Porno filme bbw

Porno filme bbw
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My wife has always been honest about enjoying other men, and from the start we agreed that her body was hers to do with as she pleases- which she does, quite often. I love to watch/listen/hear about her enjoying herself, so our agreement has been mutually satisfying and we have had many fun adventures.

She is 30 and still smoking hot- five foot five and about 125 lbs with very nice 36 DDs, so she does not have trouble finding men to play with. She also works out every day and is a certified yoga instructor, so she is nicely flexible.

Wednesday is her "girl's night"- that is the night she gets to go out and have fun while I sit at home surfing porn and imagining all the trouble she is getting into. We have a lot of good stories about girl's nights, this is one of them. I was sitting around, watching TV and wondering what her plan for the night would be. She was getting ready- black thong, black lace push-up, little black dress, four inch heels.

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As usual I was stroking myself as I watched her get ready, it always gets me very excited to watch her planning a night of fun.

To my surprise, she came over in her very nice outfit, got down between my legs and started sucking me. She is very good with her tongue and I was already excited, I was really enjoying myself.

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Holding my erection, she took out her cell and dialed. I need to give some background here. A few years ago she had had a sexual affair with my boss- a guy named Jack.

He is very handsome, and a shameless womanizer. She came with us on a business trip and that they fucked the whole week. After the trip they fucked pretty regularly for about six months. She'd go with us on business trips and fuck us both, or he'd send me on a trip and he would come over to our house and fuck her. Sometimes they would call me while I was on the road and they were in bed fucking.

I'd jack off driving down the road listening to the two of them. The affair ended a couple of years ago and I had since moved on to another company. I hadn't seen him for a while-- until last Wednesday. So, while stroking my hard cock she called my ex-boss on the phone. She stroked me as she told him how much she missed his cock and she wanted him to come over and fuck her while I watch. She was looking me in the eyes and jacking my dick the entire time. When she hung up she went down on me again.

I was ready to come, but she knows how to hold me back and she didn't let me finish. After a while she stood up and put on some music, we danced a little as she told me how much she was going to enjoy fucking Jack again and that she was going to come on him while I watched. My dick was so hard I thought it would explode.

It only took a half hour before we heard a knock on the door- so he must have moved pretty quickly after her call. She went to answer the door and I could hear them whispering and then some moaning and grunting.

When they came into the living room her dress was pulled up over her ass and his pants were off. She had a hold of hard cock and was leading him by it.


It was shiny and I was pretty sure the sounds I was hearing was her going down on him. He pushed her up against the back of the couch and entered her from behind. I was sitting in the chair watching and could see her eyes roll back as he pushed inside her. She said "Oh I missed your cock" as he pumped. He pulled off her clothes while he fucked her.

It was very sexy watching him pull her dress over her head while she shook from his rhythm.


He unhitched her bra and let her tits out. They were swinging as he kept fucking her. He reached around and squeezed them from behind while she moaned and ground her ass against his moving hips. He pulled her around and laid her over the arm of the couch. He pulled off her soaked panties and threw them to me.


She was so wet that her thighs were dripping. She spread her legs for him and he fucked her frontally- pulling on her hips. I came over and sat on the couch and held her hand while he fucked her.

He looked at my erection and said "You love watching your little wife get fucked hard don't you? I am going to make her come real good." I held her arm while her fingernails dug into me, leaning down to kiss her occasionally and listen to her moan.

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She told him what a great fuck he was. He pushed her on her side and fucked her sideways, then turned her over and fucked her doggy-style over the arm of the couch.

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I held her hand the whole time. Her neck started getting very red, which means that she is getting ready to come. She had him lay on the floor so that she could ride him- that is her favorite way to orgasm. I sat next to her and held her hand as she moved up and down on him.

When she was about to come she pulled me to her and kissed me hard. She bit my lip as she came on his dick. She got off of him before he could finish and the two of us stroked and sucked him. He stroked himself and said "I love fucking your little wife- man she knows how to fuck." He came, spurting on both our faces. He wiped his cock, covered in her juice and his come, on my face.

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He didn't hang around, he just put on his pants and kissed her once and left. After he left she pushed me down and mounted me. She was still really sensitive and she came so quickly that it was like one long orgasm for her from him to me.

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She wiped his come off her face and mine and stuck her finger in my mouth so I could suck it off. She dug her nails into my chest and I came inside her.