Ebony darlin face sitting lewd chap

Ebony darlin face sitting lewd chap
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This story is about a girl named Lily, She's 21 years old, 5"4 ft tall, quite skinny though athletic built with a C-cup, blonde hair and blue eyes. She lives in Australia on a horse/cattle ranch, She moved there about two years ago. She came to the ranch on a vacation and ended up staying, now she works there as a farm hand and horse trainer. A while back the owners of the ranch were contacted by a location scout, they wanted to shoot a movie on their ranch.

This, of course, caused a lot of exitcement on the ranch among employees as well as horse owners. Lily didn't pay it much attention, though she'd be lying if she said she wasn't exited just a little bit, but she focused more on her job. There had been a lot of gossiping going around, people talked about what actors might be coming to the ranch and what the movie might be about and how much any of them would be involved.

When the time came for the film crew to set up most people were send away or at least told to keep away from the area where they were setting up the trailers and such. Even Lily, who was working hard as normally, couldn't keep herself from trying to sneak a peak whenever she got the chance.

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Not long after the film crew had arrived, some of the actors arrived at the ranch, Lily was given the job to teach the actors how to ride a horse and how to work with them. Of course she was exited, but also a bit nervous, Lily could be quite shy especially around celebrities it turns out.

Even though she had her reservations the lessons went pretty well, all the actors and actresses were very nice and listened to her without objection. Just when she was starting to get comfortable with her assigned job, he arrived, Jake. An actor she has been fan-girling over for years, she didn't know he was going to be in the movie so when she saw him on the ranch she nearly fainted with exitcement, though when she actually met him she grew so shy, she could barely look him in the eye and every time he said something nice to her she'd blush with embarrassment.

Luckily there was one thing that could take her mind off how amazing this guy is, her passion, the horses. As soon as she started telling him about how to work with the horses all her confidence returned to her and she was able to talk to him as she would talk to any other person.

Though whenever they were talking about anything else she'd go back to being all shy and blushy. It all went well for a while, soon enough they started filming and life on the ranch wasn't all that different from normal, other then sometimes the employees had to be careful to stay out of the way from where they were filming.

After the first week of filming the ranch owners decided it was time for a bonfire, it was tradition to do that after the first week of a new employee and this seemed as good a time as any. The bonfire was lit at dusk and one by one everyone came to join them around the fire, everyone was talking, drinking and having a good time. Lily tried not to drink to much, she was quite the light-weight and she didn't want to get drunk.

She had been talking to a couple of her co-workers when Jake came to her, now it wasn't the heat of the fire or the booze that made her cheeks go red, his presence alone made the blush come up again. He smiled charmingly at her and that only made it worse. "Do you always blush so much or is it because of me?" He asked in a teasing tone of voice, he sounded amused.

Lily looked at the ground, then back up at him with a guilty smile on her face that told him enough. They started making small talk and soon she admitted to being a huge fan, she had seen all his movies more then once, even the ones she only liked because he was in it.

After talking about it for a while and seeing his reaction she loosened up and wasn't so shy anymore. Before she knew it the clock hit 3 am, she hadn't realized it was this late and she had to get up at 7 to feed the horses, so she excused herself and went to her room. She hadn't realized how tired she was till she lay down, she was asleep within minutes.

That night she dreamed of him, she dreamed of how kind and handsome he was, the dream took a turn for the steamy side, but before much happened she was woken up by her alarm clock.

She cursed under her breath, wanting to go back to her dream, but instead she got up and started getting dressed. Still a bit sleepy she went to the stables to feed the horses, luckily she had thought to prepare the buckets last night before the bonfire, so now she could just give each horse their own bucket. Just as she finished with that and was about to bring the horses out to the field she felt someone grab her by the arm and pull her behind the hey bales.

Before she could make a sound her mouth was covered by a hand and she was pushed, with her back against the bales. The hold on her arm loosened and she looked up as the hand over her mouth was removed.


She let out a sigh of relief as she saw Jake standing in front of her. "Are you trying to give me a heart attack?" His only answer was a cheeky grin, then he stepped closer to her, trapping her between him and the hey bales. She didn't have time to ask him what he was doing before she felt his lips on hers. Her eyes widen in surprise, though it soon dawned on her what was happening and she willingly kissed him back and closed her eyes.

She could feel his hands on her waist, pulling her against him, she places her hands on his shoulders, one moving up to his neck.

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She could hardly believe this was even happening, but she also wasn't going to stop and ask what this was all about. Just as she felt one of his hands move upwards under her shirt she heard a voice calling her name, damn.

Lily really didn't want to stop now but she had to, she pulled away from Jake and with an apologetic look she moved away from him and left their little hiding place. The rest of the day she couldn't stop thinking about what had happened, she hadn't been able to catch Jake alone and ask him about it, or pick up where they left off. She did her chores, though not as well as normally, luckily she didn't have to give any lessons today.


It wasn't till late that evening that she saw him again, most of the others had already gone to bed, the once that hadn't were on their way to bed. Lily was glad to see Jake had come to find her, she was still in the stables, getting the feed buckets ready for tomorrow. She had just put the last one aside when he stepped into the stables and saw her there, they didn't waste any time, it was clear she wasn't the only one who had been thinking about what happened before, as soon as they reached each other they started kissing again.

"I thought about you all day." He says to her between kisses. "Really? I didn't think about you at all." She said teasingly, in answer to that he lifts her up and presses her back against the wall, she wrapped her legs around him and kissed him passionately.

After a while Lily broke the kiss, much to Jake's disappointment. "Lets go somewhere a bit more private." She said and as he let her down she took him hand and led him up to the empty loft, it had been built above the stables for foal season, so they could sleep closer to the horses, just in case, luckily it was empty now.

Lily shut the door behind them and on their way to the bed they undressed each other impatiently. As soon as they hit the bed they started kissing again, Lily's hands inspect Jake's six-pack and broad muscular shoulders as his move straight to her breasts.

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Lily let out a soft moan as she felt his warm hands massage her sensitive breasts, she had to bite her lip when he moved down and kissed her neck, which was just as sensitive, a couple more muffled moans escape her lips. When he moved down further and his lips met her nipples, she stopped holding back her moans and looked down at him. He teased her nipples with his tongue one by one, while still massaging her breasts with both hands.

"That feels so good." She whispers and closes her eyes again. He did that for a little while longer then he moved down further, pushing her legs apart a little. He kissed her inner thigh, making a shiver run through her body. "Stop teasing me" Lily almost begged, she didn't have to ask that twice, a second later his tongue had found her clit. She places one of her hands on the back of his head, her fingers running through his hair as he pleasures her.

A high pitched moan escapes her when suddenly he thrusts two fingers inside of her, the shock made place for pleasure quickly as he continued fingering her while licking her clit. It had been a while since she had shared her bed with a man, sex with girls was great, but she had missed this so bad. It's not a secret that Lily is bisexual, since her last girlfriend broke up with her she hadn't had seks with anyone, other then her vibrator which she calls Gerard, is that sad?

She looks down at Jake, enjoying the view very much, after not all to long she leans her head back and her moans grow louder. "I'm going to cum!" She says in a moan and soon after she reaches a mind-blowing orgasm. As she slowly recovers from her climax she feels Jake came up to lay beside her, Lily rolls over a little, laying against him, her cheek resting on his shoulder as she caught her breath. After a sort moment she looked up at him, seeing his lust-filled hopeful gaze she gave him a kiss and then lowered herself down his body, leaving a trail of kisses.

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Her eyes widen a little as her gaze drops onto his rock hard erection, an impressive 8 inches, maybe even a bit more. She looked up at him as her tongue moves past her lips and touches his tip, twirling around it in circles, reveling her tongue piercing. She still looks up at him as she takes the tip in her mouth, she closes her eyes as she starts sucking, taking him a little deeper as she starts bobbing her head up and down.

She tried her best but she couldn't get it all in. She uses one of her hands to jerk him of a bit while she gave him a blow job and the other she used to play with his balls. She was encouraged by his soft moans and tried to take him as deep as she could.

After a while she felt his hand on her shoulder and she looked up as he spoke "Stop, I don't want to cum yet." He says in a husky voice.

She did as he asked, though she twirled her tongue around the tip a couple times before laying back down beside him.


He kisses her as he presses her onto her back and moves over her, he moves her legs further apart with his knees and then positions himself. Lily grabs his arm, her nails dig into him as she feels his big cock thrust into her, a gasp escapes her, even though she was far from being a virgin, it hurt a bit, she wasn't used to his size.

Though the pain soon faded and she welcomes every stroke with lustful moaning. She looks at him through her eyelashes, as her eyes were nearly closed, she loved to watch him enjoy her.

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After a while he lets her push him onto his back, she get onto of him and lowers herself onto his cock, his hands go straight to her breasts as she rides him. By now they both couldn't care less if anyone heard them and they didn't try to be quiet anymore. Even though it had been a while Lily hadn't lost her moves, her hands rest on his chest as she leans slightly forward as she moves up and down, taking him as deep as possible.

She loves being on top, though not as much as she likes being taken from behind, so when she feels another orgasm building up she slowly stops and moves off him, he looks disappointed till he sees her getting on her hands and knees, not a word needs to be spoken, withing a second he was behind her and slides his cock back inside her. He had been close to a climax as well and wanted to fuck her good before finishing.

He fucks her with rough thrusts, his hands on her hips for leverage, he hits her ass teasingly, making her cry out in pleasure. "Fuck, I'm going to cum again!" Lily cries out and not long after she reaches a show-stopping climax, it visibly pulses through her body, though Jake didn't give her any time to recover, he keeps fucking her relentlessly.

Though he couldn't hold back much longer and after just a couple more rough thrusts he pulls out and to his surprise, Lily turns around and just in time opens her mouth, as Jake shoots his load into her opened mouth, getting a little on her cheek and breasts.

He lets out a satisfied sigh and watches Lily as she swallows his cum, making sure to clean every last drop off her breasts and cheek.

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"Yours tastes good." She says making him smiles. They lay down and cuddle close against each other, Lily soon fell asleep in Jake's embrase, he lays watching her a moment longer before falling asleep as well. May be continued…