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Pov teen amateur tattoo hot slut
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First time writer, tell me what you think. This is entirely fictional. ================================================================== "Happy father's day!" Mark rolled over in bed.

Up until that moment he had been enjoying a blissful morning, wrapped in the soft duvet. Last night his wife Alex and his daughter Meggie had taken him out for a pre-father's day dinner. He had enjoy quite a bit of wine and the three of them had been up late into the night. He was surprised to hear them up, he thought they should have been as physically exhausted as he was after the night's activities.

As he opened his eyes he was greeted with the site of the two most beautiful women he had ever known. "What do you think?" the young girl asked. Meggie and her mother stood at the foot of the bed wearing matching sheer slips.

Alex's was hot pink and her daughters was an aqua blue. The flowy material was so sheer Mark could make out every curve of their gorgeous bodies. Alex's top cupped her tear-drop breasts perfectly. Her large erect nipples strained against the thin cloth, begging Mark to suck on them. As his eyes moved lower he followed the crease of her tight abs down to a pair of pink panties so tiny they barely covered her smooth, shaved slit.

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"We got them at the teen store" Alex said, "If only you had been there, it was a lot of fun picking these out." "Mommy's is too little, and mine is too big!" bubbled Meggie excitedly. As he looked the young girl over Mark was overjoyed to see she was right. Meggie's slip hung low on her slender body.

The cups of the top hung empty against her flat chest.

The top of the fabric just barely lined up with buds of what would someday be her breasts. Mark could see the tiniest slivers of dark skin peeking about from above the radiant material. His eyes traveled down the crease of her tight stomach.


She wore the same panties as her mother, except where her mother's full pussy lips filled the tiny cloth patch, Meggies were loose and hung away from her body. She had knotted the thin straps on the side of the panties (a trick her mother taught her when she dressed the girl in the smallest of thongs) but there was still more fabric than the girl needed.

As Meggie sway back and forth Mark caught glimpses of the soft, hairless skin of the girls crotch and was grateful they hadn't found anything that fit her. "Daddy! What do you think?" Meggie exclaimed in a mock tantrum. She bounced up onto the bed landing on all fours. She began slowly crawling up the bed, grinning from ear to ear and biting her lip. Her long blonde hair was tied up in a cute ballerina bun that bounced as she moved. Her slip hung low now and Mark got a good view of the small buds that poked out from her tight young body.

"I love it baby! I absolutely love it!" Mark enthusiastically replied. "Do you really?" Meggie gave him a sly look as she grabbed the covers and slowly began to pull them down.

The covers slipped down from Mark's chest, down to his waist, then slowly below it. "What are you wearing, daddy?" "I think you know baby" Alex interrupted, "you were here when daddy took his clothes off last night." "That's right!" Meggie ripped the cover all the way off, revealing Mark's long, stiff cock. She let out a squeal of joy. "You do like them!" "Baby, I think daddy's ready for his present now." Alex tossed her curled blonde hair from her shoulders, took the straps from her slip, and slowly let it fall off her body.

Seeing her big natural tits made Mark's cock spring up. Meggie giggled at the sight. Alex turned away revealing her perfect, round ass. Mark always thought himself lucky that she spent so much time at the gym and doing yoga to keep her body so tight. He was especially grateful for all those squats when he saw that round ass.


The tiny thong was almost invisible between her cheeks until she bent over, letting her ass cheeks spread. She slowly pulled the thong down revealing her tight asshole and her full pussy lips. She turned around, completely naked, and crawled onto the bed behind her daughter.

Meggie leaned back against her mother's soft tits, arching her back and accentuating her girlish figure. Her young body didn't have an ounce of fat on it. She raised her arms and wrapped them around her mother's neck. Alex leaned in and gave her daughter's neck a kiss, then a slow lick. Meggie shifted and Mark could see the slit of his daughter's hairless pussy past her panties. Precum was dripping out of the tip of Mark's stiff cock.

Alex took the hem of her daughters slip and started sliding her hands up the girl's body. Up her thighs, onto her firm stomach, then finally to her tiny nubs. Alex give the her flat little tits a pinch that made Meggie moan.

She took the girl's slip and lifted it over her head. Then she slid her hands back down the girl's body, back over the tiny nips, down her firm stomach and into her loose panties. Slowly she slid the panties down, revealing the most wonderful image Mark had ever seen. Her porcelain skin had just the slightest rose glow. Her two soft lips had yet to grow a single hair and her slit came up to the most adorable cleft. Between the gap in her thighs Mark could see her two firm buttcheeks.

The sight of his little girls cunt always gave mark and instant hard on and he was never happier than when his tongue was deep inside it. As if awakening from an orgasmic trance her her mother had put her into, Meggie shrieked and jumped onto her father giggling. She slithered up his naked body like a pink lizard, stopping when she was face to face with him.

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The young girl leaned in and pressed her lips to his for a soft, sweet kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Mark wrapped his around her tiny body, grabbing each of her tight ass cheeks in his palms. Meggie's little pussy and ass cheeks came down to Mark's navel. her legs spread to either side of his prick. The girl began to kiss her father harder, slipping her small tongue between his lips.

As she did this Mark squeezed her ass harder.

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She groaned as she kissed him. Mark met her tongue with his and the two began kissing more passionately. He began moving his fingers closer together, searching for the sweet prize of Meggie's pussy. Mark jerked his head back and moaned as he felt Alex take his cock into his mouth.

"Oh fuck yes" he groaned. Alex had always been a master cock sucker as long as he had known her.

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She jumped at any chance she could get to get his prick in her mouth, especially in public. Now she was giving him her extra sloppy specialty. He could feel spit dripping down his balls as he tongued his girl's mouth. The wet sounds of her sucking his dick mixing with the sound of their kissing. He could feel a wet spot forming on his stomach under Meggie's pussy.

He reached his fingers deeper until he found her wet hole. He slipped a finger in and could feel Meggie's nails dig into his neck. As he probed in and out of the young girl's tight pussy he took his other finger and began circling her tight asshole. Meggie loved having her ass played with, something her mother was always happy to help her with.

Alex must have seen this because she began sucking fasting and faster. She was taking Mark's cock so deep, so fast that it was making her gag, which only made her suck harder. Mark knew she loved to be choked during sex. One of her favorite positions was to lay with Meggie behind her and have the little girl choke her while Mark pounded her pussy. Now, as her mother got louder, so did Meggie.

Mark knew Meggie was close to having her first orgasm of the day. One of Meggie's many gifts was that she came easily and often. Her drool was dripping down his chin. The thought of his baby girl cumming on top of him was bringing him to the brink of orgasm. He broke off the wet kiss and called out "I'm gonna cum!" "Me too, daddy" whispered Meggie in his ear.

Mark slid his finger deep into Meggie's tight slit and felt her shake with orgasmic delight. Alex slipped Mark's cock out of her mouth and began stroking it hard. Mark's first shot of cum shot straight up into the air and landed on Meggie's back.

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She giggle in glee in his ear and she felt his spunk hit her back. Alex laughed too. She took Mark's cock and directed the following spurts of cum onto her baby's tight ass as she stroked. Mark let out what felt like an ocean of cum. He couldn't believe he was cumming so much, considering just a few hours ago he had covered his two girls faces with his load. When he was done Meggie's ass was covered in cum.

Alex released Mark's prick and moved her hands to her daughters tight, cum-covered ass cheeks. "God! Have you ever seen anything so fucking hot!" Alex squeezed Meggie's cheeks hard, then spread them, revealing the girls tight pink asshole. "Holy fuck" she said as she scooted up so her face was close to Meggie's ass and took a long lick up the girls crack. "Mommy! Stop! That tickles!" squealed Meggie as she wiggled on top of her father. "Hold still, baby. Let me get you cleaned off." Alex took another lick, this time capturing a big drop of Mark's cum.

"Mmm, yummy." Alex licked every drop of cum off her young daughter's tush before giving it a firm spank. Alex scooted up face to face with the two of them. She gave Meggie a soft kiss, her lips still wet with drool and Mark's cum, then she moved over and kissed Mark, deeply.

"How did you like your first present, honey?" "It was wonder-" Mark stopped "First present?" Meggie jumped up and began bouncing on the bed. The sight of her tight body bouncing up and down made Mark's cock bounce too.

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"Yeah daddy! We got you lots of presents because we love you so much and because you fuck us so good!" "But baby, I didn't fuck either of you." Mark replied.

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"Not this morning, but you fucked us both last night" answered Meggie. "I guess that's right, baby." Mark smiled. "Okay you two, let's take all take shower and clean daddy up, then we can give him his other presents. I'll start the water" Alex said. "Okay mommy. I know what part I'm going to clean" said Meggie as she grabbed Mark's cock and give it a squeeze. A drop of cum dripped out of the tip.


Meggie bent down and licked it off, coming up with a smile on her face." "I'm a very lucky daddy" Mark said. ================================================================== Want to find out what Mark's other presents are?