Enjoyable face filled with glazy jism

Enjoyable face filled with glazy jism
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I last left you with the football season starting in our small town. Our local college had won their first game of the season.

John had played a great game in their win. I also left you with my confession that I was not only jealous of any girls around John but also jealous of him for getting all the attention.

I was still having nightmares about losing him to Kim, Gina and even a real stupid one in which his aunt and him ran away together. The following week John had a few personal appearances to make. I had stopped going with him as no one was paying any attention to me.

I decided to tag along with him this week as I had a plan on how I could get more attention myself.


The plan I had hatched was to dress as sexy as I could to see if anyone paid me any attention. Monday night after football practice John was to go to a local sporting goods shop at the mall.

The mall is not really in our hometown as it sits between two towns. The manager of the store had donated some sporting equipment to the schools that John had visited in our area.

The deal was that John would drop by the sporting goods store to bull shit with the customers while promoting sales and have his picture taken with fans. John felt comfortable with making an appearance here, as it was mostly men and young kids at the store. John got home from football practice in the late afternoon.

I had a quick dinner ready made for him when he got home. We talked as we ate our dinner together talking about tonight's appearance. "John, is it alright if I tag along with you tonight?" I asked him. "Sure Janet, I wish you would come along to all of these as I feel better when you are at my side," John replied. I told John that I would think about it. If tonight went well then I would join him for now on.

We finished our dinner and John watched the news, as I got ready to go along with him. John was already dressed as he always just wore sweat pants and his jersey when making any appearances. I went into our bedroom to see just what I could come up with to wear. I wanted to find something that looked nice as well as sexy. I was looking for something that made me look hot as well as like a slut in heat.

It also had to be functional in case I got lucky while at the mall. I checked out a low cut sweater and a pair of tight fitting jeans first.

I did not like the look of it so as I hung the jeans back up in my closet a gold spaghetti straps dress caught my eye.

I slipped the dress on and checked myself out in the mirror. The dress had a built in bra so I did not have to wear one underneath it. It was perfect for what I had in mind. I slipped on crotch less pantyhose with a pair of gold high heels. The dress showed my tits just perfect, when I bent over you could practically see all of my tits.

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The pantyhose with the opening in them left you see my hairless pussy when I sat down and parted my legs. I walked out into the living room where John was waiting for me. "Damn girl with you wearing that get up everyone will be checking you out," John said with a smile.

"That was what I had in mind," I replied giving him my evil little smile. John and I made our way to the mall; the sporting good store was right about mid mall. There was a nice sitting area right outside the store perfect for me to show my pussy off if I got bored with John inside.

I knew I had made the right choice on my outfit when Paul the store manager greeted us at the entrance. Paul reached his hand out to John as we entered. "Glad you could make it John," Paul said as he shook John's hand. "No problem Paul I owed you one for donating all the sporting supplies to the grade schools I have been going too," John replied. Paul looked toward me well it was more than a look as he checked me out from head to toe. His eyes settled back at my tits.

I smiled as Paul was checking me out. I even pushed my breasts together giving him a better view of the girls. When I did that, I saw that Paul's eyes were on my tits as they pushed together and up in my dress. Paul gave me a big smile as he said, "This has to be the lovely Janet." Paul walked over to me and as he gave me a hug he added, "Everyone has told me how lovely you were and I see now they were not lying." Paul hugged me as if I was a long lost friend.

He smashed my tits against his body. I could feel his hands running up and down my back. I was waiting for him to grab at my butt; however, he did not. Paul took us over to a table he had sent up just past the entrance.

Paul told us that we could sit there and greet the people as they came in. John told Paul that he would rather walk around the store after a while and talk with the people if that was OK. I knew John had told him that in case he started to feel crowded by the people again. That way he had a way to make a quick get away. Paul told him what ever he wanted to do. John and I took a seat at the table as Paul walked away.

John leaned over to me and he wrapped his arms around me. John pressed his lips to mine as he gave me a deep passionate kiss. I broke our kiss as I asked him why he had done that.

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John told me it was his way of thanking me for coming along tonight. We had no sooner got that done when people started to walk up to us. The first group was a bunch of men in their 30's I would say.

They all shook John's hand as they told him that they had never seen a better ball player. I happened to notice that most of them were not looking at John when they were talking to him. Their eyes were on my tits that were showing nicely as I leaned forward at the table. One of the men asked John to sign his program from last week's game. John took it and he signed it for him. John handed it back to him and the man looked to me as he laid it down in front of me.

"Miss I do not know who you are but with a body like yours you must be famous, could you sign it as well," the man said as he stared down my dress at my tits. I took the pen from John and I wrote my name below John as I replied to him, "I am Janet his girlfriend," flashing him a big smile. The man looked at John and he said, "Damn dude what the hell you doing here with an woman like that, you need to be at home banging the hell out of her," as he walked away.

John just gave a little chuckle as he looked at me shaking his head. For the next hour or so, that was how it went, mostly men coming up and talking with John. I sat beside him looking as sexy as I could while flashing some of them a nice view of the girls in my dress. Some of the men would shake my hand as well. I think they did it just to watch my tits shake.

A few of them even kissed my hand when they took it into theirs. All of them told John how lucky he was to have a lovely girlfriend like me. A rather large crowd started to fill into the store and John got up from the table. John told me that it was time to walk around for a while. I stood up and I put my arms around him giving him a deep passionate kiss. The crowd in the store gave us a round of oh's and ahs as I broke the kiss.

The crowd made us both blush just a bit. I told John I was going out into the mall to get some air. I walked out of the store as more people came in; I noticed some of them were rather hot looking women as well. I thought about going back in but then out of the corner of my eye I saw a few older men in their 40's or 50's I would say sitting in the oasis in the middle of the mall.

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I decided it was time for a little fun. The three older men were talking as I walked up to them. Their heads all turned to me as I sat across from them. They all went silent as I bend over in front of them to take my seat. I made sure they all got a full view of my tits before I sat down. I saw that they were staring at me as I sat down, I gave them all one of my sexy smiles as I did.

They went back to talking however; they all were stealing looks my way. I took my purse and I made it as if I was looking for something in it. As I did, I parted my legs so they all could look right up my dress. They stopped talking for a minute or two so I knew they were all checking out my pussy under my dress. I looked over at them giving them a smile. As I, rose from my seat I once again bent forward so they could see my tits hanging. I walked over to right in front of them.

I was still searching in my purse as I walked over to them. When I got in front of them I asked, "One of you fine gentlemen wouldn't happen to have an ink pen on you would you," as I flashed them a big sexy smile.

The one man sitting in the middle reached into his shirt pocket and pulled a pen out. He handed it to me. I reached for it however; I dropped it down into his lap. I did not give him a chance to pick it up. I reached down with my hand right into his lap.

I brushed my hand against his cock as I went for the ink pen. His cock was hard as my hand brushed against it. I bent over in front of him; I looked up into his face and saw that he was looking down the top of my dress.

I smiled at him as I gave his cock another brushing with my hand. "Care to join me in the parking lot?" I asked as I rubbed at his hard cock through his pants.


The man looked at his friends then back to me as he replied, "I have a Cadillac, there is room for us all," giving me a smile. I looked at his friends and I could see that they were all sporting hard cocks in their pants. I stood back up as I told him the more the merrier.

The three men stood up and they walked me out to his Cadillac. I got into the backseat with one of the men. "Go somewhere on the lot where it is a little more private," I said to the man whose cock I had rubbed in the mall. He started the car and drove to a spot away from everyone. I scooted over to the man with me in the back seat.

I started to rub at his cock through his pants. His cock was soon hard and throbbing. I unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his pants and pulled down his zipper. I reached my hand into his underwear and fished out his cock. I gave his cock a few pumps with my hand before I lowered my head into his lap.

I took his cock into my mouth as I started to suck on it. The man leaned back into the seat as I started to run my mouth up and down on his cock. He had an average size cock right around five or six inches.

I felt his hands going to the back of my head when I had all of his cock in my mouth. The man started to moan and thrust his hips up off the backseat as I bobbed my head up and down on his cock. I reached down and grabbed at his balls as I suck at his cock. The man started to run his fingers through my hair as I bobbed on his cock. "AHHh shit," The man yelled out as his cock started to pump his cum into my mouth. His cock throbbed as it fired three small loads of cum into my waiting mouth.

I swallowed all of his cum not losing any of it. I gave his cock a little pat with my hand as I looked at the other man up in the front seat. I smiled at him as I told him that he was next. The two men swapped places as the other man got into the back seat he took me into his arms. He kissed me and he shoved his tongue into my mouth. I was thinking maybe he wanted to taste his friends cum the way he was tonguing my mouth.

I reached down with my hand and I rubbed at his cock through his pants. I broke our kiss as I put my head down into his lap. I undid his pants pulling his cock out when I had them undid. The man had a strange looking cock, as it was long maybe seven inches. However, it was only about an inch around with a big dickhead. I played with his skinny long cock for a while jacking on it with my hand.

I had one leg on the floor of the car and my knee on the backseat as I placed my mouth over his cock. His skinny cock felt weird in my mouth as I was used to my mouth being full of cock. I started to bob my head up and down on his cock as I felt someone's hand going to my ass under my dress. It was the man behind the wheel, his hand pulled up my dress as he started to caress my ass through my pantyhose.

I felt the hand moving down below to my hairless pussy. I sucked harder at the skinny dick when I felt his hand rubbing against my pussy. He placed one of his fingers at my pussy then he ran it up into my pussy. My wet pussy sucked at his finger as it entered me. "Dam fellows this slut is fucking wet," He yelled to his friends.

I removed my mouth from the cock I was sucking one as I looked to him and said, "Come back here and stick that cock of yours into my wet pussy if you like," before I returned to sucking on that skinny cock. I heard him getting out, then the back door opening. He left the back door open as he climbed into the back seat on his knees. I heard him taking down his pants, and then I felt his hands on my ass moving me a little bit.

I felt him rubbing his cock at the entrance to my pussy. I removed my mouth from that cock again as I turned toward the man behind. "Fuck me," I said as I pumped my ass against his cock. He shoved his cock right up into my pussy. I moaned softly onto the cock in my mouth as I felt his cock entering me. His cock was about average in size as well just perfect for fucking me from behind. The man's cock I was sucking reached into my dress feeling my tits as I sucked on his cock. He started to pull at my nipples, which made me rock my ass back toward the cock in my pussy.

The man fucking me started to slam his cock hard into my pussy from behind. My pussy was letting out wet slurps as he drove his cock in and out. The fucking he was giving me was feeling rather good on my end as well. The man fucking me from behind grabbed my hips as he fucked me harder and deeper. I felt the cock I had in my mouth start to throb. "OHhh going to cum miss," the man moaned out whom I was sucking. I pulled my mouth off his cock just a little bit. I pumped on it with my hand.

My mouth was only a few inches away from his dick head as I milked it with my hand. His cock started to blast out a solid stream of cum.

I closed my mouth around his cock once more sucking at it as it filled my mouth with its seed. I had just finished swallowing all of his cum when I felt the cock in my pussy start to swell and throb. The man behind me spanked my butt once then he grabbed my hips and pulled me back hard onto his cock. I felt his cock give a series of jerks in my pussy. "AHHhhhhh," the man moaned out as he buried his cock deep in me. His cock throbbed as I rocked back on it bringing myself to an orgasm as his cock blasted the walls of my pussy with his seed.

The man kept sliding his cock in and out of my pussy giving me a nice orgasm as his cum filled my pussy full. The man slowly left his cock slip from my pussy. I felt his cum start to run back out, I tighten my pussy up trying to hold his cum inside.

The man got out of the car and he returned to the front seat. I sat back down into the seat. The windows of the Cadillac had fogged up due to the steamy sex the three of us just had. I told the man driving to take me back to the mall entrance. The men were all quiet as he drove back to the entrance. He stopped the car at the main mall entrance. We sat there for a few seconds when the driver turned around to me. "How much do we owe you?" He asked as I saw the other men digging for their wallets.

I laughed as I replied, "I am not that type of a girl, and I do it for the fun." "Thanks for the fun but I have to get going," I added as I opened the door and got out. I closed the door and as I walked away, I turned back toward the car. All three of them were watching me. I gave them a little sexy smile before I blew a kiss to them. I turned and I walked back into the mall. I could feel cum starting to run out of my pussy so I headed for the women room.

I entered a stall and I pulled up my dress as I sat down onto the toilet. My pussy gave out a pussy fart as his cum ran out along with the pee I had been holding in.

I sat there thinking about what I had just done. I did not feel any guilt or remorse for what I had just done. I did not look at it like I was cheating on John, to me it was therapy. Sure it may have been horribly wrong what I had did, however I seemed to be relaxed and happy.

In fact, I was ecstatic about what had just happened. Was this how I could deal with not getting the attention I wanted, I thought sitting there?

I walked back to the sporting goods store. John was standing by the table getting his picture taken with two girls. He had those lovely big arms wrapped around both of them. The women were running their hands all over his manly chest. Normally when I saw shit like that my blood would boil with jealousy. I made my way through the small crowd to the table. John looked at me as he said, "I told you ladies you would get me in trouble if my girlfriend walked in," flashing a smile at me.

The two women looked at me and they dropped their hands that were running around my boyfriend's chest. Both of them backed away from John as I approached him. They were at his side as I threw my arms around his neck.

I pressed my lips to his giving him a deep passionate kiss. I broke our kiss as I looked at the women as I said, "It is hard to keep your hands off of him," giving them each a big smile. The two women gave a little laugh and smiled back at me.

I stood there beside John with his arm wrapped around me. The two women wanted to know if they could have another picture however this time they wanted me with them as well. I told them that sounded like fun to me. As the women got beside us, I told them lets make this a fun picture by us all giving him a kiss. John just stood there with his arms wrapped around the three of us pulling us all against his body. The three of us pressed our lips against his face as he bent down a little. We all had a little laugh as we broke that pose.

The two women turned to me and they each gave me a quick hug. They both thanked me and told me how wonderful it must be to be with him. I just smiled at them as I shook my head yes. They went over to John and thanked him as well. They each gave him another kiss on his cheek before they walked away.

I stood there with no anger, no hate, and no jealousy running through my body. I was smiling inside as well as on my outside. I thought that I might have found a way to control my jealousy after all. I just had to get cock to suck or fuck when he is making these appearances. After all, I had gotten my fill of attention tonight as well. The night soon ended with the store closing.

Paul came over and he thanked John for coming. Paul told him that sales had sharply increased. Paul told John that if he were willing to stop by every now and then he would continue donating sporting goods for his classroom visits. John and I walked out to our car hand in hand. He put me into the car, went around, and got in the drivers side. He reached over with his arms pulling me to himself as his lips locked onto mine.

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We kissed deep and with passion for a few minutes. John broke our kiss as he said, "Well that went rather well," as he pulled from the mall parking lot. I smiled at him as I replied, "Yes it did didn't it," as I felt my pussy twitching.

John told me that he was sorry if I felt as if he was not paying any attention to me tonight. He told me he had lost track of me walking around talking to the people in the store. I told him not to worry as I had enjoyed walking the mall window-shopping for a while. I should have told him the truth however, I thought for now it was better if I did not.

John did ask me why I seemed in such a good mood on the way home. "Because I am going home with you," I replied as my hand went to his cock in his jogging pants.

John's hand went from the gear shifter to my thigh then to my pussy. He rubbed his hand against my still wet pussy. John gave me a funny little look as he removed his hand. I just smiled at him as I moved my finger up around his ear.

"What those ladies made me wet for you," I said as I gave him my little evil grin. John just shook his head as he gunned the engine a little, as he shifted gears. I told him to slow it down, as I wanted to get home in one piece as I had something on my mind.

As we drove home, I thought about how wonderful I felt about tonight. We soon arrived back at our apartment. I was surprised to find Kim at home when we walked through the door. I told them both that I was going to go jump into the shower. I went into the bedroom and removed my clothes.

I went into the bathroom where I took a nice relaxing shower, washing away my sins of the night. I had not closed the door and as I dried myself off I over heard Kim and John talking. "Did Janet handle tonight well?" Kim asked John. "I believe she did OK," "At least she did not try to rip my face off or go after any of the women that were around me," John replied.

I was horrified when I heard him tell Kim that. For that meant that John had noticed my jealousy. I always thought I had hid it well from him. Kim told John that she hoped I could get it under control. My heart sunk into my chest as I heard John's reply. "Well she better Kim as it is really starting to trouble me," John replied. "John, I am here for you when and if you need me," I heard Kim tell him.

I could not believe that Kim had told him that. I thought to myself you little fucking bitch. I walked out into the hallway to find them locked in a deep passionate kiss. I saw that Kim was groping at his cock through his jogging pants. John had his hand up under her nightshirt fondling her breasts. My blood started to boil again as I stood there watching them. John broke their kiss as his hand went to Kim's face. "Kim, you shouldn't really kiss me like that," John said as I watched his hand rubbing against her face.

"I know John, but I can not help myself sometimes as I still have strong feelings when I am near you," Kim cooed out to him. I was waiting for John to reply or at least to tell her that her feelings were wasted. However, he did not; instead, John kissed her deep and with passion. My blood boiled as their kiss dragged on. My body and my mind filled with hate and anger as I watched them making out on the sofa. I started up the hallway to confront them both when John broke their kiss. "Kim, don't waste your heart on me as I love you but not like I do Janet," John said as he removed his hand from under her nightshirt.

"I know that John I did not mean it to sound as I was still in love with you because I am not." "Its just I can see it in your eyes when her jealousy takes over her and I feel the hurt it brings to you," Kim replied as she removed her hand from his jogging pants.

I turned and I went into the bedroom. I sat down on the edge of the bed thinking how I had almost jumped down both of their throats. I felt a little ashamed of myself for jumping the gun as I did. I was just glad I had held my tongue out in the hallway. I slipped my nightshirt on and I lie back into the bed. I drifted off to sleep not caring what they were doing. I awoke the next morning early with John holding me in his arms. I got out of bed quietly so not to wake him.

I walked out into the kitchen and started the coffee pot. I turned toward Kim who sat up on the sofa bed. "Morning Kim," I said as I walked over to her. Kim replied, "Morning Janet come here and sit beside me," as she patted the bed. I went over and I sat down beside her. Kim told me that she had something to tell me. Kim wrapped her arms around me giving me a tight hug. Kim broke her hug and she took me by my hand.

Kim told me that she was moving out. I looked at her with surprise on my face; I had not seen that coming. It had come unexpectedly like a bolt of lighting from above. "Why Kim?" was all I was able to say. Kim told me that Steve had asked her to move in with him. Kim told me that she had told Steve that she would like too.

Kim also told me that she had seen me last night in the hall way. Kim told me she saw the hate and anger in my eyes as I had started toward them in the living room. Kim told me that was another reason for her decision to move out. "Kim, you don't have to leave I can control my jealousy," I replied. Kim told me that it would be better if she did. Besides, she had rather fallen for Steve as they had been dating for sometime now. Kim told me this was not good-bye. Only that she was just not going to live with us anymore.

I asked her if she had told John. She told me that she had told him last night. "What did he think of it?" I asked. "He thought it was wonderful and he wished the best for Steve and me," Kim replied. "If that is what you want to do Kim," I replied as we hugged. The next few weeks went by like a speeding train. Kim moved out leaving me alone but at the same time removing some stress from my heart. John and his team won their next three games.

The college was 4-0 and the whole town was a buzz with football. John was still making appearances around town. I would tag along and for the most part, I enjoyed it. I found by dressing sexy that I managed to get the attention that I was seeking. However, at the same time I was turning pretty much into the slut of all sluts.

I would seek out men to fuck me anytime I felt lonely or when I felt my jealousy coming on me. I know it was wrong; however, it was only way I could control it. John's next football game was homecoming for the college. The college became fascinated in the football season just like our hometown. Girls at our college were throwing themselves at all the football players. That even meant my John.

I saw girls actually grabbing at his cock sometimes as they passed him in the hall. This only fueled my jealousy rage. The thing that brother me the most was John's attitude toward it. That and the fact that I thought he was enjoying it way to much. To him it was harmless fun. He told me that it was not as if he was throwing them down onto the floor and fucking them. Then there was that pep rally midweek that totally sent me over the edge.

At the pep rally, the college cheerleaders decided that giving John a lap dance would make for a good skit.

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Well everyone else thought it was all in fun, I know now it was. However back then it only enraged me. I was sitting in the stands with Adam and Kim that day. Adam was the nerdy young man I had befriended at the beginning of college. No one thought of him as the goofy geek any longer thanks to John and me. Well mostly to John who had came good friends with him. No one at school dared messed with him.

I sat there in the stands watching as each cheerleader took their turns gyrating their butts and boobs in his face and near his lap.John just sat there he had to be loving it I thought to myself. When it came Kris the head cheerleader turn she grabbed his head and pulled it right between her fucking boobs. My hand fell above Adams thigh as I sat there with anger coursing through my body.

When Kris sat right down on his lap and she started to bounce up and down on him fucking him through his clothes. My hand squeezed and dug hard into Adam's thigh. "That fucking BITCH," I said silently under my breath. At least I thought I had, in reality I had pretty much screamed it out. When the dance ended everyone stood up and cheered.

That was everyone except Kim, Adam and I. Kim was glaring at me for she knew I was pissed. I looked to Adam sitting beside me. I was more than pissed off; I wanted to beat the hell out of Kris and John both.

"Janet, are you OK?" Adam asked me as his hand went to mine that was digging tighter into his thigh. "Oh sorry Adam I did not realize I was doing that," I replied as I removed my hand from his thigh.

As we were leaving the pep rally, I saw John and Kris standing out in the hall. John had his fucking arms on both sides of her as if he had her pinned against the wall. I started toward them both ready to kill when Kim grabbed me by my arm. Kim spun me toward herself and she wrapped me in her arms. "Janet, control it," Kim whispered in my ear as she held onto me. Kim held me in her arms for sometime as we stood there in the hallway. Adam was standing there just rather lost at what was going on.

Kim just kept whispering control it into my ear as she held me. My rage and hate slowly started to leave my body as Kim held metightly in her arms. "Maybe you two should get a room," I heard John say as he walked over to us.

I spun from Kim's arm and I slapped him across his face hard as I replied, "Maybe you should get one for you and Kris." I was looking into his eyes as those words came out of my mouth. I saw those lovely hazel blue eyes turn dark. John took his hand and he rubbed at the side of his face where my hand had just slapped him. John was getting ready to say something when Kim grabbed me back into her arms as she rather pushed me down the hall away from John.

Kim turned back toward John as we hurried away from him and said, "Ignore her John, she is just upset right now." As the rally was the last period of the day Kim took me right out to my car.

Kim stood with me by the car talking to me. Kim told me that she had whisked me away from John before he said something he may have not meant. Kim also told me that it might not have looked like harmless fun what happened at the pep rally but she was sure that was all that it was.

I told Kim I just lost control. I then lied to her as I told her that I was OK now. In reality, I was still pissed and hurt, as all I could see in my mind was Kris grinding her fucking ass on John's lap. Kim told me that if I needed her to call her. As Kim walked away Adam came up to me, he had not walked out with Kim and I as he had stayed behind with John.

"Janet, are you OK?" Adam asked showing concern as he got near me. I looked at him rather shocked that he even asked, I replied, "Yes I am OK Adam." "Care for a ride home," I added as I smiled at him. On the way driving home, I asked him why he had asked me that. Adam looked at me with sadness on his face as he told me that he had seen the hurt in my eyes when the cheerleader did their little dance for John. Adam told me that they never should have done it.

He told me it looked as if I needed someone's arms wrapped around me. "I wanted to take you into my arms then and tell you that it was OK," Adam said. I stopped at a red light and as we waited, I reached over taking his hand into mine. I told him that was sweet of him for caring.

As my hand touched his, jealousy filled my heart once more. In my mind, I was thinking about Kris and John. My body and mind filled with jealousy as I gave Adam my evil little smile. "I need to stop off at my place before taking you home," I said as I pulled away when the light changed. I arrived at our apartment and I asked Adam to come inside with me. We entered the apartment with me locking the door behind us. I asked Adam if he wanted something to drink. He told me no thank you as I sat him down on the sofa.

I told him I would only be a minute as I walked toward the bedroom. My heart and mind filled with hate and rage over that fucking skit during the pep rally. I was going to get even by having sex with Adam. I thought maybe if I did, my jealousy would go away. I removed all my clothes and slipped on my robe before heading back into the living room.

I walked into the living room toward Adam who sat there with his mouth hanging open. "Hold me Adam," I said as I settled next to him on the sofa. Adam took me awkwardly into his arms.

It felt as if this was the first time he had ever held a woman. I pulled myself tighter into his body as I softly sobbed on his shoulder. I left some pretend tears run down my cheeks adding to the drama but Adam did not know that they were not real tears.

"Janet we should not be doing this," Adam timidly said as I held him tight. "I need to be held right now Adam, please don't push me away," I lightly sobbed out as I was smiling behind his back. I felt Adam taking his hand and slowly rubbing it up and down my back.

His hand brushed at my long blonde hair as he did. I slowly slipped my one hand and arm from around his neck. I ran that hand down to the front of his pants. Just as I had thought, his mind may have told him it was wrong. However, his cock was hard and throbbing telling him to go for it. I rubbed at his cock as I removed my head from his shoulders.

I looked into his face, at those scared little brown eyes of his as I pressed my lips to his. I kissed him slowly rolling my lips around on his. I ran my tongue out and across his lips. Adam gave no response as I kissed and licked at his lips with my tongue. I broke the kiss as I removed my hand from his cock pulling myself away from him.

"What is wrong Adam you don't find me attractive?" I asked looking him dead in his eyes. "No, that is not it," Adam replied as he hung his head down. I placed my hand under his head raising it as I asked, "Then why don't you kiss me back?" Adam nervously replied, "Because I don't know how," "Janet, I have never been with a woman before." I was shocked when I heard him tell me that.

I had never thought that he might be a virgin. However, at the same time my pussy twitched at the thought of showing and giving him great pleasure. I took a hold of his hand with my hand as I smiled at him.

"Would you like to learn?" I asked as that evil little grin came across my face. "Yes very much," "But what about John?" Adam asked with worry on his face. "You let me worry about John," I replied as I let go of his hand.

Adam just smiled at me as I told him that. I told Adam his first lesson would be how to kiss and hold a woman in his arms. I took his arms and I placed them one around my shoulders and the other one on my back. I told him that I was going to place my lips onto his and that he should just do what I was doing. I took my lips and I lightly kissed at his lips. Adam lightly kissed against my lips in return. I slipped my tongue out as I ran it over his lips. I used my tongue to trace the outline of his lips before I pulled my tongue back into my mouth.

I told him to do that to my lips now. Adam kissed at my lips lightly before he slipped his tongue out. He slowly used it to trace around my lips. When Adam had finished tracing his tongue around my lips, I felt him pulling me tighter against his body. The next thing I knew Adam had his lips pressed against mine locked in a deep, passionate kiss. I kissed him back as I thought what a quick learner he was.

I slipped my tongue out of my mouth as he kissed me. I felt Adam slip his out as his mouth enclosed over mine. Our tongues did a slow easy dance in our mouths as we kissed.

I felt Adam using his hand rubbing at my back as he held me in his arms. Between that and his kissing, my pussy was twitching madly. I slowly once again slipped my hand down to the front of his pants. I ran my hand up to his cock. I felt a big wet spot in his pants however; his cock was still hard and throbbing as I squeezed at it with my hand. I broke our kiss as I pulled myself back from him as I asked, "Did you cum in your pants?" Adam shook his head no at me.

My curiosity got the best of me as I moved my hand up to his belt. I undid his belt then I unbuckled his pants. Adam had a worried look on his face as I started to pull his pants down. I told Adam to just sit back and relax into the back of the sofa. I pulled his pants down to find his underwear had the same big wet spot.

I pulled them away from his body as I slipped them under his balls. His cock sprang from his underwear trailing pre cum from the head of his dick to his underwear as I did.

The wet spot had been from all his pre-cum leaking from his dickhead. His cock was about seven inches long as it stood there throbbing. His cock curved upward to his body, I knew his cock would rub against that special spot in any girl's pussy. I could not believe all the pre-cum that oozed from his cock.

His pre-cum was still flowing from the tip of his cock. I reached out and took his cock into my hand. I slowly ran my hand up his cock. I squeezed at the head of his cock making even more of it ooze from his cock. I dipped my fingers into the pre-cum oozing from his throbbing cock. Adam moaned softly as I started to move my hand up and down on his cock. My hand pumped at his cock for a few minutes.

I looked to Adam who had his eyes closed leaning back into the sofa. I took my other hand and rubbed at his balls while I jacked at his cock. Adam moaned loudly as my hand touched his balls. I rolled his balls in my hand as my other hand moved faster on his cock.

I leaned over to take his hard throbbing cock into my mouth. My hand pulled at his balls as I did. I stuck my tongue from my mouth as I leaned over to his cock. I wanted to taste his pre-cum. I ran my tongue over the tip of his dickhead swirling my tongue in his pre-cum, suddenly with out any warning not a moan, groan, twitch or a jerk. Adam's cock started to spew cum from the head of his cock.

His cock blasted out thick, heavy loads of cum as my hand worked over his cock. His cum shot high into the air as it streamed from his cock.

His cum splashed all over my hand, my face, it went up my nose, into my eyes and into my hair as I pulled wildly on his cock. It had happened so fast that I did not have time to take his cock into my mouth. "OHhhhh Janet," Adam moaned out as I milked the last drop of cum from his cock. I sat back up with his cum dripping from my face. I worked my tongue around my lips trying to get a little taste of his cum from them. However his cum had landed everywhere else on my face than close to my lips.

I brought my hand up to my mouth where I licked at his cum as it ran down my hand.


When I had that all off my hand, I used my hand to wipe at his cum on my face. I licked at his cum on my hand and fingers.

I was licking and sucking on my fingers when I saw Adam's eyes reopening. I just smiled at him as he watched me as I licked his cum from my hand. "Sorry about that Janet," "I tried to hold it back but just like when I jack off to you I couldn't," Adam said looking at me seriously. It took me a while to register what he had said but when it did I replied, "You jack off to me Adam," giving him a big smile. Adam turned bright red when I had said that. I told him it was OK, I was happy to hear that he pulled his cock to me.

I moved toward him as I was going to kiss him. Adam's hands came up and he stopped me before my lips got to his. "AH Janet, you have cum all over your face," Adam said as he made a face. I stopped my advance toward him as I replied, "Yes your cum seems to be everywhere." I got up off the couch and as I walked toward the bathroom to clean my face up.

I told Adam that I had better be getting him home. Adam was pulling his pants up when I walked into the bathroom. I looked into the mirror he was right I still had plenty of his cum all over my face and in my hair. I grabbed a towel and wiped his cum from my face. I went into the bedroom and got dressed.

I felt wonderful as I slipped my shoes back on. All the angry, the hate, the stress was gone from me over today's events at our college. It was as if the fun I just had with Adam had erased my mind completely of what I had saw.

I was happy as I walked from our bedroom back to the living room. Adam was standing by the sofa waiting for me. I went up to him and wrapped my arms around him. I pressed my lips to his as his arms went around me. We stood there kissing deeply and with passion. I broke our kiss as I looked into his face, "Thanks for being there when I needed some one," I said as I smiled at him.

"Anytime Janet anytime at all," Adam replied. "You did wonderful on you first lesson," I said as we walked to my car. I took Adam home telling him on the way that he still had a lot to learn. I told him that I was willing to be his guide through the world of sex. I told Adam that we could continue with our fun as long as he promised never to tell anyone.

I also told him that he could never tell John ever. "It will be our secret, Janet," Adam said as he got out of my car smiling from ear to ear at his place. I arrived back home and I went checking the living room making sure there were no traces of my fun left behind. There was a little dried patch of cum on the sofa. I was wiping it off with a washcloth as John walked through the door. John walked over to me by the sofa.

"Janet I am sorry if you got the wrong idea today," "I did not know the cheerleaders were going to do that." John said. "I even told Kris never to do anything like that again, that was why I had her up against the wall," John added as he stood there staring at me. "Lets just forget it John, go take your shower while I get us dinner," I replied to him.

John walked to the bathroom while I headed for the kitchen. When I heard, the shower come on I sat down at the kitchen table. I thought back to how wrong it was of me jumping to conclusion today about Kris and John.

My jealousy was going to cause John to walk away I just knew it would happen if I could not control it. My mind filled with what I had done with Adam as well. I had involved an innocent boy who did not even understand sex let alone the complicated life I was living. I thought about my deal with Adam, I decided that I would continue showing him the ways of sex.

I should have ended it right then with him, however I felt sorry for him as I once was so much like him. I could not end it by just leaving him hanging; after all, I had started it. Besides, I had rather enjoyed my fun with him anyways. I went about making us some dinner as if nothing had happened. John came into the kitchen when he finished his shower. He sat down at the kitchen table; my back was to him as I was making dinner on the stove.

I could feel him just staring at me. He came over to me and he tapped me on my shoulder. John asked me if I was still mad at him.

"No John I can never stay mad at you," I said as I wrapped my arms around him giving him a deep passionate kiss. I broke our kiss as I added, "I am truly sorry I slapped you today," as I rubbed my hand to the side of his face. "According to Adam I had it coming," John replied looking down into my face. "What do you mean according to Adam," I asked curiously. John told me that after Kim had whisked me away from him. Adam had jumped in his face telling him that he should not do stuff like that especially with someone other than your girlfriend.

John told me that at first he had thought Adam was ready to punch him in the nose. John told me that he explained to Adam that he did not know the cheerleaders were going to do what they did and if he had it never would have happened. John had his nose pressed against mine as he said, "You know I think that boy may be sweet on you." "I don't think so besides I have my man and that's all I need," I replied as I pressed my lips to his just so he could not say anything back.

That will end this chapter. In this chapter, I learned that I could get the attention I was seeking when making appearances with John. All I had to do was dress like a slut. I also found that by being the slut and fucking around it kept my jealousy in check.

I have also found a new playmate in Adam. I was looking forward to taking this virgin between my legs as well. I thought everything was going well for everyone especially me.

However, I was soon to learn the error in my thinking and it was going to cost me big down the road. In my next chapter, it's Homecoming both in football and in the fact that Gina returns to watch John play football.

Let me know if you enjoyed this chapter. I will also be adding some pictures of myself in that gold spaghetti dress from in this chapter as well as a few in another spaghetti dress only those are as I look today in my albums on my profile in the forum. Janet