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This part was going to have sex in it but i toke it out as it did not feel like the right place to do it yet, there well be sex and other thing later on i just dont know when and where. Sorry to those of you that want something more to happen.

side note, sorry this toke sooo long to come out, having trouble with writers block which is why i wrote the other one 'Mages' Practice' give it a read if you like. but I'm going to try and get past my writers block and put the next one out as fast as i can. Jack was in the medical ward with four broken fibs; a broken fore arm, dislocated five fingers on both hands ( two fingers on his right hands and the other three on his left hand), and a concussion as well as covered in bruised that started to show up more and more.

The doctor that was taking care of Jack was stumped as to why he was getting this many injures by doing nothing. When they took Jack to the medical ward they were unable to take the weapons from him, and where struggling to lift him.

They were eventually able to lift him when they brought a crane through from engineering, but even that was just stronger enough to lift him. ----------------------- Jack was still stuck fighting the forsaken one with all his injuries.

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Jack was making ground but just barely getting one or two throws at him before he had to dodge or block the incoming strike. Jack had been stuck in the realm of the weapons for over 3 days and was starting to lose energy and concentration which he sorely need.


----------------------- Lucie was the first to see him and was still by his bed side even as they tried to set his fingers and bones back in place, before they were pushed out again doing more damage. ----------------------- 'Why can't I make any ground with this guy, he just keeps taking pounding after pounding, before he send it back at me ten time worse, I was moving just fast enough to get out of his way before he stuck me, but some time I would miss the other arm of leg that swung out and caught me in the chest or the back.

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"Jack you do know that this guy take the blood of his wielder to make himself stronger, so for every injury you get, you making him stronger in the real world as you're probably blooding every were there" Zar'roc was talking to Jack giving him some information, trying to help him beat his younger brother. "Come on Jacky, I want to end this already, I want to go back to sleep, AND YOUR KEEPING ME HERE!!!" the forsaken one was shouting at Jack trying to get him to make a move that he could act on and end this in one hit.

'Jack, Jack, Jack please do something so that I know that you're still alive,' Jack was fighting a second ago but hearing this new voice, it sounded familiar, but strange at the same time. Who was it that was calling out to Jack at a time like this? ----------------------- Lucie was sitting beside Jack talking to him trying to get him back, or to get him to squeeze her hand or move, or do anything for that fact.

----------------------- Jack having heard something was desperately trying to remember who the voice belonged to, still fighting forsaken, or Be'lal which Jack just named him, well Jack was trying to remember who the voice belonged to.


Jack started to see another pattern in the attack the Be'lal was throwing at him. First he would swing him staff from left to right, thing in one motion would bring it round and overhead and swing it down, still in one fluid motion would then bring it back up and spin it in his hand, well doing this Be'lal would be stuck in one spot and only be able to move forward but at the cost of his accuracy.

Fighting Be'lal again but with the knowledge that he has an open jack fights him with renewed strength. ----------------------- Well Lucie was sitting next to Jack, she starts to hear a cracking sound thinking it was more of his bones breaking; she just stays where she is, as any more movement would only do more damage. Looking over to Jack, she sees that none of his bones have broken, but his bones fixing themselves.

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Looking at Jack she can see his skin start to crawl, but it was the type of crawl that would send shivers up you spin if you didn't know what was happen. Trying to figure out what was going on; Jack starts to struggle in his sleep.

Think that it he's coming out of what every, he was in, Lucie start to call to him asking him to squeeze her hand or to say something. ----------------------- Jack started to fight Be'lal with his sword, swinging it faster and faster, swinging it so fast in fact that the sword starts to move so fast that the sword starts to make an eerily whistling sound. Be'lal starts to have trouble blocking the swing and start to be pushed to the edge of the ring.

'If I take any more of this I'm going to lose I have to find a way to end this without losing' Be'lal' Be'lal was trying g to think of something desperately but was running out of time. Just as Be'lal was about to put his idea in to action Be'lal take a set back by mistake and crosses the line.

Finishing the match and allowing Jack to win although with being black and blue. "Well done Jack, you have managed to defeat two of us and that's all you needed." Zar'roc was telling this to Jack as the weapons and the room was set back to the way they were when they entered to room.

Looking around at his sibling Zar'roc lets Jack go back to the world and back to a very worried Lucie. ----------------------- Waking up from the dream Jack finds that he is no longer in his cabin but back in the medical wing of the ship being strapped down to a bed.

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Looking to his left Jack see Lucie but as he tries to speck all that come out is a crooked, trying again but with more force behind the action Jack manages to get out Lucie before his throat decided enough is enough and decided to reward Jack for his effort with a nice helping of pain and a dried out throat.

Lucie heard something off to her side looks over to see a very conscious Jack looking back at her, and by the look on his face in a lot of pain, getting up from the chair, Lucie walks over to Jack, giving him a glass of water with a straw.

"Drink slowly; try not to take big gulps of water." Jack tried to speak but still crooked out the words. Taking small sips of water, Jack manages to say something to Lucie. "How long have I been out" asked Jack? "You've been out for three almost four days. We did have problems moving you from our cabin, they had to bring in a crane to lift you out and bring you here." "Ohhh is that why I feel like shit?" Jack asked? "Did you guys try to rest my broken bones, as they don't feel right?" "Yes, yes we did try to rest you bones but they just keep going back to the position they were in when they broke, so we just gave up." "Ok thanks, now I've got to go to the captain, as I need to ask him what he wanted, do you know where my weapons are?" 'good god, I'm in so much pain it hurts to even think' Jack was think this as he got up to find the captain.

"There still in your hand and on you back.

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We tried to get them off, but they would not budge." "Ok, thanks…again." Getting up from the bed jack looks at the two daggers, putting them in their sheath, to which Jack does not know how they got on him in the first place. Walking out of the medical ward, Jack start to go in the direction of the bridge and the captains quarters, hoping to find him in one of the rooms. Walking on to the bride, Jack looks around for the captain.

Spotting him at one of the consoles, Jack start to walk over to him. "Cap'n what did you need?" asked Jack, staling the captain in the process. "Ahhh, Jack good to see that you're well, but try not to, give me heart attack.


As a man of your size can still move, making the same amount of sound as a mouse running alone the floor" replied the captain. "Anyway, Jack I've called you here as we need a planet to land on, and I need you help sorting through the data on all the planets in our range." The captain had asked this with a slight hope that Jack would actually help him, and the crew to survive. "Well if we need a planet a planet we shell find, anyway captain what happened when I was in the coma?" Jack had asks this hoping to find out what Lucie had done when his not around.

"Oh nothing much, just you in the coma, oh and something that keeps showing up on are radar." "Show me, I might be able to figure out what it is." "Be my guess we tried, but every time we would get a lock it would then disappear." ---------- It had been three hours and Jack was in the pouring through, file on planets that had water and organic matter that they can use for the matter food unit.

Jack had also tried to piece together information from the strange anomaly that seemed to be following them. "Jack it's time to come to bed, we can carry on in the morning." Lucie walked in to the room Jack had sat himself in for the past 3 three hours.

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"Ya, you're right, ok let me just finish this one then we can go to bed, ok?" Jack asked Lucie, but she was having none of it. "No Jack we are going to bed right now." As she was saying this she walked over to him and was pulling him out of his chair.

"Lucie wh… ow, ow, ow, ow Lucie you're pulling a little too hard, please let go, I'm going to bed now, if you can let go of my hair." Jack was pulled out of his chair, to which Lucie was pulling him by his hair, like a little pup that had just done something it was not meant to do. ---------- Jack was startled awake by the sound the ships intruder alarm going off.

Turning over Jack gently shock Lucie awake, "Lucie wake up, come on," Jack was surprised that she could actually sleep through this racket. Lucie slowly opened her eyes to protest with a moan, say that she wanted to get back to sleep. Jack was having none of it he needed her awake so that they could find out what had happened and fix it. "Lucie you will wake up right now or this is never going to happen again!" this got a reaction out of her, she had like to sleep with Jack and she could not think of anything worse than him sleeping in a different bed.

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"Ok, ok I'm up no need to threaten me with that. Anyway what is that annoying sound?" "That is the reason I woke you up, come on get dressed we need to find out what the problem is." Getting out of bed, Jack walked over to the closet that held his customer army uniform. The Uniform had incorporated bits and pieces from his life pod, that would help him when he needed it, the uniform had the med-kit, the small shield module, and the diamond strength fabric fibres, which were a bitch to try and make this uniform out of, the fabric also seemed to have a built in power source, so small that they could not find it.

In true the fibres were the power source. ----------- Walking through the ship, I had hoped not to set off the warning device, of course I was careless, my ship had bumped in to one of the exterior plating's and set off the alarm, which was getting very annoying as time went on.

Following the signal that the beacon gave off I walked to a door that did not seem to be the well- defended. Reaching a hand out to open the door, the door slid open revelling a man that was in mid conversation with someone else in the room, until he felt that something was wrong. "What the… who the hell are you what are you doing here?" He asked this with an air of authority, that he did pull off pretty well but his was not, what I wanted.

What I wanted was what he had on his back and hips. "Give me your weapons, or die trying to Protect this ship."