Ai cao long giup e hok ne

Ai cao long giup e hok ne
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Let's just say that school dragged by on Monday. I didn't have class with Danielle until last period, and I hadn't talked with her much since our rendezvous on Saturday.


It may have been just as well that way. I was still lost in thought from the whole series of events. It seemed pretty clear that both her and her sister at least had a crush on me, and if I didn't lie to myself, I liked both of them as well. But this wasn't Utah. I was the first one into class and took a seat towards the back of the room. I said 'hi' to my usual group of friends, but my eyes never left the door. Finally, before the final bell, Danielle sauntered in wearing shorts just long enough to avoid dress code and a sweater that unzipped just enough to show she was wearing a tank top underneath.

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Our eyes immediately met, and she blushed. She took a seat nearby and class began. After an uneventful class, Danielle and I exited the room at the same time. Without saying anything, we walked down the hallway together towards the exit. "I'll walk with you," Danielle said. I was a little nervous that she was holding back some kind of information, but she just seemed to be at a loss for what to say, given the awkward situation.

After a few minutes I asked, "Everything okay?" "Yeah, I mean, we took pills, don't worry," she laughed nervously. "I'm just, a little thrown off by the situation. It's not like we invite a guy to do that every weekend." "Well that's good to know," I laughed in response, as we changed sidewalks towards our street.

"She likes you, you know," Danielle said to me. "I gathered that," I laughed again. "And you can't date both of us," she continued.

"Aw really?" I winked at her. "Fuck you," she said but laughed and shoved me. "Think you already did that," I teased her again. "Oh what the fuck ever," she rolled her eyes. Our walk seemed to slow down the closer that we got to her neighborhood. Perhaps we were trying to prolong the conversation without reaching the destination.

As we hit the front of her neighborhood I asked, "Want to work on some homework?" She studied me for a few seconds, as if she was doubting my use of the word homework. After she determined that I was at least faking seriousness, she nodded, and we turned into her street. We got to her house and she let me inside. Of course, at the top of the steps was Hailey, whose eyes got wide as soon as she saw me before she ran into her room. I caught a glimpse and it looked like she was wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

Danielle offered me some water and we sat down at the kitchen table to get to work. A few minutes later, Hailey came down.


"Chris!" she yelled and jumped into my arms, wrapping her legs around me. She was now wearing a skimpy tank top and cheer shorts. "Hi Hailey" I laughed and embraced her. "You skank, what did you get dress code?" Danielle scoffed. "Nope, I didn't wear this to school," she answered.

"Besides, I've seen you in much worse." "Whatever," Danielle said. "Just leave us alone, we're studying." "Oh, what subject?" Hailey sat down and put her hand under her chin. Man, she was cute. "Science," I told her. "Chemisty?" Hailey winked and enunciated the word way too long. "Or maybe anatomy?" "Fuck off," Danielle said after a few more seconds. "Fine," Hailey agreed.

"I've got work to do anyway." She smiled and never took her eyes off me as she left the room. She turned and seductively shook her ass at me, before snapping her thong strap.

"What a fucking slut," Danielle said. "That girl is way too young to wear stuff like that." I was glad the table could hide my erection. After we worked on our assignment for a while, Danielle seemed to be growing bored. "That's probably enough for now," she said.

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"Yeah, it's starting to get late anyway," I said. "Your parents home soon?" "They work pretty late," she responded. I started to gather my things together and prepared to walk back before things got too dark. "If you want to play some video games or something, you can stick around," Danielle smiled. "Yeah, I guess we deserve some fun after that work," I agreed.

We played Guitar Hero for a while, which she got way too into. I had to admit both of these girls were awesome. She even got up on the table during one of the solos. After we finished a few games, Danielle got up and stretched. "I really need to shower, but we should still finish that assignment," she said. "Will you wait up for me? Just make yourself at home." I nodded and she ran off upstairs to the bathroom.

After I heard the water on, I decided to do some exploring. I went up and found Hailey's room; at least what I figured was her room.

I heard music and the door was slightly ajar. I stuck my head inside and shouldn't have been surprised. She was on her bed, in some sexy purple lingerie, with her hand down her underwear, masturbating away. I watched intently and she brought herself to orgasm. She then opened her eyes and was caught off guard. She stopped herself from screaming, and instead jumped off her bed, shut the door behind me and locked it quickly. Before I could say anything, she had stripped us both laid back on her bed, begging me to join her.

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I paused and heard that the shower water was still running. I jumped on the bed with her and lined up my cock with her wet pussy. I rubbed it back and forth on her lips, and she quivered and shook.

"Just fuck me," she begged, just loud enough to be heard over the music. I made sure to drag it out though. I kept rubbing against her wet, swollen lips, and bent over to start sucking on her nipples. She threw her head back and moaned constantly as I tortured her nipples, squeezing the breasts in my hands and alternating between tongue flicks and nibbles around her rock hard nipples.

After a few minutes of that, I let the torture end and pressed my cock into her waiting pussy. She was drenched, but still tight as hell, and it took a few tries to work my cock in as deep as I wanted to. "Fuck, shit, fuck," she moaned as I started to pick up some rhythm with my thrusts.

I watched as her breasts bounced underneath me with each pound and a look of pure ecstasy was tattooed on her face. I started to rub her clit while my cock stretched her tight walls and this set her off into immediate orgasm.

She looked at me with her piercing blue eyes and said "I'm cumming." Then her pussy started spasming and gripped me tightly, temporarily slowing down my thrusts as her juices flowed. I grabbed her breasts and started using them for balance as I fucked her harder, sometimes pinching her nipples. This girl couldn't get enough. She had one hand above her head, holding onto the wall above her bed, and used the other to rub her own clit.

I couldn't believe she was so young and inexperienced, but I was turning her into a sex machine. I bent over and started to gently bite her neck, still keeping up the constant pounding I was giving her pussy. I felt another wave of spasms hit and her tight stomach rippled.

I lifted her ass to give me a better angle and hammered her entrance as fast as I could.

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I made sure to start to angle my cock more towards her g-spot, and she again responded with another orgasm and more juices starting to leak from her. I cursed in my head when I felt that familiar feeling slowly starting to build in my balls. As my cock started to swell, she knew what was happening this time. "You better fucking cum in me again, I love how it feels" she said. I didn't have the heart to check if she had started with a regular pill.

I returned to her clit with one hand, and grabbed her hip with the other as I slammed in and out. She grabbed her breasts and pinched her own nipples as her mouth hung wide open.

I moved forward and started to kiss her, for the first time, which she eagerly returned. As me made out like it was our last night, the first rope of cum shot into her pussy and the sound she made was indescribable.

She let out an animalistic low moan, which vibrated into my mouth as we kissed, and breathed heavily with each spurt of cum that hit deep inside her pussy.

We embraced each other as I let everything I had unload inside her, and then we collapsed and laughed as my cock slipped out.

She made sure to give me another seductive look as we watched my cum leak from her pussy. Then the water turned off. I gave Hailey one more kiss and then started to dress myself. I left her door with a wink, and further wondered just how complicated this situation could get. I made a mental note to look at Salt Lake City house listings later.

As I made my way back downstairs, I heard the bathroom door open. I sat on the couch and flipped the television on, as if nothing had ever happened. I heard steps coming down the stairs and looked up. Danielle was there, in just a towel. "Sorry for my dress," she laughed. "I just took so long, I wanted to make sure you weren't too bored." "Oh I'm fine," I said, before coughing, from swallowing the air wrongly. She giggled, and instead of going back up the stairs, she continued to descend.

"I have a serious question to ask you," Danielle said. I felt my heart rate pick up as she approached. "I have this freckle near my boob," she continued. "Can you look at it?" "Oh, yeah, of course," I laughed, wondering just how serious she was, although she did look a little nervous. She unwrapped her towel, exposing her naked body. I looked her up and down, marveling at how tight every part of her arms and legs and body were. Her tan skin was still a little wet from the shower.

I managed to snap myself out long enough to look at the area in question. "Oh that looks fine, I have stuff like that all over," I smiled. "Pheww," she let out a deep breath and allowed herself to fall on top of me.

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"You don't know how worried I've been about that with all of my tanning." I looked at the better view I had and noticed her pussy lips looked a little swollen. So that's what took so long. "No, I'd be a little more worried about this swelling," I winked at her and let my hands trail down her body towards her pussy.

She shivered as my hand tickled her belly. "You should talk!" she laughed and grabbed my cock. Luckily it had been just long enough that the situation had brought it back quickly.

"This is some extreme swelling! I better take a better look." She pulled my cock out of my shorts and boxers and pretended to give it a long study. "I've heard sometimes you have to taste these things to make sure everything is okay," she said with a flirty look and started to suck my cock. As she took some of my head into her mouth, I started to rub her clit. She responded by opening her legs for me, and I plunged a finger inside of her and went to work on her g-spot.

She slowed her sucking as the pleasure overtook her, and she started to buckle from my finger's assault.

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It wasn't long before her pussy gripped my finger and she came hard. She looked up at me with a similarly desperate look as her sister and whispered, "Take me." I had long dreamed about having my way with her petite body, so I didn't resist.

I got up and picked her up in an embrace. With a quick adjustment, I dropped her pussy straight onto my rod and impaled her deep. "You fucking animal!" she moaned loudly. I started to slam her up and down on my cock from our upright position, and she loved every moment of it.

Her legs wrapped tightly around me, and one of my hands went to her perfect, tight ass and gave her a spank. She moaned out loud again as her pussy gripped me in a quick but strong orgasm. We could still hear Hailey's loud music from upstairs, and I wondered if she was masturbating again.

I put Danielle back down onto the ground and she got onto her hands and knees. I jumped up behind her and slammed my cock as far into her as I had. I gave her ass cheeks alternating spanks as my cock rubbed against her g-spot.

She was struggling to keep her balance, but still had a hand on her clit, rubbing herself wildly during the pounding. "Oh fuck!" she moaned and came on my cock again. This time she did fall over in a heap, but my cock remained inside her. I pulled out and flipped her around, before driving my cock back into her soaking wet pussy. Her perky breasts bounced just noticeably enough as I fucked her. "Do you love my cock?" I teased her.

"Yes, I fucking, uh, love your, uh, big cock," she moaned in response. This time I kissed Danielle for the first time, and she, too, eagerly reciprocated. She moaned and breathed heavily, seemingly every second, as I thrust into her at a fast pace. Her moaning got higher and higher pitched before her body spasmed into her biggest orgasm.

I watched as her tight stomach rippled and contracted as she came hard. She fell back more, too tired to do anything at this point but moan. I grabbed her hips and rammed into her pussy harder, feeling my cock reach new depths in her pussy as my orgasm neared. She felt my cock getting harder but didn't say anything. She just looked up at me and seemed to indicate I better not think of pulling out.

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Just before I was about to burst, I felt her pussy go off into another orgasm. Her pussy muscles clenched me tightly and forced my cum out in quick, bursts of hot, sticky cum. I painted the inner walls of her pussy as she milked me for all I had. We grabbed hands and laced our fingers tightly together as I flooded her.

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