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Young storys x young storys x
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Taylor woke up utterly spent. The cum on her face and chest had dried and hardened, and her own dried juices coated her snatch and thighs. When she slid out of bed, she almost fell. Her legs were wobbly and abs ached from all of the orgasms. Even though the vibrator had shut off, it still sent tingles through her pussy every time she shifted her weight.

Her cunt was sore and sensitive from the repeated orgasms as she sat down on her couch. There was breakfast on the table for all of the girls, and they ate and entertained themselves in their rooms, waiting for the inevitable summons from Miley.

When the doors finally buzzed open, they took off their clothes and crawled into the room, kneeling in a row in front of Miley. "Well hi there!" Miley greeted them with a broad smile.

The girls all replied with 'good, Miley' or 'fine, Miley'. "Just good?" Miley asked Taylor. Taylor's lower lip trembled as she responded with a whisper.


"Sorry, I meant it was great, Miley." Miley giggled and walked up to her, unlocking the panties. The dildo came out of Taylor's pussy with a plopping noise, and Miley tossed the panties into the corner. She reached down and probed Taylor's snatch with a couple of fingers, and Taylor moaned as Miley's fingers reached around her ultra sensitive pussy. Miley pulled her hand back, her fingers glistening with Taylor's juices.

She slid her fingers over Taylor's face, picking up some of the dried cum that was caked on it. Miley stuck out her tongue and sucked on her fingers, tasting the mix of Taylor's snatch and the cum. "Mmm, you taste so yummy. Have you learned your lesson?" "Yes Miley." Taylor replied. "Good. I have a test for all of you today, and the good news is that you can come all you want during the test." Miley went to each girl and took off her shock collars.

"Also, I've decided to be nice. If you perform well today, we won't need these ugly shock collars anymore. You will all get to keep these brand new ones." Miley giggled and fastened new collars onto each girl's neck. The collars were dark blue leather with padded insides so that they wouldn't chafe against her sluts' necks. Each collar had a silver tag with the girl's name on it, and the collar itself was studded with sparkling diamonds.

Miley signaled to the camera, and a door opened. The girls gasped. In walked Joe Jonas, Wilmer Valderrama, Kristen Stewart, Justin Bieber, and all five members of One Direction.

All of them were completely naked. The newcomers lined up as Miley grinned deviously. "Now listen up sluts. I've decided to make a little cash on the side with you, seeing as it's expensive to pay for all the costs of keeping you here.

I've rented you out to some clients today, and you are all to obey everything they say. Got it?" "Yes, Miley." The girls all answered quickly.

"Good." Then Miley turned to the clients and said, "They're all yours. I'll let you get to it." Joe and Wilmer walked over to their mutual ex-girlfriend, Demi.

Joe laughed at Demi, who crawled up to them on her knees. "Suck our dicks." Demi had already begun giving into her desires from the beginning, and she eagerly took his hardening cock into her warm mouth. She grabbed Wilmer's member with her other hand as she did and began stroking him. "Oh yeah," Joe moaned as she twirled her tongue around his tip.

A little ways away, One Direction had surrounded Taylor. Harry was laughing and joking with his friends. "Look at this slut with cum all over her face. She never put out while we were dating, but now we're going to have some fun with her. Just remember, I get first dibs on her cunt." Harry walked right up to Taylor and shoved his dick into her mouth.

She whimpered in protest, but knew she had no choice. Taylor began sucking on his cock as Niall and Zayn crouched down next to her and started sucking on her stiffening nipples. At the same time, Liam and Louis stuck their fingers into her pussy and asshole. She gasped in pleasure at the sudden stimulation all over her body, and Harry took the opportunity to slam his cock all the way down her throat.

Taylor gagged, but Harry just grinned and started ruthlessly fucking her mouth. Over in the corner, Selena cowered as Justin approached her. "Hey honey," he mocked. Justin walked right up to her and slapped her in the face with his dick.

"Get to sucking." Selena reluctantly began blowing him, but he frowned at her. "You better suck it good, bitch. You're going to want as much lube on my cock as you can get. I'm finally going to fuck you in the ass today because you can't say no anymore." Selena's eyes widened in horror.

Justin had kept pushing her for anal while they went out, but she'd always managed to get out of it. Selena tried to shake her head, but Justin grabbed her face and started deep throating her.

In the dungeon area, Kristen had handcuffed Anna and hoisted her arms over her head with a chain. "Remember me, cunt?" Anna nodded. "H-hey Kristen." "Open your mouth." Anna complied, and Kristen spit into it. "That's for calling me a dyke when I asked you out. A simple 'no' would've been fine, but you had to be a bitch.

Well, my turn." They had been filming "Twilight", and Kristen had stopped by her trailer and asked her out on a date. Anna had called her names and told her to fuck off, but now the tables were turned. She tried to see what was going on behind her, but to no avail. Suddenly, a loud crack sounded, and her ass cheeks burned. Kristen had taken a large wooden paddle and slammed it into Anna's ass.

The paddle smashed into her ass cheeks again, leaving a harsh red mark. Anna's eyes teared up as she screamed into her gag, begging for Kristen to stop. "What's that?" Kristen asked playfully. "You're begging for me to stop?" Anna nodded furiously, tears running down her cheeks. "Too bad." Kristen underhanded the paddle as hard as she could, and the thick wood plank made solid contact with Anna's cunt.

Her muffled screams continued as Kristen mercilessly spanked her ass and pussy with the paddle. "By the time I'm done spanking you," Kristen said, "You'll be begging to lick my pussy." Miley moaned as she watched all this unfold. Her left hand twisted her nipples as her right slid in and out of her snatch at a rapid pace.

She had made an easy twelve million dollars today, and the money combined with watching her sluts get used made her so horny. Meanwhile, Demi was alternating between blowing Joe and Wilmer, and she was furiously fingering herself with her hand.

Demi really need to come, and she lifted her lips off Wilmer's rod with a pop. "Please," she implored. "Fuck me. I need you guys to fuck me." "It looks like nothing's changed. Still a whore hungry for cock, aren't you?" Wilmer asked. "She always was a slut," Joe said. "Which hole do you want?" "Ass," Wilmer grinned. "Fine by me," Joe smirked.

Joe lay down on the floor, and Demi quickly mounted him. She grabbed his dick with her hand and lined it up with her cunt. As soon as it was set, she slammed her pussy down on it and cried out in pleasure. Wilmer positioned himself behind her and spit into his hand, rubbing his saliva around her puckered hole.

As soon as it had a good coat of his spit, he placed his cock at the entrance to her ass and started pushing into her. Demi moaned happily as both cocks slipped inside her.

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She began humping enthusiastically against the two dicks. Wilmer reached around her and grabbed her large tits, playing with them as he bucked against her ass. Joe rubbed at her clit as she ground her pussy against his cock. She screamed with pleasure as the two cocks rubbed against each other within her, pulsing inside her asshole and against her pussy walls.

Demi came and bucked hard as neither Joe nor Wilmer cared to slow their pace. Just a few feet away, Taylor was flat on her back as Harry pounded her pussy. Her breasts bounced up and down with each slam, and her hair matted against her sweaty face. She moaned as she came again and again, her cunt still so sore from an entire night of orgasms. Harry banged into her cunt like a madman, never slowing his urgent pace as he fucked her.

He was grabbing her hips so hard that his fingers turned white, and his cock slammed all the way into her snatch with each thrust. Finally, Harry grunted loudly as he came, shooting his load all over her tits and neck as he pulled out.

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Taylor's chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath, but she had no such luck. Zayn flipped her over as soon as Harry stood up, and in one quick motion, he plunged his cock deep into her ass. Taylor screamed, but her scream was cut short and muffled as Niall stuck his dick into her mouth.

He face fucked her, and Taylor flopped around limply like a rag doll as she was slammed back and forth between the poundings of her mouth and her ass. Liam and Louis stroked their dicks to their band mate's ex being fucked like a back alley whore in front of them, eagerly waiting for their turn. At the same time, Selena was on all fours as Justin smashed into her cunt from behind.

Her hands and knees ached from the hammering she was getting, and she moaned with lust. Justin mercilessly jackhammered into her pussy, and Selena tightened against his cock as she came from the assault.

Her entire body was still shaking from the aftereffects of her orgasm when she felt his dick pressing against her asshole. "Justin! Please don't," Selena begged him. "I don't have to listen to you this time," Justin smirked.

He slowly pushed into her tight hole as Selena grunted and cried out in pain. "Please stop!" she screamed. "Shut up!" Justin lost his patience and thrusted the rest of his cock into her ass, burying it to the hilt. He slowly began slamming into her until he built up speed, picking up the pace. Soon he was fucking her ass with abandon, slapping her ass cheeks as he fucked her.

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Selena couldn't believe how bad and good the pain felt as he fucked her ass, and she screamed in a mix of pain and pleasure. Justin took this as a sign of encouragement, so he grabbed the ends of her hair, using it for leverage as he pounded her ass even faster. Behind them in the dungeon, saliva dripped from Anna's ball gag as her head hung loosely.

Her ass was bright red from the stinging spanking she'd just received, and she was almost passed out from the excruciating pain. "Hey, wake up," Kristen frowned as she grabbed one of Anna's nipples and twisted as hard as she could. Anna's head snapped up as she whined in pain. "Do you want me to spank you some more?" Kristen asked. Anna shook her head furiously, pleading with her eyes. "Okay. Then are you ready to lick my snatch?" Anna nodded sullenly.

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Kristen uncuffed her hands from the chain and took out the ball gag. She laid on her back on the floor and spread her legs wide. "Alright then. Eat me." Anna crouched down onto her hands and knees and began slurping at Kristen's moist slit.

"Ooh, yeah." Kristen grabbed the back of Anna's head and shoved it against her crotch, urging her on.

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Anna lapped at Kristen's cunt, her face buried between her thighs. Her tongue nuzzled against Kristen's clit, and it didn't take long before Kristen bucked against her face and came. Juices flooded out, and Anna did her best to breathe and keep licking at the same time.

"You're a good little rug muncher, aren't you?" Kristen laughed. Anna collapsed onto her stomach as Kristen released her grip on her head. "We're not done yet.

Get up." Anna dragged herself up and let Kristen lead her over to a Sybian. The rubber cock entered her pussy, and she shuddered with desire. Kristen flipped a switch and turned it immediately to the highest setting. Anna gasped as the machine began fucking her hard, rumbling beneath her crotch. She closed her eyes and enjoyed it, but suddenly felt something against her lips. Anna opened them to find Kristen standing in front of her face with a large strap-on dildo.

"Now suck my cock," Kristen ordered. Anna opened up her mouth and accepted the huge purple dildo into her, and Kristen squealed with pleasure as she began fucking her slut's mouth. Miley was on her fourth orgasm as she watched this. She fingers continued playing with her clit as she licked her lips with lust. Everything was going perfectly. Demi was still fucking Joe and Wilmer as hard as she could. She had come a few times already and was exhausted, but the cocks felt so good rubbing around inside of her.

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The two of them powered against her crotch, fucking her as hard as they could. Finally, Wilmer called out to Joe, "I can't hold it anymore man." Joe gasped and nodded to him, "Me neither.


Let's fill her up." Both men yelled as he emptied their balls into Demi. The warm cum shooting into her pussy and ass felt magical, and she screamed loudly as she had another orgasm. Both loads were huge, and when they finally pulled out of her, the white goo coated her taint and thighs as it dripped out of her used holes.

Demi toppled over and collapsed to the floor, too tired to move. Her two ex-lovers' cum pooled in a puddle around her snatch as it oozed out of her. Taylor was sucking off Liam as Louis powered into her from behind doggy-style. Harry, Zayn, and Niall were standing above her jerking off. Liam fucked her face as hard as he could and groaned, as he could no longer contain himself. He pulled his dick out of her mouth with a pop and sprayed his cum all over her pretty face.

Taylor closed her eyes as the hot cum splattered all over her nose and lips. Louis kept his dick in her hot pussy, but pulled her backwards so that she was now riding him. Taylor bounced up and down on his hard cock, slamming herself down onto his crotch with each thrust. She let out a wailing scream as she came yet again.

Taylor's tight pussy clenching around his dick was too much, and Louis came as well, spurting his semen deep inside of her snatch. Louis pushed Taylor's limp form off his softening cock, and she lay on the floor, her chest heaving from the exertion.

Harry, Zayn, and Niall's hands flew over their dicks as they jerked off to her lovely breasts moving up and down as she caught her breath. The three of them came within moments of each other, groaning as they shot their loads all over her. Niall's hot sperm landed all over her stomach and crotch, and Zayn's cum splattered onto her chest and neck.

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Harry finished last, stooping low and crouching over her face. He spewed his cum as stream after stream of thick goo landed on her face, covering her cheeks. Harry shook his dick and squeezed out a few last drops of cum, dripping them onto her left eyelid. Taylor's entire face and body was now covered in sperm as she lay there. Nearby, Justin was still hammering away at Selena's tight little asshole. He must've taken something before getting there, because his endurance was almost inhuman.

Selena had already orgasmed multiple times and was barely conscious as he slammed his cock repeatedly into her stretched asshole. Her arms hung limp on the ground, and her nipples were raw as her chest rubbed against the floor. A puddle of drool surrounded her lips and stuck against her face, her eyelids fluttering as she struggled to stay conscious.

Justin was reaching his limit as he continued shoving his cock deep into her ass. He let loose a huge groan as he pumped large load after load of his hot cum deep into her asshole. Justin pulled himself out of Selena's ass with a plop. His sperm oozed out of her ass, running down her taint and slit before a long thin strand dripped down to the floor.

Selena's semi-conscious body laid there, ass up in the air and full of his cum. Justin walked around in front of her and wiped his dick on her cheek, smearing a combination of his semen and her juices onto her face. In the dungeon, the rubber cock on the Sybian was still invading Anna's cunt while Kristen fucked her face as hard as she could. Kristen was close to another orgasm as the base of the strap on rubbed against her clit with every thrust.

Anna was spent from a great many orgasms as the Sybian rumbled away inside her pussy. As Kristen neared the edge, she fucked Anna's sweet mouth faster and faster. When she finally came, she squealed as she slammed the strap-on as far as she could down Anna's throat.

Kristen's entire body trembled and shook as she came twice in succession. Meanwhile, Anna felt light-headed from the lack of air, as the rubber cock in her throat was cutting off her supply of oxygen. She mumbled in protest but could do nothing about it. Her torso began falling forward from exhaustion and asphyxiation, causing the Sybian to push against her clit.

Anna coughed out a muffled scream into the strap-on as she orgasmed. The exertion on her body took up her last few breaths of air, and she passed out. Kristen slid the cock out of Anna's mouth, and Anna's unconscious form fell forward onto the floor. The Sybian had tipped over, but it still whirred into Anna's cunt, causing her ass cheeks to jiggle involuntarily. Anna groaned in her sleep as the Sybian kept pounding into her pussy, slick with her juices.

Miley's clients all came over and thanked her for her services. She thought about the electronic funds sitting in her account and smiled. When they left, she checked on her sluts before heading out. All four of her sexy little slaves were in blissful oblivion, completely passed out from the day's activities. Demi was on asleep her side with Joe and Wilmer's cum still seeping out of both her holes. Taylor was sprawled spread-eagle on her back with drying cum on her face and body as well as a trickle coming out of her cunt.

Selena was face down on the ground, a glistening streak of cum on her cheek and a white stream flowing from her ass. Anna was similarly face down, her entire face glistening from Kristen's juices, the Sybian still sending rumbling vibrations throughout her pussy.

Miley left the fun room, leaving them to sleep. Tomorrow would be another busy day.