please don't get mad at me when I forget your new form, and do stupid things, like I just did when I almost put silverware at your place setting.

I'm sorry" "Thash Ohh Kaay. Immm nnot offfennded. An I lub you tooo!" I managed to get out. "I wonn't bite you thissh time," I said grinning at her and baring my teeth. This lightened her mood and her face lit with happiness. "Well, dig in and eat your supper, before I throw it to the dogs!" she said, laughing, with her beautiful eyes dancing mischievously. I didn't have any trouble with the fries or veggies, but eating the hamburger steak was a little awkward, so Paige cut it up for me.

I found that I could wolf down food with hardly a chew, but I chose to chew it and savor every bite of it. I also couldn't chew with my mouth closed. My lips wouldn't stretch enough and I had less control of them than I did as a human. So, I resigned myself to smacking for the rest of my life; one of several things that I could do as a dog, but were not acceptable as a human. It was also nearly impossible to drink out of a glass without making a mess, so Paige poured my tea into a mixing bowl.

After finishing supper, Paige cleaned up the kitchen, and we went to bed. I was exhausted, and Paige was sore from our earlier lovemaking, so we went to sleep. I got too hot to stay under the covers with her, so I curled up on the bedspread beside her.

I slept blissfully, and the next morning, I awoke stretched out beside Paige, with her arms around my neck and her nose buried in the soft fur on the back of my left ear.