Angel Smalls and Kennedy Kressler in Skip The Small Talk

Angel Smalls and Kennedy Kressler in Skip The Small Talk
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It's a Wednesday night and Steve is about to arrive at his work's office party. His boss, Rick, encouraged everyone to bring their families and since Steve is recently divorced, he only had his daughter Rachel to bring. Once again he's going to have to endure guys looking at his hot teenage daughter. And once again he's going to have to deal with his hot daughter looking sexy and flirting with every guy she sees.

Steve is used to this by now. Ever since she hit puberty she's been trouble and Steve lost his balls a long time ago.

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There's not much he can do. Guys his own age, in their 40s, have hit on her right in front of him - and she's flirted right back. It's no wonder Steve is totally ashamed and a broken man - his daughter is the sexiest girl around and she knows it. He knows she gets around. Steve enters the large room where the party is being held, his coworkers with their families, his boss, and now he and his daughter. He can already feel the eyes on his daughter. His fellow coworkers, heterosexual males in their 30s and 40s who rarely get to see young girls like Steve's daughter Rachel.

It's no wonder their wives get insecure.

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Rachel is a very sexy girl. Standing at around 5'4'' with long, thin legs, smooth skin with a slight tan, deep brown eyes, sultry facial features, flat stomach, tight little butt, perky 32C bust, and long, dark brunette hair with lighter highlights.

Combined with an aura of 'sex' and her flirtatious, submissive personality, she's definitely a girl who is very self-aware of what she does to guys. She's a girl destined to become a stripper or pornstar.

She walks into the party, dressed in tight, low-rising, lightly toned jeans with a hot pink thong just barely showing above her white, shiny studded belt; and cute, furry white boots covering her feet and shins. Her top is a tight, thin, soft and white zip-up, long-sleeve crop top sweater with a furry hood and midriff showing.

Her stomach exposed, you can see her shiny naval piercing and lower back tramp stamp tattoo showing just above her thong. Around her neck hangs a shiny, silver 'Playboy' pendant and a pink and silver, sparkly necklace that reads 'Barbie' in a very girly font.

They run down her chest, just above her perky cleavage. Her face is dolled up and pretty, with bright pink lips, raccoon-like eye shadow complimenting her dark, sexy eyes and plucked eyebrows. Her soft, shiny brunette hair with highlights runs down her chest and her backside, teased up a bit in the top to give her hair a 'bigger' look.

She's a bad looking girl. Rachel walks past some of the guys, knowing they're catching whatever looks they can get at her, watching her tight, bubbly ass walk by. Some are lucky enough to catch a whiff of her light, rose-scented perfume. She shoots a few glances back and smiles innocently. Steve socializes, watching his daughter from afar as she socializes too, thinking to himself how hot she looks and how every straight guy in here must want to fuck her. "Steve, I didn't see you come in." Steve turns around to be greeted by his boss Rick, a larger man than Steve and in his late 40s.

An arrogant son of a bitch, too. "Hello, Rick." Steve shakes his hand briefly. "Yeah, I just got here." "Good, well enjoy yourself." Rick pats him on the shoulder. "Say, uh, you bring Rachel this time?" He asks, having previously loved seeing her the handful of times he's been able to the past few years. "Yeah, I brought her." Steve replies. "Listen, we'll catch up later, we still have to talk about your performance on the last quarterly." Rick says, leaving abruptly.

Steve gulps nervously, knowing he's in danger of being fired. Rick walks up to Rachel, a confident smile on his face, "Hey sweetie, how are ya? Remember me?" "Yeah, of course!" She says excitedly in her cheery, bubbly high pitched voice. "You're my dad's boss." She giggles like a bimbo.

"Yeah, it's been awhile. Nice to see you, baby." He smiles down at her and then takes another swig of his drink. She smiles back. "So, you doing good in school?" "Mmm, not really." She giggles up at him. "Haha, don't worry, I won't tell your dad. Besides, a girl like you doesn't need school." He casually steps a little closer, giving her a lustful look. "Oh yeah?

Why's that?" She smirks up at him and bites the straw from her drink. "Because, you know." He looks down at her body, "A girl like you can get whatever she wants." "Sometimes." Rachel giggles, looking down and then back up at him and tilting her head while smiling. "Sometimes?" He enthuses, kidding around.

"My, my, I'd hate to be your dad, having a girl who turns heads like you do." She giggles, leaning into him and casually placing her hand on his chest.


"Stop, you old man." She teases, but in fact she loves confident and dominant older men like him. "Old man?!" He exasperates with a playful outrage, "I guess you're right." He chuckles. "Let's get you a more adult beverage." He motions her over to the bar. "Sure." She smiles as Rick takes her hand and leads her over to the bar.

They sit down next to each other. "Just don't tell my dad." "It will be our secret." He winks at her, handing her a glass of wine. They both drink. "So, just how much trouble are you giving daddy these days? He chasing away any guys lately?" He asks playfully, touching her shoulder. "Oh, you know how he is. He wouldn't chase away a fly." She giggles. "Ha, ain't that the truth. I wish he was a little more confident and aggressive in his work." Rick retorts, looking over at Steve and noticing that he's looking back at them so he nods while raising his drink and Steve nods back awkwardly.

"Is that why he thinks you might fire him soon?" Rachel asks in a curious tone. "Oh, so you know about that huh?" Rick takes another drink. "Well, that's part of it." He sighs. "Look, your dad is a nice guy. A 'nice' guy, you know what I mean? Too nice, too quiet, too passive. He doesn't command respect.

I mean, look at you. You're smokin' hot," She blushes, smiling down and then look back up, "I bet you make guys go crazy, huh? And all these grown men eying you up and down, myself included." He chuckles. "That wouldn't happen if your dad commanded respect." Rick drinks again, smirking over at Steve from across the room. "Sorry, Rachel. I didn't mean to insult your dad.

I like the guy, it's just." "It's okay, I know." She interjects. "I know guys look at me all the time and he's never really done anything." She drinks some more wine. "One time a few years ago some guy around his age flirted with me right in front of him while we were at the mall.

My dad tried to tell him to stop but the guy just kept doing it and laughed at my dad, and even grabbed my ass as he left." She giggles playfully. "Haha, wow. That's pathetic." Rick chuckles. "I'd kill a guy if he did that to my daughter." Rick drinks again. "So, you like guys like your dad, or no?" He asks. "Haha, definitely not." She giggles.

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"I like guys more like the type who grabbed my butt that day." She smirks flirtatiously. "So, guys like me?" Rick playfully asks. Rachel giggles again, leaning into him and putting her hand on his chest. "Yeah, I suppose so." She replies. "It's too bad I'm just some old guy." He winks at her playfully. "Yeah, too bad." She responds back up to him, smiling. "What I wouldn't give to be thirty years younger." He says in a deeper tone, looking her up and down and then into her eyes.

She looks down, blushing a little. Steve watches from afar, trying to wonder what his boss and his daughter are talking about. "So, I really hope you don't fire my dad. He buys me a lot of things and if he's fired then he can't anymore." She pouts up at him submissively. "Hmm, well I can't guarantee that, sweetie." He replies as he starts to caress her right hand with his left hand on the bar. "Why don't we sneak away to my office and talk more about it and maybe you can convince me not to fire your father." He asks confidently.

She looks up at him, biting her lip a little. "Okay." She smiles. Rachel's been very aware of how much her father's boss wants to bang her for a while now and now she might give him what he wants. Rick finishes his drink and gets up, leading her to his office. Steve watches them leave his view as they go around the corner, wondering where they're going.

Rick looks around before opening the door to his office and leading Rachel in, his hand on her lower back guiding her. Rick immediately puts his hands on her hips, pushing her towards his desk, smirking down at her arrogantly.

Rachel pretends to resist a little, but she actually loves being manhandled like this. "So, what can you do to convince me to not fire your dad?" He asks, looking sternly down at her. "I'll do anything." She says in her soft, high pitched bubbly teen voice, submissively looking up at him.

"Good girl." He says while putting his arms around her, rubbing up and down her back and enjoying the feeling of her smooth, soft skin on his fingertips. He breathes heavier, really getting into groping her and enjoying her body. He grips her ass, pulling her into him as she moans softly. He holds her tightly, his left hand on her lower back, his right on the back of her neck.

He shakes her a little bit violently, smirking down at her. "You like that, huh?" He asks, feeling the fire in his loins ignite. "Mmm yeah." She smiles up at him, her hands on his chest as she enjoys him roughly manhandling her.

She feels him grip the back of her head, stroking her hair. He leans down to kiss her, pushing her head into his as he grips her hair. They lock lips, kissing passionately.

A man in his late fortys kissing a teen girl. They make out briefly, his hands groping her all over as her right hand goes down to tease the bulge in his pants, rubbing it. They switch positions, he now leans against the desk and she faces her back to him, grinding her ass against his bulge. He rubs her busty tits from behind, his right hand going further up to lightly choke her from behind. He kisses her head, breathing in and loving it.

"You like that shit, huh?" He groans between his teeth, shaking her head a little by her throat. "Mhm." She nods a little. He turns her around and holds her against his chest, stroking her hair. "You're just the kind of man I like." She purrs up at him submissively, smiling. "I wish you were my daddy instead." "Mmm, oh yeah?" He grins, his hands going back down to her tight ass and holding her against his crotch.

"I knew you needed a strong daddy." He chuckles a bit. "Why don't you get on your knees like a good girl and prove to your new daddy why he shouldn't fire your father." He kisses her gently on the forehead. She drops to her knees and instantly begins to rub the bulge in his pants with her soft little hands and kissing it with her pink lips, running her mouth over the bulge as she gazes up at him submissively.

He can only stare back down in amazement, his right hand holding her head against the bulge in his jeans and stroking her soft hair. He unzips his pants as she rubs her tits, taking his cock and balls out of the zipper. His cock dangling in her face, she smiles up at him while stroking it softly and slowly.

Her pretty eyes shut halfway as she slowly begins to kiss the tip of his cock. He gasps, his head hanging back in pleasure. The image of her soft, bright pink lips on his cock too much. She goes down on him, slowly taking his cock into her mouth as she holds onto the base of his cock with her left hand. She stares up at him as he breathes harder, his cock between her pink lips, his cock filling her mouth.

"Oh fuck." He mumbles under his breath as he feels his cock on her tongue. She applies more suction, going in and out on his cock. Making little slurping noises and soft moans as she enjoys the taste of his throbbing cock. "You're so fucking sexy." He groans down to her as his right hand strokes her hair, guiding her head up and down on his cock. Her mouth salivates over his cock as she moans softly, giving little looks up at him.

Her right hand begins to cup his balls, rubbing them gently as she goes back and forth on his cock. She works the head, running her lips all over it, kissing it, making love to it, swirling her tongue around his throbbing head as she rubs his testicles. She takes it out, breathing ever so slightly over his cock as she gazes at it, still rubbing his balls. She licks and kisses up and down the sides as she bats her eyes up at him.

He can't believe all of this is actually happening. He grins down at her with his hands on his hips and she loves it. She loves being on her knees in front of him. She dribbles a little bit of spit from her mouth onto his cock and jerks it all over it. She begins to deepthroat his cock, her hands pulling her into his cock by holding onto the pockets of his pants. He groans dominantly, eyes rolling back into his head as he bites his lip from feeling his cock go down her little throat.

She eagerly deepthroats, slurping and slobbering all over his dick. Her saliva mixed with his pre-cum dripping from her mouth and onto her cleavage. She kneels perfectly, her back arched slightly, her busty chest sticking out. She goes all the way in on his cock, taking it all over and over. His knees buckle a little as his wet, throbbing cock slides in and out of her mouth and down her throat as she gives him the greatest blowjob of his life.

"Such a good cocksucker, baby." He groans down at her boldly. She just looks up at him with his cock in her mouth, her brown eyes gazing up at him. She goes all the way down once more, her nose pressed against his pants, sticking her little tongue out just enough to graze his balls. "Fuck, she's licking my balls with my cock in her mouth and I'm still not feeling teeth." He wonders in amazement in his own head. She comes up for air, panting a little before down to kiss, lick and suck his balls.

His wet throbbing cock dangles over her pretty face as she faces up to him, sucking and licking each of his balls. Kissing them over and over with her soft pink lips. "Fuck, you're good." He growls as he focuses on not blowing his load. She comes back up to face his throbbing cock and begins to deepthroat some more, her hands on his thighs. Her mouth waters on his cock, eagerly slurping.

He bends his knees a little and grabs her pretty head, feeling her soft hair on his fingers. He pumps her mouth, fucking her face in and out. Thrusting in and out of her mouth and down her throat, faster and faster as he groans and enjoys the sound of his cock forcing its way into her mouth. "Ah fuck!" He groans loudly, almost cumming. He holds her down all the way, patting her head, then lets go as she gasps for air. "Your father's got one hell of a cock sucker for a daughter." He chuckles dominantly above her as she pants.

He takes a deep breath, recovering from just getting blown by his employee's teenage daughter in his office with him just down the hall. He walks behind the desk, sitting down on his chair. "Come here, sweetie.


Crawl over to daddy." He demands between his teeth, looking at her fiercly as he takes off his pants. She crawls over as told, getting in front of him, under his desk. She kisses the inside of his thighs, kissing further and further up to his balls and then up to the tip of his cock. She begins to bob up and down his throbbing cock, moaning softly as she does so.

Her saliva and his pre-cum slides down his cock as she goes faster, slurping up and down with her hands on his thighs. She stops, then running her lips up and down the sides, kissing it all over as she looks up at him. "Fuck." He groans, running his hand through her soft hair. "Get down there." He demands as he sits further back into the chair, lifting his hips further up. He grips her hair, guiding her down to below his balls.

He spreads his legs as she begins to kiss below his balls. Soft, passionate kisses with her pink lips, with little licks with her little tongue. She moans softly, this isn't the first time she's done this. She goes down further, kissing over his ass hole a few times. "Fuck yeah, you dirty slut." He groans and breathes harder, feeling her soft lips on his ass and taint, her soft hair tickling him.

She goes up to suck his balls, sucking on them tightly, each one, as she jacks his throbbing cock. She takes his cock back in her mouth and begins to quickly bob her head. Faster and faster, her hair bounces around as she uses her mouth to get him off. She takes it all, going down so that her nose presses against the pubes above his cock. He holds her down with both hands, gripping her hair, moving her head around on his cock before letting her go. She gasps, coughing a little as he grins down at her.

"Yeah, bitch." He groans, stroking her hair. While this is going on, Steve looks around to see where Rachel has gone. He quietly walks down the hall, looking for her and wondering if she went with Rick somewhere.

He didn't like the look of them talking, they seemed very friendly. He sees Rick's office door closed and can faintly hear RIck's voice as he presses his ear against it. Suddenly RIck hears his door start to open. He sits up quickly, moving his chair into the desk. Rachel is pushed back harshly. "Shh!" He whispers aggressively while his left hand reaches down to grab her hair hard. Trying to act calm and cool by looking over some papers on his desk, he looks up at who it is.

He sees Steve enter and the adrenaline shoots through his veins. "Steve!" He says gleefully with a smile. "Oh, hey Rick. Sorry for barging in, I was just looking for Rachel, my daughter." Steve says, looking at Rick.

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All Steve can see is everything above Rick's waist. "Oh, uh, I don't know where she is." Rick replies, his heart thumping out of his chest, his cock still throbbing. He can feel Rachel's mouth back on his cock as Rick sits up in the chair, gripping the back of her neck with his left hand, his right hand on the top of the desk.

"Well, I saw her run off with you, so I thought you might know." Steve says in a suspicious tone, his mind racing with thoughts of what's going on. "Oh, yeah, uh." Rick coughs. "I was showing her where the bathroom was." He looks up at Steve, his cock in his daughter's mouth.

Just as Steve is about to say something else, RIck grips Rachel's hair harder, forcing her to bob her head up and down faster. "Oh, okay. I already looked there but I guess she went somewhere else. I'll keep looking." Steve says. "So, gettin' some work done during the party, huh? That's why you're the boss haha." Steve forces a mild chuckle. "Just looking over something for tomorrow." Rick replies, his voice nearly trembling. He can only imagine how flustered he must look as he tries not to breathe so hard.

He can feel the cum building in his balls as Rachel bobs her head up and down. Suddenly a loud thump noise comes from Rick's desk. Rachel banged the back of her head under his desk while going up and down on his throbbing cock, with her dad standing ten feet away. She feels the sting on her head, trying not to make any noise. Steve looks at Rick confused, his mind getting even more suspicious.

"Damn these desks, too small for me. Always banging my knees." Rick says off the top of his head, trying to play it off while he squeezes the back of Rachel's neck harder.

"Yeah. Ha." Steve retorts. "I'll look around some more. If you see her, tell her I'm looking for her." "Sure, no thing Steve." Rick nods, smiling while continuing to feel his throbbing cock in his daughter's little mouth.

"Listen, Steve, about the quarterly." Rick begins as Steve's about to leave. "Don't worry about it, it happens. Let's just move on." He smirks at Steve. "Thanks, Rick." Steve says, a little astonished. They nod to each other and Steve leaves. "Fuck." Rick exasperates, his eyes rolling back as he relaxes into the chair. He moves back the chair and Rachel moves with him. He leans down, smiling down at her, and begins to stroke her hair. "That was close, hmm?" He says under his breath.

"That was so hot." She smiles like a naughty slut up at him. "We almost got caught heheh." She giggles softly. "If only your weak ass dad knew what that sound was haha." Rick chuckles, stroking her hair some more as he looks down at her. "His own daughter under my desk sucking on my cock." He grins, then kissing her on the head.

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He begins to grip her hair and then sits back into the chair, pulling her head onto his cock. "Keep going." Rachel goes back down on him, eagerly slobbering all over his cock. Her mouth even more thirsty for him, even more turned on by what just happened. She works his cock while moaning softly up at him.

Shortly after, he can't take much more. "Oh fuck." He groans. He grips her hair as he's about to erupt.


He holds her down on his throbbing cock. "Ah fuck!" He groans louder, starting to shoot his load up into her young mouth and down her throat. He pumps her mouth with a hot load, slowly pumping up and down. He pants as his mind and body go numb. He lets go of her hair and she continues to suck up and down slowly. She feels his huge load shoot down her throat. She licks his cock clean, kissing it all over as he stares down at her grinning. "Oh baby, that was so good." His voice shakes a little as he stands up and buckles up his pants.

He takes her hand and helps her up. "You tasted so good." She purrs up at him softly, smiling. Rick wraps his arms around her, kissing her on the forehead. "Good girl." He says softly, smirking down at her. "Here's my business card, put the number into your phone.

I want you again." He says boldly as he hands her the card. "Okay." She nods and smiles. "Now let's go back out there and pretend like you didn't just have my cock down your throat and I'll pretend like I didn't just cum down your throat." He chuckles, smirking down at her.

As he takes a deep breath, he opens the door and then cautiously looks up and down the hall to see if it's clear. "Do me a favor and give your dad a kiss on the cheek. Would love to see that after knowing you just had my cock between those pretty pink lips." He grins down at her as she nods.

"Hey, Steve! I found your girl." Rick says casually, coming up behind him. "She was in the stairwell on her phone or something." "Oh hey, thanks." Steve says. "Yeah dad, I was just on my phone. I got bored." Rachel says. "Yeah, alright. Uh, yeah. I guess I was just a bit worried is all." Steve says, trying to forget the suspicions he had. He notices her hair a little frazzled and her makeup a little off.

"It was probably nothing, it's all in my mind." He thinks to himself. "It's okay, daddy." She says, leaning up to peck him on the cheek. It catches Steve by surprise as she hasn't done that in a very long time.

Shortly after, they leave and Steve looks on as Rick and Rachel say goodbye. They smile at each other, and Rick gives her a little hug.

Steve looks back as Rick smirks at him, nodding goodbye.