Demanding domina loves to rub her cunt

Demanding domina loves to rub her cunt
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Lions of Scarborough ============================================================ I like lions. They're proud and powerful and handsome. Their golden mane and fur always looked sundrenched and warm. I drink tea. I make coffee for people. I work at a coffee shop. It's pretty busy most of the time. It's indie. A lot of interesting people come in. A lot of good-looking people too. I make coffee, but I drink tea. There was a boy with carefully styled blonde hair and thin lips and tight jeans who talked to me when he came in.

He said I made good coffee. I told him I had a lot of practice. He laughed and smiled with his teeth. He said my hair made me look like a lion. I smiled too. We smiled for a while at each other. A customer was waiting. Oops. The boy came in again. I looked at him out of the corner of my eyes. I pretended not to notice him. He came up to the counter and ordered a coffee.

I asked him if he was sure. It was hot out today. He said I made it good last time so he didn't mind. I said I could make him iced coffee instead. He said ok. I made him some. There was more smiling.

I liked his smile, but it made me want to look away. I couldn't stand to be under his gaze. He was too radiant. He was beautiful. I said that my name was Ben. He said that it was a good name. I asked him his. He said Zac. I had a dream about him.

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I masturbated thinking about it. My hands wrapped around my long, thick cock and pumping up and down. My room was cold. I was naked. My door was wide open. Anyone could've walked by. It turned me on even more. No one walked by. I dreamed of fucking him. Of bending him over. I pictured him with such a cute ass. His thin lips were pressed against mine. He smiled into my smile. He pressed his nose into my hair and inhaled my scent.

He told me that I was warm. I dreamed that he sucked my dick. It felt so fucking good. I called him my baby and he called me his as he slurped my cock. I felt my heart swell with affection for him. Yeah. I liked him a lot. He started to come in more often.

He sometimes wore jackets with purple stripes. Sometimes tshirts with v-necks. He looked good. He was thin, but toned. I work out more. I'm more muscular. He touched my hair when he came in this time. I leaned over to get some lids that had fallen, and he brushed up against my hair.

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He smiled and said I he liked my hair a lot. It's golden brown.

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I smiled too. He looked away. I asked him why he came in so much. He said it was because I make good coffee. I asked if he wanted to hang out sometime. He smiled brighter and I think I blushed a little. He said that it would be nice to get to know me a little better. I think I blushed harder. My heart was trembling. He leaned up and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. I got his number. I would call him later. I hope everyone in the store saw us.

I couldn't stop smiling all that day. I'm sure I looked like a total fool. We went to the park.


We had been dating for two months. We held hands.


I told him I loved him. He smiled his brilliant smile. The one that made me blush and look away, unable to hide my smitten grin. He said that he loved me back. He kissed me. I kissed him back. I think a homeless person was watching us from his perch on a park bench. I let him watch. I was so proud that I got to be with this beautiful boy. Zac was on his back, his body was cold to the touch but he was sweating. His arms wrapped around my neck and pulled my face to his. Our lips connected and our tongues danced passionately.

My hands were grasping his hips, pulling his body upwards to meet mine. My thick cock pressed inside of him.

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I was so hard, it hurt. But to be this close to him felt so perfect. His expression turned me on so much. His eyes were closed and his lips oscillated between small frowns and thin smiles. He was loving what I was doing to him. My dick was deep inside of him. I thrusted, pressing his whole body back onto the bed. We sweated so much. He shook. I pounded into him. His ass stretched to accommodate me. He moaned my name.

I loved the sound so much that I kissed him.

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He moaned my name into my mouth. I could feel a trembling in my body. It grew. I could feel it in my head and toes. It felt like my balls were swelling. I kissed him even harder. I was surprised by the ferocity of my orgasm. I pumped thick streams of creamy cum inside of him.

It overflowed and joined the pool of sweat and saliva on the bed sheets. His ass was so warm. His body was so hard. His lips were soft. They tasted like my dick and coffee.

I noticed that he had cum all over himself too. I smiled. He smiled. We rolled around in the bed together. His fingers ran through my golden brown hair. "You're like a lion, baby." I grinned, closing my eyes in bliss and exhaustion, and laying next to him. "Rawr." I said as we cuddled.

He chuckled. I kissed his beautiful blonde head. He was in my arms. Just like it should be. =============================================================== I hope you enjoyed it!

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