Hard ramrod awards busty slut with joy

Hard ramrod awards busty slut with joy
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Raynelovexx: an dumped on me tho DracMorair: hellow Dwyn: Ey. Raynelovexx: (wrong chat sorry) XxNicomedesxX: -pulls your shirt down over your face.

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blinding you and revealling your tits- hmm.so many targets. -not wanting to hurt the little girl too much with a punch. he delivered and open hand slap to her belly. letting his wrist go loose to allow for the maximum amount of sting and sound- Raynelovexx: *she yelps loudly holding her belly* NNNNNN DracMorair: ~~gigglez at Nico's toying with her~~ XxNicomedesxX: -i grab your wrists and throw them out of hte way so i can deliver another slap to your belly.

already red contrasting on your pale skinned body from the first slap.

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if you remain helpless to get out. i would do this 4 more times each stinging blow twice as painful as the next- Raynelovexx: *i untangle my legs letting myself fall flat on the mat* fucking shit >/////< Dwyn: Okay <_<, I'mma regret dibing on Rayne. DracMorair: ~~clicks my toungue in a mocking of her situation followed with a deep chuckle as I see the blushing~~ DracMorair: That mean I can challenge nico? XxNicomedesxX: -pulls off her top completely.

throws it over to Drac. for a souvineir. - on your feet. -i would pick her up by the head. and stand before her. watching her on wobbly legs. as i give her a small window of opportunity to do something- DracMorair: ~~giggles catching it with one of my claws twirling it like a mocking rooster banner~~ Raynelovexx: *i weakly swing at him wanting to atleast leave a mark on him* DracMorair: I'd say she's no fight left in her Dwyn: ^ DracMorair: Find something ot piss her off Dwyn: This is more like some Dom vs sub thing DracMorair: ikr DracMorair: passive agressive BS Dwyn: Least bit of entertaining.

Raynelovexx: (yeah can you go ahead and end this buddy?) DracMorair: I'm all for maschocist out of the ring, but here, its little more than a bdsm play XxNicomedesxX: -he takes her weak swing without flinching.

he would then push her into his corner hard. trying to knock the wind out of her and stun her. then he would grab her shorts.

pull them down. grab her by the back of the head and throw her face first into the mat with her shorts around her ankles- DracMorair: ~~claps my hands~~ fuck that bitch!

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Raynelovexx: *gets knocked out by the blow* (you win) Dwyn: And your winner. Dwyn: Nico Dwyn: Nico Bellic XxNicomedesxX: -pulls her up by the hair. flings her out of the ring. naked and ashamed- DracMorair: ~~watches nico with a giggle jumping up and povolting into the ring with minimal effort from my bottom half landing in the center ring on all fours wagging my tail~~ Wana real challenge Nico?

XxNicomedesxX: later gtg. :) DracMorair: ~pouts~ Dwyn: Dayum o _o DracMorair: Dwyn you ever going ot get out of spectator mode? Dwyn: I'd love but uhm >_>. I need to be off in 30 mins or so.

Dwyn: What the hey Dwyn: Lets go for it o3o Dwyn: -Steps into the ring. Dwyn: Tafa Dwyn: Tada DracMorair: ~~wiggles my tuckus at him ~~ Come and get it Raynelovexx: dont do eet! xD Raynelovexx: its a treek Dwyn: I know what I am in for xD. DracMorair: gigglez DracMorair: Dwyn has seen meat my finest Dwyn: I might leave midway, don't get pissed and stuff >_> DracMorair: Nah, I'll take what I can DracMorair: comeon Dwyn: Alright Dwyn: Then Dwyn: Just let me clarify a few things before we proceed >_> DracMorair: awws Dwyn: No diety tricks.

DracMorair: Define dirty Dwyn: And I mean DracMorair: gigglez Dwyn: Diety Dwyn: Deity* Dwyn: Dirty is always encouraged. Dwyn: Go mad there :D DracMorair: come on 30 minutes DracMorair: time is tick'n Dwyn: But yeah seriously, no supernatural stuffs >_> DracMorair: fair enough Dwyn: Alright then Dwyn: Ladies first.~ DracMorair: ~~crawls up to him with out a care giggling along the way moving mucles where no human figure should have them as I prowl up to him.

Lifing my uper half to lick his belly batting my lashes looking up at him~~ DracMorair: tick tock DracMorair: bark Dwyn: Aye aye Dwyn: typing Dwyn: I'll extend my time for you if these gets intense. DracMorair: oooo DracMorair: promise? Dwyn: Mhm DracMorair: Then doit dwyn DracMorair: hey der Ghanima DracMorair: bout to get started with dwyn here for the first round between me and him Ghanima: 'Allo.ah, impeccable timing, then DracMorair: indutibly DracMorair: enjoy DracMorair: Taking his sweet ass time though DracMorair: Tempted to put a stipen, two minute action or forfiet the next action to the other Dwyn: -The man would poise himself at the turnbuckle in a manner to stretch all of his pivotal muscles for the match to partake.

Holding onto the bands he carries with him always, wrapping them around his firm fists; slightly rouged from his last events of bloodlusts. He'd crouch down in ways as he rested his head to his fists clinched as one, chanting some words in whimper before he takes off in a lunge in the same vertical position to awaken the enthusiasm.

He'd then sight onto his opponent, been startled a bit from its figure and expression. He'd then notice it trying to proceed towards him in alluring manner, he'd take the bait and stand idly in his very position, not moving a flinch as the furry licked him through the belly. The man would once again crouch down, this time focusing onto the furry; raising his arms and petting it on the head, as a grin would come on to his.

He'd then utter the words.- Don't play nice  DracMorair: ~~giggles heartidly at the request as I raise my paws to shred there shorts and opening my jaw to take his soft cock into my muzzle, using my lighting fast forked demon, yet ruff jaguar/wolf like across the base milking blood flow into it~~ DracMorair: hey foo! si1foo1fighters: heeey drac DracMorair: Just starting this round with dwyn :) si1foo1fighters: have fun DracMorair: always DracMorair: enjoy DracMorair: seriously Dwnn, two minutes to respond, thats m y limit.

Gods i need action. Dwyn: >_> DracMorair: Think on your feet DracMorair: funner that way Ghanima: He's not doing too badly for someone whose first language isn't English Dwyn: Aye aye. DracMorair: meh we all speak a second language. Phonics is first. Ghanima: Lol But, you should stop para-roleplaying, Dwyn DracMorair: tick tock dwynn DracMorair: ehy foo DracMorair: you wana play with me if Dwnn cant pull his imagination out of his ass DracMorair: slow ass* DracMorair: bark Dwyn: -The man would be stiff as a statue, not much of an expression wandered onto his face as he was being stripped of his shorts.

Gazing onto the whim of the beast through attempt in engulfing my shaft in a beastly way. A mere chuckle would overtake his face as he would lower himself towards the furry, while keeping his lower body stern as a tree. The blood drizzling and overflowing through there would just keep him preoccupied from thinking of what maneuvers to attempt.

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The man would go with the flow and clinch onto the back of the furry's head; held rather aggressively. He'd then move himself in a tro and fro motion.- Dwyn: I like typing so. Sorry >_> DracMorair: grr Dwyn: Like adding a bit of depth into that. DracMorair: ~~As his hands embrace my scruff I give a shrug as I dislocate my jaw, my heritage allowing for a bit more in the field of race biases, opening my jaw to dig in my k9s to the top of his naval and the bottom hitting his anus, Balls and cock in my muzzle firmly I use my paws to digg into his hips and push him back in the corner, my body following as I ram the cock down my throat~~ DracMorair: (depth.

ironic) DracMorair: gigglez Dwyn: -The man's eyes would widen through, slapping off the still expression he had going before this dilemma came through. He'd then let a bit of a cry in agony, as he held onto the jaws of the beast with firm grips, as he tried to agape them in a belligerent manner. Grinding his teeth and squitning his eyes; as he tried to ignore the pain overlfowing.- DracMorair: ~~giving a growl as his attempt just locks into his naval and anus as my forked jaguar/wolf toung works over his balls, contracting my throat to swallow over his cock over and over.

The anology of attempting ot digest his cock hitting my thought as I chuckle at his attempts and the thought~~ Dwyn: -Thrusting his head backwards in more pain, the man would feel as he was about to be castrated in the most peculiar ways.

All of his mustered macho would come to shreds, as the member was locked in a pretty tight predicament. The man would inhale as he gasped through, letting his hands loose from the clinch of the beast; forming his both of his hands into one big fist and landing it right onto the neck of the beast with full force in an attempt to hit the jugular vien.- Dwyn: Wbz Dwyn: Dwyn: -Thrusting his head backwards in more pain, the man would feel as he was about to be castrated in the most peculiar ways.

All of his mustered macho would come to shreds, as the member was locked in a pretty tight predicament. The man would inhale as he gasped through, letting his hands loose from the clinch of the beast; forming his both of his hands into one big fist and landing it right onto the neck of the beast with full force in an attempt to hit the jugular vien.- Dwyn: Only thing you muissed <_< DracMorair: ~~The letting go of the scruff setting my nerves on end I chime the bells in my ears to hear/see the disturbance in air flow.

Watching in my minds eye as the hammer cums down I raise my hackles to soften the blow at my neck, Hurt, but not disabled I moan across his cock in pleasure as the pain rides the top of my spine~~ Ghanima: ((Thank you.)) Ghanima: ((I know that name.'ey, Batty)) Guest_Battosai17: @[email protected] ((Ey Ghanima.I crashed)) Ghanima: (( Rofl I did, too.and, it's odd seeing you out of fur :o )) Guest_Battosai17: (( : P)) DracMorair: ((hey batto ;)) Guest_Battosai17: ((Hey Drac, so how have you two been?)) DracMorair: ((I never know "how i am" life is a fucking miracle Ghanima: (( 'Ello, Dorma.match in progress )) Dwyn: -Pain would amplify immensely, the main would then lean over to the back of the furry.

Holding against to it, as he rested himself from the affliction inflicted even more. Knowing his jolt just caused the beast to move a bit off, he'd then move onto rash means. As he lied he chest down on the furry's back, he'd then hold on against the tail; giving it a rather rough tug as a warning for the furry to ease off.- Dwyn: the man would* DracMorair: ~~Feeling the tug with a giggle I continue milking the cock avidly, as he leans over I pull the tail and beging it sharply around his neck pulling his wrist with it, leaving him in a dilema to let go or strangle himself with his own arm.

~~ DracMorair: bending* Guest_Battosai17: ((Nice outfit btw Ghanima : P)) Ramonoi: Goodday. Ghanima: (( Rofl Was looking for a pokemon master erp room, but musta closed :c )) Guest_Battosai17: (( Oh Well)) Dwyn: -Flustered he was as the tail would proceed onto acts to tangle him through as he attempted to roughen it.

The dilemma he didn't forsee was his very own arm wrapped around him, causing him to rather choke throughly. The pull caused him to jerk forward towards the furry, causing his cock to lunge in a bit more. The pain would cease him as he would bend down to his knees losing a bit of balance.- DracMorair: ~~using my center of gravity as his legs beging ot buckle I force my body weight into the corner slamming him once again down my throat, my k9's makiing new wounds with my open jaw across his naval and anus.

With a michevious dark chest filled giggle I roll my toungue out to his anus and probe it~~ Ghanima: 'Ey, there.-She wriggles her fingers in a brisk flutter of a wave, then tosses a thumb at the scene behind herself.- Match in progress Guest_Battosai17: ((Yup)) Ramonoi: -rolls over his bar stool onto the bar to carefully see the match- Dwyn: -The thrust against the turnbuckle would cause him to get weary even more; as his head then start to drift off.


He then depended on the rhythm of her breathing; waiting for the ultimate opportunity to rid himself of this mess. He would place both of his hands evenly on the lower and upper jaw as support, gasping through he'd then lunge of his member using the corner to jump ontop of it, and using her outrageous long tongue as a support balance to get him up there; evidently slipping it off his anus.- DracMorair: ~~As the chuckle goes deeper into my belly the demon in me enjoying the struggle as his ass escapes my muzzle I bend my spine, using my paws already dug in his hips to throw him back into the ring.

Jusing my feet to climb up and flip over on top of him as he lands once again waiting for the bastard to cum as I work my thorat milking the cock~~ Dwyn: -As the man was flipped over, he'd hit himself at the back of the head; letting of a in a slight daze.His cock would protrude in the most surreal ways as he she did the work on him. A bit of precum milking off as she did the work on it, durable he was; but it seemed like it would be anytime he would claim down.

Her weight on top of him would be quite a bear, he'd then hold on again her with the drowsy expression he head; and tug her tail even more for her to left ogg as he gazed into the sky wishing for this to come to an end,- DracMorair: ~~releasing the twisted up elbow across his neck and my tail I let the blood rush to his head in his daze, intent to add that extra bit of stars behind his eyes rush the blood flow to his mind and senses to cum down my throat as the back of my tongue taste the first hint.

with a lustfull growl deep in my chest vibrating up to my throat and around his cock to get that last bit of stimulation for him to cum~~ Dwyn: ((I'll be off in 10 mins)) DracMorair: ((This is the finisher if you allow it hehe)) Dwyn: -The man would start to see the stars as anticipated by the opponent. His last breath would gasp off as he raised his hand in a way to signal a forfeit, then he immediately launched it downwards; denying so to give.

He'd then clinch onto his first firmly and charged right into her exposed slit. Dwyn: FFS Dwyn: STUPID ENTER BUTTON Dwyn: Y U SO CLOSE TO BACKSPACE DracMorair: lol Dwyn: ((nOT YET, we'll resume this later on.)) DracMorair: . you promised. Dwyn: Indeed I did.

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DracMorair: then finish it Dwyn: I SAID, I MIGHT LEAVE MIDWAY Dwyn: We can continue this later on DracMorair: and this isn't quote "intense" Dont make a liar out of you Dwyn: But I can't give up on a fight if I am weary at night.

DracMorair: Think about excuses is that if it was important you wouldn't need them DracMorair: Ce'la'vi dwyn Dwyn: .Fine, but I deem a rematch next time. DracMorair: Carpe Diem DracMorair: muah Ghanima: Lol Or in his case carpe noctem DracMorair: indeed Ghanima: You should cede the match, though, Dwyn.she has had your cock in and around her mouth for a good while Ramonoi: -sighs as he sits down on the bar waiting to dive into the ring- Ghanima: There isn't much else to do, but release Guest_Battosai17: .Yup Dwyn: -THe man would let all of his breath off, as he got a little shock down his head; causing him to be vulnerable at most times.

The man's eyes would shut close as that of a rusty door, leavung himm off dead. Letting off all of his contempt and control in one go, drizzling out all the cum through his penis as a sign of defeat.- Ghanima: (( 'Ey, Jeff )) KainTantalus: hey Ghani DracMorair: ~~gulping him down in one lusftull swallow warming my gut I stand quickly and push his carcass out of the ring without cermony with a plop looking to the crowd spotting ramoni~~ Wana go?

Dwyn: -ded, rolls off the ring- Ramonoi: -looks at her then at the fallen man before looking at her carefully- You take another match directly after that? DracMorair: ~~shrug~~ not much of a challange really DracMorair: Think you got better? Ramonoi: -he looked at her then runs and slides into the ring before leaping up and making 2 demon horns in the air- Would have loved to fight you or Ghanima Dwyn: >_> Dwyn: Toodles.

DracMorair: muah KainTantalus: lol havnt seen your pkemon gear in a while G.you revamped it a bit DracMorair: ~~lettign the glamor go for a bit of a giggle at the horns titlting my head curiously~~ Ghanima: Yup.was looking for some pokemon themed ERP KainTantalus: ah Ramonoi: -he smiled as he took of his tie and shirt then looks at the furry across the ring then shakes his head- What Did I get myself into this time Ghanima: Lol Drac.I think Dwyn has been wanting to wrestle you ever since Sakura told him, you were the best match she has had DracMorair: ~~chuckles a full on echoing off the wall demon dark laugh at his response~~ I am the Demon Lust, and you are?

Ramonoi: Sakura I think I beat her once. KainTantalus: my pokemn rm is still open though havnt seen anyone ging in therein a while Ramonoi: The name is Riley, but I like to let my actions speak for myself DracMorair: Sakura pulled me to a draw, her pinned and fucked while I cumed from a broken arm Ghanima: Oh, I forgot you had one, Jeff KainTantalus: lol yeah KainTantalus: my pkemon forest Ghanima: Ah KainTantalus: I havnt even been in there in a while Ramonoi: Wait you cum from a broken arm, damn that really is something DracMorair: pnp DracMorair: Pain and pleasure indivisible Ghanima: Mhm Ramonoi: Good to know.

Give me your rules and lets get this underway DracMorair: hehe. you may want to give yourself a handy-cap since you were so eager to jump in. and now hesitating Ramonoi: -smiles- I doubt now and again. -pulls the rope then shakes his arms- But am ready. DracMorair: doubt DracMorair: doubt KainTantalus: brb Ramonoi: Tell me your rules and lets go.

DracMorair: I have none, even to the point of death. KainTantalus: ok DracMorair: So again, whats your handicap, choose wisely Ramonoi: My handicap? mhmm adivce? DracMorair: I only ad vices when asked for. think for yourself demon Ramonoi: I have a bad left arm, guess that will work for me DracMorair: ~~raises a brow~~ Showing weakness, do you want me to leave it alone?

Ramonoi: Maybe my weakness is my strong suit ;) Don't worry your little head about it DracMorair: The come at me, for this tirade is starting to test my patience Ramonoi: -laughs- I was waiting for you he slowly walks towards him holding his hands up for a test of strength- ReysVirulentShadow: Someone rape someone already!

I've been in here 15 seconds and there is no rape?! Guest_Battosai17: <.< ReysVirulentShadow: Ahh Ghhanima is here ReysVirulentShadow: Now the raping can begin DracMorair: ~~shrugs retracting my talons not to dig into his palms as I dig the lower ones into the mat spreading my legs sumo style to meet him face to face snapping my jaws milimeters from his face before lacing out my forked sandpaper tounge across his chin~~ Ghanima: It's not rape.if you enjoy it :o DracMorair: indeed Ghanima ReysVirulentShadow: Good point ReysVirulentShadow: Then it's just faux rape Ghanima: Lol Ghanima: Is more enjoyable if you struggle ReysVirulentShadow: And faux rape is fun rape Ramonoi: -quickly falls on his back as he tries to hold her hands as his back hits the floor he would kick his legs up trying to launch her over him- captianplutonium: makes rosted marshmeollows in my flame then its them- mmmm Guest_Battosai17: @[email protected] captianplutonium: #U# DracMorair: ~~shaking my head as his his center of gravity falls backwards~~ Such a little imp you are ~~wrapping my tail around his legs to pull them under me I straddle his belly and slam my center into his gut.

Thereafter making an attempt to slam my palm into his neck to pin his puppy ass into the mat~~ ReysVirulentShadow: So Plutonium. Are youa ctually on fire? or is this the result of a nuclear half life melt down? Ghanima: He reminds me of a mount I have on TERA Ghanima: :x captianplutonium: actualy on fire captianplutonium: lolz captianplutonium: well u can mount me any time captianplutonium: XD captianplutonium: even have a saddle ReysVirulentShadow: lol Ghanima hahahaha ReysVirulentShadow: Do it Ghanima: Your lips will be my saddle <3 ReysVirulentShadow: Ride him cowgirl captianplutonium: X/////X DracMorair: gigglez ReysVirulentShadow: Delicious ReysVirulentShadow: -Pats Ghanima's butt- Go get him captianplutonium: im a luck horse Guest_Battosai17: <.< oh my Ghanima: Lol Ah, I see the saddle Ghanima: Nice captianplutonium: mhm X3 ReysVirulentShadow: Fire proof saddle ReysVirulentShadow: he's prepared Ghanima: Rofl ReysVirulentShadow: wait ReysVirulentShadow: WAIT ReysVirulentShadow: WAIT ReysVirulentShadow: NO captianplutonium: xP well ima a fire horse ReysVirulentShadow: Mel brook's BLAZING SADDLES Ghanima: Lol captianplutonium: kinda have to Ramonoi: -he quickly grabs her right leg with his left arm then kicks his legs up to get a moment to roll through and lay her besides him, then quickly rolls through with his right elbow to the front trying to hit her middle- Ghanima: I haven't seen that movie since I was a wee 'lil sprat captianplutonium: lolz Guest_Battosai17: I saw it.bout a year or two ago lol DracMorair: ~~slamming my right knee into that fleshy part of the arm pit just my hips forward to straddle the middle of his chest.

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Hand ignored now wrapping around his neck slamming him back into the mat digging in with rivulets of blood. Hitting my notrils with a flair of bloodlust my demonic eyes staring down on him I lower my muzzle to his nose~~ You keep struggling you'll be lacking a spine ~~as my talons extend sharply into his neck at the back of his neck~~ DracMorair: at the * into the back of his neck * captianplutonium: -eatsa cookie- Ramonoi: -he held his neck as calm as he could feeling the pain in his left arm, he locked it out as good as he could then he quickly threw his right elbow to her chin trying to make her fall over backwards or atleast take a bit of momentum- ReysVirulentShadow: -Sneezes- ReysVirulentShadow: My son has been a monster recently ReysVirulentShadow: Good evening Mira ReysVirulentShadow: Hey Grem captianplutonium: lays donw on the countr- Guest_Miramarr: hey gremlininheat: haiii all DracMorair: ~~my muzzle inches away from his neck as his body calms I opem my jaws to clamp downon his neck and growl that echoes in the hearts of all gathered with an echo off the arena walls.

Letting my paw go free to wrap around the offending hand and dig my talons into forearm and slamming it into the mat with a meaty crunch~~ Ghanima: Gesundheit.and, how old is he? gremlininheat: (is there a match going on) Ghanima: Mhm Drac vs Ramonoi ReysVirulentShadow: He's almost three ReysVirulentShadow: It's hot in new yorka nd he refuses to let us put his fdan on ReysVirulentShadow: fan gremlininheat: (go romonoi!!!) ReysVirulentShadow: and demands to sleep with his blankets ReysVirulentShadow: So he's a sweaty mess Ramonoi: -he quickly kicks his legs into the mat, looking for a way to pick up the pace.

with the kick he tries to roll over his shoulders and back to his feet- Guest_Miramarr: brb >.> ReysVirulentShadow: tyt Mira DracMorair: ~~The throws and struggle only wetting things below my waist I snap down on his throat k9's digging in to his windpipe, blood flowing to the mat I ignore the bottom half of his body as this will be the end of him if he continues~~ ReysVirulentShadow: Hello Kieanah Ramonoi: ((well god-modding city around here but fine)) Kieanah: hello Guest_thade88: hello everyone ReysVirulentShadow: Nice tagline Kie Kieanah: ty DracMorair: ((not god modding, you can struggle all you want, but you did not remedy my muzzle at your neck, you ignored that.

Its intent of action, not forced) ReysVirulentShadow: Good evening Randy Randy2148: good evening Ramonoi: ((Right so all my actions are voided, during the whole match as you basicly do what you want ;) Fine ) DracMorair: ((no, I can find a way to remedy the siituation or accept the damage.

as can you. otherwise whats the fucking point.)) Ramonoi: -quickly starts pulling his knees up to hit her lowerback and ass multiple times as he quickly pulled his head up in a attempt to hit her nose- DracMorair: ~~done with this demon locks my jaws tight, k9's biting in and snapping off his jugular, knowing the demon's body has no need to breath, half a neck missing I stand up disgusted with his ass. Putting my hands to my hips peter pan style as I attempt to crush the remaining bit of his neck with my right foot aimed for the bloody mess~~ Ramonoi: -smiles closing his eyes and letting it happen, it had been no point fighting it- captianplutonium: o-o captianplutonium: poof DracMorair: ~~shrugs~~ You cant force my body against its its own will.

I'm nobody's puppet, its your force or nothing ReysVirulentShadow: Girl I ain't your puppet! DracMorair: gigglez DracMorair: muah ReysVirulentShadow: Rapist/murderer DracMorair: ~~blows reys kiss~~ I know thats why I love ya captianplutonium: lolz ReysVirulentShadow: Huzzah?

captianplutonium: XD DracMorair: ~~spitting out the windpipe discusted I preen off my paw of his blood with enthusiasm~~ captianplutonium: having fun in the blood drac Guest_Battosai17: @[email protected] DracMorair: ~~shrugs~~ I hate sore loosers ReysVirulentShadow: Why did you spit it out?

ReysVirulentShadow: Windpipes are delicious DracMorair: And I don't consume things that are weak captianplutonium: ya i can tell gremlininheat: -taps my toe and still waits for an answer- DracMorair: Though his bit of bloodlust is a nice fine wine down my gullet captianplutonium: not any more gem captianplutonium: grem gremlininheat: -giggles- not you pluto captianplutonium: lolz DracMorair: your welcome to it ~~gesturing to the discarded windpipe~~ captianplutonium: -ppaws ur bloody claws- ReysVirulentShadow: Eh Windpipes taste like shit.

DracMorair: ~~giggles as I look at cap with a grin before offering my paw to his muzzle aiming to put my bloody fingers strait into his muzzle~~ captianplutonium: -licks the blood off regardless of the danger he knows hes in- ReysVirulentShadow: RAPE DracMorair: ~~as his mout opens I drive my fingers in to the back of his throat wiping the bloody mess like a kerchif ~~ Your welcome captianplutonium: -gags couging a bit as se shoves her finger in qcuickly pulling out after licking them dry -x-x-starts rubbing my throat captianplutonium: bleh gremlininheat: was yumi here?

DracMorair: Carefull what you beg for without asking how you get it ;) captianplutonium: lolz never said i didnt like t ;p captianplutonium: 3 DracMorair: giggles ReysVirulentShadow: YUmi was not here Grem ReysVirulentShadow: Yumi was never here captianplutonium: hehe -sigh- ReysVirulentShadow: WHo is Yumi?

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captianplutonium: -slowly gets back up sittng down- gremlininheat: funny DracMorair: ~~raises a knee my back in the bar to captains inner thigh raising my brows suggestivly begging a bit of my own~~ captianplutonium: -smirks rubbing her kne egnighting my flame for her knowing of he ineer phenoix captianplutonium: inner- DracMorair: ~~reaching a free paw around the horse cock of his squeezes just enough to know its there and soft enough not to be painful~~ You want the demon or the fire?

captianplutonium: mmm your choice i just aim to please-moans softly bittin my lip spreding my legs for you- DracMorair: ~~as his desire and burning to my touch starts to melt the flesh of my demon in my inner mind I blink the phoenix cry for a mate rising from the ashes with a beat of wings the ashes of the demon scatted around the bar as I stare back at him and his offering as I being to slowly work my burning hand over his member~ captianplutonium: -moans softly bittng my lip feeling the heat radiatefrom her hands agaist hi member it stats to pop form ths sheath slowly as hs heat intensifs to that of a novamoivng in closer as her sarts licking the phnoexis neck slowly- DracMorair: ~~pulling him into my arms offering my neck to his scalding tonougue the fire upon fire in us rising us from the depths of desire, slowlly working my futanaric shaft against his belly after straddling him.

Letting my free paw around his growing member to tease at my smoldering hole~~ DracMorair: Letting go * captianplutonium: mmm-gaseszz as her beautiful inense head kissng her smoulder lips feeling there heat glisen and grow as he rubs her futanaric shaft with both his claws feeling her harden as he would slide his member between her red asscheeks grinding it into her smouldering hole- DracMorair: ~~clenching my cheeks across the shaft grind my hips into his raging cock, sparks coming form my cuntie as theres no room for wetness in my phoenix form sparking across his naval and inner thighs.

~~ captianplutonium: -bites my lip suckling her hardend heated nippils s he would then slide one claw into her pussy feeling the sparks against his his claws moanig louder and sliding his memberdeepr into her ass- DracMorair: ~~with a cry echoing from my beak as my inner and out form scream towards the sun as he penetrates my soot covered holes. I grasp his body tightly in mine digging my talons into his back as I beging to slwoly move my body in the effort to work the fingers in and out of me~~ captianplutonium: -moans louder in pleasure as her talons dig deepr into his hardend back feelign her tight ass heat his cock further slowly pusshing deepr into heras the heat entsifys to that of the sn around thm slowly going fster into her soot ass and slides more fingers into her clit and rubbing her shaft ith the other hand squzzing it hard but soft for leasure whil suckling her breast harder moanig loude from the heat going deepr into her sweet firey imbrace- DracMorair: ~~My other forms able to lactate what he gets in exchange is a molten flam burning down his throat I moan as it feeds him.

The moan becoming a squak as alll of my privates recieve there share of attention~~ captianplutonium: -pants heavily feeling her sweet molten flam donw his throat taking it all getting hotter making his member and shaft grow pounding faster into her ass and harder smacking his hips o her ass making sparks litrily fliy froom the entense heat between them as hed slide hils tail deep in her pusyy gridng aaginst her soot walls and reaching her womb pounding into it harder and faster whild using both hand to rub her shaft harder gridning into her tip- DracMorair: ~~The bar stool begining to turn into molten metal below them I grin as I wrap my legs around him.

The fine soot up my punani working as a loop, producing more in exchange what my other body would produce as the wet mess. Opening my tail feathers /open as I feel the first firestorm of orgasm hit my nerves as I buck, my inner walls cracking like an egg to allow the full length of him inside~~ Guest_Miramarr: back :) ReysVirulentShadow: welcome back Mira ReysVirulentShadow: How goes it?

Guest_Miramarr: good. nothing bad happened at work, so I can't complain ReysVirulentShadow: Glad to hear it Guest_Miramarr: how are you? ReysVirulentShadow: I am aliveish Guest_Miramarr: something wrong? captianplutonium: -moasn soflty bitng her harnd nips harder taking in her flma maongi seeing her feathers open as he would crack te walls further smcackin harder deep in her waills as histail wold coil in her flamfilld womb stretching it harder and he then would shoot laa cumm insted of his regular seed from both his cock and tail filling her deep into her womb and ass moaning as the heat intensifys and claws into her ass howling- DracMorair: (fima maongi?) ReysVirulentShadow: (Woof.

His spelling took a hit. Proof it's impossible to type with one hand) captianplutonium: fire moanig* DracMorair: gigglez captianplutonium: lolz ) Guest_Miramarr: (loll) DracMorair: ~~as the volcanic eruption from his flaming dark horse spirit fills me I scream at the heavens in an ear shattering caw of my phoenix, /close ing my tail feathers as my body shakes across half sure If I let go I'll fall with my body shaking over him~~ captianplutonium: mm-pants heaily embracing her body into my arms holidng her close staying with in her sweet punani and soot coverd ass clencing her ass wanting to me embraced in your wings- captianplutonium: heavily* DracMorair: ~~his heart so close to my own I feel the racing in him and embrace my wings, folding them over him as I slowly work my legs down bracing as my feet touch the floor, using my arms still wraped around him and dug in his back for leverage as the energy slow returns to my limbs~~ DracMorair: Blazing saddles love.

my gods!


captianplutonium: hehe <3 captianplutonium: -rest u on my back saddle till u get ur full enegry back- DracMorair: ~~shakes my head slowly ass I let the weight go into my talone'd feet half using the fire of the molten metal to energize my limbs~~ we'll be ok ~unfurling my wings around him putting my hands to his hips ~~What stable did you escape from? DracMorair: ~~ captianplutonium: -smiles panting soflty feeling her hands on my hips feeling the heat and gaining my energy back form her toch-hehe I was sent lose from one of apollos horse from the sun DracMorair: ~~smiles back as my own breath returns to normal scratching one talon into the metal slug at there feet~~ I used to fuck around with the young colts there.

good times. captianplutonium: hehe how fun glad i didnt miss out-smiles rubbing his hoves gently against her talons- DracMorair: ~~leans forward to lick my demonic toungu over his muzzle~~ Howd you get rid of the reigns? captianplutonium: well -rubs my muzzle gently aginst her tongue- well whil he was resting refulin his energy i used his wepon to break me loos DracMorair: hehe, you stole Helio's blade?

That must have pissed off old Sol Invictus captianplutonium: hehe ya but I made a deal with him because though pissed he was ammused of my cunning and tbravery for even atemmpting that -he le me keep a dupliqite blade and let me free as long as i bring up the sun for half of te earth captianplutonium: the DracMorair: hehe, explains why the northen and southern hempisphers are dark for part of the time.

you've been getting your wild oats sown DracMorair: gigglez captianplutonium: hehe yai have DracMorair: ~~scratches under his muzzle~~ happy to ablidge captianplutonium: mm-closes m eyes lifting my head- im glad you are its hard to find pheonixs especialy as amazing and powerful as you DracMorair: Oh, I'm freshly rizen. I find the older my clan the flame starts to dwindle a bit. the balliwick of the candle. energy must flow somewhere.

Young brunette chick on the couch

DracMorair: Though I'll remain rizing again and again till my quest is done. I'm the the point of origin in the pheonix virus, I wont rest till it infects every last soul of 7-8 billion that still need it. This planet will burn. and I cant wait to forget tommorow with infinate possabilites ahead of us all.