Uncut penis cumshot gay Was it the the way Ian spread his caboose

Uncut penis cumshot gay Was it the the way Ian spread his caboose
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New Feelings Entirely fiction! I watched the young middle school girls come in too my room, waiting for me too finish a little work so i could work with them in this after school session. Oh god, the thoughts, my dreaded thoughts. I could never do anything like that, i'm a 25 year old women!

I'm way too mature to be thinking about. those things. But i liked thinking those thoughts, that's how they crept up on me.

For the last week, every second around these girls, i could hear the voices in the back of my head, telling me that no one will ever know, and that it's okay if i did those things, and sometimes i agreed. I kept struggling to fight it, this new feeling of want, of passion and horniness. They were dressed so fine, their skin so perfect, their bodies so skinny and their breasts so perky and round. Their hair was perfect too, long flowing and silky. I wasn't even thinking about doing those things with them, but despite this i was unusaly wet.


Every day it just got worse, the thoughts more explict, my libido stronger and more frequent. If i was alone, i might try to masturbate right now, secretly.

Maybe i could just excuse them or go to the bathroom. No, that would just make it worse. The more i fantasysed about them when i masturbated, the more the thoughts crept up on me.

If this continued, would i even be able to resist? I've never been bi-sexal or lesbian, all though i will admit that i don't find many men that intresting.

I've fantasyed about men all my life, why the change now? One of them, a very busty blonde stood up and stretched, her arms up in the air and her breasts were highlighted. I struggled to break my stare, I just looked down at my paper. thoughts and images came into my mind, depicting the nasty things i wanted to do too them. I wanted to see them nude, i wanted to kiss their young, teen mouths and dominate their lives. I gave into the thoughts, feeling myself become a little more wet, as i shuddered with desire.

I wanted to lick their little virgin pussies, and make them lick mine whether they liked it or not. I wanted to cover their bodies in massage oil and lube, and watch them squirm under me as i pressed my pussy to their mouths, grinding into them.

Stop it, stop it, stop it! I thought to myself. Then again, the thoughts came back. 'I want to here them shout that' I thought, then trying to clear my head once again. What was wrong with me, they're human beings!

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Aged 13-14 at that, way off limits! They were other peoples children! But their was something oddly aluring about that age. Why couldn't I?, i thought, I wish i could just fuck them all i wanted, but it wouldn't be fun like that.

I wanted to force them too, i wanted to make them my slaves and fuck them endlessly. I wanted them, i could never seduce them. They were girls, not as easy as flashing a guy or anything. "Ms. Green, are we going to do any work?

it's almost time to leave." "Huh? Oh, oh right. Umm. I have more work to do, i think we can do this tomarrow, sorry girls." i said. "Okay." 3 of them were leaving, but one of them stayed. She was the hottest of the girls. "Ms. Green, i can stay a little longer, i really need help with this." Said Hannah. "Oh. okay. Just umm, do whatever you want for a little while." I said.

She brought out some stuff from her backpack. She put on a layer of red lipstick, it made her look even better. She readjusted her shirt around her chest, for a brief second i saw her bra and her full cleavage.

Such busty girls for their age. One of her legs was brought up, she put it on the desk. Her short skirt, with just one movement, moved perfectly, until i could see right up it. She had lacy lingere on, the little thing, where did she get that? They were so small too, i could see the outline of her pussy lips. Oh god, these perfect young women. I knew i was going to regret this, but i craved the embarrasment on her face.

"Um, hannah, would you mind, closing your legs?" I said.


"Oh. sorry." She said, her young cute little voice when embarrased was like music to my ears. She quickly put her leg down keeping her legs tightly together. "Tell me hannah, where does a young girl like yourself get panties like that?" I said, smiling. Her jaw dropped. "Ms. Ms. Green, I.

I don't know." She said, her face red and her eyes unable to look away from my smile. I stood up from my desk, sitting in the desk in front of hers, leaning in close with her, i gently stroked her small, smooth arm on the desk.

She tried to pull her arm away, but i didn't let her. "Ms. Green. what are you doing?!" She said, worry in her voice, with a hint of excitment. "I'm going through a little phase i suppose." I said. My hand on her arm, left. It drifted down to her thy, slowly rubbing up to the edge of her skirt. "Ms. Green, you're scaring me." She was trying to speak clearly, but it was clear she was too scared to even speak loudly.

"Don't be afraid, miss Hannah." I said. My hand was sitting on her upper thy, just an inch, an inch, from her pussy. My other hand, i restly gently on her face.

I rubbed it warmly along her cheek, her smooth face skaking with fear and excitement. My hand, moved a centimeter towards her pussy. "No, i can't do this!" She said. Standing up, and fast walking towards the wall, which she backed against. I stood up as well, and walked very calmly towards her. Her breathing became quicker the closer i got. Finially only two two inches seperated our bodies. Her head turned to the side and her chest heaved, she backed tightly up against the wall.

My hands grabed her sides, moving up, i groped her breasts through her shirt. "Oh yes, your perfect little breasts! Your such a hot young girl, miss hannah." She was breathing even faster. My hands went under her shirt, pulled it up so my hands could reach under it. My hands went under her bra, groping her breasts again skin to skin.

"Ms. Green, please. don't do this!" She said. "Don't be afraid of it hannah, just enjoy it." I said.

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My right hand left her breast. I quickly reached down under her short skirt, rubbing her wet pussy through her panties. Her body shuddered.

A faint moan left her. "That's it, enjoy it my filthy little beauty." I said. My hand went up and over her panties, rubbing her pussy bare. I shoved a finger inside, making her yelp. "Your pussy is so tight, so wet, so young and perfect." I said. I began to finger her. She moaned loudly, her mind appeared to be shifting back and forth about how she should think of this. Her body began to move up and down, moving with my fingers "Cmon, that's it.

Just." I slipped another finger into her.

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"Enjoy it." I used my other hand, pulling it out of her shirt, to take off my top and my bra. I wrapped my hand around the back of her head, she complied as i pulled her in too suck my nipples. "Tell me hannah, do by any chance have a lactation fetish?" "I- I. don't k-know." She said weakly. "Well, lets just see then." I pulled her head onto my nipple, she began to suck like a baby.

I felt my milk going into her mouth, she swallowed. She kept sucking harder. "Yeah, you like it." Moans erupted from her mouth, her body shuddered and her pussy became far more wet. "Are you close to cumming dear?" "Mmm'mm!" She moaned into my breasts.

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"Then cum. Cum all over my hand, squirt your juices you filthy little beauty!" I said. Her body shook again, i could almost feel her strong contractions. Juice erupted from her, she moaned into my breasts and wanted me to release her mouth, but i kept her pressed firm against my breast. My hand became coated in her juices, she sucked hard on my breast and her shudders and moans began to wind down.

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"Thats a lot of cum for such a young girl!" I said, my hand shining. I allowed her to remove her mouth from my breast, she looked up at me and smiled with milk surrounding her mouth. That smile just egged me on, her compliance made the desire in me stronger. I pulled her into me, i began to lay down on the floor. I removed my long skirt, along with my panties.

I grabed her head, she sat back on her knees as i pulled her head down into my pussy, she licked at it and kissed it, she played with it with her tongue, then she shoved her tongue into me, licking my insides.

"Am i doing it right?" She asked, stoping. "Oh yeah, keep doing that!" I said. She dove back in, i felt shudders going through me as i played with my nipples.


Her young tongue was pretty good, licking my juices up and rubbing the walls, sometimes she moved it in and out of me very quickly. Her hand moved to finger me as she continued to lick. "Ohhhh god!" I moaned out loud.

"Yeah, lick my pussy my filthy little beauty!" I said, moaning and realizing i had a new nickname for her. I had never felt anything like this girl, she was pretty good and different, but the shear thought of being eaten out by a girl her age was just amazing, it drove me to orgasm way faster than i thought it would.

I was going to cum soon, i could already feel it and it was going to be a big orgasm. I was going to cum all over her little face and in her mouth, i was going to make her swallow it too.

I gently stroked her hair and moaned as she continued to finger me and lick my insides, never stoping for a second.

I could feel the large amount of pleasure escalating to that 'Oh shit!' moment, and i realised just how much i had been craving this. I wondered how this would affect me, if i would finialy not have these desires or if they would just get worse. "I'm really close Hannah!" I moaned, this just made her lick and finger even harder and more passionately.

It hit me just as she sped up.

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It reached a perfect sweet spot as i moaned and groaned, orgasmic fury striking my hips as i humped into her face, feeling my wetness on her but not knowing the extent of it. She kept fingering and licking me all the way, i could feel all my desires being satisfyed and i felt my self squirting, hearing liquid hit the now sweaty floor. The pleasure started to die down, the common thought of 'Already?' hit me, although pure satisfation hit me as well.

My hips that once seemed beyond control rested. Hannah climbed onto me, her head rested on my breasts. I could see her face shine in the white lights, glimering and driping, as i watched her swallow and it brought out even more satisfation. We both looked into each others eyes, smiling.

I felt odd with no tention, she sighed with her own satisfation. I gently stroked her hair, she now felt like the farthest thing from my student. Her red hair was a little wet too, she scooted up and our breasts and nipples pressed against each other, sending little tingles through us. "I'm still going to need help with science." She said. "You'll just have to come in tomarrow, it probably won't get done though." I teased, she smiled and stood up, pulled up her pants and buttoning them.

She walked over to me, i leaned down and gave her a small kiss, before she packed up her stuff, and walked to the door.

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She paused in the doorway. "Thanks for the help Ms. Green." She said, and without waiting for my response, she walked out the door. I sat down in my desk, knowing that later i would be thinking about the possible jail time i'm facing. But i didn't think about that now, i was too shaken by this whole thing, my body with a familiar ache of the aftermath of orgasm.

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I decided to pack up my own stuff and take my leave as soon as Hannah was gone, to avoid any awkward contact as least. At least for now, i put my feet up on my desk, i reached into my hands and merely hovered over my pussy, knowing that just a minute ago a young girl's tongue willfully and passionately licked the insides, and let me cum all over her face. I had a small fear moment, even if the desire was satifyed and gone now, i think i could still feel it's presence in my mind, even stronger now.

Evem worse the endless consquences that could follow me for the end of my life. I couldn't know that it would work out, or that there would be no consiquences. But in this kind of situation, you just kind of think it will, in a hope kind of way.