Gay orgy Mike trusses up and blindfolds the youthful Spaniard before

Gay orgy Mike trusses up and blindfolds the youthful Spaniard before
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A mom, a daughter and a few toys -this story contains some rather hard femdom, you are warned. -be honest in your comments but be fair please.

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I just woke up and I heard my girlfriend getting out the room when i realised that i was still tied to the bed. I was lying on my belly with my hand bound wide open, kind of like a cross. I even think i still had some anal beads in me but i wasn't sure because she literally had fucked me senseless.

We went shopping yesterday and our last stop was a sex shop.

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She bought a collection of but plugs, anal beads, a strapon a double-ended dildo and a few other toys and lubes. The only thing she said to me was: i hope you liked our sexlife because from now on, you'll be my little bitch. She really surprised me with this but i went with it because i thought it was just a game for a night.

When we got at her place, she still lived with her mom (divorced parents), she told me in the car to strip down to my boxer. I started to suspect she was serious about me becoming her bitch but I still played along. I striped and floret her into the house. I thought we would go straight to her bedroom but I was wrong again.

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She took me to the living room, sat on the couch and told me to take of my boxer and get a hard-on. The latter wasn't a problem; I was hard in a second after she said that. She took a but plug out of the shopping bag and started licking it. Since I was the only one without clothes I assumed that the plug was for me.

This time, I was right. She had played with my ass a few times before but not with a toy. I had some concerns that I would be able to get it in me because it wasn't the smallest toy available.

She told me to turn around and bend over. She started to kiss my ass, play with my balls and jerk me off. It felt really great until I felt something pressing against my asshole. There was the plug. She told me to relax and that if I couldn't enjoy this one, there was no point to our relationship and she would end it. That wasn't something you would want to hear when you needed to relax. To my surprise the plug went in really smoothly and it felt like it belonged in my ass.

Ann (that's the name of my girl) picked up the pace and suddenly the plug popped in my asshole. I nearly came right that moment. You liked that, didn't you, she said?

I could only give a moan as response but she got the message. She pulled the plug out and reached in the bag. The next thing she got out was a string of anal beads. She told me that she noticed how I liked the plug popping in so she thought that beads would be perfect for my little hole.

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I can't she was wrong. Only two were in me and I could already say that I had a new favourite toy. When there were three inside of me, she reached inside the bag and took two sets of handcuffs out of it. Still standing bend over with the beads in my ass, she cuffed me left hand to my left leg and my right hand to my right leg.

She said: I hope you have a good balance because if you fall I will pick you up and place you like you are now. She then started again with pushing the beads deeper inside me when suddenly her mom got home. She wasn't in the house but we could hear her carr pulling up the driveway. I asked Ann if we shouldn't go upstairs but she want to. Ann wanted her mother to see what a bitch I am and wanted to tell her that I was her bitch to.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, was she really going to share me with her mother. Miranda, that's the name of her mother, was a totally different type as her daughter. Ann was a slim brunette with medium sized boobs and her mother was a tiny, plumbish blond with big boobs.

They were both beautiful women. I had noticed a bit of sexual tension between them before but I didn't expect it went as far as sharing boyfriends/ sex slaves. When Miranda got in the living room, she responded rather calm. She just asked what was going on. Ann replied: I'm training my new bitch for our pleasure.

Miranda didn't respond in words, she just began to take of her clothes. When naked, she dropped before me on her hands and knees and instructed me to lick her ass. To bad I didn't know my daughter was planning this otherwise I would have let a guy come inside me and I would let you clean it up. Meanwhile I was licking Miranda's ass, still cuffed as a little bitch and Ann was still playing with the beads that were inside me.


Little bitch, how far are you willing to go to keep your girlfriends: Miranda asked. I would do anything I told her. We'll see about that was her response.


She turned around, started to wank my cock really hard until I shot my load. It all went so fast that I didn't really comprehended that I was having an orgasm. What I also didn't notice was that Miranda held her hand under my dick to capture every drop of sperm that escaped me.

Since you said you would do everything, you wouldn't mind eating this little piece of heaven.

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An hour earlier I would have never considered eating my own cum. Now I just was so horny and willing that I opened my mouth in the hope that she would bring her hand closer to me. With her experience she didn't need a lot of time to figure out that I was willing to do whatever, whenever she wanted. She held her hand right under my mouth and I started to devour my own cum.


I kept on licking her fingers because I didn't want to lose the taste and to please my now masters. I think Miranda was very pleased with my performance because after I had licked every drop of sperm, she told her daughter she had picked the right boy.

Then she just got out the living room leaving me in the hands of her daughter.

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End of part 1