Zule el final de ese dia

Zule el final de ese dia
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It was a normal Saturday at my house. Well, not THAT normal. It was my birthday, and I invited EVERYONE. I was becoming thirteen, and I wanted to really celebrate. So that night at the party, everyone came, (as expected), including my girlfriend, Samantha. Now the only reason I am dating her is because of what happened that faithful day on the bus at the last day of school.

I was in a really bad mood. By the time my friend Spencer got off the bus, I just wanted to get home. Right at that moment, Samantha moved and sat down right next to me. "What are you doing?" I asked. "I wanted to sit next to you." She replied. "Why" I asked again. "Because I want to go out with you." She said By that time, I was pretty amazed that a girl so beautiful would want to go out with me, of all people. "Uhhh…" was all I could get out to her, until the word finally escaped my mouth.


"Yes" I said. "Great" she said, and kissed me passionately on the lips. "Whoa", I said "A little too quick there, Ms. Girlfriend" It was her stop so she just smiled and walked off. That must have been the best day of my life. So back to the party.

Turns out, Hunter went kind of crazy and broke the vase that my mom's mom's mom (great grandma for short) had with a baseball bat, so he got kicked out. Trust me, by this point, everyone was relieved. Hunter's such a loser. At about 10:00 PM everyone had cleared out, besides my girlfriend, and we were all wondering when her mom would come and pick her up, but it turns out her mom would be a little bit late due to a fire in North Charleston (she is a firewoman) and she wouldn't be here until about one o'clock in the morning.

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Plus, my mom and 6 year old sister had to go to an emergency council meeting for the girl scouts, so I and Sam were left alone at my house with nothing to do but sit and watch TV. After a while of retarded shows, family guy came on, and we were laughing and having a good time.

Then, Sam asked "Do you still like me?" "Yeah, I do, why?" I replied. "Then, how come you never talk to me in class?" she asked. "Well I mean, I've got friends too, ya know" I said, "I mean, there's" "Oh, just shut up and kiss me already." I answered with a deep smooch on the lips.

Samantha responded by pushing her tongue into my mouth, and soon, we were French kissing as if we were in Paris itself. Sam broke the kiss to say, "Fuck me".

I was surprised at where she was going with this, but I just played along. I nodded in response to her, and she started stripping right in front of my eyes. I was amazed at her beauty as she took off all her clothes to reveal a silk bra and wet purple neon panties.

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Wow, I thought, she's wet. As she pulled down her bra to reveal her breasts, not even fully grown yet, I unzipped my fly and started jacking off to the sight of her.

She then fully exposed her tits and pussy, completely shaved, all I could do was stare. "Well" she asked, "Aren't you gonna strip too?" I caught myself and started to unzip my jeans.

I pulled them down, to reveal a tent in my boxers. When I finished pulling off my shirt, Sam bent down and pulled my boxers off to reveal my 13 year old 7 inch cock, as it sprang into action. She went right to work, and stuck my member into her mouth.


The feeling was incredible. I held her hair and pushed her to the beat of the thrusts she was already making.


After about 2 or 3 minutes of Sam blowing me, I pulled her off, her face quizzical, and said, "Let's take this to the bed." Sam nodded and stood up. She followed me to my bedroom, where I had a queen sized bed, just waiting for a good fucking to take place.

Sam lied down on the bed with her legs opened so I could see her hole. I knew what she wanted. And I was going to give it to her. I placed my penis at her opening, and looked at her for a reply. She nodded, which to me meant "go ahead". I slowly slid my dick into Samantha's pussy. She moaned as it went all the way in, seeming happy about how I filled her up.

I started making slow thrusts, going in and out, in and out, both of us pleasured beyond reasoning. I couldn't stop! I was thrusting faster and faster, both of us moaning at the sensation.

"Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck yeah. Pound me harder Patrick!! Oh my god, I'm cummminnnnnnnnng!!!!!" she was screaming at the top of her lungs.

Sam then exploded into a beautiful orgasm. About 15 seconds later, I had mine, and burst all up into her pipes. We both slumped down in a heap on top of the bed.

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At about a quarter before 1:00 AM, my mom and sis got home. Then at a quarter after 1:00, Samantha's mom came to pick her up. She said she was sorry for being late and it won't happen again, and something about cheesemuffins, then she and Sam got in their car and drove off. As they left though, Sam was waving out the window at me. I waved back pondering on when I would see her again. I can't wait until the next party. Next time: Double trouble? Sam gets pounded twice as hard!!

For finishing this most likely crappy you get a most likely also crappy BONUS JOKE =D Here it is: A man hired a woman to run his comic book store while he was gone (to fuck his wife) for the night.

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When he came back the next morning, everything seemed fine, so the guy went into the security room to check the tapes. 11:00 PM- the girl looks bored, so she takes a riceroni out of the fridge and eats it. 12:00 AM- the girl had been drinking wine after the riceroni and was drunk when a guy walks in.

he's looking at the shelves and starts reading a comic. The girl yells at him "Hey man, this ain't a fuckin' library, either buy somthin', and read it later, or get the fuck out!! The man then left in fury. 1:00 AM- the girl gets bored, so she invites a bunch of friends over, and she locks the doors and throws a HUGE party. 3:00 AM- the party has turned into a fuckfest, and literally everyone there is having sex. 5:00 AM- the girl made everyone leave, and cleaned up the place to make it not look suspicious.

By now, the owner is furious.

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He walks up to the girl, and says, "You're fired." "I'm sorry I treated the customers badly", she said. "That's not why I'm firing you." "I'm sorry I had a party" "That's not why I'm firing you." "I'm sorry it turned into a fuck fest" "That's not why I'm firing you" "Then why are you firing me?" "Because you ate my riceroni, bitch." The End (please rate positive)