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YouPorn Amazing Preggo Hot Group Screwing Till Cumshots
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THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR - CHAPTER 2 I woke up, hoping to find the 2 girls from next door downstairs like they were yesterday, my house was silent so I got out of bed with just my boxers on and looked out of the window towards Claire and Stacey's house. Their car was gone from the driveway so they must have gone somewhere. I walked out of my room and down the hall to see if my mother was out or not, I opened her door and she was sitting on top of her bed, wearing her blue silk T-shirt which she always wore for bed.

She looked so stunning my mother, her black hair would always be lose, just reaching the bottom of her shoulder blades, her tanned skin was so perfect, especially on her legs when they ware freshly shaved, they were like silk and her 36DD tits, always caught my attention, I loved to suck on her nipples and titty fuck her. She was reading a book, the side of her sweet ass was visible as her t-shirt was pushed up to her bellybutton, and her breasts were hidden behind the fabric she wore.

She looked up when she realized I was standing in her doorway, then began to giggle girlishly. "Have a good dream" she said, nodding her head towards my crotch area. I looked down and saw my stiff cock, bulging out of my boxers like a flagpole.

She bent over to her side table to put her book down, as she leaned over I could see her entire ass, and her black thong around her hips, disappearing between her cheeks. She returned to face me and patted the bed next to her, indicating that she wanted me to sit there.

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As I walked to the bed my mothers eyes followed my boner towards her, I sat down and looked at my mother. "So what happened yesterday then, the bathroom floor was really sticky last night" I had completely forgot about all of Claire and Stacey's cum on the floor.

"Well after you left for the town" I started.

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And told my mother of how the fucking began and how the girls were like cum machines, and of how great there asses were to fuck. I could see that my story was getting my mother hot and wet, I was glad, I hadn't had sex with her for over 6 months and I really missed her pussy around my stiff cock, seeing her figure as she sat on my prick.


She started to stir and shift about like she usually did when she was getting horny, id had enough of making her horny with my story of yesterday and decided that it was about time I had sex with my horny mother again, I looked into her eyes, they were green, and wide, they were always hypnotizing to me, I inched forward, as did my mother and we started to kiss, her mouth opened and allowed my tongue to search inside for hers.

I slowly lifted my mothers silk t-shirt over her head, it felt like her skin, soft and smooth. I knew by now that my mother loves it when I take things slow, after all I've been having sex with her since I was 13. I threw her top to the floor and slowly moved my hands down her body, lightly dragging them over her smooth skin; I moved them over her hips to where her pubic area was hidden by her black lingerie, then over her pussy, I could feel that she was wet through her pants, I slowly continued down her thighs to her lower legs, she quivered as I touched her inner thigh, her legs were so smooth and sexy, I ran my hands back up the inside of her legs, up her stomach and round her back to unclip her bra, it fell to the floor, revealing her 36DD tits, they were so perfect, her nipples were erect so I put my head down and teased them with my tongue as my mother shuffled down the bed so she was lying on her back.

I cupped her breasts with by hands and gently began sucking her nipples, swapping between them every so often.

I licked my way around the underside of her breasts and down the centre of her stomach.

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As I got to her crotch I could feel the heat from it through her thong, I grabbed the straps around her hips pulled them down, my mother pushing her pussy in the air so it was easier. I pulled them all the way off, past her feet and threw them in the corner I crawled back up towards my mothers waiting pussy, pushing her legs open, and licking her left inner thigh all the way up to her cunt, it was really wet now so I waisted no time in getting my share of the juices, I pulled my mothers swollen pussy lips apart to reveal her clit, she squirmed as I licked inside her pussy and around her clit, being careful not to touch it, I loved to tease my mothers clit, it gets her so horny.

I pushed my tongue up her wet pussy as far as it would go, then licked from her asshole all the way up to her clit, I flicked it with my tongue and my went wild, I continued to caress my mothers clit as I inserted 2 fingers deep into her pussy and began to tease her G-spot, it wasn't long before my mother was screaming that she was going to cum, so I licked her pussy and clit even more until she came, catching a mouth full of her sweet pussy juice, which tasted as sweet as Claire's did.

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I moved up to my mothers face, dripping some of her cum on her tits on the way, I pushed my lips to hers and we began to kiss passionately, I loved the taste of my mothers cum and so did she. After we had finished passing her cum around I licked the cum from her tits, also giving my mother a taste of that, then I rolled into my back and pulled my boxers off.

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My mother got up and sat on my stomach, so my cock was just touching her back, she bent down and kissed me, then got back up so she was sitting over my 8" boner, she guided it to her soaked pussy, rubbed the head across her pussy lips and slowly sat down, it felt so good, and the view of my sexy, horny mother, sitting on me naked with my cock in her pussy was enough to make my cock stiff for weeks. My mother began to bounce up and down on my cock, lifting up so my entire cock was almost out, then dropping back down so the whole 8" was deep in her pussy.

Her pace quickened and she slowly began to rub her clit. I put my hands around her waist and lifted her up so my cock was only just still in her cunt and rapidly started to push my hips up and down, slamming my cock hard and fast into her cunt, she began to scream "OH YEAH.OH YES.YYYYEEESSS. Her pussy exploded, her cum sloshing past my prick as I continued to hammer it into her cunt, I could feel it dripping onto my lower chest and balls.

My mother sat still with my cock up her cunt, catching her breath, then she climbed off, still limp and moved down the bed so her mouth was level with my dick. "you dirty boy" she said in a sexy, teasing voice "now I'm going to have to clean this off" and with that she grabbed my cock, pushed it to my chest and began to lick her cum off by balls, licking her way up the underside of my cock and sinking it into her mouth, deep-throating my cock so every inch was consumed by her mouth and throat.

After about 10 minutes of sucking and tugging away on my cock I told my mother I was going to cum, she knelt up and I stood in front of her, looking down at my mother with her tongue out, waiting for my cum to hit her in her mouth made me cum a lot quicker, I shot glob after glob of my cum into my mothers mouth and on her tits, she swallowed some and rubbed the rest onto her tits and pussy.


Then the doorbell rang. My mother quickly found her dressing gown and went downstairs to answer the door, I followed her down the stairs but stayed at the bottom incase the caller came in, I heard my mother talking then the door shut, "BLOODY SALESMEN RUENING MY SEX" I heard my mother say so I walked into the living room, my mother walked in and dropped her dressing gown, she knelt on the couch, with one leg spread over the arm, I walked up behind her and knelt down behind her, I took a lick of her wet pussy then stood back up, grabbed my cock in my hands and pushed it into my mothers cunt, when it felt like it had enough of my mothers cunt juice on it I took it out and pushed it against her asshole, she wiggled her hips in a circle then slowly pushed back onto my cock, it was hard work as my mothers ass was real tight and id never done her ass with only her cum as a lubricant.

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I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart to make it easier for my cock to get in, after a few minutes of slowly penetrating her ass began to loosen, I pulled my cock out and spat in her gaping asshole and rubbed more of her cunt juice around the rim and inside. I pushed my cock back in, it was much easier now and the whole 8" slipped up easily, I slowly began pumping my meat in and out, whilst grabbing her tits.

I then quickened the pace and soon I was banging her like I did to Stacey and Claire yesterday, bringing my cock to the rim of her ass then ramming it back in as hard and quick as I could, her ass cheeks were slapping off my hips, I could tell she was going to cum again because as I rammed my cock into her ass, she was bucking her ass back onto my cock so the force was doubled.

My mother didn't scream this time, the only sound she made was quick gasps of air and a UUMMHHH sound as she came, squirting her cum on the hardwood floor. I could feel my orgasm coming so as I pushed my cock into my mothers ass I pulled her limp body back to me, I shot my cum into the warm depths of my mothers ass, and slowed down until I was at a slow pace, I kept at this pace until my cock started to stiffen again, As the sound of my mothers panting filled the room I thought I would try and see if I could get a repeat performance of yesterday, when I came straight after I already had.

I pushed my mothers head down to rest on the couch and slipped my cock from my mothers ass, I quickly inserted into her pussy, which was now soaking wet, I wasted no time in playing about and rammed my cock in and out of my mothers warm wet cunt, I looked down and saw her pussy lips running along the shaft of my cock as it shot in and out of her pussy, her screaming was now louder than ever "OHHH YES BABY YES&hellip.FUCK ME HARD.YES…RAM YOUR COCK UP MY PUSSY…YES BABY MAKE ME CUM" I continued to thrust my dick as hard as I could up my mothers cunt, the sound of her ass cheeks slapping against my chest echoed around the room, her pussy walls tightened around the shaft of my cock, the feeling was orgasmic, my mother came again, then immediately after her tightening pussy walls mane me cum, it felt like I was cuming for ages, pumping my hot sticky cum deep into her cunt.

We both sat on the couch, naked, exhausted and both pleased with our own and each others performance, after about half an hour my mother proposed that we go back up stairs as it was about 8:30 pm, we must have been fucking all day, I followed my mother upstairs, my gaze fixed to her ass cheeks as they swayed when she moved her legs.

We returned to my mother's room where we both lay on the bed chatting a little about girls and sex. My cock was hard again after the conversation was over, this could have also been due to my mother keep grabbing it and pushing it against her cunt lips. I lay in my back and waited for my mother to finish lubing he ass, she climbed on the bed and squatted over my rock hard cock, she began to slowly sit on it, allowing her ass to loosen up, after about 3 minutes my mother was sitting on me with the whole of my cock stuffed up her ass, she told me to stay where I was and let her do the work.

Then she began to slowly bounce up and down again, except this time it felt much better than fucking her wet pussy because her ass gripped my cock more which was more pleasurable. She bounced more franticly now, bringing my cock almost out her ass then jumping back onto it, it felt great and she had been doing it for an hour and a half, I had came once into the depths of her ass, and she came twice, covering me with her lovely sweet cum.

She spun around on my semi-stiff dick and lay back, so we were now spooning, and fell asleep like that, with my softening cock buried to the hilt in my mother's sweet ass. sorry if their is some spellin errors.let me know what you think.chapter 3 will be here wheather you like the story or not.