Busty TGIRL Chanel Santini gets anal fucking from Lance Hart

Busty TGIRL Chanel Santini gets anal fucking from Lance Hart
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I'll admit I am attracted to my niece. She's a nice girl, maybe a little devious from time to time, but a cute kid.short, like her dad, with straight blonde hair that hangs a few inches below her shoulders. She hit that early pubescent growth-spurt several years ago, and while she's still petite, I noticed pretty quickly afterwards that she had developed a damn nice ass for a girl her age. In addition to the obvious personality changes brought on by all those new hormones, I could see that puberty had indeed found its way to her and was really starting to give her body some cute little curves and definition.

A late starter. . .her boobs formed cute little bumps on her chest now; and she was starting to wear a bra. Her hips were starting to develop a little definition and of course that little ass poked out there quite nicely. I teased her about having a little junk-in-the-trunk, so to speak, but truth-be-told, I found myself taking some serious peeks whenever I got the chance.

I admit that some younger girls (though mostly older than Abby) catch my eye from time to time, but I've always kept my cool. In any case, Abby's ass probably catches the eyes of quite a few older men. It is full and round and fills up those tight little hip-hugger jeans she likes to wear.

Almost every time I see it I just have to turn the other way and say, "Damn!" under my breath. But that's beside the point, right now.

. let's go back to the day I agreed to have her boyfriend over. Abby had been wearing a hot little two-piece bikini that day and I'll be damned if this twenty-nine year old widow didn't find himself hard as a rock watching some kid that didn't even have the suffix of 'teen' on her age frolic around mostly naked in the pool.

What made the situation even worse was that Abby seemed like she had a little crush going on with me, and even with her boyfriend there, she seemed to be quite flirtatious - constantly swimming up to me and tugging at the back of my shorts - and insisting that we keep swimming between each other's legs underwater.

I noticed that she kept swimming up to me underwater and just stopping dead in front of me hovering there with her eyes covered in those little goggles. I didn't think much about it until I grabbed them and put them on to see what was so good about wearing them (I always swim underwater with my eyes open with no problem); and strapped them on my head before making my submerged trek up to the cute little brat - then underneath her belly and through her widely spread legs.

And then it hit me. Instead of seeing a fleshy blur, I could see her bare skin - covered scantily by that damn little blue bikini bottom and glistening in a sunny, underwater sparkle - along with the flexed little muscles of her legs and extreme upper thighs.right up to those tight little strands of muscle that connect leg to pussy.in absolute, perfect clarity.

And, with her head above water, it was a free look as there was no way she could see exactly where my eyes were pointing as I swam. It seemed a very convenient way to check someone's body out without consequence - and I guessed that was exactly what she had been doing to me before. The very first pass up to and through her legs had quite an effect on me. I hadn't even come up out of the water behind her when I felt my cock spring to life.the way it poked hard into my swimsuit was actually a bit painful.

I had to keep facing the other direction from her when I came up so that I could adjust myself to a more comfortable position. Regardless of my potentially embarrassing reaction, it was a game that I played over and over as the afternoon wore on.

But that was over now and I had dropped her off and was alone with Michael on the way back to his house talking about sex. And then he said: "Abby's been acting kinda strange lately. I think she wants to.I haven't asked her but she's been acting real horny or something lately. Last week when we watched a movie at my house she kept grabbing my leg real close to my.uhh." The boy laughed a little in embarrassment. ".my dick.and today in the pool she kept squeezing me up against the wall with her butt pushing into it.

The last couple of times she did it, she rubbed it up and down." "Damn," I blurted. I normally don't cuss much around the kids but his story had thrown me for a loop. "So what did you do?" "I had a boner big time. The last time when she came up to me and did it, I rubbed my hands on her hips.almost on her butt cheeks but more to the side.

I'm lucky I didn't shoot my load right there." If I had been drinking a drink I would have spit it all over my windshield. This was not a conversation I would have expected to have with this kid. He was normally pretty quiet.a handsome little guy with golden brown hair that was kinda long on top, sometimes hanging down in front of his eyes (I would make him get a haircut if he were my kid.but oh well) - and a nice tanned body.

He was a small guy himself, but not skinny like I was at that age. He had those hard little muscle ridges and definition that used to piss skinny kids like me off. At least I filled out and could break him in half now, though. . ha-ha. In any event, I could see how girls his age would think he was quite the cutie.

He wasn't the most athletic or coordinated kid though, interestingly. The boy was scared to go underwater for goodness sakes. Come to think of it.I had never seen him do anything besides walk around in the shallow end and lean against the wall. Oh well, that left all the underwater games with Abby to me.and that was just fine! "I guess sixteen is about right for that reaction.

Anyway, you think she knew what she was doing?" "Uhh, definitely", he laughed. "I was hard as a rock and she was rubbing up against it.so there's no way she couldn't feel that." "Damn", this time I said to myself, under my breath.

"Well, I know what you're gonna be doing when you get home." I looked over at the boy and his face was a little red, but he laughed in acknowledgement that he would be indeed be partaking in a little 'handiwork' at the first opportunity.

I immediately got a vision of the little bastard standing there in the shower jerking away at his adolescent stiffy as he fantasized about fucking Abby's little pussy. And again, I'll be damned if I didn't find myself suddenly turned on. "I tell you what. If it looks like you're gonna be doing this stuff with her anytime soon, let me know. I can help you out." "I never really get a chance to be alone with her. Except for like today when we came to your house," he said.

Now it was my eyes that grew a little. Wait a minute.no way. Well.damn. The more I thought about it the hornier I got. I found myself getting turned on by the notion of watching these kids go at it there at my place.

I thought I should probably be disturbed by the thought, but my cock was hardening more and more just thinking about it. "Okay, look, here's the deal. If you promise to let me get things lined up.

and oh, yeah.under all circumstances, absolutely don't tell a soul, ever.then I'll see what I can do to get things moving with her. . in a few days here at my house." "Okay. Dang! You're awesome. I won't say anything. I promise", he assured me. With that, we had found ourselves suddenly pulling into his driveway.

I gave him a little grin and told him to 'have fun' just before he shut the door and headed up the stairs of his front porch. As I pulled away and started driving down the road, I began to think about what I had proposed and immediately wondered if I had set myself up for a bad situation.

I waffled back and forth a little, but in the end, the vision of Abby's hot little bare ass bouncing up and down on the handsome boy's hard-on won me over. I had to laugh a little at the fact that I sensed a little jealousy in myself at this little goober nailing that hot piece of tween ass instead of me.and the fact that he'd get laid when he was freaking sixteen years old when I didn't get a piece 'till I was twenty.

Whoa! Did I just catch myself feeling jealous because it would be him instead of me? Yep.that's right. Well, so it was. In fact, I must admit that after I made it home, I wasted little time in hopping in bed and jerking off to the vision of the two naked little twerps fucking like rabbits.and I came like a geyser.

Getting Things Ready That Friday night, it worked out that Abby came and spent the night at my place. It was a practice that happened with regularity before Annie died; and they continued allowing her to do so after Annie's death to keep me from getting lonely, I guess. I hadn't exactly made my way back to having much of an exciting social life.I just didn't have the drive for it. But I really enjoyed my time with Abby.

We'd stay up late playing games and just hanging out.

BFF fuck at spring break

Plus, she did seem to have that little crush on me and I ate it up. She seemed to flirt with me more and more and I was right there with her. And, then there was the fact, of course, that she had this pajama outfit she wore that consisted of short little black shorts with 'Angel' across the ass and a little black and pink tank-top that showcased her developing little body nicely.

She had gotten it last Christmas and wore it the first time she visited me - even in the dead of winter. I teased her about wearing something so skimpy in wintertime but she said she liked it.and well.I didn't mind the glimpses of leg I got, even if it was the legs of a girl less than half my age.

I mean, hell, since Annie's accident, this was the most skin I got to see. To tell the truth, I really hadn't even thought much of it until now. And here she was - here to stay with me until I took her back home Saturday evening. I had decided to put out some feelers on what she might be up for with Michael, whom I had invited over to swim and hang out the next day.

That night, we did the usual; getting a bite to eat and then coming back home to hang out and play games. I considered bringing up the idea of playing a little truth-or-dare to see if I could coax some 'truth' out of her, but the more I thought about it the more I worried about the game getting tangled up in a bunch of stupid 'dares', so I came up with a game of just 'truth' that involved poker hands.

Each time someone lost, the other person got to ask them a question to which they had to tell the truth. I gave myself a mental pat on the back at such a good idea in the spur of the moment, and waited until Abby got into one of her devious, flirty little girl moods she seemed to work into as the nights wore on.

She seemed to like the idea with even a touch of excitement about her; and I gave myself a little mental 'cha-ching' and a high-five for my successful endeavor. We got started.

She knew how to play poker because I had taught her long ago and it was one of the games we played sometimes on her visits. When it comes to games of luck, though, I'm not so lucky; and she indeed beat me the first two hands. The first question was some inane inquiry about cheating on a test or something, but she fell into the trap a little more on her second one. "Do you ever look at girls' butts?" Hoping the conversation would turn this way but still a little embarrassed, I gave my honest answer.

"Yeah. I guess so," I laughed. "You GUESS so?" she said with a cute, drawn out up speak as she glared at me with narrowed eyes and a clever grin.

"Well, yeah.I do look at girls' butts. . sometimes". Then I dealt another hand. This time, I drew two-pair and came out on top. "Do you ever look at boys' butts?" It was pretty much an innocent, juvenile turnaround of her own question, but I needed to start by just returning her volleys for now.

"Yeah, I guess so", she giggled, mimicking my previous response. We shared a good laugh at our embarrassing admissions, and then it was back to the game. I shuffled 'em up and dealt 'em. Wouldn't you know it.damn, she won again. "Do you sleep in your underwear?" she laughed.

This one was a bit more embarrassing to answer. "Uh.not really". We both started laughing. "Not really?" she pressed, once again drawing out the words in her own little style I found so cute. I was a bit red in the face now. "Just my birthday suit", I exclaimed.

I wasn't sure if she would know what that meant, but she did. And again, we got a good laugh. She won the next couple of hands and all her questions were of a similar nature.

Finally, I felt ready to pounce with my agenda and sure enough, I won the next hand. "Have you ever made out with Michael?" "Noooo", she said. "We've never really been by ourselves." "Do you want to?" I asked. "Hey.that's two questions!" she whined.

And so we played on, our questions to one another becoming more and more sexual in nature each time. First, I learned that she would like to make out with him. Not long after that, I found out that she was actually pretty curious about sex.


It seems as if it had become somewhat of a recurring topic among her friends. None of them had done it yet, but they were all apparently pretty intrigued by the things going on with their bodies and their feelings towards boys.

I asked her if she ever got horny around Michael and she responded with a devious little grin. "Sooooommetiimmeess." she said with a little grin that was both shy and devious at the same time. "And sometimes not around him." That last part piqued my interest a little. It seemed like there was a little info she might be interested in sharing with me if I played the little game, but it was getting late and I needed to get to the point as I was planning on making things happen the next afternoon if I were to get the green light from her tonight.

So I left well enough alone at that point and we continued our game. Next chance I got, I asked her if she would make out with him if I got the couple some time alone. She responded with a "yeah" and an excited, inquisitive little grin as if she knew I might be willing to help her out. Finally, I felt like I had set her up for the big finale, and as soon as I won another hand, I made my move. "Would you do more than just make out with him if you had the chance?" She raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything just yet.

"Would you have sex with him?" There it was! Bam! I had worked my plan and dropped the big bomb. It was only a matter of watching and waiting eagerly to see if I scored a direct hit. Strangely enough, it didn't faze me one bit that what had been such an innocent.okay, 'mostly innocent'.relationship had taken such a naughty change in direction.

But my heart was pounding as I awaited her response and there was no turning back now. Her initial response didn't involve a single word. She just raised both of her eyebrows and looked me right in the eye with a little smile that I translated to mean she would be interested.but perhaps needed a little convincing. "It just so happens that I've called Michael's mom and asked her if he'd like to come swim with us tomorrow", I told her.

She raised her chin a little and continued her intent, silent, inquisitive stare that seemed to urge me to continue on. "If you were interested in such an opportunity, I could help you out.

But you'd have to promise to never tell anyone or I could get in a lot of trouble." I saw Abby bite her bottom lip in sexy little fashion as she listened to my proposition. "Just say the word." And at that point I sat and waited. It didn't take long at all. "Okay", was all she said, still with the same sexy little grin.

My body turned hot all over and I was almost sure she could see my heart pounding through my chest. I went on to prod her a little more just to make sure she really wanted to go through with it and had no reservations, even telling her to signal me at any point if she became uncomfortable with the situation and I would halt things immediately. She agreed to that and I could tell she was a little bit excited about what tomorrow may bring.I know I was. In fact, as I sent her to the bathroom to brush her teeth and get ready for bed, my eyes locked on those tight, smooth little legs and pert round ass; and it was all I could do not to follow her into the bathroom and bend her over the counter right there.

Needless to say, after she retired to her room for the night, not a minute passed 'till I was pounding my meat in bed until I came in gushes all over my stomach.

I cleaned up and tried my best to get some sleep; still trying to mentally go through the details of the next day. The Plan Unfolds Saturday morning started with the blinding light of the morning sun pouring through my bedroom window. I had slept 'till just after 9 o'clock and was surprised to find that Abby - normally an early-bird - had not yet made it out of bed.

I had started making us some breakfast when the guest room door finally opened just enough for a petite blonde hottie in skimpy little pj's to slide out and walk over to see what I was making before retreating into the hallway bathroom for a shower. Michael had something going on that morning and his mom wouldn't be able to drop him off until eleven or so; so I had just planned on chilling out most of the morning until he would arrive.

After Abby got out of the shower and got dressed, we had our breakfast and just watched a little television. About fifteen minutes after eleven, Michael and his mom showed up. I thanked her for letting him hang out with us and told her I'd have him home around four or so that evening - as I planned on taking both the kids home on the same trip. Michael was already wearing his swimsuit and a t-shirt, and had his towel in-hand.

After saying hi to his mom, Abby headed immediately into the bedroom and got into her swimsuit.which of course was that damn little blue bikini.

I looked at Michael and gave him a little wink, to which he responded with an inquisitive look. "Play it cool and this could be quite a day for you", I whispered as I bent down to him. "I get the feeling Abby might be interested in having fun today.you know what I mean?" The handsome sixteen year-olds eyes got huge. I gave him a little smile and headed into my bedroom to get my own swim trunks on.

The three of us then met at the door and headed out to the pool. A game of dodge ball quickly ensued. It was one of our favorite pool games and I took no pity on the kids, always rocketing the various sized little balls on beelines at them, sometimes skipping them across the surface of the water just to throw the timing of their evasions off. The balls were all pretty soft and no one ever got hurt, though we all got popped pretty good from time to time and ended up with little pink round spots on our skin from the impact.

At one point, I had both of the kids cornered and pinned against the edge as I approached with my arm cocked to fire at any moment. Michael was against the wall and purposely ducked behind Katie as she backed into him - dead in my sights. I suddenly remembered what Michael had told me about Katie rubbing against him when she backed into him like this.

I decided to prolong the encounter, telling them I would back up to the other side of the pool to give them a fair chance at dodging the ball; but not to move until I got across or I would fire a rocket shot right at their heads.

Taking my time, I slowly backed away from the young couple. It wasn't long until I saw the look on Michael's face turn noticeably more serious. He almost seemed to quit breathing.

I wondered if Abby was starting to rub her ass against the boy's cock like he said she had done a couple of times the other day. I had to find out. Telling the pair that they better not move, I came up with some quick and stupid excuse to get the goggles from the side of the pool and put them on; saying that I was going to put them on in case they started trying to splash me as I went to get the ball back.

I took my time donning the goggles; doing my best to maximize the amount of time that the kids spent with their bodies squeezed against one another's. Then, I told them I needed to go underwater real quick to get the goggles wet, and that they better not move or I would unleash my wrath. They both responded in nervous little laughter, as if they thought that I would fire the ball at them instantly if they didn't obey.

Then I ducked my head underwater. My goal was simple. I solely wanted to get a view underwater of what, if anything was going on with the pair under the surface. Lo and behold, I could see in amazing clarity, young Michael's hands gripping Abby's bare thighs just below the hem of her bikini bottom. Despite the cool water, my cock quickly began to come to life for the first time since the previous evening. I rose quickly, pretending to stare the kids down as if to say 'you better not move' as I adjusted myself underwater.

I shook my head then again dove under the surface; starving for another glance. I could see Katie was indeed sliding her body lightly up and down, surely rubbing that sensational little ass against Michael's cock. Realizing that I needed to come through with my promise of firing the ball at them before they began to wonder just what the hell I was up to, I sprang out of the water and fired the ball with full force; intentionally missing the pair by a couple of feet to the right.

They burst into laughter and quickly began to wade away as I slid beneath the surface and swam quickly to retrieve the ball. However, the two little brats had kept the same position - Michael behind Abby, using her as a shield - his hands gripping her hips. Little did they know, I knew exactly what was going on. I fired again. This time, I scored a direct hit on Katie's right arm as she tried to turn to avoid my throw. I quickly pounced on the ball and fired back at them, breaking the couple apart as they screamed and laughed in playful despair while I pounded them with shot after shot.

The game resumed into a free for all and continued as such until I decided it was time for lunch. I told the devious little ones that they could stay in the pool while I made some sandwiches, but not to try anything stupid or dangerous.

I was talking more to Abby, who liked to dive from the edges and perform all kinds of flips and stunts underwater while Michael always stayed wading around the shallow end. I went in and began to make some sandwiches; all the time keeping a close eye on the couple through the small kitchen window. Just as I hoped, Abby skipped her usual pool antics in favor of hanging closely by her boyfriend; frequently grabbing at his body and swimsuit and using every excuse in the world to repeatedly come into contact with the boy's body.

Sure enough, from time to time she would back him into a wall and pretend to playfully squeeze him as she undoubtedly used her body to cop a feel of Michael's boyhood. Finally, I had all I could take. I finished preparing the last sandwich; then just left them there on napkins in the kitchen and went back outside, walked down the steps to the pool and waded over to the couple - who looked at me with inquisitive peculiarity as they remained pressed together with Abby 's backside against Michael's front.

"You know.that feels a lot better if you turn around and face him," I told her in a matter of fact tone. Both kids stared at me with intent, youthful eagerness as I continued to look at them. Finally Abby slid away from him and slowly turned around to face the boy. I leaned casually up against the wall beside them. Abby got closer and closer to the boy but the two basically just stood their chest to chest- legs closed.

"See.the way it works is.Michael, you're supposed to slide your feet out a little bit from the wall.and Abby, you're supposed to put your legs on each side of his and kind of sit in his lap." Michael immediately began to wiggle; sliding his feet outwards and causing him to sink down into the water to just below his neck. Abby followed her part of the directions and spread her feet apart; scooting up onto the boy's lap and folding her knees slightly up against the side of the pool to get her face down to the level of Michael's.

"Noooowwww! Michael, you're supposed to put your hands around her back to keep her from falling back. It also just happens to be a good position to kiss.but that's up to you guys." The horny pair looked right at each other and paused, seemingly waiting on some signal from the other that it was okay to go for it.

Their faces both had a more serious look to them now; but I could definitely see the nervous excitement in both of them. I knew their hearts had to beating wildly. I continued to look on, not content until the couple decided to connect their faces in what was probably their first real kiss.

I noticed Michael wriggle his lip just a little - perhaps wetting them in anticipation. Interestingly, Abby did the same. Then, the cute little blonde looked down a little towards his nose and began slowly moving her face to his, turning her head slightly to the side just before their mouths came together. To my surprise, the young couple opened their mouths and began to clumsily work their tongues together. 'Geez', I thought.'these kids go right for it these days'.

Then it hit me that I was right around eleven or twelve when I got my first French-kiss; but, still, these kids weren't wasting any time getting down to business. The kids seemed to really be enjoying exploring the pleasures of their first good kiss, so I decided to take a quick swim around the pool to give them some space while they got the hang of it.

Grabbing the goggles from the side of the pool, I strapped them on and took off. After about what probably amounted to a minute or so, I looked over from my position now across the pool to see how things were going. Sure enough, the young couple was still going at it strong. Michael now appeared to be embracing Abby quite a bit more.

They seemed to have gotten quite comfortable and I could see Abby 's body slowly moving around as he held her close.


The sight was quite a turn on to me. I dove under the water and began to quietly swim towards the pair to get a closer look. As I neared, I rose up silently for one deep breath then sank back down to scope out their young, embracing bodies.

What I saw made my cock begin to throb. There, underneath the surface, I could see Katie straddling her young boyfriend - her sweet, round ass slowly sliding up and down. There was no doubt in my mind that she was rubbing her crotch against the boy's surely-stiff cock. I nearly gasped and sucked in a gallon of water at such a site. Quickly, I popped my head up to take another breath, seeing the couple continuing to work their faces together.

I sunk back down to catch some more of the action down below, when suddenly, I saw Michael's hands slide beneath the surface and grope each cheek of Abby 's ass. At first his hands gripped the girl's buttocks outside her bikini bottom, but once again to my amazement, I saw him quickly work his fingers out and underneath the edges of the fabric; working them until he fully grasped the young girl's bare ass cheeks underneath her bikini.

I came up for another breath; careful to see that the two either didn't notice me or didn't care.they were indeed too busy to give a damn. I quickly slipped underwater for another show.

Katie had increased the work of her hips on the boy's lap. 'These kids are dry-humping!', I thought. Well.technically not dry, but you get the point. I bet myself that he was really about to blow his load now. Finally, I stood up and worked my way over against the wall beside them.

"Well? How is it?" I asked - my words causing the young couple to finally pull apart. Both of them smiled at each other, each responding with a "Good!" almost simultaneously. I pulled my hand off the edge and placed under the water - sliding it onto the material of Katie's bikini-bottom just on top of Michael's hands. "It looks like you've found your way into her swimsuit.

You gonna let her find her way into yours as well?" Michael smiled and immediately got nervous, but his excitement was obvious. Abby let out that devious little laugh I'd so come to love. "Now Abby, I'm gonna teach you a little lesson here. What you're doing to this boy is killing him. I don't mean that in a bad way. I mean, when we boys get worked up like this, it makes us pretty excited down below.

I don't know if you've had any sex education classes to know this or not, but there comes a point where it feels so good that it makes white sticky stuff called "cum" start shooting out of our cocks. That's the stuff that makes a girl pregnant, but that only happens if the boy shoots it inside the girl "pussy" during sex.

Anyway, it feels really, really good. It's kind of like the end of a fireworks show where all the rockets start going off at once.then it's over." "Anyway, it doesn't just happen during sex.

It can happen by a girl using her hand or even her sumptuous MOUTH to make him feel good.or even just rubbing a lot against each other like you guys have been doing.

The more experienced a boy gets, the more control he has.but I bet Michael here is about to explode. In fact, I imagine if you were to just untie his swimsuit strings right now and start rubbing his naked COCK with your hand wrapped around it, you'd probably get to see what I'm talking about REAL quick." Michael's eyes were huge as he heard my words and considered that Abby may take my advice. Abby kept that same devious little smile on her face but seemed to be pondering my words.

Suddenly, she slid back off of him just a little and moved her hands quickly underwater to the front of Michael's swim trunks; feeling for the little rope-like string that kept them on him. Michael had obviously never felt another's hand make such a move so close to his crotch and he almost jumped out of his skin when Abby started her quest. It didn't take the young girl long to find the drawstrings and she looked down through the water to help herself find the ends to pull apart.

The girl's grin grew a little as she found the ends and gave them a good tug, and then proceeded to untie what was left of the knot. Meanwhile, I could see Michael's chest rising and falling sharply.

The boy knew that he was about to feel the hand of his little girlfriend wrapped around his cock for the first time. Abby finished with the knot and excitedly yanked at the elastic waistband of his swim trunks to get them to give her a little room.

Then, in a flash, she reached her arm down into the boy's shorts and apparently found her prize in short order. Michael's whole body jerked and he gasped, leaning sharply forward.

My own cock was beginning to throb now as well and I wished that Abby was doing the same thing to me. I don't know that I'd be able to last much longer than this twelve year-old boy at this point. "Well?" I raised my eyebrows and looked both of the kids in their faces. Michael's mouth was still wide open as he looked back at me, and he couldn't manage a word; though his facial expression and body language said it all.

Abby had an excited and empowered look on her face as well, though she, being on the giving end of this pleasure, was able to respond. "It's reeeallly HARD!" was all she said. "What truly feels GREAT is when you wrap your hand around it and start moving your hand up and down." I demonstrated the motion with my hand.

What I really wanted to do was move my hand underwater unleash my erect cock and start easing my own need! Abby looked back at Michael and adjusted herself to where she was standing straight up over the boy, giving her hand easier access to move on him.

I looked at the site of the action but couldn't get a clear view as his trunks were still fully on. . just pulled away in the front with Abby 's wrist disappearing underneath. But I saw her wrist begin to slowly move up and down. Austin started breathing heavily, letting out deep little boyish moans with each exhale. I figured he was about to go off any second, and I was right. I saw his hips begin to jerk beneath the surface of the water and his entire body tensed up.

He jerked his head forward and bowed his mid-section back; but then thrusted it forward towards Abby - who was not letting up.she could tell she was bringing some intense pleasure to Michael and wasn't going to stop. "Uhhhh! Uhhhhh!!!! Uhhhhhggghhh!!!!!" Austin panted, his hips jerking. This boy was probably getting his first cum at the hands of a young girl and I won't lie - it was fucking erotic.

I couldn't help it. I slid my own hand down underneath the water and gripped my throbbing cock through my trunks. As good as it was though, it must've ended pretty quickly with the boy; as his body promptly slumped and his moans gave way to long deep breaths. He then gave a little jerk and grabbed Abby's wrist, signaling the young girl that her job was done and he was too sensitive to continue.

Abby turned her head sharply downward to try and get a look into the boy's open swim trunks. "I see his stuff floating!" she exclaimed, pointing excitedly down into the water. "Then you did it right," I told her with a smile. I then glanced down at Michael, who remained in a state of youthful euphoria.

"Wouldn't you say?" I asked him. "Uh.well, yeah. But I just shot my load in your pool!" he said, laughing. Then came the surprise of my life from the lips of this nymph. "I think you deserve a little reward for helping me give my boyfriend his very first hand job," she said, both of us surprised at her correct and surprising lewd terminology. As Michael slipped down to where he could sit on the bottom since we were in a very shallow part of the pool, Abby moved closer to me, but at an angle where her boyfriend could still watch the action.

"You get one too!" she giggled, "but this time I want to watch what I am doing," she said. . and without any warning, she quickly undid the top string on my suit, reached for the sides and yanked them down. "No Abby!" I exclaimed but it was too late as my 7" fully erect adult cock sprang to attention much to her delight.

Just as quickly. . she grasped the purple head of my rod and began to wank it up and down. "Awesome," said Michael as he watched his girlfriend begin to show off her new talent with her fingers and cupped hand. I had become so excited from what I was watching minutes earlier that I knew I couldn't last long. Suddenly the young girl knelt down closer to my body and continued her efforts with renewed determination.

Tightening her grip on my fully erect shaft she moved her dainty hand up and down. Knowing my secret action would not be seen by Michael due to the angle, I let my hand slip under water and slowly slithered three fingers inside the young girl's bikini top where I began to rub her stiff nipple back and forth.

Abby looked up at me surprised and smiled as I continued to tweak her bud. As it turned out, that contact was all that I needed to let IT go. .

. and promptly my first shot of cum erupted from the tip of my cock. Because of her close proximity and the angle that she was aiming my shaft, it immediately sprayed against her lips and face. Not giving up, she continued to wank on my erupting cock and then two, three. . and then four similar blasts of hot cum continued to paint her cute little face and hair. To my surprise she was slurping up the excess cum drooling down her face with her tongue and lips.

"Holy SHIT," I exclaimed. . "I am SO sorry Abby" changing the angle of the eruption so that the final bursts sprayed innocently onto the water. Having witnessed the entire show, Michael's cock was now back to full strength as he stared at her face. . full of cum. She dunked her head under the water and soon her pretty face was once again clean. After a few minutes of sitting down and recovering I looked up at my two companions and said: "Well.I made some sandwiches earlier.

Let's take a break for a little while and get something to eat.you know.and get recharged, "I said to them. I made sure my suit was once again pulled up and the string tied before getting up. "If you're interested, I can show you some more stuff after lunch." We went inside and I showed the kids where the sandwiches were and quickly excused myself to go take care of my situation.

I rejoined the kids and we ate our sandwiches - constantly giving each other looks and little smiles. We were all giddy like little kids.until the doorbell rang. The Ride to Remember Turns out, one of my neighbors - a lady in her forties who used to look over our house when we went out of town, and who I had long ago given an open invitation to come use the pool and layout whenever she wanted - thought it a good day to come by and lay out in the warm summer sun.

It was a common occurrence in the summertime; and I had no problem as I really didn't get much use out of the pool living alone. So we just swam and played our usual games of dodge ball and races and such. The wheels in my mind were spinning the whole time. Finally, I had it! "Well," I said out loud to my neighbor, "it's all yours for a while.

I've got to take these kids home. Just stay as long as you like." The kids both turned and looked at me with puzzled disappointment. I wasn't due to take them back for close to another two hours. "Oh! Okay.well, thanks for letting me crash the party!" she said loudly to all of us.

I waded towards the steps and by Abby and Michael, who looked up at one another, then back at me. "Trust me!" I whispered to them as I passed. I tried to use my tone and facial expression the best I could to let them know that I was working on a plan.

Both kids still had a skeptical look on their faces but followed me out of the pool nonetheless. The three of us got dried off and walked back into the house. "What's going on? Are you really taking us home?" Michael asked. "No. I figured you guys weren't through having fun yet so I came up with another plan.

We can't do anything here without her possibly noticing that something's up". I nodded my head in the direction of our unannounced visitor, who was still laying out basking in the sun.

"So, y'all get dressed and pack your stuff up to go home. Except I know this place we can drive out to and hang out for a while. We'll have to hang out in my car, but it's a place that nobody will bother us. What do you think? Y'all cool with that?" This time, Abby spoke up immediately. "That sounds good." She gave me that flirtatious little smile. I looked at Michael to get his response. "Yeah," he said with obvious anticipation in his voice.

"Cool. I'm gonna take a quick shower and get dressed. Let's plan to leave in about fifteen minutes." Once ready, the three of us went out to my vehicle. It's a full-sized mini-van that gave us plenty of room as well as the means to easily make the somewhat bumpy ride down the old hunting road that I planned to take us down. The next seat behind mine was a bench seat that allowed the two lovers to sit close together. "Well, here we are!" I said, looking back at the pair.

"No one should ever come down this road, but if they do, I'll just start the car up and we'll tell 'em we're out doing some off-road riding. But I don't expect any visitors. Anyway, we can pretty much do anything y'all want, but the only rule is just that I'll have to stay in the vehicle and keep an eye out in case anything comes up. Sooooo.?" Abby quickly spoke up. "Can you show us some more stuff?" Michael nodded in anxious agreement.

"Yeah. I tell you what. First, y'all just kiss and stuff for a few minutes to get comfortable. I'll just sit back and relax up here." The kids shyly nodded, then turned and looked at each other with just a hint of awkwardness between them. I knew the feeling from when I was that age. The first move is always the hardest. Finally Abby moved her head towards Michael and he followed suit; both kids adjusting them slightly to the side before they came together and began to kiss.

I turned back to face the front, but adjusted the rear-view mirror so that I could keep an eye on what was going on without having to constantly keep turning around.

I reclined my seat back a little and rolled down the front windows about halfway to let the breeze blow through. Meanwhile, I could hear the smacking of young lips behind me. For a minute or two, I just looked around at the nature around us. It was a pretty place.really the perfect place. I thought about turning the radio back on but figured it would only serve as a distraction, as well as drown out the noise of any potential approaching vehicles.

The kids hadn't been at it more than two minutes or so before I could tell from their breathing and the sound of them lightly rustling around that they were starting to get into their make-out session pretty well. I looked up into the mirror, where I got a limited view of their faces passionately locked together - tongues sloppily wrestling around each other's mouths.

I turned back to get a better view. Michael had his hands on Abby 's back now on the little exposed patch of skin between her short tank top and her little cut-off blue jean shorts. Abby, meanwhile, had her hands on Michael's young face, pulling it into her own as they kissed. Her left leg was also up and over Michael's lap now, giving me a good view of the back of her cute tween thigh. I let the two continue on as they were for about another couple of minutes before I jumped in.

"How's it goin' back there?" Both kids stopped their steamy kiss and looked at me. "Good", they both said, stumbling on each other's response. "Weelllllllll.y'all ready for me to teach you a thing or two?" I asked them. Both kids nodded their heads in acknowledgement.

"Do you wanna do more than just make out?" I asked. Both kids again nodded their heads; their excitement clearly showing on their faces. "Okay", I said, "but you're gonna need to get out of some of those clothes." The kids looked at each other with their lips drawn in as if they were pondering whether they would have the courage to accomplish such a feat, and then looked back at me.

"I tell you what." I said, noticing their hesitation, ". Abby, you just start with your shorts. You can leave your panties on and it'll be just like you're in your swimsuit. Michael, you need to lose the shirt and the shorts; just keep on the undies for now." This seemed to appease the kids' apparent anxiety about just getting completely naked right from the start and they began to quickly remove the articles of clothing I suggested, each dropping them to the floorboard beneath them.

Pretty soon, I was staring at a cute blonde in her tank-top and panties and a handsome boy wearing just his briefs and white ankle socks. 'Ha', I thought. 'Tighty-whities!' I snickered a little under my breath but truth is his dark skin contrasted with the relatively loose-fitting undies and he looked like something you'd see in a department-store catalog. I could see how he would appeal to Abby.

Anyway, it was time to get them comfortable in their new situation. "Okay, cool. Y'all just go back to kissing and stuff for a few minutes. I'll be here", I said to them, turning back around in my seat and glancing up in the mirror to see the two resume their previous position. Also, I leaned over the passenger seat and flipped the latch so that I could make the seat go flat towards the front of the car.

After a few minutes, I could tell the two kids were getting pretty worked up. I turned around to have a look and quickly saw that Abby, her left leg over Austin's lap, had scooted up more onto the boy so that her crotch was against his. She had her body turned about sixty degrees towards him now and was that short of straddling him.

Her hands were working the skin of his tanned, bare back. The appeal of Abby 's exposed skin was too much for Michael, too.

His hands had found their way down onto her ass; already up under her thin silky panties. Abby was beginning to slide her hips up and down on Michael's groin, gently dry humping him through their thin undies. Up until now, I remained somewhat calm; but my cock quickly started expanding in my own shorts. I had to reach in adjust it so that it pointed straight up towards my belly; quickly turning back to watch the half-naked, horny kids getting themselves worked up.

I could tell that Michael was really starting to feel good again, and I didn't want him to cum in his underwear. I did need him to cum once before they had sex - so that he could perhaps have the edge taken off and last a bit longer, but the hope was that Abby would do it with her hand or even her mouth.all while I watched, of course.

"Okay.it looks like you guys are pretty worked up back there." Abby kept her position mostly atop her young boyfriend but both of the kids quit their kiss and looked around at me. "Well, up 'till now Michael, you've had all the fun", I told him. "So it's time for you to show Abby some of that same fun." I looked over at Abby, who was sitting there quietly with her knees together and her lips pursed and working over each other as if she had just put on lip balm and was working it around.

"Abby, I don't know if you know this or not, but Michael can use his mouth to make you feel good too." I had no idea if the girl had ever masturbated or experienced an orgasm, so I continued on. "And just like him, you'll reach a point where your own fireworks start going off.

You don't exactly shoot cum like he does, but believe me; you'll know when it happens." Abby's mouth twisted to the side as she began to show her own look of anticipation. "Usually what I am about to suggest takes place when a couple has been together for quite a while. But, since I know this is something that will add to your pleasure. . we are going to introduce it right now to you Abby. But before we go any further, I need you to strip off your top for me." Up until now she was always ready to do whatever I asked, but showing her bare titties to two guys was obviously something she was not quite ready for.

After a few seconds of obvious uneasiness she said: "I would feel better if all three of us were topless at the same time," she said and I quickly said "I agree" and pulled my shirt up over my head, making my chest bare for the young girl.

With all four eyes staring at her, Abby reached for the bottom of her tank-top and holding her breath, she slowly pulled it up over her shoulders and then over her head. Her titties had just started to sprout out on her preteen chest but the nipples I had fondled earlier were now in full erection with obvious excitement.

She had turned scarlet but it was my intention to make her feel at ease. "Michael, now what do you think about Abby's new look?" I asked. "Unbelievably AWESOME. I love her pointed tits," he said in an honest response. "Kinda makes you want to pull out your cock and wank on it some. . doesn't it?" I asked. You read my mind," he stated.

"Good, now go ahead and do it." "What?" he asked. "Take out your COCK boy and show your approval of her going topless and showing us her titties." I turned around and with no further encouragement he slipped his fingers into his briefs and pulled out his growing cock for us to see.

Abby stared at his erection and you could tell she was becoming more relaxed and of course truly horny as the boy began to masturbate right in front of her. I reached for the bag on the floor and took out the section of rope I had brought along.

"Abby, you will learn that when you are being somewhat restricted that your body gets even more aroused. I am going to have Michael do something that at first you might think is kinda kinky, but I want you to give it a try. If for any reason you get worried or upset, we will stop this part of the lesson. . okay?" The cute topless girl nodded her head. "Fine. Now Michael I want you to wrap this section of rope around Abby's wrists a couple of times and then just above her head.

. I want you to tie it off on that upper hand grip. Nothing really tight, just enough to make her mildly restrained. " It took a few minutes but Michael followed my instructions exactly, reminding him along the way he was to keep his cock out of his white briefs while he was tying her up. I knew there would be contact between his shaft and her young body, but that was part of the excitement for her.

"Okay.Michael, you scoot all the way to the side for a second and watch. Now. . Back to our lesson Abby. When you were giving me a handjob in the pool, what was I doing to you under the water?" "You were rubbing my bare boobs with your hand," she said again getting embarrassed.

"How did that feel?" I asked, knowing the answer. "Very exciting. . like it made my body super-hot." "I thought so", I said suddenly straddling the center storage area in between the two front seats and looking right at her.

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I noticed she was now staring at the huge bulge up against my boxers with my fully erect cock barely hidden underneath. "So, if I were to take my fingers and gently pinch these little nipples like this you probably wouldn't object," I said as I reached over so that my hands could reach her and perform the aforementioned fondling act of her titties.

"Ohhhhhhhh yessssss," she said. Soon I had both nipples in between my finger and thumb as I gently pinched her buds. She unconsciously tried to move closer to me, causing her rope to tighten more, but allowing her titties to be fondled even more.

She closed her eyes as I continued to caress her extended buds. Soon soft moaning was heard coming from her lips. Then rather abruptly I leaned back and let go of her. Her eyes opened immediately, with some disappointment. "Now Abby. . what happened between your legs when I did that?" I asked. Again she immediately turned scarlet but quietly answered my question. "I'm getting all wet and excited down below." "And what do we call that area down below? "My vag. ." "Wrong," I said reaching back over the seat and running my fingers inside her legs up close to the intersection that I know was now throbbing with heat.

My middle finger found what it was looking for and as I gently inserted it, I said: "This is your PUSSY, Abby. Michael wants to see it right now and make it very hot for you. Michael let's pull Abby around so that her feet are on the seat and I want you to pull her panties down and off so that she is NAKED." Michael was so horny at this point that he had already pulled his briefs down past his cock and balls so that he could fondle both of them.

He scooted over, had her lift her tight little ass off the seat and with some difficulty dragged her pink panties down her legs and off onto the floor.

Abby was now totally naked, stretched across the seat with her wrists bound over her head. Visions of having Michael fuck her pussy and me ram my cock into her mouth came to mind.

But hopefully that's down the road. "Abby, lean back against the window. Here." I took a towel I had brought along and folded it into a pillow, and stuffed it back under her head. "Okay, when you're ready, just spread your legs a little bit, and Michael, just get comfortable where you can lean down and get your mouth on her.

I'll help you out from there." Abby slid her feet more open, giving Michael perfect access to her pink flower. The girl's body was beautiful. She didn't nearly have Michael's complexion, yet her milky white skin looked so soft and incredible, and really showed the slight redness of her hairless, puffy little pussy lips.

Michael worked himself into position - his butt nearly up against the door - and leaned his face down to Abby's waiting pussy. "Okay", I said, "here's what you do.

Just start by making your tongue kinda stiff and using it to run slowly up and down her slit. As it starts to get a little wetter, you can use a little more pressure.but don't go too fast." Michael followed my directions well and began to use the point of his tongue to slowly work up and down on Abby's slit.

I looked over to see how she was taking it and interestingly enough, she was just lying there peacefully, watching in curiosity as Michael worked. I let him continue on for another minute or so before interjection. "Good. Does that feel good so far, Abby?" The girl gently nodded her head. "Alright, Michael, it's time to take it up a notch. Stop for a second and use your thumbs to open the top part of Abby's slit up there.good. Okay, see that little fleshy part that sticks out in the middle?" He nodded.

"That's her most sensitive spot. What I want you to do is slowly work in circles with your tongue around that area, every once in a while rubbing directly over it. Mix up your pressure and pattern.and don't be too technical, now.just use those basic rules and make it up as you go. Occasionally, you can rub it up and down the middle a few times like you were doing before. Don't worry.when you do something good, Abby will let you know." Michael did as I said and began rubbing his tongue around Katie's swollen little clit.

I could see an immediate effect on the girl as she sucked in a little gasp and her belly jerked just a little. She kept her eyes open; however, focusing on her boyfriend's face nestled between her firm, pale legs. I kept a close eye on Michael's work. He was doing very well, in fact. I thought how I wished I'd had some good coaching when I'd started providing such a service to girls.

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It was over a year from my first try until the light finally came on for me; and I quit focusing on trying to fuck the hole with my tongue and instead learned that the way to the promised land was up top.

If Michael kept it up he would likely bring Abby off on his first go at it. She was definitely starting to relax and enjoy the sensation of having her little pleasure garden worked by a boy's tongue. And Michael seemed as if he was being perceptive enough to pick up on the girl's subtle feedback when he hit the right spots.

Gradually, Abby began to ever-so-slightly moan and gently rock her hips with the boy's motions. My neck was getting sore from being turned around to face them so I rotated around in my seat and relaxed for a moment, just closing my eyes and listening to the sounds of juvenile passion emanate from behind me. A couple of minutes passed, and I could hear Abby gradually beginning to squeak out more and more pronounced little moans and gasps.

Her breathing had gotten noticeably more intense. I turned back around to see how things were going. Michael noticed that he was doing good things to Abby and had increased the pace of his work in response to her heightened arousal. I could see that her clit had actually become noticeably more enlarged, and her pussy glistened with the mixture of his saliva and her own natural fluids.

I glanced up at her pretty face to see her eyes were now shut as she inhaled and exhaled in steady, deep breaths.

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Suddenly, however, her deep breaths began to quiver a bit; turning into stabby little gasps. Her head fell to the side and her face began to wince. The jerking of her milky white belly caught my eye. Quickly, the young girl pursed her lips and began to emit little whines.

I adjusted my body into a more comfortable position to prepare to watch the impending finale as Michael continued working the girl's pussy quite nicely. Suddenly, Abby's legs began to twitch. Her breathing became even more erratic. 'Here we go', I thought. All of a sudden, the little blonde began to buck her hips in little jerks. She began to squeeze out a series of loud whimpers and moans from her still tightly closed lips.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmph!!!! Mmmmmph!. Oh God that feels SO GOODMmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!" Quickly, her mouth popped open and she began to blast sharp exhales from deep within her gut. She raised her ass off of the seat and that beautiful little bubble of a butt locked firm, creating perfect little dimples of muscle.it was all Michael could do to hang on. Finally, after a couple of seconds, Abby began to slowly relax back onto the seat, trying to regain some kind of controlled breathing.

Michael apparently realized his work was done as he slowly backed his face away from her slippery little velvet rose and sat back on his haunches against the door.

Abby laid there a moment more before opening her eyes. She looked briefly up at Michael, then over to me. I didn't say a word but quickly raised and lowered my eyebrows several times, which drew a little laugh from the girl. I looked over to Michael. "It's time to switch places you two. Michael untie Abby's rope from over her head and it's your turn to string him up and give fellatio a try." Abby was confused by the term but she was happy when her boyfriend freed her hands.

Kneeling on the seat with the rope in her hands she circled his wrists and then pulled his hands over his head and secured them up above. Then in a rather cute pose, she knelt on the seat in front of me with her developing titties looking ready to be sucked.

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Then I began: "Well, you can use your hand like you did before. But, to really make it good, you should use your mouth and suck and lick up and down on him." I expected Abby to perhaps give me a look that said 'Gross, no way, hell no!', but she didn't flinch. "So.that's up to you. In any case, I'd say you need to get Michael out of that underwear." With a sexy gleam in her eyes she grasped the sides of his whitey tighties and yanked them down his legs and off.

I was a little surprised at Michael's size. He was by no means huge; but I'd have to think his cock was larger than most boys his age. I didn't see any pubic hair to be found.but his prick stood sharply out and upwards, almost pointing back at his chin.

I guessed it to be maybe about six inches or somewhere close to that. His thickness complimented his length quite well. His dick seemed to be neither short and fat nor pencil-thin. It did taper down somewhat narrow at the top; just before his pointy cock-head mushroomed out from it in a boyish way much different than mine.

I must say, the boy had a nice package for his sweetheart. I looked back over to Abby.it was time to get down to business. "Well, Abby.there you go", I said to her, wondering which method of pleasure she was going to choose. To my delight, she began to bend her head down towards his lap.

'Heck yeah.', I thought, '.she's going to suck him off!' About six inches shy of her goal, she looked up at me. "So am I supposed to just suck up and down on it?" she asked me innocently. "Yeah. Just do what you think would feel good. You can use your tongue.just NOT your teeth.

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Think of it as a sucker or a popsicle and do it like you would that", I told the young girl. "What about when he squirts his stuff?" she asked me hesitantly. "That's up to you. It's a lot better for him if you let him cum in your mouth, but I know it's your first time so just do whatever you're okay with.

I don't think he's gonna last long, though.it looks VERY hard and ready." With this comment, I looked over at Michael. The young boy looked both in a state of disbelief and as if he was going to drown in his youthful anticipation.

"Does it taste bad?" Abby asked. "Well.I don't know, myself.but they say it's just a little salty, like sweat.and other than that, just warm and slippery." I could feel the anticipation beginning to build in myself now.

"I love salty things," she admitted with a smile on her face, staring at his purple tip with anticipation. And then she moved forward and began by licking the underside of his shaft - starting near the bottom and licking all the way up across the front of his cock-head.

Michael's body jerked and he gasped. I thought he might cum right then and there, but he was able to hold back. Abby returned to the bottom of his pale shaft and repeated the action, this time moving her lips up and over the tip of his head and descending about an inch down his shaft.

Michael began to pant in shallow little breaths. Meanwhile, I was rock hard and could feel the precum pressing out of my cock-head into my boxers. I kept my eyes locked on Abby's mouth as it gripped the upper portion of the boys stiff prick. Slowly, she began to move her mouth up and down his rod, gradually descending lower and lower down his length. I wished like hell I was on the receiving end of this - the taboo notion of such a young little hottie giving me head combined with the fact it had been so long for me - and I can't imagine I would be able to last too long.I knew there was no way Michael was going to keep from blowing any second.

I just wondered if Abby would indeed let the boy shoot his seed into her young, warm mouth. Suddenly, I realized I was going to get my answer as Michael's breaths got deeper and more accelerated; and he began to lean his head sharply forward as his stomach muscles tightly contracted. The boy began to emit whispery little moans with each exhale. Abby had to know the boy was going to cum.but I'll be damned if she didn't increase the pace of the downward, jerky thrusts of her mouth on his throbbing little prick.

I saw Michael's ass and leg muscles suddenly contract, causing him to lift a couple of inches off the seat; though his ability to thrust was limited given the position of his body as it lay somewhat diagonally across with his hands tied above his head. Then, boys quiet moans were quickly replaced with guttural grunts and whines as his hips began to jerk.

"Uhhhhhhhh!! Uhhhhhhh!!!! Mmmmmmmmphhh!!", he began to grunt as he pressed his head back against the window and slammed his eyes shut.

I quickly glanced down to Abby, who had ceased all movement on Michael's cock, yet continued to have most of his length in her mouth. I knew the boy must've been emptying spurt after spurt of hot kid-seed into her warm, moist mouth. Still, she held her position until Michael's climax began to subside; his young body relaxing back down onto the cloth seat and his pants beginning to transition into long, deep breaths.

I could almost see his heart beating through his chest. Abby, meanwhile, looked like she wasn't quite sure what to do. Slowly, she began to slide her closed lips up his shaft. I could tell she was trying to keep his fluids from going down her throat.

I quickly grabbed the towel from the bag in the passenger floorboard and reached back, offering it to her. The cute little blonde got the hint and pressed the towel into her face where she undoubtedly spit the young boy's ejaculate into it before squeezing it off her mouth as if she was removing a wad of chewing gum. I directed her to just lay the towel in the seat beside them, then looked down at Michael, who had opened his eyes as he lay there basking in a state of euphoric relaxation.

"Way to go, stud", I said, giving him a little snicker. He smiled back at me with a touch of pride in his eyes. "Now.I think you guys are ready for the big event.if you're still interested." "Not so fast!" exclaimed Abby, looking up at me. "I think someone else needs his fluids checked." Completely naked.

. Abby turned her body so that she was in the center of the bench seat almost directly across from my cock still hidden by my boxers. "I need a closer look at this BIG one under the hood," she said smiling to her boyfriend. She placed her hands on my bare knees and then began to slowly work them up my legs.

One hand slipped under the bottom of my boxers and the other one gently moved towards the front flap. Soon one hand was softly squeezing my bloated balls and the other hand had dipped into the flap and was now holding onto the tip of my cock. I closed my eyes in ecstasy and she carefully pulled my 7" cock out into the open.

"Michaels was very yummy as an appetizer, but this one looks like the main course to me," and without any further notice she stuck out her tongue and began to paint her spit all over the purple head of my cock. Not making any attempt to wrap her lips around my shaft, she continued to coat the entire surface of my erect cock.

Soon it was shining with her saliva and she took her right hand and circled it around the girth of my rod. Just like I had taught her, she carefully squeezed my cock and slowly brought her hand up and down. Looking up at me, she fed the tip into her mouth, as she continued to stroke my shaft. Unbelievably, she began to hum (where the hell did that come from?) as she moved her mouth up and down a couple inches of my shaft. Having watched the two lovers experiment most of the day, I knew my stamina for holding back the inevitable was going to be short.

Soon I found myself matching her head movements as I began to actively fuck her mouth with my shaft. I figured if I did not ram things down her throat, I would be rewarded with her second blowjob in less than ten minutes.

"Abby. . I am going to shoot," I warned her. Momentarily she let my slippery cock leave her mouth. "Good. I want to see if your cum tastes like Michael's," and then she recaptured my cock with her lips, adding more effort to her sucking energies.

I placed my hands over her head as she continued to taste my shaft and then it happened. My hips burst forward as my cum left the tip of my cock. Abby suddenly gulped and I knew that load went right down her throat.

She moved her head up slightly, only allowing the tip to remain inside her mouth as the next rope of cum blasted out of my cock. Keeping her hand around my cock wanking, she lifted her head up and I was looking at her small tits. They were just perhaps the size of a couple of small oranges, I guessed; but they were firm, with cute, tiny little pink nipples that poked outward slightly from each one.

As my next load left my cock head she aimed it towards her chest and soon long strands of hot cum were crisscrossing her stiff sixteen year old nipples. She continued milking my cock for all that it was worth and soon I was empty. I looked at my watch and realized we were running late. "Well, chief, I told your mom I'd have you home by around four.and it's getting close so we better get cleaned up and get going." "Next time.

. can we FUCK?" asked Abby unapologetically. "Works for me," I said using the towel to rub her titties clean of my spunk. "First you can fuck Michael and then put this BIG bad boy up your tight little twat".