Mädchen lieben zu Mädchen

Mädchen lieben zu Mädchen
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I stare at her, trying to be secretive. She had long blonde and brown hair tucked into a hat.

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Her face was plunged in shadow. She was wearing a blue shirt that ended mid-thigh. Her brown shorts were hidden under the shirt, making the illusion that she wasn't wearing them. I imagine lifting the shirt, exposing her pussy then jamming my cock into it. I start to get hard and quickly tuck it into my waistband. She had well-tanned golden skin.

She was a little older then me, around 14 or 15. She is with her mom, a old and ugly woman. I ignore her. We are at a airport. We're flying from North Carolina to Colorado. We board the plane and I sleep for the three hour flight.

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. When we land I start to follow her. They take a taxi to their home, I follow in my car. When they stop I drive by then stop around the corner. I peek around the corner and see the house they enter.


I wait until around two in the morning and walkup to their house. I look around, seeing no one, then pick the lock. They don't have a bolt or a security system I could see. I silently go up the stairs and peek into the bedrooms. The girl is asleep but the mom was awake and reading a book. She was absorbed in it. I quietly walk towards her. I take a syringe out of my pocket. She senses me, and looks up smiling.

She was expecting her daughter. I stab her in the neck with the syringe before she could scream. She quickly passes out.

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I cross to the daughters bedroom. I grab an extra sheet and cut it to pieces using my knife. She must have jet lag, she didn't stir. I tie her to the bed then gag her. She wakes up and looks at me with horror.

I almost fainted on the spot, but I pulled myself together. She was wearing a tight tinktop and short pink shorts. I cut off her shirt, exposing her small but sexy boobs. I cup them in my hands.

She squeals, muffled by the gag. Her nipples stand erect, apparently ignoring the situation. They push into my hands. I lean over and start to nibble and suck on one. She lets out a involuntary moan. I pinch the other one and pull. She squeaks and arches her back, trying to releave the pressure.

I pull harder and she cries out again. I move down to her shorts. I cut them off. She has a red thong on. I look up at her and raise my eyebrow. She blushes slightly. I take a few pillows and put them under her lower back, lifting her. I lean down and smell her sex. It is the most wonderful aroma in the world.

I decide to make this a perfume one day. I start smelling my own leaking from the bulde in my jeans. I wip it out and hold it next to her face. She turns and her eyes widen. I move down to her thong again. I lie down and look up at her perfect, tan ass. I cup it and it is wonderfully tight.

I rub it then move down to her pussy. I rub it through the fabric. I can feel the heat and a little moisture. I sit up and grind against it. She lies there, watching my every move. I cut the two thin lines and pull the thong off. I lean down and lick along her slit. I reach the clit and start to suck on it.

She trembles and moans. I insert two fingers and move them back and forth, still sucking her clit. She starts to weakly strain against the bonds. I stick in a third finger and go faster.


She moans and her leg twiches. She starts to move back and forth with my fingers. Soon, her back arches again and she squirts out cum. I stare at the now wet cover. I had never seen someone squirt before. I reach down and cover my fingers with cum.

I bring it to my mouth and a wave of pleasure runs through me. I spread some more on my finger and rub it under her nose. She has no choice but to smell it. I lay on top of her, our touch sending electricity through me.

I push into her, inch by inch until I was fully in. I felt no barrier of skin. "Whore." I whisper. She blushes again, embarrassed. I move in and out, slowly at first then picking up speed. I reach down and pull on her clit. She screams and trembles.

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She grips me like a vise and moans slowly. She starts flexing, relaxing then tightening. This pushes me over the top and I slam into her as hard as I can. She yelps as I spurt cum into her.

Eventually I stop and pull out.

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I look at her pussy, gaping and leaking my cum. I smile. I start to get limp. I quickly start to jerk off and manage to get hard again. She was shaking under me, looking at me with lust in her eyes. I untie her arms then cross them and retie them.

I untie her legs, flip her over, then retie her. Her face is buried in the mattress with her ass sticking in the air. I leak some cum.

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I kneel beside her and pull apart her cheeks. Her small asshole looks perfect. I lunge forward, as hard as I can. She is shoved forward with a cry. I start to move in and out of her tight ass, loving the sound of skin slapping together.

She moans with each thrust and moans.

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I reach under her and grab her tits. It is hard to do since they are jumping around. I squeeze and she starts to shake. I slap her ass and she looks back at me. There is a playfulness there that makes me go harder. When I am about to cum, I pull out then flip her over again. I start to jack off above her face and tits. I soon cum, covering her. She suddenly reaches up and grabs my cock. My heart skips a beat as I realize she worked her way loose. To my surprise she starts to give me a handjob.

I shake and have to sit down. I barley notice her removing her gag and uniting herself. She sits facing me, cum still leaking from her.


She wipes some of the cum from her eyes and sucks her finger. Something is seriously wrong with her. I should run before she goes psycho. But I am rooted to the spot. She gently pushes me to lie down. Here we go. This is where she is supposed to slap me then run out. But she doesn't. Instead she leans over and sticks my cock in her mouth.

I tilt my head back, mouth open. She sucks and then take all of it into her mouth. I was right, she was a whore. It was no time until I came, her swallowing every drop. She tilts her head back and stuffs me down her throat. I feel hot saliva and breath running on me. She kneels over me and starts to ride me. "Oh, fuck." she says. "Fuck me like they dirty whore I am. I love the felling of your cock inside me. Fuck me, fuck me hard." I look up at her, her face covered in dry cum. She smiles down at me.

She yells out and trembles. Cum runs down my cock. She falls back, breathing hard. But I wasn't done yet. I kneel over her and hold her up by her ass. I jam my cock into her, as hard as I could. She squeaks. I ram forward and back until I cum. She tries to hold in every drop of cum. I faint. The next morning the mom wakes us up.

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I'm holding her in my arms, in the spoon position. My cock was against her pussy. "What are you doing, fucking another one! You are just some useless whore, why do I bother keeping you!" She yells. I stand up and wipe myself off. I get dressed and walk out, the mom yelling behind me. Suggestions? Ideas?