Gay twink boy first time fucking Aj Monroe Fucks Mike Baron

Gay twink boy first time fucking Aj Monroe Fucks Mike Baron
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I had been awake for the last hour, lying quietly in bed, waiting for my husband to wake up. The furnace had kicked on earlier so it was beginning to warm in the bedroom.

There was snow on the ground outside and it was still dark at 6AM. It was not getting light now until around 8 O'clock. I slowly lifted my hips and pulled the t-shirt I wore to bed up and then worked it up my body and over my head.

I moved closer to Greg and put my arm across his chest. Lying against him naked I was hoping he would awake before the alarm and have time for me. It has been over a year since the last time we had sex. I knew it was not me, or at least I did not think it was. Men still gave me the eye. I had what I thought was a pretty good slender body, breasts that still drew men's eyes and I'm just 35. My theory was that it was "little miss perky tits." Greg had hired a new secretary 18 months ago and had started spending much more time at the office about that time and had started making frequent out-of-town business trips about a year ago.

Miss Perky was 22, in great shape, had legs, as he said that "went all the way up", and tits that stuck straight out. I had discussed this with Terri, my best friend, who lived across out back yard.

She had a pool and we, the kids and I, frequently went over during the summer. We had coffee together about every other morning and discussed just about everything in our lives. Terri was a few years younger than me and had been divorced several years now.

She had no children so she had quite a social life though she was in a dry spell right now. During one of these coffees Terri had told me to be more aggressive, to take control. "You got him in bed in the morning. Don't let him get out until he fucks you good." Her plain talking could make me blush, "I can't do that. It's just not me." "Well whatever you have been doing this last year has not been working so you might want to try something different before your miss perky tits starts waking up in your bed and you are in an apartment somewhere else." When the alarm went off I was disappointed but not really surprised when he moved my arm off him and immediately slid out of bed.

With a bit of complaint in my voice I asked, "Can't you stay in bed a little longer? I could use a little attention. I have not seen much of you recently." As I said this I pulled the blanket down so my breasts were showing. Maybe a little skin will entice him. He looked down at me but just said "No.

I have meetings first thing in the morning and you need to get ready and take the kids to school before work." With that he walked into the master bathroom and closed the door. I pulled the blanket back up and lay back feeling very frustrated. I had actually got a bit wet just anticipating the possibility that we could be pounding away on the bed. I had gotten in the habit of taking our children, Jeremy and the twins, Allison and Shelly, to school each morning, at least when they did not have friends stop by and pick them up.

Jeremy had just turned fifteen a few months ago. He was almost the spitting image of his father though he was a couple of inches taller even though just fifteen. He might even be more muscular than his dad. He had football training almost daily; weight training three times a week and cardiovascular the other two days plus all the swimming he could get in next door in Terri's heated swimming pool.


When friends called for my husband and Jeremy answered they frequently could not tell the difference in the voices. Allison and Shelly, at thirteen and a half were beginning to turn all the boys' heads. They both had a great bodies and breasts that I wished I had at their age. When I heard the electric razor start I knew there was no chance he would change his mind so I decided to doze for a while longer. I must have just fallen off when I heard my Greg's voice through the fog.

Still drowsy I said "Uh? What did you say? You know I can't hear you when the door is closed. Come in here." The door opened and I turned over in the dark. Terri's advice suddenly came to me. She's right, my way is not working. I have to try her suggestion.

I can't give him a chance to say no. I'll have to be quick. In the dark I could barely make out that he was still in his robe as he stepped up to the bed. Fighting the fog of sleepiness I reached out quickly my left hand, groped my way through his robe and grabbed his cock. "Wait! What are&hellip."? "Don't talk. Just be quiet." I had to be very quick before he moved away. If this did not work I would be too embarrassed to ever try again. "But you shouldn't&hellip." "I said don't talk." With that I took my right hand and threw the covers down off me.

I was lying completely naked in the bed in front of him. Earlier, just naked breasts did not do the trick, maybe some exposed pussy would do it.

I drew my knees up a bit and then spread them. He must know what I want because I could feel him trying to move backwards. I just took a tighter grip on his cock and pulled him back to the side of the bed. He must have some interest because he began growing stiffer in my hand. He was limp and dangling when I first grabbed him but now I had a pretty good tool to hang on to.

Terri had been right all this time. I can't stop now. I have to keep this escalating and not give him a chance to stop. "Stop. You don't know&hellip." His voice sounded a bit choked. With as much force as I could put in my voice, "I said shut-up." I put up as an aggressive front as I knew how.

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I can't let him back out now. "Now get up here and fuck me." With that I tugged hard on his cock until he had to follow up onto the bed and kept pulling him over until he was finally above me. Terri's right. Men pretty much go wherever their cock goes. In the confusion, and in his attempt to keep his cock from being stretched a foot longer one of his hands landed on my right breast before sliding down to the bed.

With some more tugging I finally had him on his hands and knees with both of his knees between my spread legs and his hands on either side of my shoulders keeping his chest from touching mine. I wish it was lighter so I could see the look on his face. I had never been this demanding of him and wondered how he was taking it.

Though from the hard dick I now had in my hand I had a pretty good idea. I could hear him starting to protest again, probably trying to be faithful to "little miss perky tits", so, while keeping a firm grip on his cock, I reached up with my other hand to the back of his head and pulled his head down until his lips brushed against one of my nipples. I held his head there as his lips parted and a nipple slid into his mouth. His tongue moved slowly across my nipple and I could feel his body relax a bit in surrender.

As his tongue began moving around my nipple in small circles I knew I had won, "I finally have his attention." Then he sucked more of my breast into his mouth and the feeling made my body arch up against him.

His tongue was making my pussy tingle.

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I definitely have his interest now. If his cock gets any harder I'll be able to pound nails. I pulled his cock up to my pussy and began moving the head in small circles around my clitoris. The tingle was quickly becoming major source of heat in my pussy and if I got any wetter I was going to have a major wet spot to avoid later. I continued moving the head of his cock around in small circles around my clitoris and after every few passes I would push the head of his cock down and into my pussy.

After holding it there for a few seconds, enjoying the feeling I would then pull it back out and rub my clitoris some more. All his resistance had disappeared and his body was beginning to sag down onto me.

I loved the weight of him on me, pinning me to the bed. He pulled his head away from my breast and up to me neck. He tried to speak once again but I quickly put a stop to it by pulling his head around kissing him deeply.

I then moved his head around until I could reach one of his ears with my tongue. I was just putting the head of his cock in my pussy again as I stuck my tongue in his ear. When I ran it around the inside of his ear he reacted with a strong thrust sinking his cock a several inches deeper in me. I pulled my hand from his cock and moved both hands to his butt and pulled him another couple of inches deeper.

A gasp escaped from me. He's stretching me. I must have shrunk from lack of use. He feels so huge in me. "Fuck me Honey! I need a good fucking." I dug my nails in as he began thrusting in earnest. "Harder" I cried. I could feel him bottoming out in me; pulling back a few inches then thrust hard back into me. It was perfect pressure against my clitoris. The heat was building in me and I knew I was going to cum very soon. As I lay back waiting for the orgasm to build, I felt him thrust hard in me and hold it with his whole body stiffening.

"No, not yet." I cried in his ear. "Wait for me!" But it was too late. I felt him begin to erupt with stream after stream of hot sperm shooting into me. It seemed to just go on and on&hellip.five, six, seven, eight jerks of his hips before he slowed and stopped thrusting against me.

Even then he continued to thrust his hips lightly against me like the aftershocks after a major earthquake. As his body relaxed on me I felt the rage mount. It has been a whole year and he could not hold off another minute for me. He pounds away on me for a couple of minutes and he's done.

He just satisfies himself and who knows when I'll get mine. "You Bastard" I hissed into his ear. "Why couldn't you wait just a bit longer for me?" "I'm sorry mom.

I couldn't help it." "Sure you're sorry but I'm&hellip." Mom? Oh god no. It can't be. Jeremy? No it can't be. It's has to be Greg. "Jeremy? Is that you?" With dread I recognized Jeremy's voice. "It's me mom." "What are you doing in here?

Why didn't you say something? How could you do this?" "I'm sorry mom. I tried to tell you it was me. Every time I tried to say anything you told me to shut up and& know, do it." My rage quickly melted away with guilt taking its place. He's right. This is all my fault.

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I could tell from his voice he was close to tears. This is terrible. Where is Greg anyway? Then I heard the shower faintly. Thank god he did not walk in on us. If he is still in the shower it will still be a while before he comes back through the bedroom.

What do I do now, other than sign Jeremy up for years of therapy. I have to say something so he won't think this is his fault. He is only 15. He shifted slightly on me and then I realized he was still rock hard, still on top of me with a huge cock still buried hilt deep in me. As I struggled with trying to find the right words I noticed he was still putting pressure on my clitoris and it was really enjoying it. A slight rocking motion was quickly getting me very aroused again. "Jeremy. You have to stop!" "I'm not doing anything!" "You are pushing in me." "No I'm not.

You are doing that".

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I then realized I still had my hands on his butt and had been gently pulling him against me this whole time. I made an effort to stop but it felt so good. I'm so close. He is already inside me. What harm would it do to just do this for a few seconds longer then never again. No, what am I thinking, I have to stop. This is wrong.

I'm his mother. As these thoughts kept going back and forth in my mind my pussy betrayed me. It was just a twitch of muscles but the resulting squeeze on Jeremy's cock made him thrust hard inside me. He held his hips hard against me. I could feel his cock twitch inside my pussy and then he ground his body against mine, which just set my clitoris on fire. "I'm sorry mom. I couldn't help it when you squeezed me." "I know honey. It is my fault.

Just hold it there for a few seconds then we have to stop." The heat in my stomach kept growing.

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My nipples felt so sensitive. We have to stop. Without thinking, I tilted my pelvis up towards him and involuntarily gave his cock another squeeze. Jeremy pulled back a few inches and again thrust hard into me and held it. As I was about to say "okay, that's enough" he pulled back and then thrust hard into me again. My words caught in my throat. How can he be so hard after cumming just a minute ago? Oh, to be a teenager again. He buried his face in my neck as he began picking up speed, thrusting again and again into me.

"I'm sorry mom. It just feels so good." "That's okay son. But we need to stop soon." He felt so big I could feel pressure everywhere in my pussy. It was like the end of a baseball bat was in me. Just how big is he anyway? At some point his hands had moved under my hips pulling me tight against him but now I felt them slide out and move up my body until they reached my breasts.

He slowly moved his fingers up then lifted his chest up so he could cup both of my breasts. He began rubbing both of my nipples with his fingers. That sent an electric shock from my nipples directly to my pussy… which then made my pussy grab Jeremy's cock&hellip. which made him thrust harder in me. "Jeremy. We have to stop." I whispered hoarsely.

It was getting very hard to think straight. I have to stop this before we go to far. "Too Far? What am I thinking"? We have already gone too far. He has already cum in me. But then the devil on the other shoulder said "But you are so close. What's the harm since he has already cum in you once already". Okay, maybe just a few seconds longer then we will stop.

Jeremy, not aware of the conversation I was having with myself, did not say anything. He just kept rubbing my nipples and driving his cock in and out of me.

We both froze at the sound of the shower door opening and closing. A minute later the sound of moving around was followed by a hair dryer starting. "Jeremy, we have just a few minutes before your father comes out. I need you to finish fucking me. I need to cum and I am very close." He just nodded and continued pumping me.

I tilted my pelvis up to meet his and that made our bodies match perfectly. His hips ground against mine, his hands squeezing my breasts, rubbing my nipples between his fingers and the heat in my stomach felt out of control. "Oh Jeremy. I'm cumming". I had to fight to keep my voice down as my body bucked against my son's. I wrapped my arms around him, squeezing him tightly as the tremors in my body gradually lessened. Then I felt him stiffen again as he came for the second time in just a few minutes.

He again shot streams of sperm into me. "Where can it all come from?" When he was finally finished and laying quietly on me I took his head in my hands and pulled it close so I could whisper in his ear, "Honey, thank you. You need to go quickly. You dad will be coming out soon.


I really needed that but we are going to have to talk about this later. It cannot happen again." "I know mom. That was the best thing I ever felt. You are really good at this. I don't know why dad isn't doing this with you every day." "Honey, that's enough of that. You need to get ready for school. Go down and get some breakfast. After your dad leaves for work we need to talk about this before I give you and your sisters a ride to school." "I don't have school today.

It is a teacher's day." "Okay. Go down and have some breakfast. After your father has left come back upstairs so we can talk. And don't say anything to him about this. This has to be just our secret and can never happen again." With a nod he slowly raised up onto his hands and knees.

This resulted in his cock slowly pulling out of me. As slow as he was moving it seemed forever for him to pull out. I knew he was just enjoying the feeling of his first time. As the head of his cock emerged I looked down and watched it bounce up and down.

There was just enough light coming through the windows now so I could see he was huge. Not only was he taller than his father he definitely a couple of inches bigger also. When he had finally pulled all the way out I could see that he was still partially erect. As he moved off the bed his cock kept bouncing around, first slapping one thigh then the other.

When he was finally off the bed he pulled the blanket from the floor and pulled it up to my legs and then stopped and just stared at my body. His eyes moved slowly from my spread legs up to my breasts.

That brought a quick blush to my face and, moving my legs back together, I quickly grabbed the blanket and pulled it up to my neck. Embarrassed, I whispered, "It's cold." It was quite chilly. The heat had turned off earlier but we had not noticed while creating our own heat.

With Jeremy lying on top of me I had not noticed the chill. With a quick "You really look nice mom. Dad's just stupid." He grabbed his robe off the floor, put in on and left, quietly shutting the bedroom door behind him. From the sounds in the master bath I knew Greg was finished and about to come in the bedroom. While I waited for him my hand drifted down from my chest and over my stomach until it cupped my mound with my fingers lightly passing back and forth over my clitoris.

Just as some of the tingle was returning the door opened and Greg walked up to the bed. "Dear. I won't be home tonight. I forgot to tell you last night that I have to run up to the plant in San Francisco tonight. I will be there over the weekend and I'll return Sunday night." I was stunned.

It was an obvious weekend tryst with miss perky tits. "But honey… we need to talk." "I'm sorry. Whatever it is will have to wait a few days." Trying to hide the suspicion in my voice but being unsuccessful I asked, "Are you going alone?" "No. I'll probably take an assistant." "Yes. I can guess which one." "Now don't start that again." Before I could answer he turned and left the room.

The anger I felt earlier quickly returned and then just as quickly left. My fingers had been slowly moving back and forth across my pussy.

I could feel a steady stream of sperm leaking out of me. As my fingers moved back and forth through the slippery sperm all the feelings of how it got there returned.

Then I remembered another of Terri's sayings: "Don't get mad, get even." "Well Jeremy, I hope you are having a good breakfast. You are going to need your strength." I laid there running a lot of thoughts through my head. Deciding what to say, what plan of action to take. I would pick one path only to discard it moments later. I had finally decided that a stern talk with Jeremy and a sterner talk with that devil on my left shoulder was the best course of action to take when I had a clear vision of Greg and "miss perky" in San Francisco for the weekend.

That settled it. I was not quite sure what I was going to say but I knew what I was going to do. I was lying in bed waiting for Jeremy to return and trying to plan what I would say when a faint knock came at the door.

"Come in". Jeremy opened the door and stepped into the room. He must have gone straight from my bed downstairs because he was still in his robe. I patted the covers on the right side of the bed next to me and said, "Why don't you close the door and come over here".

I had deliberately chose that side as him climbing into bed and laying on a spot wet with his cum might not start this conversation off right. As Jeremy walked up to the bed I saw him give a little shiver.

"Jeremy, it is cold out there, why don't you get in the bed so you'll be warm while we talk". As he started to get in bed I held out my hand to stop him. "Go ahead and take off your robe.

It'll just get wrapped up around you, be uncomfortable and distract you while we are trying to talk". Jeremy seemed a bit embarrassed at the suggestion, "But Mom, I'm not wearing anything". Hiding a smile I replied, "Honey, I think I saw everything there is to see earlier.

Come on, take that off and get in bed so you'll be warm". Jeremy kind of turned his back and let his robe drop to the ground. When he turned around to lift the covers I could not help but take a good look at his cock. There was plenty of light now so I got a good look.

I was right. He was huge. He hung halfway down his thigh. Once he got in bed he laid on his back and pulled the covers up to his neck. I turned over on my side to face him. I needed this to start off right. "Honey, do you want to say anything". "Oh mom," he sounded so down, "it is all my fault. I should have stopped you". Perfect I thought. "No Jeremy. It is my fault. I forced you just to satisfy my needs".

This just might work after all. "You dad has been distant for some time and a women has needs just like a man.


I just should not have used you. You are much too young for this kind of thing. I just hope I did not hurt you in any way, making you do something you would not want to do". "No mom. I'm fine. You did not hurt me. If felt good". "Yes it did. I just need to look for someone that can help me since your father is not interested. I thought about going to a bar but who knows what disease I might pick up.

I guess someone here in the neighborhood might work. There is Mr. Gold across the street. He is single". Jeremy made a face, "Mom, you can't possible do that with him. He's fat, old and he always smells like those cigars he smokes". I again had to hide a smile.

Jeremy was beginning to fidgit. That meant he wanted to say something but was not sure how. I reached out to just below his belly button and patted his stomach as I said, "Well son, I think that is good advice. I just do not know what to do then". My hand patting was having an effect upon him. I could feel his cock begin to stir. As it straightened out it nudged against the side of my hand. Jeremy bit his lip then blurted out, "Mom, maybe I can help".

"I don't know Honey. I feel so bad about what I made you do before". His cock got harder and was then inching across the top of my hand until it was fully erect and lying on the top of my hand. As I patted his stomach again I could feel his cock being pushed up by my hand. I then moved my hand around so I could grasp him lightly.

It was so strange to grab a cock and not be able to wrap my fingers completely around it. It was having an effect upon Jeremy though. I heard him suck in his breath and lift his hips a bit off the bed before he recovered. I grasping him lightly and then began running my fingers up and down his cock in an absent minded manner while continuing to talk, "I don't feel it would be right to ask you to do this.

You're my son and you are probably too young to enjoy sex". Jeremy responded immediately, "No mom. I did enjoy it. I'm old enough. I want to help you. That would be much better than going to a stranger and getting some disease. And after all, we have done it already. I was okay wasn't I"? I could hear the eagerness mixed with uncertainty in his voice. "Well I guess we could try once. You are right that would be better than going to a stranger".

With that I gave his cock a good squeeze and said, "Here, let me try something". I let go of his cock and tossed the covers to the foot of the bed. I then moved one leg over his so I could straddle his hips. Rising up on my knees above him I reached down and grabbed his cock again. I positioned it at the entrance to my pussy and very slowly began to sit down on him.

As the head of his cock entered me Jeremy sucked in his breath and tried to lift up his hips to drive deeper into me. "No Honey.

Let me do this". I then proceeded to lower myself on him so he slid in a few inches and then rose back up until he almost fell out of me. I repeated this over and over for several minutes. Jeremy just laid there with his eyes closed enjoying the sensations running up and down his cock.

"Jeremy". He opened his eyes. "You have two hands. I have two breasts. Do you see the possibilities"? Jeremy had that questioning look on his face for a moment then it hit him and he smiled. He reached up to my breasts with each hand and began caressing them, cupping them and lifting them up, running his fingers around my nipples.

He slowly moved his hands down to my stomach and then worked his way up to my breasts again. As he began running his fingers around my nipples again I had the feeling that there was a vacuum in my stomach that had to be filled. Letting go of his cock I settled my weight down on his cock until I was sitting directly on him impaling me on his cock. I began rocking my hips back and forth on him putting pressure directly on my clitoris.

"Mom, that feels so good". Jeremy had began lifting his hips up on each of my backward strokes driving his cock as deep as it could get in me. I leaned forward and put my hands on the top of his shoulders so I could push myself back on him harder.

I could feel the fire building in me and knew I was close. Jeremy shrugged his shoulder so my hands slipped off. As I was about to indicate my displeasure he raised his head up off the bed and sucked one of my nipples into his mouth and began to flick his tongue around it.

After a minute he moved to the other nipple. When he placed his hands on my sides, just beside my breasts, I raised my hands to the top of my head and just kept rocking back and forth on him. He then slid his hands to the sides of my breasts and pushed them together so the nipples were right next to each other.

I thought he was just playing with them until he leaned forward again and began sucking on both nipples at the same time. That did it for me. The fire that had been smoldering away in my pussy became a raging inferno. "Jeremy, I'm cumming". I pushed as hard as I could on his cock. He started to move his mouth away. I almost shouted, "No, keep sucking on them". The muscles in my pussy were cramping around his cock as wave after wave swept over me. Jeremy's mouth began to get slack and then his head fell back on the pillow.

I could feel his hips begin to buck up under me. Then he gave a slight cry, reached out to grab my hips and pulled me tight against him. His hands then slid up to the middle of my back and he pulled me down so I was lying flat on top of him with his arms wrapped around me holding me tight against his body. He drove hard into me again, held it for a few seconds, and then began pistoning in and out of me.

After a good minute of this he finally let out grunt followed by "Mom, I'm cumming". For the third time in an hour he began filling me with sperm. Afterwards as we lay there, catching our breaths, I just laid my head on his shoulder and relaxed. I could feel his erection slowly ebbing and gradually slipping out of me. "Jeremy?". "Yes mom"? "I think this might work for me if it works for you". "It works for me mom.

I'm glad to help". "Well, we'll need to keep this to ourselves. No mentioning it to Dad, your sisters or any of your friends. Do you think you can do that"? "Yes, mom. I can". And so our adventure began. Over the next two weeks Jeremy would get up early and be waiting at our bedroom door, waiting to hear his dad start his shower. As soon as the shower started Jeremy would come in, climb into my bed, get onto me and into me, and we would enjoy a quickie. Another once or twice a week, when there was no one in the house we could enjoy ourselves on a more leisurely pace.

In the middle of that second week Greg made his big announcement that he needed to find himself. I suggested that perhaps if he looked in miss perky tits pussy he might find himself.

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It was also in the middle of that second week that I had the thought to make an appointment with my GYN to get a new prescription for pills. I had stopped taking my birth-control pills several months earlier when it was apparent that Greg was not going to be a threat to make me pregnant. I was pretty active sexually now so I had better get protected. And that would have been a good idea if she had thought of it a week earlier.