Listen to her moan when her pussy gets sucked

Listen to her moan when her pussy gets sucked
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I go to a local fast food restuarant every once in a while. I don't go often at least I didn't until Erica started working there. I am in my 40's and Erica appeared to be aroung 18 or 19, but she was always friendly and smiling and she seemed to always take extra good care of me when I came there. Erica had long curly blonded hair and beautiful eyes. Her smile was big and she had very perky little tits and the black work pants hugged one of the cutest little asses I had seen in awhile.

I was impressed with her as she was a hard worker and in younger people that doesn't seem to be common anymore.

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One night after work I went to the drive through and low and behold, there was Erica at the window. By this time we knew each others first name and she met me with her usual smile and bubbly personality. "Hi!" Erica said as she smiled. "Hi Erica, how are you tonight?" "I am tired, I've been here since about 8 am!" She said as she made a booboo type of face.

"That sucks." I said. "I'm out of here in about a half hour." Erica announced. "That's great, do you have plans?" I asked. "No, just walking home and gonna chill." Erica said. I got my food and went to the parking lot and parked to eat.

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As I sat there, I began to fantasize about Erica as I ate and my cock swelled with the thoughts rushing through my head. I sat there and I looked up and saw a tall slim figure walking down the sidewalk towards the parking lot and sure enough it was Erica.

She came walking right towards me and since it was a warm summer night, I had my windows down. "Hi Erica." I said as she got closer.

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"Hi!" Erica said as she walked over to my vehicle. "Wow, you have a really nice truck." She said.

Thanks, where are you going?" I said. "Just heading home, but I gotta walk. My car broke down." "Well, hop in, I'll give you a ride." I said as my cock throbbed.

"Ok, sure." She said excitedly. She got in to my truck and said, "Wow, this is really nice. I'll bet you could camp in this thing." "Where do you live?" I asked. "I just live on Market Street, but let's go for a ride! "Ok, sounds good to me." By this point my cock was about to burst through my pants, but I had no pre-concieved notion that a teenage girl would be interested sexual in someone my age.

I was wrong! We cruised and she turned up the stereo and she was dancing around in her seat and we crusied out in to the countryside. I came to what was an old logging road and Erica said, " Let's go back there." I knew the road from hunting in the area that it was a deadend about a mile and a half from the main road.

I drove and sure enough the road ended and we stopped. We sat there and Erica sat there looking at me and said," I want to try something with you, something I have never done." "What's that?" I asked her.

"I want to suck your cock!" She said innocently. "Just how old are you anyway." I asked. "I just turned 18 last week." Erica said almost apologizing for her youth. "I have wanted to do this to you since you first came in to my work." she said. "I am kinda sheltered at home." She said shyly. "I want to see you naked Erica!" I practically begged. "Ok." as she began to take off her work clothes.

As she slid her shirt off, her tits were spilling out of the top of her little bra. She slowly undid her bra and exposed her perfectly rounded breasts. Her breasts were full and her nipples were hard. Her breasts were nearly perfectly shaped and they had the appearance of teenage tits in their shape. Ypu know kind of pointy at the ends. She smiled nervously as she looked at me and then began to pull her pants off.

Her little white underwear covered a small tuft of blonde hair on her pussy and she sat there totally naked before me. I could tell she was nervous and concsious of her totally naked body.

"Your turn." Erica said softly. I pulled my shirt off and then slide my pants down. My cock was swollen and alomost poking through my underwear. Erica's eyes were fixed on the aarea of my cock. I slowly slid of my underwear and her eyes got big as my cock popped out. "That's nice!" Erica stammered. I motion for her to come closer and she slid towards me and my swollen cock.

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We began to kiss deeply as our hands began to explore each others bodies. I can't tell you how full and hard her tits felt.

She slowly grabbed the shaft of my cock and slowly stroked it as we kissed. I pulled her closer as actually lifted her onto my thighs as we kissed. I lighty pinched her nipples as she sat on me stroking my cock. I moved my hands to her tight little ass and pulled her so her pussy was rubbing the shaft of my cock.

Erica pushed herself forward and began to grind her pussy against my cock. I began to sucked her nipples and helped her gring her hot pussy on the shaft of my cock. Her pussy was soaked and she moaned as she ground her clit against my shaft.

"I want to suck it, I've never sucked a cock before." Erica whispered in my ear.

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We moved around a little until she was in a position to take my cock in her mouth. I sat there and she gently kissed and licked the head of my cock. As Erica did this I began to rub her pussy from behind as she bent forward to inhale my swollen cock. Erica began to suck my dick, slowly working her mouth down my shaft as I rubbed her tight little snatch. Before long, Erica was sucking my cock with the same rythym I rubbed her pussy.

"Mmmmm, this tastes so good." Erica muttered as she sucked my cock.

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I picked up the pace of fucking her pussy with my finger and she in turn sucked my cock faster! "Do you want me to cum in your mouth?" I asked. Without missing a stroke she muttered "Yes, cum in my mouth!" I fucked her little hole with my finger faster and faster as she began moaning and her pussy clenched ahold of my finger and she sucked my cock harder.

I was really to explode and I let go and my cock began to shoot cum in to her mouth and down her throat. She gagged a little at first as my cum shot in to her hot mouth, but she kept sucking my cock as she moaned!

My cock finally stopped pulsating as did her little pussy.

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Erica leaned back and said, "That was fucking awesome, you musta came a gallon!" "Ya, and you swallowed every last drop!" I announced.

"Yes, I did!" Erica announced proudly. We sat there for a couple of minutes and she said, "You know what I liked best about that, was when you first began to shoot in my mouth. I scared me, but it tasted so warm and creamy and as your cock shot cum in my mouth, It like lubricated my whole mouth!" "Well, I want to eat your little pussy and then I'm going to fuck you and see how you like cum in you pussy!" I told her.

"Ok." she stammered almost as innocent as she could be." I pulled her on to the seat and began to kiss her tits and then right to her wet little pussy. I licked and nibbled and sucked her pussy for the longest time as she squealed and moaned. I held her by the thighs as I felt her squirming away from me, I knew her pussyy was about to explode with an orgasm and I licked her sweet little pussy harder until she began to moan louder and then muffled screams escaped her.

She wriggled on the seat as her pussy convulsed and said softly, "Stick you cock in to me and cum in me!" I moved forward and placed the head of my cock at her tight little opening and began to slowly enter her pussy. As my cock spread her little peach, she gasped as my cock head spread her apart. Erica arched her back as my cock slide slowly in to her tight little opening.

Her pussy was soaked and my cock slide right in. She was so tight and it felt so good!

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My cock explored deeper in to her little wet hole and she squirmed as she moaned. "Oh my god, your cock feels good!" she moaned. I began to thrust in to her tight hole and slowly picked up the pace as her little ass squirmed and my cock went deeper until I could not go in any further. Her pussy was small and I could only get about 3/4 of my cock in to her. Anymore and I feared I would hurt her. I made sure that she felt the whole length of my cock with each thrust, going as deep as I could and then out until my cock popped out of her slit and then all the way back in.

Erica was trying to muffle her screams as my cock reamed her pussy. I began to feel the cum in my balls about to explode in her and as I began to shoot my load in to her, I began at her opening and then pushed all the way in and held as my cum spurted in to her pussy.

"Oh my god, I can feel your cum filling me!" she moaned as my cock continued to erupt and splash her pussy with thick cream. I could feel her pussy milking every drop from my cock and I stopped as my cum pooled inside her pussy.

I wanted her to feel the warm gooey feeling that every woman seems to love when a man has just filled their pussy. I slowly slide my cock from her and it amazed me how tight her pussy still seemed.

My cock was losing its hardness and yet it seemed as tight as when I first enter her. Erica laid there for a few minutes and rubbed her pussy to feel my cum as it oozed from her hole. I sat back and then Erica sat up and immediately came over and began to suck my cum & pussy soaked cock until I was hard again. I fucked her doggy style and a few styles she never heard of before the night was over.

I drove her home about 330am and hoped her parents didn't give her a hard time. She had enough hard times for one night!