Bi collage short mobile gay porn tube To get in a finer stance so

Bi collage short mobile gay porn tube To get in a finer stance so
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Fbailey story number 363 Please Go Away I cut through Lori's backyard and stopped dead in my tracks. There was Lori in the window staring at me.

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Her tits were crushed in the window sill and she was pinned there. I immediately went over to rescue her but she said, "Please go away." I put my fingers under the window in an effort to lift it up above her flattened tits. Again she said, "Please go away." I couldn't believe that she wouldn't let me help. Then I herd her stepfather shout, "What's going on in there?" I lowered myself and stepped to the side. I was scared to death. Lori told her stepfather that a bird had landed on the window sill and that she had told it to go away.

He laughed at her, told her to keep quiet, and then he left. I looked at Lori and whispered that I was sorry, and then I reached out and felt her breasts, running a thumb over her nipples as I did. Again I said that I was sorry and left.

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The next day I went through Lori's backyard as usual but that time I was looking for her to be in her window again. I guess that was why she scared the shit out of me when she jumped out from behind her garage and shouted 'boo.' Then she dragged me behind her garage and kissed me on the cheek.

She said that it was for going away, otherwise her punishment would have been longer.


She told me that her stepfather had started that form of punishment once she had reached a B-cup bra size, which had only happened a month before. Then I got another kiss but that time on the lips. She said that was for touching her breasts, she had liked it. Then she placed one of my hands on her shirt over one of her breasts.

I was surprised that she liked it and let me do it again. So I caressed it gently as we talked about things but all the while I wanted to touch her bare boob like I had the day before.

I thought about asking her but my father never asked my mother when he reached up under her shirt. However, I wasn't my father so I asked Lori if I could slip my hand up under her top. She kissed me again on the lips and thanked me for asking first. She then lifted her shirt up a little and shoved my hand up under it.

She was not wearing a bra and I got a good handful of boob. I hadn't realized how big they were since she normally keeps them pretty well covered and they were smashed flat the day before. As I played with her boobs and her nipples she told me that she was enjoying it. She then told me that her stepfather just reaches up under her tops and grabs a hold of them hard and then squeezes them. She has told her mother but she just keeps telling Lori to let him do it because he pays the bills.

She hates her stepfather. He makes my father seem real nice. Then we heard her stepfather calling for her. At first she froze and tensed up. Then she kissed me on the lips again, pulled my hand away from her boob, and told me to stay there for a couple of minutes before moving. Lori stepped out from behind the garage. Her stepfather asked her who was out there with her.

She replied no one and then he told her to get in the kitchen and fix him some lunch. I waited as she had asked and then snuck out of her backyard a different way so as not to be seen.

The following day Lori came to my house and asked my mother if she could talk to me. Mom took one look at how pretty she was and how much she had grown and then sent her right up to my bedroom. At fifteen Lori was the prettiest girl in our class at school.

She had a pretty face with nice complexion, reddish hair to her waist, and really nice tits. She was wearing a pair of cut off shorts and a halter top. She just walked right into my room and lay on the bed next to me as I was reading.

She took the book away from me and dropped it on the floor. Then she put my hand up under her halter top so that I could fondle her breasts as we talked. I got a kiss on the lips again. I liked the way we communicated. I was sure that I listened better if I was holding her boob. Lori told me that she masturbates all the time and asked me if I did too, yes.

She told me that she thinks of me while she does it. I told her that I thought about her too. She liked that. Then she asked me to masturbate her and I told her that I didn't know how. She smiled, kissed me on the lips again, and told me that it was easy.

She unsnapped her jean cut offs, unzipped them, and lowered them to her knees. She then slipped my hand down into her panties. She let me finger her moist slit, dip my finger into her pussy a few times, and then she showed me where her clit was.

That magic love button was the heart of her pleasure center and I was at the controls. I was now lying on my side with Lori on her back, her top was up above her breasts and I was sucking on a nipple while fingering her clit. Lori was breathing hard, too hard to hear Mom open the door and look in. Mom smiled at me and closed the door again.

I never missed a beat. I gave Lori three orgasms before she pulled away from me. I though she was mad at me, but she said that she just couldn't take any more and that I was just so much better at it than she was, that she would die if I kept it up.

Then Lori undid my pants and reached into them finding my cock hard and waiting for her. It was just too awkward to do inside my pants so I pushed them and my underwear to my knees for her.

She looked at my cock and stroked it like a beginner but soon she got the hang of it and I spewed all over her hand. She liked it but wanted to give me three, like I had given her. I had to explain that I was different. Then I told her that in maybe a half-hour or so she could probably do it again. We dressed and went down to the kitchen where Mom had made us some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, my favorite.

She served them with chocolate milk too. As we ate Mom asked, "So how long have you too been making out?" Lori choked, Mom giggled, and I said, "Only a couple of days." Mom asked, "Have you two gone all the way yet?" I replied, "No." Mom asked, "Lori, are you on the pill?" Lori replied, "No ma'am." Mom said, "Okay I'll go down to the drug store and pick up some condoms for you. You can never be too prepared." Lori looked at me and just smiled, I looked at her and kissed her, Mom just asked, "Do you need them right now." Lori looked at Mom and replied, "I think so." Mom took off her apron, told us to keep eating cookies until she got back, and then she left.

While Mom was gone I told Lori that I didn't know how to do it. She told me that I was supposed to put my hard cock into the hole below her clit where I had moistened my finger earlier.

Oh, that was going to be easy. Mom returned after a while. She had a bag that she dumped out onto the table. Then she explained each item. The condoms were pre-lubricated and had a reservoir on the end to catch my sperm.

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We could only use them once and had to throw them away but not to flush them. There was a tube of K-Y Jelly to use in addition to the lubricated condom to assure that it slipped in and would not break. There was a pressurized canister to squirt inside Lori first that would kill any sperm that did get past the condom. Then there were two big boxes of premixed douche for Lori. She explained how to use them while sitting on the toilet both before and after sex.

One was cherry flavored and the other was strawberry flavored.

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Of course I had to ask why they were flavored. That led to a description of oral sex. Lori knew about blowjobs from her girlfriends but not about a guy doing it to her. She wanted to try that first. So we took all of the stuff up to my bedroom. Luckily I had a bathroom of my own too.

Well it looked like I was going to start sharing it with Lori. I watched as she undressed.

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I hadn't seen her naked before that and I had never seen her pussy. I liked it. She made me get undressed too but she had already seen it all. She let me squat down in front of the toilet to see where her hole was as she inserted the douche and started squeezing. Then she took me to my bed and got on it. She pulled my head into her crotch and told me to start licking her clit and her hole too.

She liked it right away but I sort of had to get used to it first. After her first orgasm I liked it a lot better, mainly because I could fuck her then.

I rolled on the condom, squirted the gook inside her, and applied the extra lubricant. Then I got in position as Lori lifted her knees and opened herself to me. I slipped my cock in and started thrusting. She told me to slow down and enjoy it.

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She also told me that Mom had bought me a dozen condoms so we could do it eleven more times. I just smiled. Fucking into Lori was great. It was the best thing that I had ever done. All too quickly I was shooting my load into her. We cleaned up, Lori douched again, and we got dressed before going down to Mom. Mom was as excited as we were about us loosing or virginities together. Lori told Mom all about our first time in great detail.

She told Mom about her stepfather grabbing her tits all the time and how he crushes her tits in the windowsill with a twenty-pound weight whenever he wanted too, even if she hadn't done anything wrong. Mom had us go back up to my room one more time before Dad came and dinner was ready. Lori said that she couldn't stay or she would get punished. Mom said that she would take care of that.

Making love that second time was much better because we both knew what to expect. I liked the cherry flavored douche better than the strawberry. It was my third time to come so it lasted longer and it felt so much better. I started to enjoy licking Lori first and that second time she sucked me too but not long enough to do any harm. She told me that I could cum in her mouth sometime because one of her girlfriends had told her that she had let a boy do that to her.

We finished, Dad came home, and then we ate dinner. Then as a family we walked next door to confront Lori's stepfather and her mother. Mom told them both what she knew and threatened to call Child Protective Services on them if it didn't stop. Mom wasn't done by a long shot and told them that Lori was to come over to our house every single day so that Mom could see what condition she was in.

Then she told Lori not to stay in the house along with her stepfather either. She was to come over to our house until her mother came home from work. Then my mother got sneaky and produced a form giving Mom the right to seek medical attention for Lori if it should ever become necessary for any reason.


Both of her parents signed it and Dad and I witnessed it. The next day Mom took Lori to her gynecologist, got her a physical, and got her on birth control pills. Mom keeps them at our house and Lori takes one each day when she comes over to make love to me. Since that very first day that summer Lori has never said, "Please go away" to me, and that was nearly twenty years ago.

Today Lori took our fourteen-year-old daughter to the gynecologist for birth control pills.

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Tammy introduced us to her boyfriend Kyle yesterday. The End Please Go Away 363