Estudante de cursinho tun centro de Lauro de Freitas

Estudante de cursinho tun centro de Lauro de Freitas
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Even though I was 100% sure it wasn't possible, I could feel my body shaking and heart thumping so loud. I start pacing outside the washroom, praying to God everything is alright. I see the doorknob turn as she exited the washroom. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Months Earlier.

"No, I have money already." My sister said after I asked if she needed money from me. My sister is 14 years old. I am her 18 year old brother. We have one sister aged 8 years old who we take care of because Mom and Dad are alcoholics and abusive. I think of my sister as the Virgin Mary. She's got a small circle-like face, blue eyes, long blonde hair, thin lips, and a small bent nose.

She takes real good care of our little sister when I'm at work and always listens to what I say. My sister is really quiet and respectful. She sometimes stares or looks at me trying to please me as I take care of her. But the situation we were in right now was awkward. My sister and I rarely ever looked, talked, or even took notice of each-other. She said she wanted to talk to me in her room which scared me.

She was always scared to even be alone with me. We were home alone, sitting on her bed. Nobody else was home, my parents were doing the hell they do, my little sister was at a sleepover.

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"I um, wanted to ask how sex feels like." My sister said. She didn't look at me nor say it aloud, it was much more like a whisper which I was supposed to hear. "Well, sex feels like, well, SEX.


You don't know how it feels like unless you actually have it." I said. "I think I know what you're saying. You have a boyfriend and he wants you to have sex with him. You're scared? Right?" My sister looked at my eyes and shook her head. "I want to know how sex feels like, and I want to have it with someone I love." She looked down again.

"That's good. When you find the perfect man, you'll be so happy that you saved your virginity for him." I said. Having sex-talk with your siblings was embarrassing but I knew that Mom and Dad would never talk about it so it was my job to.

I had to talk to my sister about her periods a few years back. "You're my perfect man," she said with her face was all red. "What!?" I said louder. "I mean, you're always there for me. You take care of me and our sister, you provide for our family, and you're the sweet-- I mean." My sister looked me in the eyes. "I love you." "What's she thinking" was the only thought that ran in my brain. "Sis, you're just going through puberty and" "Shut up." She said. "I want to have sex with you," I didn't know what to say to her.

"I want to give you my virginity, I want to have sex with you, I want us to be happy." I looked at her eyes. She was serious. "It's illegal." I said to her. "Look, just listen to me. I won't tell anyone. I want to just, have some fun with you." ~ ~ ~ I stood up from her bed and she stood up with me blocking my way to her bedroom door.

"Okay fine, let's have sex." I said to her. She smiled at me. "Let's play a game though.

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We both turnaround so our backs are facing each-other. We remove all our clothes, okay?" I said to her. My sister began to turn around. I turned around as well and pulled my shirt and boxers off my body. I was completely nude in my sisters bedroom. "Are you naked I said to her?" I asked. "One second. okay I am now." She said. I heard her un-clip something. Probably her bra.

"So on the count of 3, we both turn around and we look at each-other. Then we take turns saying good things and bad things about each-others body. Okay?" I was making up a game which I didn't even know we were playing. It was a stupid game but if my sister was serious about me, she'd be nude when I would turn around. "Got it." My sister said. "Okay.1.2.3!" I turned around and saw my sister's small butt.

She slowly turned around and we looked at each-other's naked body. "You're so skinny and cute." I said to her. "Well, you're strong and cool." She said.

"You have tiny tits." I said smiling. "You have a small penis." She said laughing at my 2 inch dick. "You have a cute pussy." I said. "You have hair around your dick." She said. This got me embarrassed. "You're the cutest girl I've ever seen." I said.

My sister started blushing. She took a step forward and hugged me tightly. This was the first time we actually made skin-to skin contact, EVER! And she was hugging me while being nude. I hugged her small body back tightly. I loved her. Her hair and my hair touched, our hands were around each-others backs, my pubic hairs was tickling her stomach, and my dick was in between her legs Maybe she wouldn't want to have sex with me.

I didn't want to do anything sexual with my sister, but my penis caught my lie and started growing larger and larger. We both eventually let go of the other. I laid my body back on her bed.

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She followed me and we both stared at the ceiling. I turned my head towards her and she did the same my direction. We both closed our eyes and leaned our faces in.


And we kissed each-other. A brother kissing her sister. It must have been her first time kissing someone because she started taking out her tongue. I also took out my tongue and when our licks locked I would push my tongue in her mouth.

It was so hot and felt so amazing. She eventually stopped kissing me. Our lips were all wet with each others saliva.

As she was pulling her lips away, saliva was still connected between us.


She opened her eyes and smiled. I smiled at her. She looked at my penis and hopped in between my legs. She stared at my monstrous 7 inch uncircumcised cock fully erect right in front of her. "If you want to, suck it." I said.

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She was scared but put her hands around the foreskin and began to motion it up and down. The head of my penis was all red and she slowly licked the tip of my penis. I moaned from that. She then put her mouth around the head of my penis and began to suck it.

"Oh fuck, that feels nice. Keep going." I said to her. She continued to suck my cock until I told her to stop scared of ejaculating in her mouth. "Here, lay on your back." She layed her body on her back as I went in between her legs. I stared at her small pussy. It was a pussy alright. No hairs, no pussy lips, just a vagina we see from science class.

I began to suck her pussy. She began moaning as I used my hands to open up her pussy to expose her clit. Once I licked her clit, her body began to tremble. Her body kept shaking more and more and her groans began to become louder as I continued to suck her clit. I then started to insert fingers into my sisters virgin pussy.

I started with my index finger, then my middle finger, and that was all I could fit in her tight pussy. I stopped giving her oral and stared at her. Was I gonna fuck my sister? That was the thought going through my head. "Do you wanna do it?" I asked her. She nodded right away. "Fine, sit on my dick." I said.

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I layed back on her bed on her pillow as she got up. Sweat ran through my body everywhere. My sister put her knees away from each other outside my body. Then she opened her pussy up exposing her pussy once again.

She looked at me as she sat down on my cock. My penis went in quite easily.

Her pussy was so tight and so hot inside. Her juices and pre-cum helped lubricate the way until we got to her hymen.


I stared at her as she pulled her body upwards, then smashed it down right on my dick breaking her hymen. We both groaned. Her body went all the way down on my dick until our pubic bones were touching. "I love you." I said to her. "I love you also." She said. She began bouncing up and down my cock rapidly. She went faster and faster and the pleasure was too much for me. Seeing her body bouncing up and down, seeing her hair everywhere across her face, seeing the sweat unleashed, her tiny tits bouncing with her body and the pleasure coming from underneath and I reached the point of no return.

Our moans and groans led the way as I was about to unleash when I realized I wasn't wearing a condom! My sister pussy let loose and I felt a watery substance shoot from her pussy right onto my dick. "Sis, pull out, I'm gonna cum!" "Fuck, I'm CUMMING!" I said. She was all worn out and tried to pull out. Right as she was about to pull out off my dick, she sat down back on it and groaned.

"I'm CUMMMMMING!" She screamed as I felt more her juices escape her pussy right onto my dick. I felt myself shooting an endless amount of spunk into my little sisters virgin pussy. The orgasm shook my body and my sister and I both were shaking after the end of our fuck.

We both just sat there, wondering what we just did to one-another. As she pulled off of me, the blood, the juices, and the semen shot out from her pussy right onto my dick. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Months Later.

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My sister held the pregnancy test for both of us to see. She was pregnant.