Sticking hunks weenie inside girl

Sticking hunks weenie inside girl
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I found out what time she would be at the grocery store and got there a little ahead of her. I am extremely horny - more so than I have ever been. All I want is a good fuck and I want it now - I am like a big ball of rubber bands - the outer one about to snap and release all the others! I noticed her just up the aisle.

Her tight jeans defining her hot ass, her tits straining against her button up shirt which has the top three bottons undone to expose the swell of those magnificant tits!

I went from uncontrolable horny to rock hard and dripping precum, my breath and pulse quickened. To my delight she began to flirt a little.

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This went on for a few aisles, my excitement building, then her cell phone rang. After her conversation she immediately headed to the checkout, ignoring me. I was pissed and horny! I went outside and waited on her to exit. When she did, I slowly come up behind her and said "If you know what's good for you just keep walking and act normal.

You have seen what can happen on tv - seen the news - if you do not want to be a news story just act normal and walk towards that van at the end of the aisle". I took one of the sacks out of her hand and walked just behind her. To all onlookers we appeared to be a normal couple. At the van I opened the passenger door and shoved her inside closing the door behind me as I pushed her into the back.

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No one could see in the darkly tinted door windows and there were no side windows. I told her to be quiet and do as she was told and to not speak a word or I would gag her. I see a wide eyed look on her face. She is not sure what she has gotten herself into, but I think she is going to get a LOT more than she bargained for!

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I am really starting to get iunto this. There were some blankets strewn about the metal floor of the van along with some miscellaneous clothes. I roughly pushed her down onto the blankets on her stomach. She grunted and struggled to get up so I sat on her ass, facing her feet and grabbed a belt off the floor and wrapped it around her ankles and quickly bound them together!

I spun around on top of her, working much faster now, and removed the belt from my pants and grabbed her flailing arms and roughly bound her wrists behind her back. She whimpered and I leaned over, grabbed her hair, jerked her head up and said "Remember, not a sound or I will gag you hard". I dropped her head and raised up and removed my pants and shoes.

I made sure she watched to see my rock hard, precummy cock spring up out of my pants. A slight shudder went through her - I think she was secretely getting excited, while also being scared!

I moved very quickly. I reached under her and unfastened her jeans and roughly jerked them down to her bound ankles. I ripped her panties off and straddled her.

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Her body jerked as she felt my hot cock and balls against her ass cheeks. I said "Yes - you are going to get that fucking you asked for in the store!" I smacked her succulent as cheeks several times, watching them turn slightly pink, getting more excited each time my hand smacked her hot ass!! I spread her ass cheeks wide, painfully straining her asshole. I spit on her asshole and jammed two fingers deep inside.


She flicnhed with the suddeness of the intrusion. I pumped my fingers a few times. I bent my fingers at the knuckles, pressing against the wall of her pussy, trying to make my fingertips come out of her pussy entrance! Her ass is stretched painfully around my fingers and she groaned deeply as I twisted them around.

I jerked my fingers out of her ass. I grabbed my cock and aimed it at her fat pussy. I rubbed the precum slicked head between her lips to lube it.

I do not want to damage her, just fuck her and dump a load of cum in her. I jammed my cock in her and began to pound her pussy hard! I leaned over and bit her neck hard!

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I bit her earlobe and pulled back as I slam fucked her pussy! I let her earlobe slip from between my teeth and as I did I grunted out "I am just lubing my cock because." then I pulled it out of her pussy, and finished grunting out " I am going to fuck your ass!", as I grasped my cock and put it against her asshole and pushed the knob in.

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She statrted to cry out and I quickly jammed my fingers that had been in her ass into her mouth and gripped her jaw and pulled her head around and snarled into her ear to be quiet. Her tight asshole stretched around the crown of my cock, fuck that was tight. Her ass ring constricted just as my crown passed and clamped down on my slick shaft. I almost came!

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I continued shivinf my cock in until my balls were mashed against her ass! I began to pump her ass hard! Using it like a well lubed pussy, fucking it hard! My stomach was slapping against her ass, the sound echoed off the van walls! I reached under and frigged her clit hard as I continued to slam her ass! I was like a rabid dog in heat - fucking her ass wildly!! I also grabbed one of her tits and squeezed it hard through the material of her shirt, mashing it, stretching it painfully.

I started biting all along her shoulders, across the back of her neck!! She was beginning to fuck me back a little. Suddenly she tensed up - my god - she was cumming! I frigged her clit harder and faster! She cried out slightly as she came.


I jerked my cock out of her ass, moved up beside her head and grabbed her hair, stretched her neck tightly, raising her face up and shoved my cock deep down her throat. Her eyes bulged out and her nostrils flared open!

I almost came again! I face fucked her hard, her eyes began to water, she could get no breath, my balls were slamming her chin and my pubic bone was smashing her nose! FUCK, I am am going to cum now!

I jammed my cock into her throat as it swole and erupted squirting warm jets of cum down her throat and in her mouth! She gagged slightly and struggled to swallow - some of my cum leaked out of her mouth onto the blankets! I kept her mouth forced down onto my cock until my orgasm subsided and she had swallowed all the cum in her mouth. I jerked my cock out of her mouth and said "See, I told you so, if you were not quiet I would gag you".

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I put my pants on and unfastened her and got into the drivers seat. I ask her what vehicle she had. As she got dressed I drove over and pull up next to her truck. She got her sacks and stepped out next to the drivers door of her vehicle.

I drove off. We "role played" again - I may write about it when I get time.