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Camgirl creamy cum with toys
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@guavapancake Enslaving Rico chapter 4 Scouted It was a rainy Wednesday afternoon and the gymnasium of Eagle high was lit up with roars of cheer. This is an important game between the two rival schools because this particular game is visited by many basketball scouts; they watch amateur players and give them scholarships in college if they prove skilful enough.

Rico was really putting an effort in this game as he is everywhere, he was dominating in score, assists and rebounds his coach was really impressed and also his teammates. Rico's dream was this exact moment because this scholarship would mean popularity and a secure future ahead of him.

Trevor was doing well too he kept in keeping his team alive by his amazing blocks and steals. In a nutshell it was obvious that Rico and Trevor might get a scholarship by one of the scouts. The game ended in a close fight 78-82 in favour of the Fire Tigers.

Surely one of the scouts approached Rico after their big win and offered him a once in a lifetime opportunity, he gladly accepted the interview for a scholarship. Another scout was approaching and he was with Trevor.

Scout: This boy was also exceptional. I have to ask you Rico if you are willing to vouch for this kid when I say he is as good as you? Rico: With all due respect sir, none of the players here can compare to my skills especially the players in the losing team. Trevor eyes widened with anger, He was being denied of this opportunity by Rico. Trevor: come on! Rico I am your rival but… Rico cut him off: but you never once won a game this season. Trevor was so shocked that the scout he was with left and parted with Rico leaving him behind.

Scout: It's a shame. We could've given him an opportunity too if you had vouch for him. Rico: Don't waste your resources on him, I had played with him for a long time and it was no challenge as you witnessed today, my team won. Scout: well there is always next year maybe he will improve; now the interview is on Saturday we will email you the address, off you go MVP. Rico: thank you so much, this means so much to me, I will never disappoint you!

Meanwhile Ben saw what happened with the scouts and Rico. He needs to be keen when it comes to Rico after all. He saw from the bench that there is a player left with an angry face. He got down from the bench. Ben: Hey you! Number 5! Trevor! Trevor: Why are you calling me for?

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Nerd? The games over I don't want to talk. Ben: I remember you; you are the sworn enemy of Rico when it comes to basketball.

Trevor: Yeah so? What do you want? Ben: What happened back there? I mean you are good if your rival is Rico surely a scout must have offered.

Trevor: Look, I didn't get scouted since Rico didn't vouch for me. That Asshole! I know we are enemies but I would not do what he did to me to anyone. I can't believe someone can be so cruel. Ben then came down and went inside the court. The Tiger Team celebrated their victory. Coach treated them to a nearby diner.


Coach: Very good game today guys even though it ended tight I have no doubt we can snag the win. Casey: Yeah coach just trust us we can dish out those eagles any day. Jake: Rico you lucky dog! You got scouted!!! Rico: Yeah, I can't wait to tell Tory about it. Casey: Where is she anyway why isn't she at the game? Rico: She got classes. No worries we got a date tonight. Jake: Wow Rico everything is going your way hahaha! Rico suddenly received a text from Ben "Meet me at your home now!" Rico's face suddenly lost its entire aficionado.

Rico: uhmm. Coach I got to go home early. Coach: Why? We are still celebrating our big win Rico: I have tons of homework to do since I've been practicing on my free time, I got behind school work. I also want to impress the scout not only with my skills but also with my grades. Coach was impressed with how Rico was dedicated and let Rico go. When Rico pulled up his car in the driveway Ben was sitting in the foyer looking displeased. Rico was so scared of him now, he remembered that he made him lie to his friends and tricked them into drinking his cum.

Rico got out of the car. Rico: What do you need me for?. Master? Ben: Hmmm you made me wait here slave! Rico: what!? I can't control traffic please I don't mean to upset you… please don't punish me again. Rico was really panicking around Ben now mumbling excuses with a soft tone like a puppy.

Ben: What's done can't be undone. To spare you the trouble of this never happening again, give me your spare house key, car key and room key. Rico sacredly handed over the keys and kept silent. Ben opened the door with the keys and as soon as they entered the house. Ben: Strip! Slave!.Wow you are fresh out of the shower I can smell your shampoo Rico. Rico just kept quiet while undressing it was like normal now for him to be naked in front of Ben.

Ben: Now go on top of the dinner table and kneel while your hands at the back of your head, you should always remember to put your hands at the back of your head slave I don't want them dangling at the sides. Rico obeyed and He looks pathetic kneeling naked in front of Ben, his flaccid cock exposed once again. As he put his arms at the back of his head his biceps bulge so much because of the game.


Ben saw it and instantly got turned on by the sight. All of Rico's muscle was really showing contours. Ben took Rico's cock and bounded it with a steel cock ring. Rico: What the hell is that!

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Ben stared at him with menacing eyes. Rico: Sorry! Sorry!. I was surprised master… It's tight. Ben: This Rico is a steel cock ring. It will prevent you to cum so say thank you I put it on you.

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It's supposed to be tight slave. Now put this leash on too. Rico: Thank you master. Ben put his hand on Rico's chest he felt Rico's heart pounding so fast.

Ben: hahaha! you are nervous I can sense your fear. You probably wonder why I have lots of free time watching your games and buying all this stuff? Ben opened his backpack and got out the bean shaped vibrator. He turned it on and pressed it against Rico's poking cock head. Rico: aaaahh not that again aaaaah!

Ben: stroke your shaft Rico! Rico with his right hand stroke the shaft while Ben was stimulating the cock head, Rico's face was full of pleasure his eyes were closed. Ben: You see you have a skill in basketball but I have a different skill, I am a freaking genius, Teachers even overlook if I miss a class or homework and my folks are well off I can purchase any toys that I will use just for you.

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Rico couldn't concentrate on the conversation as he was masturbating while a vibrator was pressed against his cock head. Soon Rico got a full 9inch hard on with a very bright pink cock head now fully exposed.

Ben taped the vibrator at Rico's frenulum. Rico soon began to spasm. Rico: I am gonna cum I am gonna cum aaaaaaahhh!!! Rico couldn't believe it; he was cumming but no cum was coming out of his cock slit. His dick was pulsating pumping out nothing. Rico: Whaats happening I can't cum!! I can't Aaah! Aaaahh! I can't but I can feel my dick blowing up aaaaaaaah! Rico opened his mouth to gasp for air he was still cumming but he can't do anything to finish off the feeling of his cock.

Ben: Rico, that's called a dry orgasm. You really are a fucking virgin! Ben smiled and laughed while Rico was moaning He stopped stroking his dick but the vibrator kept on making him dry cum.

Rico then discerned why that was happening. Rico: It's the ring! Please take it out I beg you I want to cum!!!!!

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It's making me dry orgasm please!! Take it off my cock. Ben tugged the leash and Rico got down from the table his hands returned at the back of his head.

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Rico was moaning endlessly while Ben led him through the front door. Rico stopped. Rico: No! No! My neighbours they will see me!! Ben: It's already night time no one will and if anyone do well bad luck I guess. Ben tugged the leash and Rico followed like a dog. Ben put Rico in the passenger seat and blindfolded him. Ben drove off while his slave whimpered and moaned with pleasure.

Rico: Where are we going? Aaaaahhh! Ahhhhh! It's happening again aaaah! Rico was dry cumming again and his cock stood up while seated throbbing, his mouth was moaning it was so arousing that Ben reached in, to stroke Rico's hard erect dick. Rico: No! No! please stop touching my cock!

I can't bear it! Ben: You look so hot right now Rico that I have to rub your hard 9inch meat! Rico's hips was beginning upwards, Rico was fucking Ben's hands. Ben: Who looks so eager now, your body is moving on its own. Rico: I can't help it you are rubbing my cock. The vibrator was really making him so horny and making Rico's dick very hard.

Ben stopped the car and got out. He opened the passenger seat to get Rico out by pulling the leash. Rico was forced to follow still his hands was at the back of his head and his dick was erect and stood up. Ben lead Rico into a room cause Rico was still blindfolded. Rico's moans were getting louder. Ben positioned Rico and took the blindfold off. Rico couldn't believe what he saw, His eyes were so shocked, his mind froze he couldn't moan anymore and his hands automatically covered his groin.

He was standing in the middle of the empty Eagles Gymnasium with a steel table at the center of the basketball court and sitting on top of the table was Trevor. Trevor: Holy Shit!

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Rico? I never thought you are like this? I can't believe it so much that I have to see it from my own eyes! Ben: I told you Trevor, Rico is my slave. He will do anything I tell him. Rico was still speechless he just stared at Trevor with astonishment in his eyes. Trevor: Hahaha! The mighty Rico now stands here with a leash on and what seems to be a full erection! Hahaha! Ben: How do you like my surprise?

You must feel nostalgic Rico this is where you beat Trevor and his team. Trevor stood up and took a closer look at the dazed naked Rico in front of him.

End of part 4