Sexy slut teases mature man

Sexy slut teases mature man
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When I stirred the sweet scent of cheap perfume and a strong pussy odour covered my mouth and nose, teasing my nostrils. I was in a girl's room, curled up naked between soft, flowery satin sheets in a single bed. The room was small and cramped, all sorts of clothes and girlie accessories lying around everywhere, from hair straighteners to jogging bottoms to mini-skirts and colourful g-strings to the defiled white panties I could see lying on the floor. I could remember that sweet moment only hours ago as me and Kerry burst back into the house, hands and tongues all over each other before she knelt down to blow me away.

The house was like any other shabby old semi-detached building you might find on an English council estate. there had been little evidence of care in the garden with old newspapers and rubbish lying around in the tall, unkempt grass at the front. "Yup", I thought, "you wanted a real slapper, you damn well got one!" Inside had not been any better, as soon as I had stuck my tongue down Kerry's throat for the umpteenth time already that night (and groped her arse again), the stale stench of cheap fags and fry up had wafted down the hallway.

Still in bed I licked my lips, smelling my fingers and inhaled the scent of Kerry's sweet pussy, her juices and my spunk noticeably present odours in the air. "Mmmm nice, you want a complete seeing to, sometimes you gotta stoop low to get it!" I thought. And Kerry had been a fucking brilliant little slut. Despite being only 17 and having a part time job in a supermarket I could put her down as girlfriend material due to her insatiable cocksucking ability and willingness to receive a good, hard fucking, not even bothering with a condom because "she trusted me" and "wanted that cock" inside her.

Well, who was I to refuse? It was definitely a record of sorts getting that holy grail girlfriend experience on the very first night of meeting Kerry. My cock twitched again as I recalled the moment when Kerry had given me all the permission I needed to completely cream the walls of her cunt and womb as I thrusted hard into her tight wet slot. "You're making me so hot I'm gonna come" I had panted, having already having fucked her in the doggy position I was now kneeling on the bed.

She had her head back, pink boobs slapping around as I rammed her red raw cunt with her legs held splayed out to the side in the air. "Yes fuck it up me" she had said.

"Yes, fuck it up me" I now spoke aloud, echoing those fantastic words. Kerry certainly had a foul little tongue, no wonder she had it pierced and was she already a dirty little blowjob queen! She'd certainly had a lot of experience for a cute chubby 17 year old I thought, as I pictured her floppy C cup tits slapping together and I saw myself screwing up my face in total ecstatic bliss and then ejecting my dirty hot seed as deep as possible inside her sweet tummy, imagining it being able to surge up into her fleshy breasts, navigate her bloodstream, pumping her entire being full of sticky hot spunk.

I hadn't waited for any more clarification than that from Kerry, I'd been waiting for this dirty white trash fantasy to come true for so long and sweet Kerry had let me have first class access to her!


In bed I was already feeling very horny again and started fisting my cock between her sheets thinking back to how it had all started. My name is Dan.

I'm 26, a life coach, newly recruited to the Sheffield area to deal with troublesome adolescents. Don't get me wrong, I don't fuck about with youngsters, I'm strictly professional and deal mainly with 11 to 16 year olds who are into crime, drugs or are having severe family difficulties. The best thing about the job though is that it gives me a feeling of superiority and sexual awareness over the younger ladies I meet.

I'm 5'10 with a broad rugby player build, shaven head and hairy chest and back.

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This recount of my best ever sexual experience happened after I went out to a trashy club with some of my newfound employees who worked at the mentoring centre. Now not being citizens of taste they had taken me for a proper working class night out, but I had found myself wondering just how easy it would be to find a slapper, maybe even a complete nympho, if I was lucky enough, in a dive one drunken local had described as 'a total crackhouse man'.

The club was dodgy to start with, it was shabby and dark and I could see many divorcees with short skirts, some suspiciously gay blokes, others just rough and neanderthal in looks, I guessed that with a fair IQ, expensive leather jacket and shaven head, I was as in with a chance of getting laid as much as any other geezer there. I idled off from the group after a while having had a few beers and pretending to be more pissed than I actually was.

It was then that I saw what I was looking for; a bunch of really cheap looking tarts standing in the corner trying to use the ciggy machine. I eyed them up sussing out my chances and who would be fair game.

One was clearly up for it, she wore a cheap but daring blue strappy top which spilled over an ample cleavage. She was a pretty brunette, a little overweight but exposing her midriff and the gothic tattoo on the small of her back.

She was clearly the youngest and seemed to giggle a lot, the most desperate of the girls too, what with a heavy blue eyeshadow and an insane drunken grin. Nevertheless she had a sexy enough face and seemed approachable, seeming less confident than the tall, short skirted, suntanned blonde who must have been at least 32, the black London girl who was shouting abuse into her mobile phone and a dumpy small pale tart whose nipples were poking through an overtight polo top.

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The combined presence of these cheap slags gave me a semi hardon and I moved in towards the fag machine to hear what they had to say. "Got any fags mate?", the sexy, slightly chubby brunette had a rough Yorkshire accent and leaned over to my ear almost immediately.

Ignoring the others I quietly thanked the gods and stuffed my hand into my pocket for change. Not only was this a good excuse to get away from my new workmates, but I already had something in common with this horny slag."Yeah let me get some change out" I replied and turned around to look at her face now only inches away from mine.

I knew I had to screw her already I had decided; she smelt so cheap, so girlie and dirty and her runny mascara tinted eyes were already widening in a 'getting to know you' kind of way. Cooly slipping in 5 pounds worth of change, pressing the button she wanted, and finally breaking open the pack of fags, I sensed a feeling of power over this girl and started the next conversation."It's fuckin' packed in here" I said, offering the pack round to her and her mates before lighting their fags and my own with the flick of my trusty Zippo."It's getting hot" I continued, "fancy having a chat over there?" Her drunken face lit up with excitement as she realised she finally had some male attention for the evening and before I had time to turn around she had put her arm round my waist and was whispering into my ear.

"You're getting ME hot" she replied roughly as I smelt her sweet, hot, nicotine breath float into my ear and face. By now my hardon was crushed tight in my boxers and jeans and I just prayed no-one could see it the way I was facing her. "I'm Kerry" she said, before pushing her face into mine and before I knew it we were deep throat kissing in front of all her tarty friends.

Her sharp, pink tongue darted in and out of my mouth and I realised with a horny excitement that it was pierced with a metal stud in the middle! If I could have I would have pulled my cock out and wanked off there and then, my lust was gratuitous and this show of exhibitionism in front of her filthy friends was a fantastic turn on!

The girls looked on, now leaning on the nearby table in sexy poses, grinning knowingly, and I'm sure I heard the comment "look at her the dirty bitch!" Looks like I had stumbled on a regular little group of pick up whores I thought. Perfect! It wasn't long before I was grinding my pelvis into her, the kiss was amazing, so wanton and wreckless from such a young woman, but I needed more relief.

She sensed this and reached down to cup my cock, balls and all, over my jeans with her free left hand, her fag still held somewhere behind my back. Breaking the snog she said "follow me" in clear audibility of her mates over the music.I heard a few whoops from the drunken women as Kerry lead me firmly by the hand to the doors leading downstairs to the ladies toilets.

As I followed I got more of a chance to ogle her curves and decide what I would do next. the blue top only had clipped straps at the back and this would give easy access to her lovely tits. Her straight brunette hair had blonde highlights and stopped at shoulderlength, there was definitely enough to grab hold of during a blowjob. The black, patterned tattoo above her arse may as well have said "fuck me, I'm cheap and love doggy style"! I fucking love these tattoos - I always get hard when I see them.


I began to imagine how wet she was already, having already groped her bum through the cotton material of her white mini skirt. She even had on one of those tacky, common, studded belts that I love too! In the cubicle I fastened the door and began unbuckling my jeans as her dirty pink tongue again worked it's magic inside my aching mouth.

She sensed the prick and began to feel me up again, this time through only my boxers. It was then that I lost control (or took control!) and pushed her down to her knees, first pushing her head hard to break the kissing and then just holding her neck and long hair as I ground my pants into her face.

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"Please, suck me" I told her and moaned, inhaling at the sensuous contact of her face on my hard prick. She drunkenly yanked my boxers down to my ankles and buried her face and tongue into my genitalia echoing my sighs by moaning and whimpering like a little whore. Not sucking yet, I wanted her to feel the warmth of my hard, throbbing shaft all over her face and massage my balls.


my strong arms guided her left hand to the two sacks and she groped them in wild abandon. That pierced tongue was doing wonders to the underneath of my cock and her nose was pressed tight against the foreskin and head. I have a tight foreskin but it had no trouble peeling back, easing down my thick 6 inch cock as the dirty little cocksucker opened her wide, lipsticked mouth and began to impale my bone, sucking it in a horny pumping motion.

She had experience alright but in the light of the toilet cubicle she looked even younger than I had first thought, maybe just 17 or 18, what a lucky fucker I was! She was more than happy to go to town on my beast and I figured she must have been enjoying the musty combination of aftershave on my dick and the dried flecks of come from where I had enjoyed a wank at home earlier on!!

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I started fucking her mouth and she had to withdraw for the first time, as she did so a long trail of her own saliva pulled away from my cock. "Oh it's so wet" I told her, grabbing hold of a loose bunch of hair as she feverously licked my purple helmet with her metal stud.

This sent sparks and fire into my balls and I knew that for once I actually had the chance to come all over her face there and then. good news as I usually can't come from a blowjob unless it's a really dirty and wet mouthed woman doing the business! As Kerry seemed more than happy to please me I decided I would shoot all the semen I had into that fantastic gob of hers.

My left hand shot down her tight blue top and began kneading first one lovely breast cup and then the other. She was now slurping hard on my large bell end and for the first time I realised that with her large, busty frame obscuring the door, her highheeled feet must have been underneath, saying hello to anyone outside!

Boy, certainly any female who went into the ladies would know that some major suckfest was going on! As her slurping and my gasping quickened I could see my tool pushing out her right cheek as I managed to fuck her mouth, carefully feeling the cool sensation of the metal stud teasing my now wet bell end and the underside of my shaft.

She had managed to smear her blue mascara all over my cock as saliva and pre-come smeared her face and dripped from her chin onto my bollocks. I could hear excited chatter now coming no more than a foot away from where I was being blown to eternity and imagined her bitchy friends getting turned on, giggling at the prowess of their slutty young friend gobbling me off.

This final thought was too much and I managed a sharp "urgh" before grabbing her head with both hands as I started filling her gob with as much goo as I could muster.

"Yes, I want you to have it all baby" I blurted out in defence of my actions, her mouth was so wet and warm it simulated a perfect vagina on heat! As the poor girl started to gasp for breath, her hot sobs and spunk filled breath trickled onto my balls. I looked lovingly into her eyes as she looked wide-eyed, aghast into mine and I told her "that was the best thing I've ever had.

you're gorgeous, absolutely amazing. Please clean me up baby" She licked around my cheesy bell end until I was exhausted from the force of the orgasm and pulled her to her feet, my hand roughly wiping away excess juices from her mouth. We started kissing passionately again, she now sharing the salty bliss of come giving me my own cock breath.

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Just as I had started inching my free left hand down to her pantyline we heard three loud rasping knocks on the cubicle door. "You two get the fuck out of there" someone said.