Mi culona en calzon blanco de encaje

Mi culona en calzon blanco de encaje
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Finally! You're finished work! All you want is to go home, have a nice warm shower, feel your soft sheets against your naked flesh, and go to sleep! Just a short drive and you'll be there! A few songs later and you are home, taking your shoes off and stretching out your toes.

Making your way to your room you strip off your work clothes, putting it away as usual. Grabbing a towel and turning the water on you can't help but admire yourself in the bathroom mirror. A tingle surges through your body as your nipples harden, happy that even the sight of your own body turns you on.

Stepping into the shower your head immediately goes under the water to wash the day away. Shampoo, soap, a few gentle massages and scratches, and you're rinsing off.

Stepping out, the mirror is only slightly fogged and you can see your bed in its reflection. Towelling yourself off impatiently; you just want to crawl into bed. Closing the door slightly as you hang your towel up on the door, jumping into bed, and under the covers in 30 seconds. Letting out a sigh your eyes close, and sleep wraps around you. Shortly before, Keys rattle, the door opens, one more look around is all I have before you're in the house.


Pulling my bag of goodies under the bed and tucking myself under the bed, out of reach of the sunlight trickling in through the window. I watch as you tip toe into the bedroom, stretching out your calves. Shirt, sock, sock, pants. I shift so my cock isn't growing into the floor, giving it the room it desperately needs. bra, and finally panties.

You move quickly into the bathroom, grabbing a towel on your way. I can see the mirror from my vantage point, and I swear you can see me as you check yourself out in the mirror judging from your hardening nipples. Shower curtains. Debating on if I have time. fuck it! I scramble up and reach out, grabbing your panties and scurrying back under the bed.

Feeling the moisture of your panties against my cock as I wrap them around me, up and down, up and down, knowing that soon enough, I'll be where this moisture came from. Quickening my pace, gently pulling at my nipples. My balls start to churn, my cock throbs and I groan softly as I erupt into your panties. Finally catching my breath; I hear the water turn off. Turning back onto my belly to watch. Thanking the gods that your urgency left the mirror only slightly fogged.

You towel yourself off, watching you I feel my heart thump faster. Hoping onto your bed, my cock jumps as you let out a sigh. The waiting begins. A game of chess later, I hear your breathing has changed, blood surges to my cock and a smile on my face as I know you've fallen asleep.

Two more games and I'm sure of it. I send you a text, your phone chimes and hums on the bed stand, you don't even move. Slowly I inch my way out from under the bed and stand, stretching out as I smirk at your naked body half covered by sheets. Thinking of a plan of attack I gently pull the sheets away from you.

as you lay naked I stroke my cock a few times, excited at what's about to happen. Over the next agonizing ten min I spread your legs apart making sure I don't wake you.

Laying myself down between your legs I take your scent in, lifting my ass to allow the needed room for my cock to grow to its length. A gentle, loong stroke from my tongue, bottom to top of your warm pussy, spreading your lips. Sucking you into my mouth your hand instinctively moves down onto my head as you let out a soft moan, still semi sleeping.

My hand comes up and two fingers inch inside of you as my tongue massages your clit. A longer moan as you stretch your legs open, softly waking up and looking down to meet my eyes. "Good moaning" I whisper before lowering my mouth down to your thighs.

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"Great morning!" and a soft gasp as you feel my teeth gently press into your thigh, as my fingers wiggle inside you. My mouth moves down your thigh, licks the back of your knee and moves up the other thigh as your hands wrap around your own breasts, pressing your head back into the pillow and lifting your ass as my mouth makes it back to your lips.


Up one side, down the other, my tongue moves over you as your breath quickens. I feel you tighten around my fingers and start to pulse. My tongue dives onto your clit and licks quickly, darting up and down your clit. Your hands grab at the sheets as your ass lifts up and your body hums.

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Your first orgasm rolls over your body as your nipples harden and head thrashes side to side, pawing at me then the sheets and back to me. "Enough" you gasp as your ass slams back down onto the bed pulling my face off you. I smirk and slide my fingers out, rubbing them on my cock, spreading your juices over me. "Oh I'll make sure he is more than wet baby" you smirk.

"mmmm" I groan as my head lowers to the top of your thigh, kissing and nibbling I move my way up to your hip. Biting hard, you squirm, it's a mixture of tickle and pleasure, something you've come to enjoy as I do it so often. Nips and licks I slowly move over to your belly button, then to the underside of each breast, making sure every inch gets the attention it desires.

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Finally I wrap my mouth around your nipple as one hand massages your wet pussy and the other wraps around the unattended breast. Switching; your hands grab at my shoulders as your body shudders.

You feel my breath against you as I move to your shoulder, nipping at your collarbone, licking up the side of your neck. Fingers press into you as I take your earlobe into my mouth, massaging it before whispering "Took you long enough to fall asleep". You burst out laughing as your hands wrap around my head and pull my lips to yours.

You feel the warmth of my cock replace my hand at the entrance to your pussy.

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"Not yet" you say, "get on your back" you reply to my quizzical look. "Put your head at the other end of the bed" you state as you roll out of bed, walking around to the foot of it. Leaning down you kiss me again, were upside down to each other as you bite my earlobe. I groan in response. Your tongue makes its way down my neck as my hands move above me, one pulling at your nipple, the other inches away from your warmth.

I groan loudly as I hear the metallic sound of my nipple ring being flicked against your teeth.

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Feeling you almost purr onto me as I take your breast in my mouth, fingers covering your whole pussy. We switch nipples. Your tongue licks down my ribs as one knee, then the other, moves onto the bed. Your hand wraps around my cock making a long, slow stroke up and down the length. My hands grab your ass and pull you down onto my starving mouth. We both groan as my tongue dives into you and yours wraps around me. Tasting each other you push the limits of your throat, licking and sucking at my balls when my tongue is pushing you over the edge.

You burst, shaking and moaning as your fingers dig into my thighs and throat swallows me. Turning around you grab my slick cock and lower yourself onto me.

Wiggling the last inch in as our hips meet. Rocking up and down you enjoy the length of me, feeling me stretch you over me.


Working up to it, as my tongue roams where it can, you sit up and drop yourself down hard. Were both moaning and panting, grabbing, licking, massaging, and kissing at what we can. As you drop yourself down, one hand goes to my chest stabilizing yourself.

The other to my balls, you feel that they are tight, which is good. were both close to release. My hands reach up against your breasts, almost as if I'm trying to lift you as I slam my body into yours, your weight falls on my hands as your nails dig into my chest and eyes roll back. Lifting yourself up a bit the hand moves off my balls and starts to massage your clit, quickly.

"Holy fuck, I'm gonna cum, cum with me, cum with me." you hear, realizing its your own voice. My hands dart to your hips and hold you there, as my body plunges into you.

You feel me start to swell, pulse. I feel your grip tighten, throb. Moans, groans and panting is all the communication were having. You feel my warmth pulse into you, you explode, our juices mingle as you body collapses against mine. Arms wrap around you as we pant, catching our breaths. You snuggle against my chest, feeling my heart trying to beat out of my body. Finally after the tingle leaves every inch of your skin you roll over, feeling the crisp air against your glistening body.

Smiling you roll off the bed to turn around, kicking a bag over. Some nylon rope, massage oil, and a bullet vibrator rolls out of the bag.

"What's this?!" you ask me. "It's nothing, go back to sleep baby" I smirk