Mi vecina me da las nalgas

Mi vecina me da las nalgas
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Through the looking glass ALICE'S daddy didn't notice her sleeping in the back of the home theater room when he entered. Assuming that she had gone shopping with her mother that evening. He selected a porn DVD to watch. Plopping down on the couch and getting himself ready for a really goood wanking. Alice had fallen asleep watching cartoons after dinner.

Her dreaming was interrupted by the sound of people in distress, a woman seemed to be screaming 'Oh god, oh god, OH GOD! ' Suddenly the sound of her daddy's cell phone brought her back to reality " Moshi moshi …liddel.

De gozaimasu Mr. John Thomas-san" She slowly raised her head up to see what was going on, her dad was talking to some one on his iPhone and there on the huge plasma screen was something that in all of her years she hadn't ever seen before! It was a man, but not like any man she had ever laid eyes on before he was kanda hairy but all the hair was white and his eyes were pink!

Maybe he's an armadilldo, no that not the word. Oh I think I it's albino? She thought and what that thingy hanging down between his legs it was huge. It's incredible long and pink. She giggled to her self as she watched it sway to and fro on the screen " I bet on Halloween he could throw it over his shoulder and go out as a gas pump".

suddenly the video froze as her father departed the room in a hurry. Alice got up and walked over to the screen reaching out to touch the image of the gigantic penis just as her finger toughed the glass the screen went blank startling her.

Tripping she fell headlong into the Telly. ******************************************************************************************************************* THE FALL So suddenly that Alice had not a moment to think about stopping herself before she found herself falling down a very deep shaft. Total darkness First she heard a buzzing sound and then felt a warm fuzzy feeling. Either the shaft was very long, or she fell very slowly, for she had plenty of time as she went down to look about her and to wonder what was going to happen next.

First, she tried to look down and make out what she was coming to, but it was too dark to see anything; then she looked at the sides of theshaft, and noticed that she could faintly make out something painted on the walls in the flickering torch light that was now illuminating the shaft.

they were caveman style drawings filled with stick figures engaged in all kinds of sex acts There were cupboards and book-shelves; here and there. she saw maps and pictures hung upon pegs. Paintings of naked women reclining on a lounge. There was the statue of DAVID with all his bits still intact and Venus de Milo in her full splendor just floated by. The paintings were now joined by photographs black and white at first but then also in living color Alice thought she had seen every sex act know to man depicted here.

But wait there's more! suddenly the shaft was a glow with the light of every computer monitor in the world and every one was displaying porn. Alice started to think about her falling, how long had she been falling an hour ? Maybe, a day, a week, a mouth or a whole year? NO it couldn't be that long, she wasn't hungry yet so it had to be less than a day.

But what about the fall? what comes at the end of the fall. she could think of only two things either you get hurt like breaking an arm or something, or it turns into WINTER ! Winter would be better then breaking something, landing in a nice big snow drift that would stop the fall. She began to shudder at the thought of the cold wet snow "OH bother I'M not dressed to be playing in the snow." Maybe if I face the other way I'll fall up instead of down, than I could fall in to summer.

I could than land in the sea, No I don't like the cold water that's almost as bad as a snow pile. She thought some more, A swimming pool that's it a nice warm swimming pool that were she wanted to land! Alice's train of though was broken by the sound of wailing, a mournful cry of "What will I do, the internet is down, someone hacked all the servers!!!" Then all the screens turned to the Blue Screen of Death.

Then every thing went dark. The cries turned to a deafening crescendo of sorrow! Just when Alice thought that she couldn't take it anymore her falling stopped. It was a red traffic light floating there, It then turned greenand she fell straight on to a bed with a thump. The bed was bathed in the light of what seemed like 100 fernells and leekos more powerful than the sun so not a single shadow would be cast. As Alice's eyes became accustomed to the blinding light she saw the butt of the white albino going through the door.

"Cume back cume back " she called as she followed him into the hallway. ***************************************************************************************************************** THE CORRIDOR The corridor seemed to go on forever Hundreds of doors lined the walls.

Alice stood in the middle not knowing which way to go when she though she heard a door close off to her right.

Running that way hoping to catch up with him. She ran so fast that she didn't notice that the hallway had changed and she plowed smack into the end wall! Knocking the wind out of her she landed flat on her ass looking at a little door.

Through the door off in the distance she could see the white albino running across a lush green field. Crawling over to the door on her hands and knees she tried too fit through but alass her ass was just to big.

Sitting back on her butt she starter too cry. "I hear crying, who's crying?

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There's no crying in pornautopia! This is suposta be the happiest place on earth." Alice stopped crying for a moment trying to figure out there the voice was coming from. "I'm down here." She heard the grating little voice say. Fallowing the sound she moved a curtain aside revealing another small door.

Standing there was a rather tall but thin rodent with a handlebar mustache. "Oh what a cute little mouse ! You look just like Mickey." Alice exclaimed. "Excuse me! Don't you dare compare me to that little goody two shoes cousin of mine ." I'm a rat, I will have you know, can't you see my fine tail.

"OH yes I see it now and it is a very handsome rattail you have there." Alice said as she filed the image away. "pleased to meet you my name is Alice." as she extended her hand out to the rat. He walked over to shook her middle finger. "Hello I'm Biggy Rat, the movie producer." Behind him Alice could see the sign above the door BONEAYOURSISTER Films International.

"Nice to make your acquaintance." "Sir how can I get through that small door over there ?" "What door?" "That door." "That door?" "Yes that door." "your way too big to fit through that door ." "I know that's my problem !" "Go on a diet then." "I don't time for that now !" "Well in that case what on the table should do the trick." Alice heard a Female sounding voice come from beyond the door.

"Biggy, Harry Dick on line two." "Be right there Maxxie ." Biggy said as he departed "Soon again meet will we." Looking down the corridor Alice saw the all chrome table. Getting up off her ass she walked over to it. There in the middle was a small flat lingerie box. Opening the box revealed some panties with the words EAT ME printed on them. How strange, why would someone put eat me on their underwear?

"Oh silly me maybe it's the panties that's to be eaten ." With that she picked up the panties and sniffed them.

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She was glad that they smelled like white chocolate. tentatively she nibbled a little piece, nothing happened so she bit off a large chuck chewed it up and swallowed it down. She could hear that buzzing sound again followed by that warm happy feeling then thing really started to change.

She was shrinking and shrinking fast. Poof ! She now was no bigger that Mr. Rat. Alice fumbled around trying to get out from the parachute that someone had somehow dropped over her.

Finally finding an opening she crawled out through the tunnel. Looking back at the table she noticed that the parachute looked kinda familiar. "OH MY GOD that my clothes, EEEK I'm naked !!!!!" Hoping that no one saw her she ran for the now just the right size door.

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************************************************************************************************************** THE FIELD Looking for some place to hide she ran into a stand of tall grass.

"I've got to find something to cover myself with." she said to her self as she looked around. Not finding a thing suitable she started to sob. "Hay there is no crying in pornautopia! Don't let the queen catch you crying ." "WHO said that?" Out from the under growth steeped a Cricket wearing only a top hat and a smile.

"DON'T look at me I'm naked" "What's the big deal I'm naked also and you don't hear me blubbering on about it do you?" "Why would you want to cover up a body with such a perfect allover tan." "What are you talking about?" Alice queried as she looked herself over Noticing that she had no tan lines her body was a perfect golden bronze!!

"Why your right it is a perfect suntan that I am wearing." Alice returned her attention back to the cricket and really looked at him for the first time. "OH MY GOD THERE HUGE !!!" "What's huge?" "Your,&hellip. Your, &hellip. Your BALLS are enormous !" "Why thank you I'm rather proud of them, But if you think these are big you should meet my uncle. He went to Hollywood and got into acting in legitimate films. "Do you have any idea how big your balls need to be to be someone's conscience ?

Do you know that crickets have the largest sex organs to body size of any creature ?" A long- winded dissertation followed on the virtues of being so well endowed. Alice cautiously crept backwards towards the path.

Then ran as fast as she could leaving the Blowhard in her dust. Down by the waters edge Alice finds a beach of pink and purple striped sands.

Off in the distance she can hear someone singing. The speck on the horizon grew larger and larger then suddenly it was right next to her. It turned out to be a small dinghy with a sailing mast.

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seated at the tiller was a ???? bird. The song he was singing was vaguely familiar 'Sing Along' Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's wife for me He pillage, he plunder, he rifle and loot Drink up me hearties, yo ho He kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot Drink up me hearties, yo ho Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's wife for me He extort, he pilfer, he filch and sack Drink up me hearties, yo ho Maraud and embezzle and even high-jack Drink up me hearties yo ho Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me He kindle and char, inflame and ignite Drink up me hearties, yo ho He burn up the city, he's really a fright Drink up me hearties, yo ho I'm a rascals, scoundrels, villains, and knaves Drink up me hearties, yo ho He's the devils and black sheep, really bad eggs Drink up me hearties, yo ho Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's wife for me I'm a beggars and blighters and ne'er do-well cads Drink up me hearties, yo ho Aye, but when he's off on his antics I'm snug in his bed Drink up me hearties, yo ho.

As he finished he looked at Alice and exclaimed " Arrgh what a glories Tan my lady duss have, you must have spent the entire Summer here on the sea." "Oh thank you, but the suntan is new I just acquired it today. My name is Alice and who may you be?" "Thay call me Jack, Jack Passeridae . Acquaintance of your nice to make." Flapping his wings he landed next to Alice on the beach.

"You can fly?" Of course I can fly what else are wings good for, I'm a bird not a buffalo. "But why were you sailing in that boatisn't it faster to fly someplace ?" "Have you ever sailed the seven seas ?.

If you had you wouldn't be asking why. Besides have you tried to fly someplace lately all the long lines and charges for every dam thing under the sun it can take longer at the airport than the actually flight.

But I might try it again I hear that now you can get a free hand job from the TSA." Jack fluttered back to the dinghy, setting the sail he said "I must be off in search of the Fountain of youth." Catching the wind Jack was gone in a flash. Shaking her head "This is a very strange place indeed I hope I don't run to a lion, a tiger or a walrus !" As Alice wondered further on the path she could see smoke rings floating in the air.

They seemed to be coming from behind some shrubbery. Steeping off the path she headed toward it's source. Entering a small clearing she saw a caterpillar sitting upon a very large mushroom. He didn't notice her as she approached. Alice noted as she sat on a little smaller mushroom next to him that he was smoking something. "smoking cigarettes are bad for your health don't you know." Alice's words brought the caterpillar back to reality "It's not a cigarette, It's a Hooker.

He said as he took an other drag on the hose in his hands, Who …Are …You?" Blowing a large cloud of smoke in Alice's face. I'm Alice, and who may you be? "I'm the Monarch." "Pleased to meet you." Alice said as she curtsied. "Who Blew You ?" "What?" "WHO BLEW YOU?" "I'M not blue, I'm bronze, it's a nice golden tan. "NO, WHO BLEW YOU?" Blowing more smoke into her face.


"I said I'm not BLUE, are you color blind or just deaf ?" Inhaling the smoke caused Alice to swoon and then loosing her balance she fell backwards, but she missed the ground and started to float in mid air right in front of the caterpillar. Once more he asked "WHO BLEW YOU???" This struck Alice as funny and she started to giggly uncontrollably.

"Harrumph, I'll show you what I mean !" The caterpillar then proceeded to crawl up Alice's leg. All the little feet on her leg tickled causing her to burst out in laughter. As he reached the top of her thigh he inhaled deeply on the hose, Parting her pussy lips he blew the smoke in to her. Making Alice laugh even harder Again he took another hit and blew with all his might.

Alice found this so hilarious that she nearly passed out, finally regaining her composure she noticed that the caterpillar was gone ! She could hear that kinda buzzing sound again it seemed to be coming from behind her butt she couldn't put her finger on it. Suddenly she felt the strangest feeling in her tummy, something was moving down there.

But how could he gotten in there and why would he have wanted to ??????

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He kept moving around and the more he moved the more the top of her little pussy itched. He now was moving back and forth almost in a straight line. The itch became almost unbearable Alice knew that she could put her finger on this as she tried to rub the itch out. The more she rubbed the faster the caterpillar pumped and the larger he grew and the more faint she felt and the higher she floated The caterpillar gave one mighty shudder and then seemed to melt away.

Stars filled Alice's eyes as she through her head back giving out a cry of joy as a huge wave washed over her…??????????????????????????????? Catching her breath she slowly drifted back down to the mushroom.

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Raising her head she look down at her crotch. There was a white foamy froth the wave had deposited. Something started to move in the foam And out of it emerged a butterfly shaking it's wings trying to rid itself of the sticky goo. Soon the iridescent wings were dry and he took flight soaring almost out of sight, Alice though that she wouldn't see him again when he swooped out of the clouds Pausing in front of her and said "One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small and the ones that mother gives you don't do anything at all." And in a bat of a eye he was gone.

Looking down at the mushroom where the caterpillar had been seated Alice saw a small satchel opening it revealed Two pill bottles and a pile of dried mushroom. Gathering up the bag and slinging it over her shoulder Alice settled back to the ground Back on the path Alice couldn't decide which way to go but seeing that she didn't know were she was headed it didn't really matter which way she went.

**************************************************************************************************************** Alice was standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded up front door, there a small mailbox with the name "Will H Jonson lettered on it opening the box Alice found a flyer.

Congratulation You are the proud recipient of the Amish compute virus. As you probably know the Amish do not have electricity So this virus has to be administered manually.

Please now delete all files on your hard drive. We work on the honor system and your cooperation is greatly appreciated Now send this letter on to someone worthier of receiving it.

Thank you and have a nice day. Approaching the cottage, someone through open the shutters of the upstairs window and yelled to her " MaryAnn where have you been?


The big game is soon and I need you to get me ready. Get up here at once!" Rushing up to the bedroom Alice was shocked to discover that it was he who found her before she could find him.

Or was it just pure blond luck that she was now standing in front of the white albino. "Well get on with it girl, you know that I can't have this thing at full staff in front of the Queen, or it's off with my head!" Alice just stood there with a blank expression on her face.

"Down on your knees girl we don't have all day." Grasping the back of her head Willy stuffed his flaccid member in her mouth and started to pump in and out. Alice had to keep scooting backwards to keep from gagging as the monster grew in her mouth. "MaryAnn what the matter with you today, your acting like your never done this before? Use your tongue girl and make it quick." Not really knowing what to do Alice swirled her tongue around the knob Bumping against her tonsils.

"Ahh that's better, I'm almost there just a little more…………&hellip. Suddenly her mouth was filled with the likes she didn't know. With a cough and a sputter Alice fell back on her ass sending most of the white hot goo straight down her throat. Catching her breath the strangest feeling had cummed over her it started with the now familiar buzzing followed by the warm fuzzies. But then things started to change she was growing and growing fast soon she barely fit in the room One arm went out a window and one leg went right down the stairs and kicked out the boarded up front door.

"Monster, monster !" Willy shouted as he grabbed his bumbershoot and ran out of the house. Alice was beside her self, not knowing what to do. She was so tangled up in the house she could barely move but one hand was still free. Spying the satchel in the corner she was able to retrieve it and take out the pill bottle with the big S on it. Gulping down one pill hoping that it would be enough, not wanting to over do it and totally disappear.

Nothing happened at first but slowly, very slowly she started to shrink. At last she was back to a size that she could depart the cottage. Following after Willy she could see the Le Ch?au de la Belle au Bois Dormant Off in the distance.

****************************************************************************************************************** THE ROSE GARDEN Crossing the bridge over the mote Alice look up to see a well hung banned over the gate that read "Progay national tournament" There was a great throng people in the courtyard milling about.

But few gave her much notice as she wandered about. The crowd hushed and then parted in front of her. There stood the QUEEN He stood six foot six, and weighed one-o-five. He's kinda narrow at the shoulders, narrow in the hips With a curl in his red hair and a smile on his lips. He kinda swished his way over to her and speaking with a slight lisp. "sthay wahat do we have here ? thsomeone new to play in the thournament." "My name is Alice and I am pleased to meet you your majesty." Alice said as she curtsied in front of the Queen.

"Very good, THEN LET THE GAMES BEGIN." He then sauntered off toward the rose garden. Watching him swerve Alice now know why they called him the "Flaming Red Queen" Grasping her behind Willy startled Alice "Good I see that you are back to your sensesyou're my partner today in the croquet match. Lining up on the playing field in the garden Alice observed that the other male were almost as well endowed as Willy even the Queen didn't measure up.

Each male player had a young lady standing next to them except the Queen.


Next to him was a very young man with blond hair and a tan, his body was well oiled and his muscles glistened the sunlight. Alice wondered how the game was played. the wickets and stakes were placed in somewhat familiar pattern. The referee placed two balls in front of each player.

But what about a mallet ? Alice though as each young player steeped behind their's male counterpart and to Alice's utter disbelief reached their' arms around them and grasping their penis with both hands The Queen led off the round Alice and Willy were up next. "Now remember not to fondle me, No one can rise higher than the Queen." Gingerly Alice reached around Willy to take hold of his tool.

It was a long way around and to be able to make a proper swing she had to mash her chest against his lower back. Her first attempt was a success sending one of his balls rolling through the first hoop. Then she quickly backed away. The other players followed suit but the last one got a little to aroused and rose to the occasion. The Queen seeing him a full mast Shouted "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!" Two guards dragged him off the playing field.

This scenario happened three more times leaving only Alice and Willy against the Queen and Rocky. Then the inevitable happened with Alice rubbing her pointy little chest against his backas the sun rises each day so did Willy.

The Queen watched in contempt "OFF WITH HIS LITTLE HEAD !!!" he shouted Four guards held him as the hangman positioned the miniature guillotine Alice screamed "NO STOP !!!" Reaching in the satchel and taking out the bottle with the L on it Alice quickly swallowed two pills and instantly grew to astonishing heights. She was about to stomp on the Queen. The blade fell, and every thing went blank. ************************************************************************************************************* "Alice wake up, Alice wake up, are you all right ?" Alice slowly came too, cradled in her father's arms " I must have pass out ." Alice replied as she rubbed her forehead.

" I tripped on something and hit my head on the TV." Looking down to see what had caused her fall. she let out a horrible scream there on the floor was a large pink penis. Alice's farther quickly pick up the dildo and holding it behind his back said "OH Sorry that's one of your mothers toys." As he steeped away to put the dildo away Alice Felt that buzzing warm feeling again, reaching into her pocket she flipped the switch off of the little egg vibrator before her daddy turned back around.

Walking back to her he noticed that her knickers were sodden. "looks like you may have had a little accident." "EEEEK I'm sorry daddy I didn't mean to." "That's all right I know you didn't." He said as he gave her a knowing wink. With this Alice jumped up totally embarrassed and ran for the bathroom.

"like mother like daughter!" He said as the door closed .