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Jamaican girl riding cocky fast ze
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I walked out of his house and into my Jeep. I felt confused, hurt and most importantly used.

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I slammed the car door hard, before pulling out of Trevor's driveway. I tried to hold back the tears that were forming, until I finally lost it as I pulled into my driveway. The memories all just started to come back to me.

The tears, and the sobbing (let's not forget the snot.) all seemed to pour down all at once. Yes, I knew everything was my fault, but I didn't expect for us to end like that.not in a million years. I thought this something we could fix or work through, but instead he fucked me, and kicked me out.

At school, Trevor couldn't even look at me. BUT I knew for a fact he couldn't resist my sweet lips or ass for long. Even though he wouldn't speak to me at school, I would often catch him staring at me.

Of course he could find another girl to fuck, but who else would handwash his dirty football uniform (and underwear) and make him soup when he was sick? No one. I tried pulling him aside, and explain that it was all a mistake and that it meant nothing, but Trevor wasn't buying it.

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He was convinced that it was all apart of a plan to hook up with Chase, and that there was really no project. After weeks trying and trying, I just let it go. 8 months later, I met Jacob. He was a quiet, hazel eyed musician(and virgin). Jacob was very sensitive and understanding.a bit smothering at times but I still liked him. The one thing that bothered me the most was that he wasn't interested in sex.

AT ALL. He wanted to "wait until marriage." Anyways, Jacob would always come to my locker after every class period to make sure I was okay. " I love you babe." He said giving me a kiss. We shared a make out session for a couple seconds and then he left to go to class. I grabbed my books and closed my locker. To my surprise Trevor was standing there. "Hey." Trevor said seriously. "What do you want?" "I-I just.I just wanted to talk." He said quietly.

I stood there silently. Not knowing what to say. "It's been 8 months, Trev. I don't get it." "Can you meet me at my house later? Please?.Look, I got to go. I'll see you then." There I was yet AGAIN confused. But then I thought, if I already lost him, what else is there to lose?

So I went. I headed to his house after I finished my homework that evening. As I pulled up to his house, a heap of flashbacks came running through my head. The last time I was here, I was at my lowest low. And Trevor, the only guy I truly loved, was the cause of it. I still had the key he gave me, so I walked into the house smoothly.

"hello? Is anyone here?" I said announcing my presence. "Hey, come on up!" He yelled from his room. I walked up the stairs and into his room.

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"Hey stranger." Trevor said sitting on his bed. "Hey." I said closing the door behind me. "Sit down, please." He insisted. I sat down next to him. "Well where do I start." He said thinking. "I'm so so so so sorry Erica. Really. You really did break my heart, but I shouldn't have hurt you like that." "Wow." I said shocked.


"I'm sorry too. It's one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made." I said looking into his eyes. He spread his arms out for a hug. As I hugged him, I felt a huge weight lift off of my shoulders. "Do you want to go do something?" Trevor asked. "Something like what?" "Let's go mini golfing!" So we hopped into his car and went.

It was great! It started to feel like old times.his constant jokes and me laughing at everything he said.

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I knew he was up to something, though, because mini golfing was the only sport I could beat him in, and he knew that it would get me in a good mood. On the way back to his house, things started to heat up. "So how's your new guy?" Trevor asked. "Eh, he's okay.

He's very nice and respectful." I said honestly.

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"And the sex?" I laughed. "He's a virgin. He wants to wait until marriage." "Are you serious?!" Trevor asked laughing loudly. "Yeah, so it's just been really hard for me.but I'm pushing through it." I said. "I'm surprised you haven't ripped his head off yet!" Trevor said jokingly. "Why would you say that?" I said turning my head to look at him. "I'm surprised you don't remember." He said shaking his head. "When you were really horny, you'd get in your bitch fits and complain and nag." We laughed in unison.

Our laughter subsided, as we pulled into Trevor's driveway. We entered his house again, and went upstairs to his room. We sat down on his bed. "So have you been hooking up with anyone?" I asked. "You don't even want to know." He said looking down. "Wow.that many, huh?" I said feeling annoyed.

"No, not even. I haven't touched one girl since." "I find that very hard to believe, Trevor. There's so many girls at school." "Fuck them!" He said interrupting me. He placed his hands on my thigh. "The thing is, I don't want anyone except for you." I let a smirk appear on my face.

"I plan on seducing you before the night is up, just so you know. I am going to fuck you blind, until you can't see or hear or feel anything but me. Then I'm going to make love to you, soft and slow. Then I'm going to start all over again. You'll welcome me back into your bed, Erica, and sooner or later you'll welcome me back into your life." My heart started to beat a million times per minute.

My eyes widened, as I felt my body temperature rising. "You sound awful damn sure of yourself." I said. My voice was husky, and rough.

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He dipped his head and licked my lower lip. He kissed my neck and murmured, "Any reason I shouldn't be sure of myself?" You going to kick me out?" He leaned back and studied my face. "Might serve me right considering. and if you tell me to go now, I will.

But that doesn't mean I'm giving up." I looked away. "I'm not going to be your plaything again. If you need somebody to warm your bed, look somewhere else." Trevor laughed and reached out and grabbed a handful of my hair. Gently, he tugged my head back around to face him. "You were NEVER a plaything, Erica. If all I wanted was an easy girl in my bed, I could find one. But I don't want any other girl, Erica. I want you. I always have." Slowly, he lowered his head and covered my lips with his.

He straightened up and waited until my eyes met his before he ran his hand down the line of buttons on my shirt. The shirt ended right where the waistband of my shorts began. I'm sure my shirt had been driving him nuts over the past few hours because every time I moved, I knew he caught glimpses of my sweet succulent breasts.

I sat in front of him, frozen, watching him undress me. He undid the last of the buttons, and lifted his hands to smooth it down and off my shoulders. As the shirt fell away, he stared at me as if he'd never seen me in a bra before. I reached behind my back, but he caught my wrists in his hands brought them back around and eased them to my sides. Then, still staring into my eyes, he reached around and freed the clasp of my bra.

My body shivered as he stripped the bra away, tossing it across the room. He cupped my breasts in his hands, ran his thumbs over my nipples, and watched my head tip back in pleasure. "Uhhhh." He pressed his lips to the upper curves of my breast, savoring the warm, sweet taste of me. My nipples were stiff, swollen, a warm brown, shades darker than the rest of me. As I arched up against him, I cut my hand around his nape, holding him close.I had never felt so alive. Trevor slid his hands down my sides, his fingers digging into the curve of my hips.

Slowly, he tugged me forward as he trailed a line of kisses down my stomach. Trevor gave me goosebumps as he kissed me, and when he slid his fingers underneath my shorts, I jerked. Trevor quickly straightened up and looked at me.

"I need you naked, Erica. Right now." He leaned forward and kissed me through my shorts. "If you're going to pull back, now is a good time." With shaky hands, I freed the button on my shorts.


"You know I've never been able to resist you." I said in a low sexy voice. I took my shorts off in one motion. I still had on my underwear though. Trevor traced the lining of the purple thong I had on. "Lie down." He said looking up at me. I obeyed, laying flat on my back, so he could have his way with me. Trevor pulled the thong aside as he blew a soft puff of air against me.

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"Mmmmmm. Yeahh." He started licking my pussy, moving his tongue in between folds. "Mmm you feel so good babe." He circled around my pink hole, and held me steady as he pushed his tongue inside of me. "Oh FUCK YESSS!" I moaned loudly. I let out another scream. My hips bucked, with my hand in his, holding him tight against me. He put my legs over his shoulder, as he sucked on my clit, pushing me closer and closer.

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He felt the powerful climax coming on even before it hit me, and as a broke over me he continued to lick and kiss me.

I was still shuddering from my orgasm, when Trevor knelt in between my legs and pressed his cock against me. "Look at me." He demanded. He pressed his cock inside of me deeply.

"HOLY SHIT!" I screamed. He fucked me so hard and deep, that the room went silent for a few seconds. "You're really fucking tight." Trevor muttered in my ear.

I hadn't had sex in a almost a year.

Of course I was! "Tell me that you love me." Trevor rasped. "Trev." Before I could even say anything more, he kissed me deep and hard. "Tell me you love me." "I love you, Trev.

Always have." He turned me around to fuck me doggy style. He slid in again, pounding me hard. He leaned into my ear and said, "You're mine, Erica, you're mine." Soon after, my orgasm exploded over me, sending shockwaves throughout my body. Trevor came too, spilling his load in my hot wet pussy. When it ended, he collapsed on me, burying his face between my breasts and sucking in badly needed air.

I continue to lie on Trevor's bed for what felt like hours, staring at the ceiling. I had gone from self disgust, to acceptance, to anger and all the way back again. Right now I was right smack in the middle of acceptance. Eventually I'd be pissed of again. At him. At myself. At everything. But right at that moment, I was content to stroke a hand up and down Trevor's back and listen to him breathe.