Rough submission Excited young tourists Felicity Feline and Jade

Rough submission Excited young tourists Felicity Feline and Jade
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The story starts off in a parking lot where justin bieber walks. He is leaving his concert and is now getting ready to go home. Justin yawns "wow what a concert". Suddenly there bes a noise.

''Hello?" says Justin. Justin continues to walk to his car and all of a sudden he gets hit in the head."Justin passes out cold.

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When he comes to he relizes he is tied up on a chair naked. "Where am i"? he says. All of a sudden a sting lashes across his back and he yelps out a cry of pain. "Shut the fuck up whore" a man replies. Justin turns around and sees a man of about 35 holding a whip. "Please let me go" replies Justin. "You aint going nowhere bitch" and the man swings the whip at Justin again."If you dont let me go my security guards will come and put you in jail!" Justin says.


"Well you just dont want to behave like a good little slave boy do you now? Well we will just have to punish that mouth of yours.


The man unties Justin from the chair and makes him get on his knees and ties his hands behind him. The man takes his cock out of his pants and forces Justin to open his mouth. " No please"! Justin begs. Then the man shoves his cock right into Justins mouth."suck on my hard cock you little slut".

The man says.Justin doesnt have a choice and slowly starts to suck the mans cock. " Thats it, be a good little slave boy" the man says. The man starts to brutally fuck Justins mouth and making Justin go deep throat. "Thats it boy, suck it good".

The mans hard cock becomes soft in Justin mouth and Justin was wondering whether the cruel punnishment was over. Unfortunetly the man just had to take a piss and he filled up Justin mouth with it. Justin had no choice but to swallow it. When the warm liquid was down his throat Justin could feel the mans cock becoming erect again.

The man was fucking Justins mouth harder this time and it felt good to him. "Im sick of you getting all the attention every girl loves you and your all my girlfriend talks about you dick"! The man fucks his mouth very hard and it made Justins throat sore.


After a few more painful seconds of hard deepthroating rthe man came in Justins mouth. Justin starts to gag. "Drink my hot cum bitch!" the man says. The man grabs Justin by the throat and was chocking him. Slowly Justin drinks down the hot sticky semen and tears started to roll down his face. "Please no more".

he begs "Your punishment is not over yet whore we have alot to go through before im done with you"! The man rolls Justin over on his stomach and makes him push his butt up. "What are you gonna do to me?"says Justin. "Oh you will see the man replies". the man slowly pushes his dick against Justins ass and he pushes it in. Justin screams out in pain. " Please, please take it out !".

Shut the fuck up whore, and just enjoy it. Justin felt like his insides where being ripped out of his body as the man fucks Justin very hard in his ass. "Oh yea that feels so good bitch". the man says. "Poor little Justin Bieber getting his ass fucked hahaha".

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Justin couldnt belive what this man was doing to him and it was hurting him so much. "Why are you doing this to me !" says Justin. "Because i want to" the man replies. The man was going harder and harder in Justins ass and it was very very painful to Justin.Justin says "please stop doing this but the man keeps going harder and harder until his cum bursts inside of Justin.

The man pulls his cock out full of blood and cum. 'look what you did to my cock Whore!". And the man grabs Justin and makes him lick off all of the blood off of his cock. "Come on bitch lets go get you clean the man grabs Justin and takes him into the bahroom. "Ok lets shave off that pretty hair so no one will know that you are the famous Justin Bieber". The man takes a razor and shaves off all of Justins pretty blonde hair.

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After the man and Justin get dress the man and Justin go out in the town to get some grocery and food the the house. The man thought to himself, "at this case whose now what i could do with this boy?" After picking up some things at the store the man sees three of his old buddies and he stops to chatt with them.

"Whose is this boy? " One man replies. "Oh this is one of my little buddies i met at the shop the other day". The man then speaks into the other mens ears which Justin could not understand. The men then get into the car, along with Justin, and they drive back to the apartment. Justin wonders what will happen to him when they get back to the house. They finally arrive and Justin gets thrown out of the car and dragged into the house like a dog.

"Come on little doggie we cant be wasting time eating dirt off of the ground." The other men laugh and Justin feels terribly violated. The men put a ball gag on Justin.

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"What if the police find out that you kidnapped and molested the famour Justin Bieber?" One of the men say. "Relax no one will know this kid is Justin."The men spend countless hurs of the night fucking the Young pop stars brains out. It is a sad thing to expierience but then the tourtures finally end. The End ?


keep looking for part two :]