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Chubby emo wrestles gay Hot  beautiful  bi  euro boys Jerry amp_ Sonny
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I have published this story elsewhere but wanted to rewrite it before I posted on here. The rewrite of this part is actually pretty cosmetic but later parts will be markedly different. Lindsay stood on the sandy beach, shielding her eyes from the dazzling sunlight, and looking out to sea. She was not happy even though she was on holiday, as a fifteen year old girl wanted clubs, discos and boys but all she had got was a trip to the middle of nowhere because her parents had decided it would be good to 'get away from it all' and 'bond as a family'.

Today this had involved trekking from their rented farmhouse on a remote stretch of the southern Spanish coast to an even remoter beach, and although it was beautiful, what did you do when you got here?. There was no sign of anyone else in either direction so all there was to do was swim, sunbathe, read and chill out. Sighing to herself she laid out her towel next to the awning where her parents sat and applied sun lotion to herself, tying her shoulder length blonde hair out of the way.

Her father watched her and thought how beautiful his daughter had become she had big blue eyes that melted your heart, well proportioned features and even white teeth. Her slim figure was toned by swimming and other sports and her breasts…Jim Brown caught himself. He shouldn't be thinking of his daughter like that but he idly guessed she must be a 36D.

Jim was in his mid forties and had been married to Amy for 20 years. He was well over six foot with a hard, well sculpted body from years of working on the oil rigs. There was little sign of middle aged spread and just a few flecks of grey hair at his temples. Jim was proud of the way he looked and was just as proud of Amy who lay next to him. Amy was a keen sportswoman and had kept her figure trim despite the two children. Like Lindsay, Amy was around 5 foot 5, had the same fine and well proportioned features, but unlike her daughter Amy had dark brown hair that was cut fairly short and small, firm breasts that needed little support.

The quartet was made up by James junior who looked like a smaller version of his father and at thirteen years old he was just beginning to develop from a boy to a man.

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Jim lay back in the hot morning sun, kicked off his sandals and hoped that the two kids wouldn't argue as they did at home and spoil his holiday.

Lindsay lay face down on her towel and undid her bikini top to prevent tan lines and was soon joined by Amy while the two men headed off down the beach a little way to throw a football.

'I hope you're not too upset that Daniel couldn't come' said Amy. Lindsay sighed this had been a source of argument before the holiday as Daniel was her latest boyfriend and Lindsay had not wanted to be without a companion.

'It's just that your father and I feel that we need to spend more time as a family and I don't think it is a good idea that you are hanging out with all these boys at your age'.

'You could get a bad reputation you know' Amy continued. 'Oh mum really' said Lindsay in exasperation. She was no innocent but was still a virgin unlike many of her contemporaries.

It wasn't that she was scared or waiting for Mr Right but for a naturally gregarious teenager she could do without all the baggage that came with sleeping with a guy. Daniel might be the one, he was new at Lindsay's school, but then again he might not be. The one thing Lindsay did know was that she couldn't discuss things like that with her mother. 'Look Mum, I'm OK really' said Lindsay.

'Why do you assume I would get up to anything anyways'. 'I'm not happy because I'm bored, there's nothing to do and nobody my own age here'. 'You could spend some time with your brother' said Amy. Lindsay wrinkled her nose and gave her Mum one of those teenage looks that made Amy realise she was not even close in persuading her daughter to play Happy Families. 'Come on Mum, Jim is just so young and immature and I don't want to spend all day talking about football or computer games'. 'You could make more of an effort to get along' said Amy in a conciliatory tone.

'You are both growing up but a lot of the time you squabble like infants'. 'It's usually his fault' said Lindsay in a definite way. 'It takes two to make an argument, Amy replied 'and as the older of the two you could just rise above it a bit more'. 'There you go again, it's always down to me' said Lindsay grumpily 'I'm not saying that at all, I just think you could sometimes stop the argument in it's tracks by not rising to his bait quite so easily'.

Lindsay was looking intently at a piece of the beach like it was the most fascinating thing she had ever seen and was running her fingers through the sand. Amy let the subject drop, content that she had at least persuaded Lindsay to think about what she had said and the two engaged in small talk about anything & everything. Lindsay's mood gradually lightened and the two went for a swim in the cool, clear waters of the bay.

They were both strong and confident swimmers and raced to the sandbar about 200 metres from the shore. Amy got there just before her daughter and was panting from the exertion while her daughter scarcely seemed to be out of breath.

'You let me win' Amy said and Lindsay smiled. 'Age before beauty' she said cheekily and shrieked as her mother swept a handful of water straight into her face.

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'You're not too old for me to put you over my knee' said Amy jokingly. 'You'd have to catch me first' Lindsay replied and the two of them splashed each other with no advantage gained on either side until they collapsed laughing on the sandbar.

As the two of them lay there, a small fishing boat came round the headland, and chugged slowly towards them. The girls watched it as it approached. The young men on deck were quite obviously ogling Lindsay and her mother, shouting and motioning for them to get on board.

Amy and Lindsay initially enjoyed some light hearted exchanges with them while the young hopefuls promised them the earth in rudimentary English but soon Amy grew protective of her young daughter and was using her Spanish to good effect to tell these young Don Juan's exactly where they should take their promises. The Captain decided the crew had had their fun and there was no chance of luring the girls on board so the boat turned away and headed out to sea leaving the shouts and laughter of the crew to be carried away on the gentle breeze.

Lindsay watched the boat disappear. She had felt uncomfortable and vulnerable under the gaze of the men but there was no doubt that some of them were extremely fit and good looking with their tanned features and bodies sculpted by hard work. As the boat disappeared around the headland she felt a pang of regret that was a little disconcerting.

Amy looked after the boat with no regrets, making a mental note to not let her daughter stray too far out of her sight on this holiday. Despite an apparent demure and rather old fashioned nature, Amy wasn't a prude and enjoyed an active sex life with her husband. Jim was a frequent and considerate lover and his thick, nine inch penis thrilled her through and through but she felt protective towards Lindsay and was determined that she would not be taken advantage of at such a young age.

The two women headed back to shore and Amy began to prepare lunch. Lindsay put a cover over her swimming costume as she didn't want sunburn this early in the holiday and helped her mother. They were soon joined by the boys who set out the plates and bowls for the picnic.

'What are you guys doing after lunch?' said Jim. 'I'm going for a swim when my lunch has gone down' said Jim Junior. Lindsay and Amy both said they would read for a bit and Jim elected to swim with his son. The lunch was typical Mediterranean fare of salad, cold meats, bread and fruit washed down with a soft drink.

Lindsay always looked forward to lunch as the fruit and vegetables were sun ripened to perfection and achieved a flavour that just could not be matched back in England and tucked in hungrily when the food was laid out. After lunch the two girls lay under the awning and Lindsay took off the swimsuit cover. As she lay on her back she undid her bikini straps and rolled the material down her breasts so that it just covered her nipples she was going for minimum tan lines here.

Her mother looked at her. 'Is it wise to let Jim Junior see you like that' she said. 'Oh Mum, he's swimming and I can always cover up a bit before he gets back and anyway, tan lines are so not cool' said Lindsay.

Her mother was slightly annoyed ; 'there is so much you don't yet know about the world young lady' she started but then let it drop as she didn't want to start an argument and spoil the morning they had spent together. Presently the guys returned from their swim and Lindsay adjusted her bikini top to please her mother as much as anything. Jim Junior was dripping wet and showered it all over Lindsay. 'Oh Mum, Dad look what he's done!' Lindsay shrieked. 'You brat' she shouted to Jim Junior.

'It's only a joke' said her father 'just chill out'. 'Yeah really funny' replied Lindsay 'I'm off for a walk where I won't get annoyed by brats'. She kicked sand at her brother who lay grinning on the sand and stalked off. 'Just leave her' said Amy to her husband who looked as if he was about to go after her.' She will be back soon enough and by the way I don't think that was very funny what Jim Junior did either' she admonished him.

'You can be so insensitive sometimes Jim Brown'. Jim watched his daughter disappear behind some dunes. Jim Junior got up and looked like he might follow her. 'Get back here' barked Jim. 'You've caused enough trouble today'. Jim Junior sank back on the sand and picked up a book. Lindsay walked at a brisk pace across the dunes for ten minutes or so and slowly her bad mood evaporated.

Every so often she would glance round to check that nobody was trying to follow her and was pleased to find that she was alone. Presently she came to some strange rocks, carved into weird shapes by the wind and tides and sat down.

The place she had chosen was right out of the wind and Lindsay stretched herself out.


'This is better' she said to herself 'a brat free zone'. She carefully undid her bikini top again and started to roll the material down.

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'Oh what the hell' she said to herself, 'with no prying eyes I can go for zero tan lines', and having checked once more to see that she hadn't been followed she took her top off completely. Lindsay gazed at her breasts. Daniel was crazy about them, particularly the large and puffy nipples which were super sensitive to the touch.

Lindsay remembered the last time Daniel had caressed her tits, the day before they had come on holiday, and how he had sucked her nipples gently. She lay back and closed her eyes and revelled in the memory, moving her hands to make slow circling movements on her tits and tweaking her nipples which quickly became erect and stiff. She let out a low moan and bit her bottom lip.

'Christ I feel horny, I wish Daniel were here' she muttered to herself. Lindsay lifted one breast high towards her mouth and started to lick and suck on her nipple, her whole body tingling and her pussy starting to moisten. She slowly caressed down her body and hooked her thumbs into her bikini bottoms, drawing them off completely before running her hands through the light covering of pale brown pubic hair that covered her slit.

Lindsay began to explore her pussy in an unhurried way with one hand while playing with her tits with the other. Her fingers traced round her outer labia for a while before moving deeper.

She used both hands now to part her lips and use the moistness to lubricate her clit which was standing up like a little button begging to be stimulated. Her breathing became deeper as she gently grazed her clit while moving one and then two fingers into her dripping pussy, establishing a rhythmic motion.

As she opened her eyes she could see the fishing boat she had seen earlier on the horizon and her mind switched from thinking of Daniel to thinking of the hardened, bronzed men on the boat.

Wild thoughts accelerated through her mind what if they could see her from the boat, what would their faces be like as they watched her, spread eagled and naked on the beach with two fingers pumping in and out of her sweet virgin pussy. She imagined the size of their cocks and the feeling of their breath on her skin as they held her down to fuck her.

This last erotic thought pushed her into sexual overdrive and a massive orgasm shook her body as she arched her back, pushing her fingers in deep as they would go. Lindsay continued to caress her beautiful body, taking advantage of the solitude to explore every inch and experience the pleasures of masturbation. Raising herself on her hands and knees she was able to play with the full length of her slit and the sensitive opening to her asshole for the first time. As she became used to that sensation she was able to relax and slowly slid a finger into her anus.

Lindsay held the finger there, relishing the new and delicious sensations before moving it in and out and rotating it, giving herself another panting climax in the process. Out of the corner of her eye she thought she caught a movement and her heart jumped.

'Oh my God' she muttered. 'Don't let it be Junior'. What if it was one of her parents?. Her face burned red at the thought. As she looked around for her discarded bikini she caught sight of a head bobbing up behind one of the rocks.

Embarrassment and fear left her she was just plain angry. 'All right, come out from there' she demanded. 'I can see you, you disgusting pervert'. For a moment nothing happened and then two figures guiltily emerged from behind the rocks. The first was a very good looking Spanish boy of about 17. He was dressed in shorts with no shirt and was tanned and muscular with long, lustrous, curly dark hair.

He had large brown eyes, full lips and a flashing white smile. Lindsay estimated his height at around six foot. As he stared at her, Lindsay was aware that she was still naked and hurriedly covered her breasts with one arm and her pussy with the other. The second figure was a girl, younger than the boy.

As she emerged to stand beside him, Lindsay was awestruck. She regarded herself as good looking by all known standards she was popular and never short of male admirers who kept telling her how beautiful she was while trying to get their hands up her skirt, but this girl was something else.

She was around the same height as Lindsay with a flawless olive complexion while her soft brown eyes, long dark hair, delicate nose and full sensuous lips screamed eroticism.

She wore a simple cotton summer dress that fitted perfectly over her slim body, accentuating her perfectly proportioned breasts and slim waist. The dress was short, hugging the girl's tight buttocks and showing off her long, tanned legs. Lindsay was disturbed as she had never considered a girl sexually before, but the beauty in front of her and her own rampant hormones were causing new and strange thoughts in her mind. However, her anger had certainly not abated.

'So what the hell do you two peeping toms think you were doing' she shouted, simultaneously being aware that these two might not understand what the hell she was saying. 'Well then' she demanded. 'I'm sorry, my name is Luis and this is my sister Anna Maria' said the boy slowly in halting English.

'We were out collecting shells when we saw you behind some rocks and&hellip.such things&hellip.are not so common but I do not explain myself well' he said turning bright red. 'You are very beautiful' blurted out Anna Maria.

'Please, us Catholics are forbidden to do such things but to see your face and the pleasure'…her voice trailed off and she blushed like her brother. Lindsay softened her voice 'You don't masturbate?' she questioned.

'We are not supposed to' said Luis 'but occasionally I have done so'. Anna Maria looked shocked at her brother's admission.

'I have not touched myself' she said quietly 'but I can see the pleasure it gives' and she blushed again. 'How old are you?' asked Lindsay gently. 'Fourteen' replied Anna Maria, slightly surprised by the question.

Lindsay considered this answer. She had begun masturbating as soon as she was aware of herself sexually and simply could not comprehend that anyone would want to abstain from it voluntarily. She smiled at Anna Maria and was encouraged to see that she got a beaming smile in return.

Lindsay's arms were getting tired. She thought of asking Luis or Anna Maria to hand her the bikini but it seemed absurd after they had seen her most intimate moments. Sensing that these two presented no danger to herself, she dropped her arms.

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Luis' eyes were immediately drinking in her whole body while he was trying to appear to look elsewhere. This amused Lindsay. 'You've seen it all already' she chided as he faced her again.

Luis gave up the pretence and stared at Lindsay. Normally she would be embarrassed but the boy's good looks and the rapidly growing bulge in his shorts was making her feel horny again. Anna Maria was also staring at her. Obviously Anna had seen herself naked but this English girl with her blue eyes and large breasts and pale hair was fascinating to her.

Lindsay sensed their indecision and took control. 'So are you going to stare all day or what' she said. Luis and Anna Maria looked nonplussed so Lindsay added 'well I think it would be polite if you joined me'. She was amazed by her own boldness as she knelt in front of Luis and unfastened his shorts. He made a half hearted attempt to hold them up but was too slow as Lindsay whipped his shorts and underwear down in a single movement, revealing his large uncircumcised semi erect cock.

Lindsay examined it closely. Sure she had jacked off a few boys including Daniel but she hadn't had the opportunity to examine a dick close up. 'It's beautiful' she murmured as she studied the engorged purple head and the brown, vein ridged shaft that was now fully erect. Lindsay lightly ran one hand up and down the shaft and used her other to cup Luis heavy balls.

Gradually she used a firmer strokerunning her hand the full length of the penis and stimulating the head. Luis breath was coming in ragged gasps and he could not hold himself back.

The feeling of this beautiful girl's hand on his manhood was too much and he came, shooting streams of come up on to his belly. Lindsay continued pumping Luis cock until his balls were empty and he lay on the sand to get his breath back. Luis raised his head and kissed Lindsay full on the lips, His tongue snaking out and entwining with her own. His hands moved to her breasts and played with her nipples that soon became erect again.

As Lindsay came up for air she motioned to Anna Maria. The Spanish girl took a deep breath, unbuttoned her dress and let it fall to the sand. Standing in her pretty white lace bra and simple white cotton panties she looked the picture of innocence and Lindsay realised she would need coaxing to take the final step.

Leaving Luis on the sand she approached Anna Maria and took her hand. The two sat down together and Lindsay unhooked Anna Maria's bra and uncovered her breasts. 'Bueno' she said and Anna Maria giggled. Anna Maria had fantastic tits thought Lindsay, smaller than her own but a perfect shape and crowned with large golden brown aerolae and a chocolate brown nipple.

'Now take your panties off' said Lindsay. Her voice sounded husky and again she was surprised by her boldness. The solitude and the sheer eroticism of the moment was stripping her of her prejudices and preconceptions. Anna Maria shyly removed her panties and exposed herself to Lindsay's gaze. Her pubic hair was thick and dark and hung like a halter around her virgin pussy.

'Please show me what to do' she whispered nervously. Lindsay caressed Anna Maria's breasts the way she had felt her own and tweaked the nipples which stiffened under her gentle touch, rolling them between her thumb and forefinger.

Anna Maria showed no sign of wanting to do this by herself and Lindsay was rapidly losing any remaining inhibitions about making love to this gorgeous girl.

She turned Anna Maria's face to hers and kissed her full on the lips, quickly turning it into a full on French kiss. Running her hands lightly down Anna Maria's body, she ended up stroking her inner thigh.

As she moved her hand higher again, Anna Maria obligingly parted her thighs to give her access to her pussy. Lindsay broke off her kiss and moved her head down to lick and suck at Anna's tits while her fingers slowly rubbed her slit, starting at the bottom and working up to graze her clitoral hood.

Anna Maria was moaning gently at Lindsay's touch, her own inhibitions melting like a snowball in summer. Anna Maria was becoming very wet and Lindsay began to penetrate further with her fingers. Filled with lust she abandoned Anna's tits and licked downwards towards her pussy.

As she arrived at the navel she gently pushed Anna back on to the sand and spread her thighs wide. Lindsay moved between Anna's thighs and gazed at her symmetrical, pouting pussy lips behind their curtain of damp curls and inhaled the girl's musky scent, subtly different to her own.

She slowly moved her head forward and kissed Anna's pussy, flicking out her tongue to tease her and then gently parted her labia to reveal the gleaming pink of Anna Maria's sex and her erect clit. Lindsay's tongue started to tease and probe Anna's slit and give her clit special attention. She combined the oral stimulation with her sensitive fingers, slowly moving them deeper and deeper into her boiling cunt.

Anna Maria felt wave after wave of pleasure wash over her, each climax greater than the last until they reached a screaming crescendo. She grabbed the back of Lindsay's head and squeezed it into her pussy as she experienced her first major orgasm. Lindsay caught her breath, her face sticky with Anna Maria's juices and raised her head while Anna Maria lay panting and glassy eyed beneath her. Luis had shifted his position to watch this delightful Sapphic display and now kissed Lindsay deeply, his excitement enhanced by the sweet taste of his sister on her tongue.

He was fully erect again and gently guided Lindsay's head to his engorged cock. 'I've never done this before' she said as she kissed Luis cock tenderly all over. Slowly she moved her mouth back to the swollen head and gently pulled back his foreskin, licking the head like a lollipop and coating it with her saliva. Then she took the boy's cock into her mouth and sucked down on it, hollowing her cheeks and moving up and down on his dick, working her tongue around the head.

Luis stroked Lindsay's hair and closed his eyes. He had never felt anything quite so wonderful in his 17 years and each movement of her golden head brought new sensations. Anna Maria was on her hands and knees watching intently and when Lindsay came up for air, gently pumping Luis cock with her hand, she offered it to the wide eyed youngster.

Anna Maria nervously took hold of her brother's prick, which leapt like a live thing in her hand, and slowly lowered her eager mouth onto the shaft, taking it deep inside. Luis felt his mind was going to explode.

He simply could not believe that his beautiful, innocent sister was now sucking on his cock like her life depended on it. Anna Maria learnt fast, intently watching her brother's reaction to her ministrations as she wrapped her tongue around the sensitive head and then deep throated him. Running her tongue down his shaft she licked at his large balls and gently sucked on them while using her fingers to squeeze his stiff shaft.

She was joined by Lindsay and the two girls worked on Luis cock together. This was too much for Luis he didn't want to come again just yet, so he pulled his cock away and knelt between Lindsay's thighs, gently pushing her on to her back. Starting on her inner thigh Luis gently kissed his way slowly towards his prize and, on reaching it, thrust his tongue between her prominent pussy lips.

Lindsay cried out as Luis thrust his tongue deep into her before fastening on to her clit. Luis used alternate gentle and thrusting movements that were driving Lindsay crazy with lust. She felt her orgasm building and opened her legs as wide as they would go urging him to move ever deeper. As she climaxed, Anna Maria kissed her again and fondled her large tits. Lindsay felt like she was in heaven.

'Fuck me' she gasped 'please fuck me' and pulled Luis towards her, guiding his prick to the entrance of her virgin pussy. 'Please be gentle' she said, looking into Luis big brown eyes and he instinctively understood he was to be her first. He pushed the large head against her pussy lips, rubbing it up and down her slit, gradually working it into her tight pussy. He then withdrew a bit before pushing in deeper. The feeling of her hot, wet love tube on his dick was incredible as he sank into her inch by inch.

Lindsay closed her eyes and grasped her tits, kneading them furiously. Luis cock was filling her up so much more than her fingers, stretching her little hole.

She felt him bump against her intact hymen and reached for him, kissing him deeply as she pulled him towards her. Luis withdrew a couple of inches and then thrust his pelvis forward, taking her cherry. Lindsay felt a stab of pain as her hymen gave way that soon turned to pleasure as he sank the full length of his dick into her.

They lay like that for a while with Luis rotating his hips and grinding his pelvis against Lindsay's clit, driving her wild before slowly pumping his cock back and forth in her steaming pussy. Lindsay had never felt so turned on before as Luis' cock filled her up, the slurping sounds as he pumped in and out proof of her arousal.

Luis was drunk with her beauty and the incredible sensations of her tight pussy but he was learning his craft as a lover. Every time he felt himself near climax, he would pause before continuing his slow rhythmic fucking. Lindsay began to move her pelvis in time with his, raising her buttocks to meet his thrusts as yet another orgasm shuddered through her body covering Luis' cock in her hot, sticky, pungent juices.

This inflamed Luis still further and he quickened and lengthened his stroke, pushing her thighs wide apart and massaging her clit with his fingers. He felt his come surging from his balls and quickly withdrew his prick before sending several streams of his white love juice arcing over her belly and tits.

He bent forward and kissed her tenderly before rolling off to lie beside her. Anna Maria replaced her brother between Lindsay's thighs and murmured 'Gracias it's my turn now'. After a long, lingering kiss she moved her head down Lindsay's body, licking at her puffy erect nipples and the small pools of her brother's love juice.

'You learn quick' gasped Lindsay as Anna Maria descended to her sparsely covered pussy and started to lick her clit. Anna Maria was very gentle which Lindsay was grateful for as she began to tease her towards another climax.

Out of the corner of her eye Lindsay could see that Luis had become erect again and wondered if all men had his staying power. He positioned himself behind his sister and started to rub her slit with his fingers, gently opening the outer labia while she feasted on Lindsay's pussy. Anna Maria let out a low moan and quickly repositioned herself, taking a lower stance and opening her legs wider to give her brother greater access. Luis explored his sister's tight virgin pussy with his fingers, finding her clit and incorporating it into his tender caresses.

Anna Maria soon became very wet and Luis started to pump his fingers gently in and out in a fucking motion while playing with her clit with his other hand. Anna Maria climaxed noisily and Luis moved his head to his sister's pussy to lap at the juices that were leaking from her snatch. He was intoxicated by their sweet smell and burrowed his tongue into her which caused her to have another orgasm.

Luis ran his tongue the full length of Anna's pussy and as he reached the lower end he noticed her little chocolate starfish nestled between her tight buttocks.

He remembered the pleasure on Lindsay's face as she had played with her asshole and experimentally flicked out his tongue and played it around the tiny puckered hole. Anna Maria gasped at this new sensation and moved her ass back onto Luis' tongue, allowing it to penetrate a little way. Luis carried on stimulating her ass and pussy with his tongue until she had come again and then raised himself to put his erect cock at the entrance of her dripping, virgin love hole.

Anna Maria made no protest as her brother started to penetrate her, using the same care as he had shown Lindsay. She was in rapture as her brother's prick slowly filled her vagina and Lindsay's hands gently massaged her tits. Luis reached his sister's maidenhead and with a quick stab was through and his big cock ploughed deeply into her body.


Anna Maria whimpered but her cries were stifled as Lindsay engaged her in a long and passionate french kiss. Pleasure began to mix with the pain for Anna Maria as her brother steadily thrust his dick in and out of her pussy. She steadied herself and reached back with one hand to play with her clit while her brother fucked her, feeling his shaft stretching her tight little hole.

She felt her orgasm building and cried out with sheer pleasure this time as Luis buried himself to the hilt in her hot cunt and rotated his hips as if he was trying to screw her into the earth. Luis carried on plundering her tight little snatch and gradually he felt his own orgasm begin to rise. He had been fucking his hot little sister for at least half an hour and his body was slick with sweat as he toiled in the heat of the afternoon sun.

Anna Maria fluttered from orgasm to orgasm.

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She had never imagined the joys that awaited those who indulged in these forbidden pleasures. She had her tongue buried in the snatch of a beautiful blonde girl while her loving brother was fucking her for the first time and the pure eroticism of the moment overwhelmed her. These thoughts and the physical sensations brought her to a final massive, long climax, quickly followed by Lindsay and lastly Luis who whipped his cock out of her pussy at the last moment and shot his load over her gorgeous ass.

The three of them lay naked in the hot afternoon sun and recovered from their exertions, quietly chatting to one another, exchanging stories and becoming firm friends. Lindsay was suddenly alert as she heard her father's voice calling her name. They quickly retrieved their discarded clothes and with hurried kisses and promises to meet again, Lindsay slipped out from behind the rocks and went to meet her father.

As she looked back she could just see Luis disappear out of sight towards the hidden track that she now knew led to their villa. 'Perhaps this holiday will be the best of my life' she said to herself as she found her father looking around a little way up the track. 'Ah there you are' said Jim.

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'You were gone for so long I was getting worried about you'. 'I'm fine' said Lindsay and gave her father a big hug. 'Lets get back to the others you know it really is beautiful around here' she continued. Jim shook his head in amazement he figured he would never understand the female mind completely but as his daughter walked in front of him he sensed something had changed in her.

She was walking with more poise, more confidence somehow and appeared less his little girl and more a young woman. Lindsay tilted her face at the soft onshore breeze that had just sprung up and wondered what other adventures awaited her in the coming weeks.